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  2. You are in "Astrology:1" ( What does your future hold? )
  3. Messenger Chat Admin: Congratulations! Your account is verified and you now have access to chat rooms. [Notification: We are currently recording IP addresses of all Yahoo! Chat users.]
  4. madamsage: lol I generally go commando instead of battling the buttfloss
  5. real_realsoccerdude: challenge in the art of *******
  6. tallblondeblueyes2009: omg I knew I came here for a eason
  7. anieliq_1988555: Hello
  8. pbanjora_1978257 joined the room
  9. tether_me: me too, but when I chat I like butt floss
  10. madamsage: you already had a boner
  11. malika.chauhan@ymail.com joined the room
  12. madamsage: don't credit me for that
  13. real_realsoccerdude: Canadian are you sure you are 30+?
  14. pbanjora_1978257 left the room
  15. msaint14 joined the room
  16. real_realsoccerdude: mentally you sound like you are 90
  17. tallblondeblueyes2009: lol
  18. liz_monti_14@rocketmail.com joined the room
  19. msaint14 left the room
  20. real_realsoccerdude: sex deprived lonely and deeply disturbed
  21. liz_monti_14@rocketmail.com: <o:Manager /> <o:Company /> <o:HyperlinkBase /> <o:Revision>1</o:Revision> <o:TotalTime>10</o:TotalTime> <o:LastPrinted /> <o:Created>2011-02-27T19:51:17.42Z</o:Created>
  22. liz_monti_14@rocketmail.com: <o:LastSaved>2011-02-27T20:01:40.18Z</o:LastSaved> <oages>1</oages> <o:Words>93</o:Words> <o:Characters>486</o:Characters> <oaragraphs>13</oaragraphs>
  23. studmale_hugecock joined the room
  24. tallblondeblueyes2009: that describes it in a nutshell
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  28. alseef_m joined the room
  29. liz_monti_14@rocketmail.com: who is real?
  30. liz_monti_14@rocketmail.com: u talkingabout me?
  31. alice_bolding175 joined the room
  32. madamsage: sure he is
  33. liz_monti_14@rocketmail.com left the room
  34. tallblondeblueyes2009: wants the real deal
  35. vickie_savory894 left the room
  36. lookat39 joined the room
  37. tallblondeblueyes2009: your it badger
  38. tether_me: tallb, what you looking forÉ
  39. urcheetinhart joined the room
  40. anieliq_1988555 left the room
  41. madamsage trouble
  42. alseef_m:
  43. tallblondeblueyes2009: nothing why
  44. cindi_longoria547 joined the room
  46. tether_me: you said you were looking for trouble, tall
  47. real_realsoccerdude: are you guys usually in here?
  49. komal_commercialart joined the room
  50. pdonovan_1981889: Hello
  51. real_realsoccerdude left the room
  52. lblake_1980847 joined the room
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  55. babieolivia658 left the room
  56. tether_me: sage is engaged
  57. lookat39 left the room
  58. studmale_hugecock left the room
  59. mandy_mcmath_214 left the room
  60. tether_me: lol
  61. stacy4410th joined the room
  62. komal_commercialart: anyone astrologer here can read horo pls read my horo
  63. real_realsoccerdude joined the room
  64. tallblondeblueyes2009: no dude not usually
  65. real_realsoccerdude: Wow
  66. real_realsoccerdude: someones resorted to booting now
  67. pdonovan_1981889 left the room
  68. lightuniverse@ymail.com: Real {SPIRITUAL HEALER} here , PM me; Free & Nothing Required! Not a Bot
  69. real_realsoccerdude: ok
  70. fortune_teller_31: Hi All.Im John 31 m from Ind.Im a foot reader by profession.i predict complete future just based on foot reading and lil bit of numerology..
  71. stacy4410th left the room
  72. tallblondeblueyes2009: badger your something else
  73. real_realsoccerdude: who is gloria? tall
  74. tether_me: foot reading
  75. tether_me: ummm
  76. madamsage: that he is
  77. tallblondeblueyes2009: have no idea
  78. real_realsoccerdude: hmmm
  79. ay219a joined the room
  81. madamsage: I thought it was good
  83. tallblondeblueyes2009: why she got your number
  84. sneha000006: hi sir
  85. alseef_m:
  86. lightuniverse@ymail.com: CanadianBadger, where r u from ?
  87. lightuniverse@ymail.com: humm, really ?
  88. addoq_1982773 joined the room
  89. tether_me: light, are you thick
  90. alseef_m: a
  91. addoq_1982773 left the room
  92. cristalblanding842 left the room
  93. lightuniverse@ymail.com: I am from canada too
  94. lightuniverse@ymail.com: comment tu va enculé ?
  96. lightuniverse@ymail.com: this is french canadian
  97. sneha000006: okk sir
  98. tallblondeblueyes2009: he got his wish
  99. lightuniverse@ymail.com: of course you mmust know french
  100. chancee_1976346 joined the room
  101. chancee_1976346 left the room
  102. babachumbansingh joined the room
  103. lightuniverse@ymail.com: because we canadians all know french canadian
  104. malika.chauhan@ymail.com left the room
  105. sneha000006: any one know chart reading
  106. lightuniverse@ymail.com: unless if you are not really a canadian
  107. real_realsoccerdude: Sneha woh misguide karegas aapko pagal hain
  108. sneha000006: india
  109. sneha000006: INDIA
  110. baoudrah joined the room
  111. sneha000006: RANCHI
  112. sneha000006: THANKS SIR
  113. lightuniverse@ymail.com: Ok everyone CanadianBadger is indian dont trust his name
  114. babachumbansingh:
  115. ay219a left the room
  116. sneha000006: 06 MAY 1991
  117. sneha000006: 11:57 AM
  118. gina_amidon_496 joined the room
  119. suva_27 joined the room
  120. alberi_1978844 joined the room
  121. sneha000006: FROM GMT
  122. tether_me: getting creepy
  123. kishore_a40 joined the room
  124. tallblondeblueyes2009: im thinking so
  125. baoudrah: i am looking for a girle sagitarius of 1990
  126. tallblondeblueyes2009: lol
  127. pakello_1976466 joined the room
  128. real_realsoccerdude: Couldn't agree anymore tether
  129. pakello_1976466 left the room
  130. kate_kersh_563 joined the room
  131. missy_sturtz_521 left the room
  132. megan_amin_114 left the room
  133. real_realsoccerdude: look missy and megan left
  134. babachumbansingh: ashok ji kaise hai
  135. tether_me: realsoccerdude, where are youÉ
  136. sneha000006: PLZ COME IN PM SIR
  137. real_realsoccerdude: Besides you
  138. tether_me: I love soccer
  139. xxlxxl63 joined the room
  140. real_realsoccerdude: you do?
  141. alisha5imqsj joined the room
  142. alexislizotte143 joined the room
  143. alberi_1978844 left the room
  144. real_realsoccerdude: which team is your favourite
  145. tether_me: total Christiano Ronaldo fan
  146. xxlxxl63: alseef_m has been ignored. (4)
  147. real_realsoccerdude: Real in my i.d. stands for Real Madrid
  148. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com: kharbanda kaise ho
  149. lightuniverse@ymail.com: so actually every Indian in this astro rooms pretent to be someone else, most of time they pretedn to be in the uk or australia or any english tongue country related to their colonial history
  150. real_realsoccerdude: club he plays for
  151. babachumbansingh:  badiya
  152. tether_me: Spanish
  153. tether_me: bastard
  154. fastreader345 left the room
  155. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com:
  156. alisha5imqsj left the room
  157. real_realsoccerdude left the room
  158. palms_whispering left the room
  159. ahmad2082 left the room
  160. bastiens_1989640 joined the room
  161. lightuniverse@ymail.com: they try very very hard to convince people that they are reamllmy what they pretend to be, and they neevr admit the truth even if they got exposed
  162. bastiens_1989640 left the room
  163. tdennison_1978961 joined the room
  164. alseef_m: a
  165. irislvb1ch joined the room
  166. adriana_lilley417 joined the room
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  168. tether_me left the room
  169. smriti_5071 left the room
  170. real_realsoccerdude joined the room
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  172. sahilg114 joined the room
  173. babachumbansingh: we get u through fanny land interested guys pm me
  174. amberguzman930 left the room
  175. babachumbansingh:
  176. tdennison_1978961 left the room
  177. lightuniverse@ymail.com: Real {SPIRITUAL HEALER} here , PM me; Free & Nothing Required! Not a Bot
  178. real_realsoccerdude: Sorry about that
  179. canadianbadger1974 left the room
  180. caseynyet joined the room
  181. irislvb1ch left the room
  182. babachumbansingh: we get u through fanny land interested guys pm me
  183. tallblondeblueyes2009: have fun
  184. davidsono_1975321 joined the room
  185. real_realsoccerdude: tallblonde
  186. davidsono_1975321: Hello
  187. real_realsoccerdude: can you paste me tethers id
  188. suva_27 left the room
  189. frien32 left the room
  190. lightuniverse@ymail.com: canadian indians my ass
  191. tallblondeblueyes2009: whats up ral
  192. urcheetinhart left the room
  193. chesnai_1977535 joined the room
  194. sneha000006 left the room
  195. chesnai_1977535: Hello
  196. leslee_hosking_963 joined the room
  197. baoudrah left the room
  198. real_realsoccerdude: Who commented about Christiano Ronaldo minutes back.
  199. tallblondeblueyes2009 left the room
  200. madamsage left the room
  201. tether_me joined the room
  202. lightuniverse@ymail.com: stay there and die in your miserable mumbai, dont spread your bulshits online
  203. real_realsoccerdude: Wb Tether
  204. shreygarg1 left the room
  205. becseu_1980560 joined the room
  206. gouth_v_rao left the room
  207. sahilg114 left the room
  208. alseef_m: ? a ???? ???
  209. babachumbansingh: we get u through fanny land interested guys pm me
  210. chesnai_1977535 left the room
  211. babachumbansingh:
  212. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com: fish meri jaan legi
  213. zohaib45 joined the room
  214. butterflybetty769 left the room
  215. tether_me left the room
  216. lightuniverse@ymail.com: real have you followed the last match ?
  217. becseu_1980560 left the room
  218. madamsage joined the room
  219. real_realsoccerdude: Sage
  220. canadianbadger1974 joined the room
  221. rose_dorsett_691 joined the room
  222. madamsage: wb Badger
  223. real_realsoccerdude: Booters have kept up with the room
  224. nuclear_football: whenever i see elahna i think of steaks
  225. lilyvon_schtupp joined the room
  226. lightuniverse@ymail.com: Real {SPIRITUAL HEALER} here , PM me; Free & Nothing Required! Not a Bot
  227. madamsage: we have delicious steaks
  228. lilyvon_schtupp: hi
  229. real_realsoccerdude: Nuc would know the most about it
  230. msmollymax joined the room
  231. canadianbadger1974 left the room
  232. nuclear_football: i know, theyre still alive when you grill them
  233. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com: hi lily
  234. florenceu_1976780 joined the room
  235. madamsage: no way, we kill em first
  236. tpockets57 joined the room
  237. nuclear_football: i have to slum it at the supermarket
  238. sandy_kilgo_764 joined the room
  239. zohaib45 left the room
  240. lightuniverse@ymail.com: Real {SPIRITUAL HEALER} here , PM me; Free & Nothing Required! Not a Bot
  241. sneha000006 joined the room
  242. chelsea_beran_432 joined the room
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  244. madamsage: I've always wondered what the p oor ppl eat, dave
  245. tpockets57 left the room
  246. dbebe_1989997 joined the room
  247. jclarine_1985554 joined the room
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  250. nuclear_football: fukin farmer snobs
  251. kishore_a40 left the room
  252. madamsage: lol
  253. alice_bolding175 left the room
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  256. armandem_1980714 left the room
  257. vidyaa_vidya joined the room
  258. lilyvon_schtupp: wasup in here
  259. babachumbansingh: back
  260. sneha000006: hi... any good astrologer (horosope/ chart reader) here
  261. cindi_longoria547 left the room
  262. msmollymax joined the room
  263. babachumbansingh: ya dr fish ka kya scene hogaya
  264. lightuniverse@ymail.com: Real {SPIRITUAL HEALER} here , PM me; Free & Nothing Required! Not a Bot
  265. sneha000006: hi... any good astrologer (horosope/ chart reader) here
  266. babachumbansingh: tumahri jaan kyo legi
  267. babachumbansingh:
  268. davidsono_1975321 left the room
  269. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com: jisko dekho fish ka id laga leta hai
  270. lightuniverse@ymail.com: hi lilyvon
  271. babachumbansingh: haaaa
  272. lilyvon_schtupp: hi kight
  273. lilyvon_schtupp: light
  274. desiresndreamz joined the room
  275. lightuniverse@ymail.com: your name sound funny, what origins pls?
  276. alseef_m left the room
  277. sneha000006: hi... any good astrologer (horosope/ chart reader) here
  278. sneha000006: hi... any good astrologer (horosope/ chart reader) here
  279. babachumbansingh: aaj dinde ki dhulaayi ho rahi thi firangiyo seh
  280. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com: aacha
  281. sneha000006: hi... any good astrologer (horosope/ chart reader) here
  282. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com: kya hua
  283. flosg_1989327 joined the room
  284. babachumbansingh: saale aaj kal firangiii bahut apni maaaa chuda rahe hai room main
  285. flosg_1989327 left the room
  286. desiresndreamz: any one from ontario
  287. shyammenon96 joined the room
  288. lightuniverse@ymail.com: I amm from Montreal
  289. babachumbansingh: paata nahi main jab aaaya tuh uski maar chuke theeee aur woh jawaab deh raha thaaa
  290. lightuniverse@ymail.com: lol
  291. monojit.mitra joined the room
  292. msmollymax: from ontario
  293. lightuniverse@ymail.com: lily
  294. xxlxxl63 left the room
  295. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com: democrative country hai kya kar sakte hai.....
  296. lightuniverse@ymail.com: you still there ?
  297. lilyvon_schtupp: yep
  298. babachumbansingh: hmm
  299. sneha000006 left the room
  300. monojit.mitra: hallo every1
  301. lightuniverse@ymail.com: what origins is your name pls ,?
  302. alberi_1978844 joined the room
  303. desiresndreamz left the room
  304. lisayfn20c joined the room
  305. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com: scrappy aaj aaya tha
  306. babachumbansingh: haaa
  307. babachumbansingh: thaaa
  308. lilyvon_schtupp: google it
  309. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com: anad karo magan raho wala scrappy
  310. alberi_1978844 left the room
  311. monojit.mitra: soo every1 in this room is an astrologer
  312. babachumbansingh:  haawoh jaldi aagaya thaaa
  313. real_realsoccerdude: absolutely mitra
  314. babachumbansingh: chup bethaa thaa bola nahi kuch
  315. lightuniverse@ymail.com: oh, why can't you tell me ?
  316. denzela_1977641 joined the room
  317. ariely_1977899 joined the room
  318. babachumbansingh: sutra nahi dikhaa
  319. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com: kitne rup hai iske
  320. lisayfn20c left the room
  321. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com: scrappy ke
  322. denzela_1977641 left the room
  323. luvlyverna350 joined the room
  324. komal_commercialart left the room
  325. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com:
  326. babachumbansingh: chaturwedi aur mere roop anek hai
  327. monojit.mitra: can u tell me my future real
  328. lilyvon_schtupp: too many key strokes
  329. lilyvon_schtupp: easier to google
  330. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com: scrappy chaturvedi
  331. ariely_1977899 left the room
  332. babachumbansingh: fught chal rahi hai dono main seh kon jayeda roop create kar sakta hai
  333. babachumbansingh: lol
  334. dbale_1982995 joined the room
  335. lightuniverse@ymail.com: lily, sie ist nicht ein deutsch frau
  336. shyammenon96 left the room
  337. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com: sacred thread
  338. dbale_1982995 left the room
  339. lightuniverse@ymail.com: lily, do bist ein indian man lol
  340. babachumbansingh: hahaha
  341. babachumbansingh: janeyu
  342. babachumbansingh: not sacred thread
  343. gina_amidon_496 left the room
  344. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com: fir brahamcharya dhaga
  345. babachumbansingh: main usko brahma sutra bolta honh
  346. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com:
  347. pradeepkhanna2002 joined the room
  348. vidyaa_vidya left the room
  349. lilyvon_schtupp left the room
  350. audricg_1980552 joined the room
  351. audricg_1980552 left the room
  352. kate_kersh_563 left the room
  353. rk83rajiv joined the room
  354. lburchard_1975974 joined the room
  355. lburchard_1975974 left the room
  356. bhriguy_1989621 joined the room
  357. alexislizotte143 left the room
  358. babachumbansingh: tum jab room main is id seh nahi hote tab bi full full knowledge hoti hai tumhe
  359. rk83rajiv: any astrologer
  360. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com: nahi
  361. lbenedicta_1989638 joined the room
  362. rk83rajiv: dinde saheb
  363. babachumbansingh: raw keh agent hoooo lagta hai mujhe
  364. bhriguy_1989621 left the room
  365. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com: kal astronut kisis ko nasihat de raha tha
  366. babachumbansingh: kya?
  367. pradeepkhanna2002 left the room
  368. msmollymax: chat in room plz dude, what's on your mind
  369. rk83rajiv: O dinde saheb
  370. celestial.hymn joined the room
  371. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com: sacred thread ke bare me
  373. babachumbansingh: jyotish sikhna bahut easy hai sabse pehle 3 books looo unko dhayan seh paro uske baad room main free main exp karo
  374. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com: tum aura reader ho kya
  375. babachumbansingh: jyotishi ready
  376. babachumbansingh: a to z of astrology by mahavir tulli
  377. lightuniverse@ymail.com: Nuclear_football can i chat with you ?
  378. babachumbansingh: best book
  379. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com: gol gol kyuon
  380. rk83rajiv: sahi hai baba chumban singh
  381. sneha000006: hi... any good astrologer (horosope/ chart reader) here
  382. sandy_kilgo_764 left the room
  383. sneha000006: hi... any good astrologer (horosope/ chart reader) here
  384. sneha000006: hi... any good astrologer (horosope/ chart reader) here
  385. real_realsoccerdude left the room
  386. babachumbansingh: second astro sutras by jn bhasin
  387. chelsea_beran_432 left the room
  388. shyguy78in joined the room
  389. rk83rajiv: Sneha000006 im best astrologer
  390. babachumbansingh: predictive keh liye
  392. babachumbansingh: third parashar for advance keh liye
  393. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com: ok
  394. lisayfn20c joined the room
  395. msmollymax: I've seen all of it
  396. babachumbansingh: total kharcha 480 rs
  397. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com: bahut samajdar ho
  398. msmollymax: I was a film major
  399. rk83rajiv: abi garba tali markar ..sanu ek pal chain na awe
  400. mahsa.polimer left the room
  401. drvaibhavdinde@rocketmail.com: yeh to kawaali hai?
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