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  1. It's been two weeks since Zim attended class, and it appears that no one but Dib has noticed.
  3. It's left him to be just as suspicious as last time. Not that he was watching his strategically placed cameras every second, but it's at least ten times a day that he is. He had no clue where the alien had gone, until one Saturday he found a flyer for a petting zoo. It mentioned a new alien mascot exhibit, but gave no further details than that. Entry was free, so there was no reason not to investigate.
  6. What Dib discovered wasn't ANYTHING like what he expected. He blinked hard, twice, craning his head to get a better angle of the dressed up, green lump sitting in a man's lap.
  8. Jumping to the pen, he leaned forward over the fence, ignoring vocal protests and accusations of cutting in line. His face split in a smile. This was... ridiculous. Unbelievable! And quite hilarious! The evil invader has finally been defeated, and captured, by a bunch of zoo keepers! His mortal enemy was dressed in a fluffy costume, with bows! And he was being stroked across the head like a little animal.
  9. When Zim caught sight of the big headed boy from behind the large arms of his current torturer, he kicked his legs, trying to jump out of the man's grasp.
  10. "AAAAUGH-- AACK," exclaimed the little tiger, his own voice causing his collar to shock him. He teared up, his humiliation and FURY taking over him. And his struggles were no match for the snuggly hug he was receiving.
  12. The zoo keeper cooed, "Aww. Look, he's a little jumpy! He wants more cake!"
  14. Dib's smile faded as he pondered the circumstances. How come Zim wasn't in a lab underground, being vivisected for research? Why wasn't this a top government secret?
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