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Mar 30th, 2013
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  1. And by flaw I mean unremovable prediction (aka angle-snapping, drift control) or acceleration, or z-axis bug, or whatever else is fucked up for a gaming mouse in my opinion.
  3. I'd like to make a list of these OK gaming mouses, care to help ?
  4. So far the list is :
  6. [u]3 buttons[/u] :
  7. -[url=]Microsoft WMO 1.1[/url] (STMicroelectronics OS MLT 04).
  8. -[url=]Microsoft Optical Mouse Blue[/url] (STMicroelectronics OS MLT 04). Out of the market.
  9. -[url=]Razer Abyssus[/url] (Avago ADNS-S3888). (Beware : the older firmwares create a jittering issue ; as Abyssus firmware can't be updated, you have to buy a recent enough model, loaded with one of the newer firmwares which fix the jittering)
  10. edit 11/11 : [url=]beware[/url]
  12. [u]5 buttons[/u] :
  13. -[url=]Microsoft IMO 1.1[/url] (STMicroelectronics OS MLT 04).
  14. -[url=]Microsoft IME 3.0[/url] (STMicroelectronics OS MLT 04).
  15. -[url=]Razer Deathadder 3G[/url] (Avago ADNS-S3668). (you may have to update the firmware to remove prediction)
  16. -[url=]Razer Deathadder 3.5G[/url] (Avago ADNS-S3888). (you may have to update the firmware to fix a jittering issue)
  17. [small]So far odds are DA 3G sensor > DA 3.5G[/small]
  19. [u]7 buttons[/u] :
  20. -[url=]Cooler Master Storm Spawn[/url] (Avago ADNS-3090). (Jittering fixed since firmware 30a ; high LoD fixed by firmwares 31 and 32, but it may have introduced some [url=]tracking issues with certain surfaces[/url]. Note : CM's tech team seems pretty active.)
  21. edit 18/01/12 : [url=]beware[/url]
  23. [u]8 buttons[/u] :
  24. -[url=]Logitech G400[/url] (Avago 3095)
  25. [b]Important[/b] : The first generation of G400 are shipped with an [url=]Avago 3080E sensor[/url] (or not : [url=]see here[/url]) which has prediction ; to avoid it buy a G400 with a [url=]PID above LZ13333[/url] (located under the mouse), which packaging is different (see Chris_P -from the Logitech Team- statement [url=]here[/url]) by having a Logitech sticker looking like [url=]that[/url] (supposedly ; good luck).
  28. [u]Mouses without prediction (or which can be removed), but suspected of having other flaws[/u] :
  29. -[url=]Logitech G9[/url] (Avago ADNS-6090). [b]Skipping ?[/b]
  30. -[url=]Logitech G9x[/url], [url=]Logitech G500[/url] (Avago ADNS-S9500). [b]Positive acceleration[/b].
  31. -[url=]Steelseries Xai[/url], [url=]Steelseries WoW Cataclysm[/url] (Avago ADNS-A9500). [b]Positive acceleration[/b] [url=]?[/url]
  32. -[url=]ROCCAT Kone+[/url] (Avago ADNS-9500). [b]Positive acceleration ?[/b]
  33. -[url=]Mionix Naos 5000[/url] (Avago ADNS-9500). [b]Positive acceleration ?[/b]
  34. -[url=]Razer Mamba[/url], [url=]Razer Naga[/url], [url=]Razer Imperator[/url], [url=]Razer Disney TRON[/url] (Philips Twin Eye PLN 2032). [url=]Z-axis issue[/url] - [url=]video[/url].
  35. -[url=]Saitek Cyborg R.A.T. 7[/url], [url=]Saitek Cyborg R.A.T. 9[/url] (Philips Twin Eye PLN 2032). [b]Z-axis issue.[/b] [url=]Click bug ?[/url]
  36. -[url=]Razer Lachesis[/url], [url=]Razer Orochi[/url] (Philips Twin Eye PLN 2031). [b]Z-axis issue.[/b]
  37. -[url=]Saitek Cyborg R.A.T. 5[/url] (Philips Twin Eye PLN 2031). [b]Z-axis issue.[/b]
  38. -[url=]Cooler Master Storm Inferno[/url] (Philips Twin Eye PLN 2031). [b]Z-axis issue.[/b]
  39. -[url=]Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS BLACK[/url] (Philips Twin Eye PLN 2031). [b]Z-axis issue.[/b]
  40. -[url=]Cooler Master Storm Sentinel Advance[/url] (Philips Twin Eye PLN 2302). [url=]Z-axis issue[/url]. [url=]Click bug ?[/url]
  42. [u]Mouses without prediction (or which can be removed) yet to be proven flawless[/u] :
  43. -[url=]Razer Deathadder 3.5G Black Edition[/url] ([url=]Avago ADNS-S3888[/url], [url=,76]separated firmwares[/url] from the 3.5G though).
  44. -[url=]PureTrak Valor[/url] (Avago ADNS-3090). [url=]'s thread[/url]. (edit 18/01/12 : the thread is 156 pages huge and so I don't have the courage to check what's the final verdict with this one. From a glance there seems to be some issues, if someone wanna dig in and report back that would be cool)
  45. -[url=]Zowie AM[/url] (Avago ADNS-3090).'s thread[url=]1[/url]-[url=]2[/url], [url=]anon's infos & thoughts[/url].
  46. -[url=]Zowie MiCO[/url] (PixArt PAN3305DK-H). (Note : quite low perfect control speed limit ? ([url=]1.27m/s[/url]))
  47. edit 18/01/12 : [url=]reported having some prediction[/url] ; I'm gonna wait confirmation it can't/won't be removed by a driver update before erasing it.
  49. Give relevant informations in the comments and I'll add them.
  51. Relevant links :
  52. -[url=]Skylit[/url]'s awesome [url=]OCN Mouse Sensor Reference and Performance sheet[/url] (reporting, among other technical datas, which mouses have prediction).
  53. -[url=]Optical Mouse technology review, by Richard L. Owens[/url].
  54. -[url=]worthless information about your worthless mouse[/url].
  55. -[url=]ESReality MouseScore 2007[/url].
  56. -[url=]Interface Device Wiki[/url].
  57. -[url=]Avago site[/url].
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