CMC Poop Sontest Sweetie Belle Day 0 (SCAT)

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  1. Sweetie Belle day 0
  3. >You are sweetie belle.
  4. >A few hours ago you were challenged to hold your poop for a week.
  5. >You agreed, and offered to help even the playing field.
  6. >You had gotten the laxatives out of the cupboard, and had gotten some glasses of water to take them with.
  7. >As you put away the the laxative package, you sneak a glance out of the bathroom window.
  8. >Scootaloo is approaching.
  9. >You feel a sharp pain in your gut. You hadn't even taken the laxatives yet and you already had to go.
  10. >At least this would help even things out.
  11. >You go downstairs to greet scoot.
  12. ”Hey scootaloo, you ready?”
  13. >“Heh, ready as I’ll ever be. What about you?”
  14. ”Ehhh, I’m not sure about this whole thing. I mean, I’ll do it, I’m just a little nervous.”
  15. >“Same, where’s Applebloom?”
  16. >You see applebloom open the door, greeting you. ”Ah’m right here!”
  17. >“Right, now we can get started. Sweetie Belle?”
  18. “Right this way, I have everything set up.”
  19. >You lead them into the bathroom, gesturing to the objects laid out on the floor.
  20. ”Alright, we each take a pill and finish the glass on 3, you ready?”
  21. Scootaloo nod’s her head, applebloom just looks in silence.
  22. ”1”
  23. ”2”
  24. ”3!”
  25. >You grab the pill and glass, drinking quickly, but not fast enough to get a stomach ache.
  26. >Setting the glass down, you and the other CMC sit in a circle, waiting for the effects.
  27. >You are hit almost immediately, however, not wanting it to show, retain a poker face.
  28. >Keeping it up for almost 5 minutes, you finally crack.
  29. >”You guys feel anything yet?”
  30. ”No… wait… yeah!”
  31. >You really need to get this out now.
  32. >“We have to wait until we all need to go, that way it will be fair.” Scootaloo replies.
  33. >’BUCK.’
  34. >You whimper in protest, your bowels feeling the strain.
  35. >This was not supposed to happen! Who knows how long until-
  36. >*Gurgle*
  37. >You shift your sight to applebloom.
  38. >”Okay, Scoot I’m feeling it now. Can we use the toilet?”
  39. >’Thank you! Please! I’m dying over here!’
  40. >“No Applebloom, we need to wait for them to work on me.”
  41. >’Oh come on! Please celestia! make her feel it soon!’
  42. ”Uggg… Please hurry.” is all you manage to mutter out.
  43. >Scootaloo’s face contorts, before she says:
  44. >“Alright, now, Sweetie you can go. After that, Applebloom. I’ll go last.”
  46. >You run to the toilet, less than a second later the floodgates open, and you explode into the toilet.
  47. >You ignore the loud noises coming from your backside, only focuses on the relief it’s providing.
  48. >You’re unsure how long you are taking, certainly applebloom needs to go?
  49. >As soon as the energy slows down, you grab a wad of toilet paper and wipe yourself clean.
  50. >You get off the toilet, and watch as applebloom takes her place.
  51. >You sit next to scootaloo, who seems to be having some trouble with her insides.
  52. >Tiredness overtakes you, and you find it hard to stay awake.
  53. >Before you know it, scootaloo has already gone, and she slowly leads her way out of the bathroom.
  54. >Too tired to do anything else, you follow her into the guest bedroom.
  55. >She flops down into the sheets, and you stay awake only for as long as it takes you to get under the covers.
  58. Other day 0 pones:
  59. Applebloom:
  60. Scootaloo:
  62. Day 1:
  63. Applebloom:
  64. Scootaloo:
  65. Sweetie Belle:
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