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  1. [00:27:41] UnderdarkFox: Hey, I understand you are going to bed soon but I'd like to continue allowing you to trade in the room. So would you be able to stay on for a bit as I look over your Pokemon?
  2. [00:37:38] UnderdarkFox: Are you there?
  3. [00:42:02] imZaxel: sorry was doing something
  4. [00:42:28] imZaxel: how long? cause im pretty tired and have work tomorrow
  5. [00:43:02] UnderdarkFox: No worries, just wanted to catch you before you went to bed at least. It shouldn't take too long to check though
  6. [00:43:21] imZaxel: cool
  7. [00:44:48] UnderdarkFox: 0049 for the link trade. I'll need to fully see them to check, then I'll trade them back once done :)
  8. [00:45:02] imZaxel: alright
  9. [00:45:47] imZaxel: im not the owner and i recieved them from a friend so i have no idea how to check or not
  10. [00:46:26] UnderdarkFox: We have a method. to check, so no worries. Whats your IGN though? I think I got a random lol
  11. [00:46:44] imZaxel: its just zax
  12. [00:47:20] UnderdarkFox: 4900 link code since the other one netted a random instead lol
  13. [00:49:30] imZaxel: wait
  14. [00:49:39] UnderdarkFox: ?
  15. [00:49:51] UnderdarkFox: You are trading with me, not a random
  16. [00:49:58] imZaxel: i just noticed that at least one of them is completely not legit wtf
  17. [00:50:08] imZaxel: i got fucked
  18. [00:50:14] UnderdarkFox: rip
  19. [00:50:37] UnderdarkFox: Might I take it anyways? Would be useful for our checking methods to have more test subjects if it is def a hack :)
  20. [00:50:45] imZaxel: centiskorch g max shiny but was found on route 5 !!!!!!
  21. [00:50:47] imZaxel: so pissed
  22. [00:50:50] imZaxel: sure thing
  23. [00:50:51] UnderdarkFox: ouch
  24. [00:52:22] imZaxel: this goodra looks legit tho
  25. [00:52:25] imZaxel: not sure
  26. [00:53:01] imZaxel: thats all
  27. [00:53:12] UnderdarkFox: okies, what happened to the others you listed for trade?
  28. [00:54:19] imZaxel: the grimmsnarl I decided to keep but might aswell throw away and the scorbunny is on my other switch
  29. [00:54:33] UnderdarkFox: Ahh, ok
  30. [00:54:42] UnderdarkFox: I'll check these then, thanks!
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