Ninja Gets Destroyed (and x the other fast stabby chick A)

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  1. [18:53:36] <Nagare_Shinobu> Probably sometime in the night, Shinobu just casually walks up to Vena. Doesn't even utilize ninja stealth or anything, wow. "Need to talk with you, Vena."
  2. [18:56:19] <Vena> Good thing Vena's taking a break from stalking Sylvera. She's certainly awake though. "Alright, shoot." Will he bring THAT up? She's ready for anything, because she's on break. Sylvera can bodyguard herself sometimes.
  3. [18:59:11] <Nagare_Shinobu> Should he reveal the mission? ... naaah, not yet. "It's regarding Sylvera. What do you know about her?" Knowing the assassin, though, she'd probably mess with him first.
  4. [19:06:15] <Vena> "Heh." She takes a few moments to actually answer, but that 'heh' is immediate. "That she's really good at giving people sick burns that leave people in ruins. Of course, you should know that by now." He's correct, that's for sure.
  5. [19:07:15] <Vena> "Clearly, that's how she keeps warm."
  6. [19:08:58] <Nagare_Shinobu> Shinobu simply frowns. "Aside from that, Vena. Though I'll admit that you and her are a good match." Should he tell her? Naaaaaah.
  7. [19:12:37] <Vena> "...I'll give you another chance to catch on. Sick burns that leave people in ruins. So ruined that they go to the woods for a prolonged period of time. Think back a bit. You've gotta have a halfway-decent memory if you're gonna go in deep like this." She's patient.
  8. [19:16:33] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Shut. Up. About. That," Also really persistent?
  9. [19:21:51] <Vena> "I'll take your actual irritated response as you getting it, as a mercy. Yeah, I heard that entire conversation. So I know all of that. Aside from that, there's the fact that I'm pretty sure she's a dragon on her way to Sir Rolant. I actually don't know much else, which is why I practically set up that entire situation. ...And I'll be honest, I feel kind of bad about that."
  10. [19:25:09] <Nagare_Shinobu> So she does sort of know. Also is aware that Sylvera is off to meet a dragon. "I might as well tell you, then." But first, he'll pause for a moment. "She's one of the dragon-slaying weapons of old."
  11. [19:29:40] <Vena> "...OK, you're saying something that's news to me now. ...You could say that a dragon is basically a weapon itself, I suppose. While humans need weapons to do anything lasting--with few exceptions--a dragon has fangs and powerful breath. Hm hm." She begins thinking about it. You're welcome to either wait for her to finish, or to continue.
  12. [19:36:57] <Nagare_Shinobu> "It's a little complicated, and I can't say I get all the details, but... we've already found out the others mostly. The last dragon-slaying weapon used magic akin to staves. Additionally..." Shinobu places his hand on his chin. "I have a good reason to believe that Sylvera is likely to betray us in the near future."
  13. [19:49:58] <Nagare_Shinobu> ...
  14. [19:50:01] <Nagare_Shinobu>
  15. [19:50:10] <Vena> THIS RESPONSE TAKES TIME
  16. [19:50:24] <Giantwood> i am so proud of you
  17. [19:51:58] <Nagare_Shinobu> Thank you.
  18. [19:52:47] <Vena> "Yeah, I imagine dragons being dragonslaying weapons that Rolant is assumably responsible for in some fashion--unless that part was made up too, but I'm pretty sure it isn't--has its fair share of excess complications. ...And judging by the information YOU have, you're working with the other ones. To not trust the one that's not in your circle seems only natural. Wrong,
  19. [19:52:47] <Vena> but natural. She said it herself, remember? She hasn't been lying to us. If she were, she'd probably have had more flattering things to say. ...But I would like to hear what has you believing that she would."
  20. [19:59:06] <Nagare_Shinobu> "It's only a hunch, and I may be entirely wrong, but... according to one of the other dragon-slaying weapons, one of them became one because they were in love with Rolant, or something like that. It's all I've got to work with here, but I'd like to prepare for the worst, if anything happens."
  21. [20:09:31] <Vena> "Yes, yes, power of love. Drives people to do unreasonable things, despite them being reasonable people. I've seen that in action a few times. ...But, tell me. Rolant is a hated person, that much is clear. But could you catch me up on why that is? Probably best to hear it from the mouthpiece of the very weapons he created. ...If you actually know, anyway." IMPORTANT
  22. [20:09:31] <Vena> QUESTIONS.
  23. [20:18:18] <Nagare_Shinobu> Very important questions, indeed! "Well, for starters, he's committed genocide on his fellow dragons, and intends to do another one, and it might include us. Sylvera is also an important dragon to the other dragon-slaying weapons (let's call them NS for now, don't ask what it stands for), because she happens to be the only way for them to get out of here."
  24. [20:18:18] <Nagare_Shinobu> But could they survive atmospheric reentry...? ... IT'S AN NS!
  25. [20:18:45] <Nagare_Shinobu> ... wow, that cutoff, though.
  26. [20:21:06] <Vena> "...Hah. So that explains her tone when you brought up Noa. Assuming that's one of those dragon-slaying weapon folk."
  27. [20:22:02] <Vena> "So, have any of them ever asked what she thought about that?"
  28. [20:25:08] <Nagare_Shinobu> "So you overheard all of that, huh?" He'd have to admit it sooner than later, it seems. "As for that... well, it's hard to do that, when we've only just located her. Can't really talk with someone who you don't even know where they are."
  29. [20:26:01] <Vena> "Oh, you're just now catching on? I hinted I heard that entire bit with my first line, I did it again with my second, and you're just now catching on."
  30. [20:28:19] <Nagare_Shinobu> "And I suppose you'd like to know who I'm really working for, too. My actual origins, too, I suppose."
  31. [20:30:59] <Vena> "I'm actually less curious than I would normally be. I imagine you're from a paranoid group, as you're a sneak, they've managed to hide the fact that most of them are dragon-slaying dragon weapons, and your first course of action is to go around and talk to someone else. But I'm curious enough, go on."
  32. [20:38:35] <Nagare_Shinobu> "I am... Shinobu, firstborn male of the 13th generation of the Nagare clan, assigned with the primary objective of locating the fifth NS, and a secondary objective of eliminating Sir Rolant," A pause, then a smirk. "Oh, and the best Sirrolantean shinobi."
  33. [20:47:16] <Vena> "...So that's where the ego comes from. Ahh, the ego of the firstborns. ...Well, either ego or they're seriously understaffed. Anyone with real intuition would have figured out that Sylvera was the one you were looking for with a glance or two. Maybe a few days of confirmation. ...And I'm just going to assume that 'NS' an abbreviation for that weapon nonsense." She nods
  34. [20:47:16] <Vena> in understanding!
  35. [20:52:30] <Nagare_Shinobu> "I have my reasons to believe that I'm the best," Gee, I wonder why. "So, what about you? You've got your own fair share of mystery with you."
  36. [21:02:05] <Vena> "...I'm here as a bodyguard for Sylvera. And I'm here to kill Rolant, as I imagine everyone else is down with, though coming back alive is fine too if I learn something. The rest is classified, not because I don't trust you, but because I don't trust your employers, and because you're very bad with trust." She's being very stern. "Our goals are mostly the same. Defend
  37. [21:02:05] <Vena> Sylvera, kill Rolant, practically in that order. That's it, really. The mask is literally to hide my face when I'm having fun. Also, I like them. And they keep the face warm, which always helps in this damnedable cold." She switches her masks very quickly--the one that was previously an oni is now a very, very creepy mask that vaguely resembles Sylvera, enough where it's
  38. [21:02:05] <Vena> recognizable, but it's clearly not meant to be a copy of her face. It's still only half-on, of course.
  39. [21:03:44] <Vena> "Anyway. How they're the same hardly matters at this point. But how they diverge...that's important. Why would I go through all this work of defending her just to give her to a dickass dragon group?"
  40. [21:10:28] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Fair enough, fair enough," Shinobu nods, even chuckles a little at the new mask. "You know, if I was cheesy enough, and not interested in someone else, I'd say that we might be a good match for each other."
  41. [21:11:43] <Giantwood> [muffled cuck.mp3 in the distance]
  42. [21:13:21] <Kotta> [muffled "GODDAMNIT TREE" from another window]
  43. [21:16:41] <Nagare_Shinobu> [muffled "FUCK YOU RAI" from the same window]
  44. [21:18:17] <Vena> ...She sighs. It's a deep one. "Alright, I wanted to avoid this question, it's a bit too on the nose and it seems clear enough from what I've heard already, but...your employers. What are they like? I mean, before I make anymore assumptions. 'Dickass dragons' has a great ring to it, but I should probably know just a little bit more before I really commit to going all out
  45. [21:18:17] <Vena> here. Not what they do, but...what they're like."
  46. [21:23:58] <Nagare_Shinobu> Shinobu opens his mouth to answer, then closes it to think for a little longer. Then he speaks. "I wouldn't say that dickass dragons are my employers, so much as a friendly dragon capable of seeing the future, and an eccentric woman. Actually, I'd say the woman's more of a dickass for making me do some pointless shit before all this, but don't tell her I
  47. [21:23:59] <Nagare_Shinobu> said that." She's going to tell Steyr, isn't she?
  48. [21:26:10] <Vena> "...I won't. I legitimetely won't, if anything I'll tell Sylvera. More importantly though, I feel like I'm homing in on something. Pointless shit, such as?"
  49. [21:32:08] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Just... being an overglorified errand boy. Sadly, I was the biggest target of chief's whims, which meant that I got saddled with more of the tasks. ... Did I mention that she's a complete bitch to work under?"
  50. [21:41:25] <Vena> "...And there it is. I expected that much. So, let's do a tally. You're clueless, naive, and working for jerks, and you seem to obey them without question to uphold your honor, since you seem to have done those chores. By completely going through the task they've given you this time, you'd seek to practically kidnap someone that wants nothing to do with them--ie, dickass
  51. [21:41:25] <Vena> dragons. You talk a lot about being the best, and it stems from pride. But what exactly do you have to be proud OF? Kidnapping? Taking out the trash? That's certainly honorable. You've gotten some nice shots in, I won't deny your fighting power, but...if you care about yourself as much as you let on, if you're the best, then what on earth are you actually doing?"
  52. [21:42:11] <Vena> "Aside from painting yourself as a target for beatdowns like this, anyway. It's probably why you're the favorite back home. You take it."
  53. [21:43:03] <Vena> "...You shouldn't take it."
  54. [22:01:05] <Vena> Vena's kind of brutal, yeah.
  55. [22:01:20] <Giantwood> scared off
  56. [22:01:37] <Nagare_Shinobu> I'm thinking here.
  57. [22:01:43] <Vena> Yeah, brutal
  58. [22:01:55] <Vena> retaliatory 'waiting for Flamy to post'
  59. [22:02:03] <Ramiel> How long has this been going now, three hours or so?
  60. [22:02:33] <Giantwood> it's like it's really an s-rank
  61. [22:04:00] <Nagare_Shinobu> Shinobu reaches into his clothes for presumably his shuriken. "Right. And what did you know before this? Nothing, aside from what I assume to be that Rolant's alive, and that both him and Sylvera are dragons. Your love for murder and various 'quirks' of yours that would indicate that you're anything but a bodyguard also seems suspicious. I could pose similar
  62. [22:04:00] <Nagare_Shinobu> questions, but that'd get us nowhere. It shouldn't matter to either of us as to who we work for. Nonetheless, we're currently working on similar objectives, so it'd be best if we remain in cooperation for the time being... and keep this between ourselves and Sylvera until the time is right."
  63. [22:10:47] * DrillAhoge ( has joined #WhenYouNeedYourEmblemsToFire
  64. [22:11:33] * Bardy (~bardy@6F42130B:ED1C4899:BA27DFF4:IP) Quit
  65. [22:14:12] <Vena> "Yeah, a bodyguard on a kill mission. But, my job at the moment is a bodyguard, that isn't a lie...and I was chosen for the bodyguard mission for a reason. ...Well, that's slightly complicated. But obviously I kill people for a living, and my mission isn't different from what it usually is. And I plan on mostly retiring from that after I have Rolant's head, because that's
  66. [22:14:12] <Vena> what everyone can agree on. That's not even important right now."
  67. [22:18:02] <Vena> "You're wasting your potential with your current employers, and your ego barely warrants note. You're being treated like garbage and you can barely muster up a retort. It's sad. The fact that you see us paired is almost an insult."
  68. [22:19:09] <Vena> "...I don't even dislike you. You're pretty likable. and if you had something to be proud of, I could see the ego growing on me. But this...have you looked at yourself?"
  69. [22:30:51] <Vena> She's totally still wearing the Sylvera mask.
  70. [22:31:38] <Nagare_Shinobu> "I won't lie, I never wanted to... Tch, lying. That's all I've done to everyone here, even myself. Even to her. I thought, just for a moment, that I could bring back the clan name, but really, all that my lies have done to me is reduce me to something... beneath a man. Blindly following orders to fight the founder of my own country, telling myself and
  71. [22:31:39] <Nagare_Shinobu> everyone else that I'm the best..." Another chuckle, though he now takes on a tone that seems to be less... "Shinobu". More of someone that's depressed, instead of angry or arrogant. "All I am now to the Nagare clan is a disgrace. Isn't that funny? In trying to bring honor as the firstborn, I instead bring back nothing but shame." This would be the last time
  72. [22:31:39] <Nagare_Shinobu> a Nagare firstborn would fail to bring glory, or so he supposed.
  73. [22:38:32] <Vena> "An ego is very hard to penetrate. ...I'm sorry for this too. I want to see you do better, but that's hard when the foundation is rotting. If you want to bring honor to your clan's name, you must first understand how you're going to do that. You can say no to shameful orders, that's called having a spine. If you don't have a spine, you're hopeless and people will walk over
  74. [22:38:32] <Vena> you. You must think about every important action you take. Honorable, or dishonorable? Once you get that set up, perhaps you'll have some reasonable priorities.
  75. [22:38:33] <Vena> "
  76. [22:39:29] <Vena> I hit enter on accident but this is fine. "It's never too late to change. You just have to actually do it. It takes guts to have guts, and I know you've got them somewhere."
  77. [22:41:19] <Vena> "Just don't mistake guts for thoughtlessness. You'll never stand a chance if you're not on your toes. Basic assassin knowhow, really."
  78. [22:41:26] <Vena> "Good thing to know when you're a bodyguard."
  79. [22:48:30] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Right, right..." Instead of shuriken, Shinobu pulls out Vena's old Killing Edge, raising it to the air. "Honor, pride, and courage. That's who I oughta obey. Not Sirrolant, not any secret organization. Just those three... and hey, I'm the best, aren't I? That means I won't die. Though..." The ninja returns the sword to its sheath. "Even the best can still
  80. [22:48:30] <Nagare_Shinobu> learn, right? And I uh, need a little help with using a sword."
  81. [22:52:51] <Vena> "There we go. Well, if the dickass dragons and their slavers can get their priorities straight, you can lend an ear. We are facing a tough adversary, after all, and some level of cooperation is essential. Otherwise, you'll avoid death by running away, and while some slightly dishonorable things like 'running away' might be needed so you can preserve the line, it'd be much
  82. [22:52:51] <Vena> better to not resort to that."
  83. [22:54:14] <Vena> "...That said, I suppose I'll be a start. Should ask Krauss if you want to learn actual swordplay, if you practiced with me, you'd have to use training swords--which I have, incidentally."
  84. [22:54:29] <Vena> "Otherwise I'd probably scrape you and then we'd fight to the death."
  85. [22:54:47] <Vena> "I get intense. I'd like to get less intense, it's half the reason I'm here."
  86. [22:55:23] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Where the hell has that guy been, anyway?" Damn, now that he thinks about it, people are not here. "Feels like they've up and vanished. Same with the beast guy."
  87. [22:55:43] <Giantwood> And the talking zombie.
  88. [22:55:59] <Nagare_Shinobu> Nobody wants to remember the talking zombie.
  89. [22:56:04] <Giantwood> r00d
  90. [22:56:17] <Nagare_Shinobu> Including and especially the ninja.
  91. [23:00:05] <Vena> "...Yeah, good questions. Maybe they're plotting an ambush because they were secretly enemy spies or something." Shrug! "...That said, take my sage advice for it, it wouldn't hurt you to be a bit honest with Sylvera...I mean, if you even want to hear her. Probably not a good influence on the mental state you need to adapt."
  92. [23:02:43] <Nagare_Shinobu> "One of us is going to have to confirm the worst possibility, and it's better me than you," Vena, being the one closer to Sylvera, could probably get better answers without asking, really. Besides, Sylvera has no reason to lie... right?
  93. [23:06:22] <Vena> "It's probably better me than you, honestly. But it's your conversation, since the reason you're here is precisely why your last notable interaction was so sour. Would be nicer if you two could even pretend to get along, just a little."
  94. [23:07:06] <Vena> "Though, I suppose there's also the option of confronting your superiors about their questionable decisions first. I've done all the question asking I need to."
  95. [23:13:07] <Nagare_Shinobu> "We'll see, Vena. We'll see," Yeah, in the next chapter, where the good guys meet their counterparts. Except for Lucas and Krauss... dammit, now I'm trying to draw a line from Eily to TL. Tree, what have you done?
  96. [23:19:40] <Vena> Maybe they'll meet off camera and go out. Eily, cucked again. "...But til then, you're welcome to do as you please. Stay the course, and I'll cut you a break~"
  97. [23:26:30] <Nagare_Shinobu> > Vena and Shinobu have attained a Support Rank of A!
  98. [23:28:44] <Vena> She had to be rough, but she means well~
  99. [23:31:33] <Giantwood> jfa
  100. [23:32:51] <Nagare_Shinobu> why did that take so long
  101. [23:32:59] * Nagare_Shinobu is now known as Flamy
  102. [23:33:12] <Vena> first of all
  103. [23:33:13] <Giantwood> because otp
  104. [23:33:15] <Vena> shukuposting
  105. [23:33:19] <Vena> second of all, shut up
  106. [23:33:41] <Vena> third of all, characters getting verbally brutalized takes a while to respond to
  107. [23:34:05] <Vena> and fourth of all, it took a while to quite reach that point because you also included plot in the support
  108. [23:35:21] <DrillAhoge> I literally drove home from another state while you fags were going
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