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  1. # default config.yml for MysqlEconomyBank
  2. # config version 1.5.0
  4. database:
  5.     #Type of database, Options: FlatFile or MySQL
  6.     typeOfDatabase: FlatFile
  7.     #MySQL database type connection details.
  8.     mysql:
  9.         host:
  10.         port: 3306
  11.         databaseName: a32016031000084102511334
  12.         tableName: meb_accounts
  13.         user: 320160310511334
  14.         password: kraftersullyvanderiente
  16. #General settings
  17. general:
  18.     #Maximum amount of money on players accounts
  19.     maxBankLimitMoney: 10000000
  20.     #Maximum amount of money in players pockets
  21.     maxPocketLimitMoney: 10000000
  22.     #Amount of time in milliseconds (1 second = 1000 milliseconds) a player has to wait between two sign interactions.
  23.     timeBetweenTwoInteractions: 1000
  24.     #Interest settings
  25.     interest:
  26.         #Enable bank accounts interest | (true or false)
  27.         enabled: false
  28.         #Interest amount in percentage. Example: 0.2% | 2% | 10%
  29.         percentageAmount: 0.1%
  30.         #Time between interest credit in minutes. (default 5 minutes)
  31.         interestTime: 30
  33. #Chat prefix and messages
  34. chatMessages:
  35.     #Chat Prefix - Supports Color/Format codes - To disable the prefix set it like: prefix: ''
  36.     #Color and Format codes:
  37.     prefix: '&3&l[Bank] '
  39.     #Chat Messages - Supports Color/Format codes.
  40.     #The place holder  %amount  will get replaced by the money amount.
  41.     #The place holder  %player2  will get replaced by the players name.
  42.     #To disable any chat message set it to ''  Example: balance: ''
  43.     createdSignSuccessfully: '&bCreated sign succesfully!'
  44.     notAllowed: '&bYou do not have permission.'
  45.     removedSignSuccessfully: '&bSign removed!'
  46.     errorWhileCreatingSign: '&bCould not create Sign!'
  47.     balance: '&b%player2:&7 $%balance'
  48.     depositedSuccessfully: '&bDeposited &7$%amount &bsuccessfully!'
  49.     reachedMaximumMoneyInAccount: '&bReached Bank Account limit!'
  50.     notEnoughMoneyInPoket: '&bYou dont have &7$%amount &bpocket!'
  51.     withdrewSuccessfully: '&bWithdrew &7$%amount &bsuccessfully!'
  52.     reachedMaximumMoneyInPocket: '&bReached Limit of money in your pocket.'
  53.     notEnoughMoneyInAccount: '&bYou dont have &7$%amount &bin your bank account.'
  54.     accountDoesNotExist: '&7%player2 &bdoes not have an account!'
  55.     tooFastInteraction: '&bYou cant interact with MysqlEconomyBank this often. Please wait for a moment...'
  56.     denyIfSneaking: '&bYou cant use the Bank signs if you are sneaking.'
  57.     noPermission: '&bYou do not have permission.'
  58.     reloadFail: '&bConfig reload failed!'
  59.     reloadComplete: '&bConfig reload complete!'
  60.     balanceCommand: '&7%player2 &bbalance: &7$%amount'
  61.     balanceCommandFail: '&bPlayer offline or wrong UUID!'
  62.     setCommandFail: '&bThe amount must be a number!'
  63.     setCommand: '&7%player2 &bbalance set to: &7$%amount'
  64.     interest: '&bInterest credited: &7$%amount'
  66. #Action Bar Messages - Requires TitleManager optional dependency.
  67. actionBarMessages:
  68.     #Supports color and format codes.
  69.     #The placeholder %bankBalance will be replaced with your bank balance.
  70.     #The placeholder %pocketBalance will be replaced with your pocket balance.
  71.     #To disable any of these messages set them to ''  Example: balance: ''
  73.     #When performing deposit/withdraw operations the bank remaining balance will be displayed in an action bar message.
  74.     balanceLeft: '&3&lBank balance: &7$%bankBalance &f| &3&lPocket balance: &7$%pocketBalance'
  75.     #When clicking the bank balance signs the balance will be displayed on action bar as well.
  76.     balance: '&3&lBank balance: &7$%bankBalance'
  78. #Customize the bank signs
  79. signFormat:
  80.     #Change the balance, deposit and withdraw words on signs, useful for other language translation
  81.     #No color and format codes support here.
  82.     balance: Balance
  83.     deposit: Deposit
  84.     withdraw: Withdraw
  85.     #Change the color of the first line on signs [Bank], note that this color only applies to the first line on signs.
  86.     #Color codes are the same, but here you just remove the & in the front of color codes. Example: &3 => 3 ; Does not support format codes here.
  87.     signColor: 3
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