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  1. J35t3r Gets Pwned…by His Own Deceit
  4. As many of you saw today, there was a flurry of activity in ye olde Twitter-sphere regarding the supposed QR code “hack” perpetrated by Teh Jerker. Why would this be a subject of interest to me? A number of reasons. First, I have an interest in the hacker community. Although I couldn’t hack my way out of a wet paper bag, I have had in interest in “how things work” since I was a lad. The boxes of disassembled radios, tape recorders, and useless hybrid devices I created from parts, is a fond childhood memory.
  6. Because of my interest, and being smart enough to know there are smarter people than myself, I interact with a number of people on social media for that reason, amongst others. Many of them are associated with the collective known as Anonymous. That being said, there are a number of social ideals that we also share, although I obviously cannot condone illegal behavior. But am I law enforcement or a judge? No. I am a concerned human being that is also a state rep. And Anonymous is not about hacking; it’s an idea. Just happens that some Anons hack. Whatever. Not my job to ‘police’ them or tell anyone what or what not to do. I’m happy to offer advice if asked, though.
  8. Let me tell you something. I had some problems in the past, and the people I remember and love the most, are the ones that stuck with me no matter what. Zee Jumper doesn’t see it that way. He attempted to coherence me from associating from people that I love and respect because he has some twisted idea of ‘justice’. He specifically named one person that he has apparently has a burning hatred for that I have been following on Twitter for about a month now. I’ve never met the man, he’s never said anything unkind or wronged me, and invited me onto his radio show to talk about important issues. But Jester cited this as a reason to “hack” my cell phone. Some ‘good guy’, huh?
  10. The “Hack”, The Trololo, The Pwnage
  12. The clown claimed in a tweet that I was on his ‘sh!t list’ and insinuated that I fell prey to his amateur trap. This would have involved one scanning a QR code that he made his Twitter avatar that led to a URL that supposedly led to a webkit exploit. The code embedded in the site would execute a netcat command, thereby giving him access to device data, long story, short.  (Most of you reading this already know the details of how this works.)
  14. Soooo, Teh Jouster and his cheerleaders celebrated this ‘victory’ with numerous tweets and hit counts to his factually inaccurate blog post, while I played up the fact that it is a CRIME to hack devices that don’t belong to you, and especially that of a duly elected official. I didn’t make the rules…it is what it is. So while I taunted him with threats of Eff Bee Eye chasing his ass down for his drives, he continued to try to play it off that he didn’t hack me, contradicting his earlier claim. Duh Juicer even tried intimidating me to not file a complaint saying that I would have to turn over my device to the feds for forensics, knowing my strong stances on privacy. My counter-punch was that, ‘no worries’. They’ll need to find you to grab your drives to put all the pieces together, even if there was no picture to complete. Sweat, baby, sweat. So all day, he and his cheerleaders searched every angle to discredit, disparage, and disavow. That in itself was nearly-epic fail. (As I am un-trollable. ffffffuuuu)
  16. Turtle on It’s Back
  18. Hard to see how Da Junebug can right itself from this one. Check it. I NEVER SCANNED the QR code! Annnnnnd, even if I had, the webkit vulnerability in this brand of sploit was PLUGGED over a YEAR ago with Android 2.3! (I currently run 2.3.5) 0-day? Not that either. She also claimed cross-platform vulnerability between droid and iOS. Not possible, as the libraries are arranged differently. Complete and utter FRAUD! Merely one notch above skiddie. But definitely a liar, a blind hateriot, and now wanted. (As even a threat of a hack attack is a crime)
  20. Summary
  22. The good guys win, Das Juniper loses, and my Twitter followers jumped by over 9000. If you don’t get the meme. GTFO. PWNED, punk! Want to play some more, Derp Jupiter? Come at me bro.
  24. Special thanks to some good friends that never left and helped with the tech aspects. Much love, and I will never abandon you.
  26. Oh, read the comment left by my friend at this ‘piece’:
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