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  1. вєllα12/31/2018
  2. It was approaching 10pm, and Bella felt as if time was rushing forward at an increased pace just to spite her. She had found out about the rooftop party while at work, and during her lunch break had procured a dress for the event -- knowing on some level that it would be better to get ready ahead of time than risk being late from work and still needing to get ready. Now she stood at the elevator, waiting for the doors to slide open as hands were busy clutching a box from the local bakery. The celebratory dessert that Diem and herself indulged in at the beginning mark of every year, out of a juvenile superstition that it would guarantee a good following year. As the ding sounded to announce the lift's arrival, the brunette would check for vacancy before entering. Elbow angling for the right button that would send her shooting upwards for the main event. @кαѕρєя
  3. кαѕρєя12/31/2018
  4. was in no rush to get anywhere. In fact, he wasn't even going to try and embrace the New Year. It served him no purpose to. The only thing it did was remind him of memories he long chose to forget. So in turn, he made a trip to the nearest convenience store, restocking on instant cooked meals, a few bags of chips, some dip, canned food, deodorants, and more than what is necessary amount of packs of cigarettes. All of which had been stuffed into one plastic bag. One of the elevators was nowhere near the lobby, and the other was already opened, ready to accept it's passengers. "Hold on." He spoke, just before slipping in after Bella. Hands idly slamming upon the 5th floor button within the four walls of the elevator. He watched her quietly, attempting to press whatever button she needed to. Most men would show the courtesy of helping her out, but Kasper chose to ignore her, allowing the female to simply hit the button with an elbow. "If you could hurry that up, that would be great, thanks." @вєllα
  5. вєllα01/01/2019
  6. Upon hearing the masculine voice request a hold of the elevator, toe would catch the door before it closed. A bright smile presented upon glossed lips as the blonde joined her with a bag of goods from the local grocery. But he didn't seem interested in returning the polite turn by pressing the button for her, only a displeasure of being inconvenienced. Bella didn't let it trouble her though, no need to mirror someone else's bad mood. "Sorry!" apologetic tone, as toe retracted from door and elbow finally acquired it's desired target (and a few additional floors in the process). She would have to take the fire escape later, but it was better to wait until then, than risk the long trek and potential disaster with the baked goods in the process. The door slid closed, locking the pair together for what should be a reasonably short trip. "I hope you're having a good holiday season," an attempt to be conservational. @кαѕρєя
  7. кαѕρєя01/01/2019
  8. She didn't seem like the rest of the inhabitants within the apartment building. In fact, she seemed more tamed than most people. The mere fact that she didn't have a burst of emotion was somewhat refreshing. It wasn't to say that her presence and rather apathetic tone towards his ill-nature was well accepted, but it was a decent change of pace, to say the least. One arm crossed his chest, hand finding a home over the opposite arm. The contents of the plastic bag rattled once the elevator begun it's ascent towards the fifth floor. That was the first stop. A brow was raised in her attempt to converse. "Fine." He said plainly, but very clearly a lie. If he chose to ignore her, then the ride would be smooth sailing from there. But just as the LED screen showcasing the floor numbers reached the midpoint between 4 and 5, the single light withing the box flickered, the entire carriage shaking once before coming to a full stop. "Fuck." Kasper expressed, finger pointed outward before excessively pressing on the button for the 5th floor. "Great. GREAT." Eyes narrowed to watch Bella from where he stood. "Well don't just stand there, do something." @вєllα
  9. вєllα01/01/2019
  10. Bella's attempts to be sociable weren't very well received, and she was fairly confident that the single word reply was just a reflex. It could be worse, the elevator could be packed. As it was, being the only two occupants there was enough room to warrant personal space. A glance tossed upwards to track the floor numbers, only to bare witness to the worst possible event to transpire in the building. The elevator came to an abrupt and rocky halt between floors. If she hadn't had shoulder and hip perched against the wall, Bella might have lost grip on the box she was carrying. The agitated male was quick to press the buttons in effort to convince the elevator to bulge, with no positive response to his efforts. At his insistence that she do something, a nervous laugh was expelled. "Try the call button? Maybe someone is in the office?" honestly what did he expect her to do? @kasper
  11. кαѕρєя01/01/2019
  12. "The call button. Someone's in the office." He scoffed almost immediately. The male didn't even have to think about the words that left his lips. Which might have been the downside to the entirety of it. Instead of having educated words be spoken form mouth, most of them simply came in the form of unnecessary insults. And this time, it was a mockery of her own words used against her. "Great. Just how I wanted to spend the New Year." Sarcasm. As if that weren't already clear. A finger jabbed at the call button, the male leaning forwards to speak to the microphone, had there been one. "We're stuck." He spoke nonchalantly, Kasper's eyes darting to gaze at the other. No response. Once more, he pressed it. "Hey, jackasses, we're stuck." head was shook just before he leaned his back against the corner of the elevator. Big surprise, no one was there. No doubt whoever owned the place was too busy partying to even notice the failure he had set loose upon the building. "FUCK." Just then, as if he were not determined enough, Kasper slid down until his rear touched ground, plastic bag of goods softly spilling. "i left my fucking phone in my apartment too. Try yours." He wasn't asking, he was ordering her to. @вєllα
  13. вєllα01/01/2019
  14. Delicate brow arched as the individual grew into more of a jackass by the minute. It was a miracle they hadn't crossed one another's path before. Was he trying to go for the title as the building's scrooge? Lips remained coolly closed, as she restrained herself from snapping at him in turn. Bella didn't want her last couple hours of the year to be spent arguing over something stupid. As he attempted to do as suggested, and failed horribly, a small shake of head was given. Within moments, he had committed himself to despair and took a seat (mercifully) on his side of the elevator. The Italian was already balancing the box in one hand, while attempting to rummage through purse for her phone. Once the nondescript black case was produced, the password was entered for unlock. A small frown forming as the dreaded indicator of no signal was given. "Fuck," echoing his prior sentiment, "No signal." Which wasn't terribly surprising, as why not? @кαѕρєя
  15. кαѕρєя01/01/2019
  16. Building's scrooge? Well she's certainly right on that department. Kasper wasn't going to deny the fact that he was grumpier than most the people who stayed within the apartment. But was that idea supposed to really stop him from being himself? Of course not. The male had belief in himself. He knew the kind of person that he wanted to be, of course without compromising the fact that he was still a person. Beneath it all, of course. One leg had been outstretched, while the other was folded until knee was pressed against his chest. "What a surprise." Again, sarcasm. The male began fishing something from the plastic bag, while half it's contents were spilled across the floor. A pack of cigarettes was pulled from within, unwrapped, and a single stick popped into his mouth. Kasper didn't need to ask if she was fine with it, because whether or not she was or wasn't, he'd do it anyway. Light blue hues patiently watched her, while his hands worked on lighting the stick. "You were going to the party, right? Guess you'll miss it now." Adding insult to injury, one of the best ways to handle a stressful situation. Someone had to give this man a pat on the back for that.
  17. вєllα01/01/2019
  18. As phone was being returned to the collective chaos of purse, as she didn't want to lose it on the elevator a sigh was expelled when his bad attitude continued. "You're just all salt and vinegar, aren't you?" not that her words would mean anything to him. Bella didn't comment on the cigarette smoking. While she was not a smoker, it might keep him from spitting out anything else venomous. Easing forward, finger would press the call button and she tried a more polite tone in asking for assistance. Not that it was answered. For the next twenty minutes there was an uncomfortable silence between them, until she slipped out of her heels to set them to the side. There was a glimpse of manicured toes before feet would disappear beneath hem of skirt. After some maneuvering, Bella would sit down on the elevator floor beside the buttons. The box set to the side, next to discarded heels. She was bit more comfortable now, and call button would be attempted again. "Hello? Is anyone there?" nothing but silence, wonderful. @кαѕρєя
  19. кαѕρєя01/01/2019
  20. had mostly ignored her comment about him being salt and vinegar. Kasper always did think that those kinds of comments towards him simply fueled his fire to burn brighter, but he supposed the laws stated that he wasn't supposed to have fun with it. Not in their current situation. For the next twenty or so minutes, Kasper had smoked at least four or five cigarettes, halfway filling the four walls with the scent of burning tobacco, and smoke. The used sticks were flattened and cast off to her side of the box. Time and time again the woman in front of him attempted to contact someone. If he were any other individual, he would have admired her effort, but her bubbly nature and familiar sounding voice irritated him. His brows furrowed, meeting in the middle of his forehead. Why was her voice familiar? "It's about to be the New Year soon." He spoke, no doubt tearing her away from her attempts at the call button. Foot slid slightly, shifting the weight of himself with it. "So, one hundred percent you're missing the party." @вєllα
  21. вєllα01/01/2019
  22. It was as if God was truly testing her resolve to be a good person. Or the Devil was walking among them, with a whole let less charm than the Bible led you to believe he possessed.. Bella was well aware of just how many cigarettes he smoked in those twenty minutes, as the butts were discarded in her direction. As if she were nothing more than trash or scenery for his existence. Fingers curled tightly to palm as she tried to restrain herself from stooping to his level. "One hundred you're an asshole," the retort falling from lips in a knee jerk reaction as he tried to make her as miserable as he was. Eyes a lovely shade of blue, would redirect from the call button to his thin face, communicating quite plainly that he was winning at whatever game he was playing. "Do you have to be so nasty and rude?"  @кαѕρєя
  23. кαѕρєя01/01/2019
  24. Ah but of course, every person had their breaking point. No matter how nice one tried to be. Kasper didn't believe in a God, but he was certainly more of a devil than most people would be led to believe. He could see that she was struggling. Struggling with the fact that she should have been out there having fun partying, struggling with the fact that she was trying to be nice, but Kasper constantly tested her patience. "There it is. I knew you couldn't be too nice for too long." And her words actually managed to pull a chuckle out of the grumpy individual. "I don't have to be. I choose to be." While Bella's eyes were lovely and blue, his was emptier, although still blue, one could see that it's lost the vibrance it once possessed. "Got a name?" @вєllα
  25. вєllα01/01/2019
  26. A groan was his initial answer, and the soft thud sound of head connecting with the wooden panel behind her head. Eyebrow raising as he seemed to take a sick delight in making a bad situation worse. Was it possible to be so spiteful to a stranger? Did she offend him on some level? Or was his natural setting DICKHEAD? "Can you choose to shut up?" a mocking smile flashed, before eyes rolled and she looked away from him to study the buttons once more. "No, I don't," it was clear that Bella had no interest in conversing with him. Although she would have been highly amused to know that her voice troubled him so much, probably having tuned into the radio station more than a handful of times with the rest of Seattle. @кαѕρєя
  27. кαѕρєя01/01/2019
  28. "If I wanted to shut up I would have." He offered her a smirk, one that was intended to piss her off. And it seemed like she wasn't even trying to have a conversation this time around. Of course, the attitude spawning from the fact that she was constantly being harassed by words coming from the male. Kasper didn't mind, if she wanted to stay in silence, he could stay in silence. Head leaned against the elevator wall, and eyes simply watched all the contents that scattered from the plastic bag. The two of them sat there in silence for nearly 30 more minutes, reaching the   New Year even closer. Still, Kasper mostly said nothing, occasionally flicking fingers against the top of the bag of chips in front of him, probably just to get some form of reaction out of him. "You know, I realized I might know who you are." He shrugged. "Bella, right? The idiot DJ being tossed around the studio from guy to guy? That's the one, right." Her voice wasn't hard to miss, and it was especially apparent when she was furious. For... some reason. @вєllα
  29. вєllα01/01/2019
  30. The silence was occasionally broken over that next crawling thirty minutes, by the dutiful check for life at the other end of the help line. Bella was afraid of just how uncomfortable the close quarters could become if they were stuck there past midnight. It was surprisingly easy to ignore his general existence during that period, but it wasn't long before the blonde seemed eager to try another method to get under her skin. Dark head shifting in his direction to give him the pleasure of a full blown scowl. It was enough to verify his guess at her identity, despite her stubborn attempts to not encourage him. For the first time since high school, she was considering the repercussions of murder. Could she claim momentary insanity? Or would it be labeled self-defense? Instead of answering him, head turned back to the call button again for continual failure. @кαѕρєя
  31. кαѕρєя01/01/2019
  32. She didn't need words to verify his suspicions. Actions alone were enough for Kasper to figure it out. In no way did he assume he knew her just by looking, she wasn't as open of a book as one might think. Even by the blonde's standards. "No, you're definitely her. We've established that there's no one on the other end of the line, yet you still try and ask for help. Imbecile." Was she going to? Was she going to try and kill him then? Oh how interesting that would be, but he knew she couldn't do it. She wouldn't do it. She can't. Besides, Kasper had no idea. "Relax, we're stuck here, you moron. Just accept that." Suddenly, a bag of chips would be tossed to her, offering it, but not without hoping it would land against that pretty face of her's. @вєllα
  33. вєllα01/01/2019
  34. Eyelids slid close in silent prayer to the Holy Virgin Mary, even as he took her silence for confirmation and continued to speak. He attacked her intelligence three times in less than five minutes, and she wondered if prison was as terrible as movies made it seem. Guess she was going to find out, right? The bag of chips gave a nice slap sound as it connected with forehead, prompting eyes to spring open. "WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?!" snatching the chips from lap where they fell to throw them back, hopefully all those summers playing softball was still hardwired to reflexes and aim. If she was lucky it'd hit his stupid arrogant face, unless he dodged it. "Just leave me alone," crossing arms over chest and turning head purposefully away once more. @kasper
  35. кαѕρєя01/02/2019
  36. The Holy Virgin Mary was powerless against his antics. She shouldn't take it too personally that he was acting this way towards her. In fact, she should take it as a good thing since he is acknowledging her presence. Which is more than what he could say for other people. Even if Kasper was insulting her intelligence. I which, at this point, he was sincerely doubting she possessed. The male was then too busy lighting up a cigarette to even notice that there was a bag of chips --the same on he threw-- heading right for his face, smacking him. "HEY. WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?" Kasper slowly peeled the bag off of his face, revealing a slightly less than impressed expression on his face. "I was offering it to you, you pathetic whelp." Kicked the bag back to her side. "It's nearly the New Year, and it doesn't take a fucking genius to know that you're disappointed. So suck it up, Bella. Suck it up, and enjoy what you have in this godforsaken elevator, for you and I both know that we're not getting out of here." That made sense, right? Was Kasper actually trying to be nice, but his outward attitude to people simply masked that fact? No one would really know, and for the most part, Kasper did not really care. @вєllα
  37. вєllα01/03/2019
  38. If this was his version of being 'nice', then he had a long way to go with what was considered appropriate behavior with civilized human beings. Bella just didn't possess the desire to help him. Not after being the object of misplaced spite and ridicule for over an hour. At no point in time had she complained about their predicament, or tried to make it worse by being rude. And yet, she seemed to be the one that was suffering the most. New Years resolution? Take the stairs. His little outburst and return slide of the chips wasn't even warranted a glance of acknowledgement. Instead every ten minutes, dutiful finger would press the call button in search of a help. Kasper had it all wrong. She wasn't upset about missing the party, or the waste of money on the dress and heels. Bella was upset because there was a strong possibility that she wouldn't get to be with her best friend and brother come midnight. Arguably the two most important people in the world to her. As neither of them came with the complications of judgement often common with parents, or demands that were rampant in romantic partnerships. Diem and Vince were honestly the only two people in her life, that had never broken her heart or made her feel inferior. @кαѕρєя
  39. кαѕρєя01/03/2019
  40. couldn't give two shits about what it was to be nice and civilized to human beings. The world was cruel, and thus the world deserved cruel. That's how it was supposed to work anyway, right? And thus far, it's been serving him well, the fact that he's been so obnoxiously rude and mean to everyone else. And it wasn't as if he was conscious about the way he went about things on a daily basis. In fact, it's been so ingrained in his system that it happens far too naturally. Kasper watched as she attempted to get some form of answer from the call button in the window of every ten minutes. Of course he'd have it all wrong. He barely knew the people she cared about, and imagine the embarrassment that would take place if he even knew that her sibling was none other than Vince himself. For the longest time there was finally silence. No words were shared between the two of them, which if he had to guess, might be a good thing for her. Or at least he imagines that it's a breath of fresh air for Bella. Only the subtle sounds of light coughing, finger tapping, and occasional button press from Bella were made in the minutes that raced to midnight. To New Year. Kasper, momentarily becoming lost in the memory of Maya. The one person he cared for. The one person he loved. It was around midnight exactly two years ago where she admitted to him about Johnny. About the affair. Exactly two years since his life fell apart. And in those remaining moments, with every second that passed, he could feel the sadness creeping up on him. And all the same? It was midnight. New Year. The sudden sound of his wrist watch beeping incessantly jolted him back into reality, his scowl fully in play. "It's New Year." @вєllα
  41. вєllα01/05/2019
  42. It was a repetition that aided in passing the time, in giving a single sad serving of hope. Also, it seemed to annoy Kasper that she wasn't giving up. He should see her on her Black Friday shopping game! Bella didn't hate him really, but she didn't want to fuel his toxicity. It was clear that something had transpired to make him behave in an awful fashion, whether recent or in the past. And maybe her outburst had been inappropriate? Or maybe it was still totally justified. Fingers lowered from the dreadful call button to tuck a strand of brown behind ear, teeth chewing viciously into lower lip as indecision overtook her. And then the abrupt signal of digital alarm, jerked head in the grump's direction even as he made the lackluster statement. "Happy New Year," tone softer than the last exchange, almost wary in nature. "I know we just met, and obviously hope never to cross paths again.. But whatever is going on, I hope this is your year," hands falling to lap to ensnare and fidget. "I never asked your name, I'm sorry," a light flush riding cheeks as she seemed to be guilty of her own brand of rudeness. @кαѕρєя
  43. кαѕρєя01/05/2019
  44. Every day was the same to Kasper. Whether it was Christmas, New Year, or whatever Holiday it was. A day was a day, and putting fancy names to make people eve  have the slightest idea that it's something special is nothing short of absurd. It annoyed him every time she pressed on the call button, especially when she should have realized that it WASN'T. FUCKING. WORKING. The male even had half a mind to tell her to sit down and just let it go. But instead, she spoke. Tone much softer, and clearly there was a change inside of her. Her greeting of the New Year was nearly scoffed at, but Kasper decided to try and be nice for once. Especially to someone who seemed like she actually sincerely wanted something for the New Year. So instead, he simply nodded his head, dipping it slightly in response. "Sorry. I don't believe in the notion that hitting January 1 means that our problems and inhibitions would be absolved. It's bullshit." He did try though. Kasper sighed, grabbed the bag of chips and stood up, moving over to her side of the elevator before sitting back down, finally PROPERLY offering it to her. "Kasper Loomis." It was as plain of an introduction that she was going to get. "Happy New Year. I suppose." The male leaned slightly. "Do you want a New Year kiss, or?" And although his words were suggestive, his eyes were empty, and so was his expression. Bella was going to have to figure that one out. @вєllα
  45. вєllα01/21/2019
  46. Bella could understand the reasoning behind Kasper's attitude about the change from one year to the next. It didn't wipe the slate clean perse, but it was a good starting point to strive for something more.. something better.. than whatever had occurred previously. Blue eyes watched him warily as the bag of chips was palmed, before he rose to his feet to close the short distance between them and take a seat beside her. An arguably more sociable positioning, hopefully not getting denim ashy from his discarded cigarette butts in the process. At least she moved her shoes and the box so there was room for his slim frame. "Not absolved, just.. a chance to get it right this time," lips pursing as if preparing for a debate only to go slack at the suggestion of a kiss. Was he off his meds? Or did he honestly think being a pain in her ass was attractive? This wasn't a movie or late night tv, and a chuckle was given to ward him off in a kinder fashion that the fuck you that was on the tip of tongue. Whatever verbal reply she might have made was interrupted as the elevator gave a lurch, and began it's ascent once more. The distraction of freedom, was seized as heels were frantically returned to feet. Bella was already on her feet, shouldering purse and hefting cake in hands with the doors finally opened for the 5th floor. At that point, she didn't care if she had to hike the remaining flights from the stairs.. anything was better than the elevator nightmare. "Thanks for the uh.. company," attempting to be nice, before all but leaping from the elevator and taking off down the hall. @кαѕρєя
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