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#bitfunder 2014-05-10

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  1. <kleeck> Is there a better way than whispering Ukyo to get in touch wit him?
  2. <Usman056> where is ukyo
  3. <kleeck> Good question. I'm trying to get in touch with him.
  4. <Usman056> god fucking damn it
  5. <kleeck> I need my 2FA disabled so I can pull my transaction history up. You?
  6. <Usman056> i didnt
  7. <Usman056> new phone..
  8. <kleeck> Ukyo
  9. <kleeck> Ukyo GIVE ME SIGHT BEYOND SIGHT!
  10. ---3 hours---
  11. <Ukyo> kleek: when you come back i can help :P even tho you cant see this
  12. <Aquent> Ukyo u always late in responding lol
  13. <Aquent> whats all this legal issues thing anyway, are you saying the gov seized the coins?
  14. <Ukyo> I havent said that. x.x
  15. <Ukyo> Technicaly, I a not saying anything just yet
  16. <Aquent> u said the coins have gone cus legal issues
  17. <Aquent> what legal issues - are you saying gov seized them or what
  18. <Ukyo> I am not elaborating at this time.
  19. <Aquent> alright answer this
  20. <Aquent> has the government seized the coins?
  21. <Ukyo> possibly :)
  22. <nsa_> "Not available due to what can be considered 'legal reasons'" <- something like that
  23. <Ukyo> man
  24. <Aquent> common yes no or no comment
  25. <Ukyo> kinda silly question though
  26. <Aquent> id be hugely greatful if u answer it
  27. <Ukyo> IF that was the case, do you think I would easily be able to say so ?
  28. <Aquent> im asking u to asnwer with yes no or no comment
  29. <Ukyo> Then you already got your answer
  30. <Aquent> whats the answer?
  31. <Ukyo> I am not elaborating at this time.
  32. <Aquent> its a no comment then?
  33. <Aquent> ukyo how do you know mark karepeles?
  34. <Ukyo> Strange question
  35. <Aquent> u'r friends
  36. <Aquent> how do u know him
  37. <Ukyo> Like everyone else, via bitcoin
  38. <Aquent> u ever met him?
  39. <nsa_> he helped him fix mtgox at one point afaik
  40. <Ukyo> nsa_: nah
  41. <Aquent> or more interestingly, has bitfunder anything to do with mtgox?
  42. <Ukyo> i liked to consider that I contributed some level of mental support ;p;
  43. <Ukyo> lol
  44. <Ukyo> Aquent: bitfunder? not in any way I can think off of the top of my head
  45. <Ukyo> since bitfunder never handled bitcoins
  46. <Aquent> I mean financially and codewise
  47. <Ukyo> codewise. what would bitfunder have to do with mtgox ?
  48. <Ukyo> and how could bitfunder be financially related to mtgox ?
  49. <Aquent> well btfunder weex im refering to all and anything u handled
  50. <Ukyo> No offense, but you feel like a prosecutor grilling someone on questions that make no sense demanding unrealistic answers because the prosecutor doesnt understand the basis of what they are discussing :P
  51. <Aquent> i mean mark karpeles and u are facebook friends :P
  52. <Ukyo> he friended me a year ago, yes
  53. <Ukyo> I accepted.
  54. <Aquent> I'm not offended and do fully appologise if I come accross as grillin
  55. <Ukyo> i dont mind the grilling
  56. <Aquent> but it has been 6 months for weex
  57. <Aquent> and 3 months for gox
  58. <Ukyo> its within reason given circumstance
  59. <Ukyo> just stating :P
  60. <Ukyo> We have never chat or post etc using facebook
  61. <Aquent> we dont have the police authority and rely on you guys willfully answering
  62. <Aquent> those are just some burning questions
  63. <Ukyo> i havent talked to mark since before the shutdown of gox that i can recall
  64. <Ukyo> In fact we have rarely really spoken in about a year
  65. <Kleeck> Ukyo pls
  66. <Ukyo> KLEECK
  67. <Aquent> just after the  dwoalla seizure then
  68. <Kleeck> UKYO!
  69. <Ukyo> pm me
  70. <Kleeck> k
  71. <Aquent> ukyo are any of the coins on blockchain addresses that you know of?
  72. <Ukyo> describe "know of"
  73. <Ukyo> once you have seen an address, you know of it, right?
  74. <Aquent> yes
  75. <Aquent> do u know what blockchain address the coins are on
  76. <Ukyo> currently?
  77. <Aquent> yes
  78. <Ukyo> i mean, anyone can follow the blockchain
  79. <Aquent> you are claiming its a legal issue
  80. <Aquent> that means the coins are there right?
  81. <Ukyo> technically coins are always in the blockchain...
  82. <Ukyo> i suppose it is possible for the blockchain to loose them.. i think i remember luke.. or gmaxwell talking about it
  83. <Aquent> yes if its a legal issue they are on blockchain addresses u can link to
  84. <Aquent> can u link to the coins?
  85. <Ukyo> Of course anyone who knows a starting point can identify addresses at a point in time can see everything from that point
  86. <Ukyo> Thats how a blockchain works.
  87. <Aquent> Ukyo I think my question is clear
  88. <Ukyo> I think my answer is too
  89. <Aquent> you are saying the coins are not stolen
  90. <Ukyo> I have a list of all addresses and can follow those addresses.
  91. <Aquent> but there is a legal issue
  92. <Aquent> if indeed it is merely due to a legal issue
  93. <Ukyo> I have not said anything
  94. <Ukyo> You did.,
  95. <Aquent> you should be able to post the blockchain address of where the coins currently are
  96. <Ukyo> no one said i couldnt
  97. <Aquent> my question is can you give us the blockchain address of where the coins are or not?
  98. <Ukyo> But what was said, is that I am not elaborating at this time.
  99. <Aquent> its a blockchain address!
  100. <Ukyo> My simple answer is that I can follow bitcoins on the blockchain from known sorces.
  101. <Aquent> a blockchain address has nothign to do with legal issues
  102. <Ukyo> If you say so.
  103. <lil_data> 2FA pls
  104. <Ukyo> Btw, where did you get your law degree?
  105. <Ukyo> lil_data, 1 sec
  106. <Aquent> i havent seen any attempt to track the coins from known sources
  107. <Aquent> perhaps because its not quite possible
  108. <Ukyo> if you say so. :)
  109. <Aquent> now if u dont want to give the blockchain addresses of where the coins are then just say so
  110. <Aquent> then we'll happily be in a no mans land and you can be one of the contributors of placing us in such purgatory
  111. <Ukyo> many ppl on the forums have been tracing btc that was deposited into weex.
  112. <Aquent> anyone has a link to such tracks?
  113. <nsa_> https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=348468.msg4749563;topicseen#msg4749563
  114. <ozbot> [BitFunder] Moving Forward/Resolution Process
  115. <nsa_> there is way more but I couldn't find it right now
  116. <Aquent> so these are weex coins: https://blockchain.info/address/1D2MKZtPs5xZC9cY4fch8msP838KnVgXK9
  117. <Aquent> thats only about 100 coins though didnt weex have cold wallets
  118. <Aquent> where are the addresses to the cold wallets?
  119. <nsa_> My quess is that there are many addresses. At one point he actually complained about bitcoind crashing due to a high number of addresses in his wallet
  120. <Syloq> I hate the phrase "cold wallet". Its just a naive term.
  121. <Aquent> why?
  122. <lil_data> do withdrawals trough weexchange.co work atm?
  123. ---5 hours---
  124. <gamfreak> Hey, I'm having difficulty logging into my account
  125. <Ukyo> what kind?
  126. <Ukyo> did you do a password reset
  127. <Ukyo> ?
  128. <gamfreak> 2-factor authentication wasn't working for me, but when I try to reset my password I receive no e-mail
  129. <Ukyo> check your spam box maybe ?
  130. <gamfreak> nah, nothing
  131. <Ukyo> everyone else has gotten their emails lately
  132. <Ukyo> at lesat 4 today
  133. <Ukyo> without email verification i cant do much
  134. <gamfreak> fuck
  135. <gamfreak> the site doesn't return an error when I request e-mail verification
  136. <Ukyo> perhaps your email provider is running behind
  137. <gamfreak> yahoo, could be
  138. <Ukyo> yeah, sometimes yahoos slow
  139. <Ukyo> how long ago?
  140. <Ukyo> icloud is also slow someimes
  141. <gamfreak> about 40 mins ago
  142. <gamfreak> I'll just keep checking and come back when something shows up, I suppose
  143. <Ukyo> shouldnt be THAT slow...
  144. <Ukyo> maybe try again
  145. <gamfreak> yeah, what i'm saying
  146. <Ukyo> it would error if it was a wrong email
  147. <gamfreak> tried like 5 times now
  148. <gamfreak> An email has been sent to: knazickben@yahoo.com
  149. <gamfreak> here's the message I receive on bitfunder
  150. <gamfreak> then on yahoo...nothing
  151. <gamfreak> hm, beginning to think that Yahoo! Mail isn't the powerhouse e-mail exchange everyone thought it to be
  152. <Ukyo> dont thikn thats ever been the case :P
  153. <gamfreak> is there nothing I can do besides wait for the e-mails to show?
  154. <gamfreak> http://gyazo.com/0abc16ded3a1feaf57339e95f65819d3
  155. <gamfreak> I was at some point able to receive e-mails from the site
  156. <Ukyo> stop... putting in requests
  157. <gamfreak> haha, yeah i just received like all 6 of them
  158. <gamfreak> will proceed with S.O.P.
  159. <Ukyo> if you have 2fa enabled
  160. <Ukyo> and you need that disabled
  161. <Ukyo> password reset wont fix that
  162. <gamfreak> ok, glad you brought that up because that's my current problem
  163. <Ukyo> then
  164. <Ukyo> wait for the latest email request to get to you
  165. <Ukyo> then pm me your reset code
  166. <Ukyo> and i will disabled 2fa
  167. <Ukyo> do not click on the url
  168. <Ukyo> or it will make it useless
  169. <gamfreak> whoops
  170. <gamfreak> will it work if I send another e-mail?
  171. <gamfreak> and send you that code
  172. <Ukyo> yes, but wait abotu 10 minutes
  173. <gamfreak> sure can do
  174. <gamfreak> much appreciated, Ukyo
  175. <Ukyo> np
  176. <gamfreak> here you go, https://bitfunder.com/lostpass/xiSfcqPZuOURV3vU
  177. <gamfreak> i've not clicked
  178. <gamfreak> xiSfcqPZuOURV3vU
  179. ---next day---
  180. <dt> I know who stole your btc
  181. <dt> does the admin still have the db with user reg details?
  182. <Aquent> who stole em?
  183. <dt> I do not have proof but I'm sure the proof can be found
  184. <dt> this person and his 2 buddies found a bug in the website and exploited it during the night
  185. <dt> he has boasted about this quite openly, and is now retired, living off your btc
  186. <dt> he has made a big mistake. he also boasted that he registered with his real address
  187. <dt> and contact details
  188. <Aquent> pm Ukyo
  189. <Aquent> but if this guy gave real address then he'd be in prison right now
  190. <dt> he is from south africa
  191. <dt> look, I dont agree with what he did and I know if my btc was stolen I would want to know who it was
  192. <dt> so this info im making availble in the channel
  193. <Aquent> whats his name then
  194. <dt> what you do with it is up to you
  195. <Aquent> and user id
  196. <dt> hendrik van rensburg
  197. <dt> I dont know his userid
  198. <dt> I can tell you that there was a bug in btc rounding that he exploited
  199. <dt> but he acted with 2 other people
  200. <dt> but he was the guy in charge
  201. <Aquent> I haven't herd Ukyo talk of any theft
  202. <dt> it happened
  203. ---4 hours---
  204. <morrissey_> Hey Ukyo, are you here?
  205. ---half hour
  206. <Ukyo> heh
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