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  1. Stellaron Universe 4
  3. Buildings:
  4. - Removed Paradise Dome
  5. - Added Mothership Shipyard - allows the build of Mothership, reduce the Mothership building time, and reduces the Mothership upkeep on hosted planet.
  7. Perks:
  8. - Collector:
  9. -- Added Ringworld production bonus.
  10. -- Added Habitat time reduction bonus.
  11. -- Added Resource production (globl).
  12. - General:
  13. -- Unlocks Ancient Shipyard: build unique ships.
  14. - Explorer:
  15. -- Added Gaian colonization bonus.
  17. Shipyard:
  18. - Added cap limit to Crawler: 1000 units
  19. - Mothership will be a single ship, unique, rather than an aglomeration of multiple ships. It still have the module feature but stronger.
  20. - Mothership will have experience, which per level it increases its own power.
  21. - Mothership upkeep will be increased as total ship cost rather than unit cost.
  23. Research:
  24. - Added Climate Restoration technology - increases terraforming resourece bonus on terraformation
  25. - Added World Shaper technology - increases permanently fields on all planets per research level
  27. Terraform + Synthetics:
  28. -- Terraform System will be reworked as 4 main terraform types: Hot, Cold, Moderate and Gaia.
  29. -- A 5th main terraform type is possible: Machine. This one will, paired with Synthetics system, will suspend your ability to control the planet. The planet self-develops (like synthetics) but you have no control of it. This change will remove Synthetics as an addon.
  31. Automatic tools:
  32. -- Added automatic Expedition (while active only)
  33. -- Added automatic Debris Recycler (while active only)
  35. DM and Officiers:
  36. - New Officier System [Mod]
  37. - Removed OGame percentual bonuses per planet
  38. - Removed Premium optimizations (due to existance of new Officier system)
  39. - Resource will be changed as global production modifier rather than local production modifier. To clarify, global production "tag" modifies the production AFTER all bonuses were calculated (e.g., Paradise Dome --> removed in new patch). Local production "tag" only modifies the resource production after mine calculation.
  40. - Energy is important factor for the resource production. If energy is negative, per percentual energy used compared to energy required, the resource production is reduced
  42. Random events:
  43. - A new range of events will be added ingame that can impact negatively or positively your planets (such meteor rain (reduce fields), earthquake (reduces prod.), improved flora (increases prod.), etc.)
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