TolAnon inna questria [TaS][AiE][MLP] 2021-06-11

Jun 11th, 2021
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  1. >Day 69 in Equestria
  2. >Be TolAnon, the Anon who is tol
  3. >Probably a chimkun
  4. >You've finally found civilization after a week of trudging through some unknown planet, then several more weeks of trudging through barbaric wastes inhabited by barely-sapient animals
  5. >This mountain you have climbed to scout for civilization has a small town on top of it, largely small ramshackle dwellings made of stone, with a modest house as a centerpiece.
  6. >You were bothered by yet more of the barely-sapient animals garbed in metal who tried to use magic and pointy scraps of metal that if you were generous could resemble the anscestors of knives
  7. >Those were dissuaded from bothering you more by gently putting them into beds in the crude dwellings a few times.
  8. >Upwards you proceeded because you can see more if you are higher up
  9. >You were opening doors looking for the roof access when you came across some of what you presume to be the adult form of the fauna outside
  10. >They neighed at you and pointed their horns at you which you took to mean they too were grumpy and needed to be put into bed.
  11. >They were recalcitrant but you tucked them in anyway.
  12. >Then they induced a magically-based space transfer on themself to leave the bed.
  13. >You had done this four times to each of them when you happened across the first sign of civilization
  14. >You had gone to the kitchen to fetch a cup of water for the misbehaving locals when you smelled something distinctive coming from one of the cupboards
  15. >The first sign of actual civilization thus far on the confusing backwards world
  16. >There was a clay pot with dried leaves in it
  17. >Not just any leaves
  19. >You wept in joy at the sight and oh the smell
  20. >Disregarding the naughty neighers, you began to use your survival training to use their primitive cooking impliments to boil water
  21. >One of the neighers stopped trying to bite you and actually sat down and watched you at this point
  24. >The others that were scurrying around you breifly neighed back and forth with the good one
  25. >They did not sit down, but they interfered less as you rummaged through the cupboards, shelves, and hooks for suitable straining system stuff
  26. >You constructed a field-expedient tea strainer out of a metal sieve and took the water vessel away from the heat
  27. >Then you put some of the tea leaves into it and stirred them using a metal utensil for an appropriate length of time
  28. >Once this precursor mixture was ready, you used the tea strainer you had assembled to
  29. >Strain
  30. >Your
  31. >Tea
  32. >Tea now made, you poured several measures of it into smaller vessels, of which you kept one and offered the others to the present natives
  33. >You took your tea
  34. >And then you drank it
  35. >The sheer majesty of tea sent forth a wave of colonialism that brought eighty colonization fleets, three terraforming flotillas, and a clone of the queen into spontanteous existance across the local solar system
  36. >The clone of the queen soon brought order to the suprised members of the many vessels and guided them to the source of this majesty-wave
  37. >The landing parties soon found you and named you governor of this new colony world of the empire, began deploying prefab citites, and gave you a cup of tea that was not made in a squalid alien shack.
  38. >The natives were soon brought into uplift programs where they are still being educated on how to do things less terribly
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