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  1. ["fuck you asshole","you gotta be fucking kidding me","bring the noise bitch","send me the bill, cocksuckers","i got bullets for every one of those motherfuckers","karl marx, fuck karl marx, he's a big fucking faggot pussy","suck my balls, my hairy fuckin' big balls, wrap 'em around your fuckin' mouth","god damn cock breath commie motherfuckers","drop dead motherfucker, you fucking ametuers","hey man, fighting it only makes it worse, you just die like the little motherfucker you are*","chew on this, fuckhead","rock and roll, motherfuckers, rock and roll","man i might as well have a bullseye in my ass","welcome to beautiful north korea","god damn shit hole is crawling with kpa","lights out, motherfucker","knock, knock","its my ass on the line","look out while you got your plausible deniability","my objective hasn't changed","marcinko, out*","i got two men who arent comin home, and im not lettin them die for nothin because of protocol","fuck no, its a total goatfuck, god damn kpa were waitin for us","my men are dead*","this place is gonna light up like chinese new year's","copy that, i'll head for the docks, soon as i sanitize this shithole","what've you got*","happy fucking birthday, assholes","looks like the douchebag convention's in town","yeah yeah yeah, sure, whatever you say boss","admiral, the train's loaded, i gotta hitch a ride*","better dead than red assholes","fuck they locked the area down","well hello, francis","ready or not baby, here i come","miss me, motherfuckers?","showtime","glad to see me, fuckers?","here's dickey*","party time","ah christ, here it comes","if you stop yappin","it's a goat fuck admiral, your intel was bull shit, missiles are goin by land, not sea, these motherfuckers are loading 'em on a train*","end of the line, motherfuckers","you shit heels are toast","shoddy fucking commie engineering","hope you fucks can swim","get this you fuckin', fucking retard, you dead piece of shit","trick or treat assholes","happy fourth of july, motherfuckers","back to the u s s fucking r, i hoped i'd never come back to this shit hole*","feels like christmas","better head to the objective","fuck","keep lookin' the other way, asshole","what the hell is this place","i fucking hate hedge mazes","you gotta be shittin' me","don't these motherfuckers have somethin' to do?","anybody home?","that's just what i fucking need","shit","you assholes just won't stay outta my way","you're mine, asshole","you assholes look better with the lights off anyway*","which one of you cocksuckers ordered the special","BOOO-oh*","get a load of this fucking place","this place is a fuckin' funhouse","the soviet fuckin' union can fondle my hairy nuts","brother my day just got a whole lot more fucked up","heh, pencil dick","halle fuckin' lujah*","god damn elevator","get the hell outta here, marcinko*","evac time","need to get the fuck outta here, now","mmn gotta find a way into this dump","aw, jesus","son of a bitch, that was close","god damn i'm gettin' too old for this shit","which one of you motherfuckers wants to die first","sorry assholes, your quiet day at the office is about to get severely fucked up","need to get inside the dam, turbines'll be on the lower level","don't mind me, assholes","come on, hold your balls, let's go","fan fucking tastic","repeat*","it's done*","i need to get the fuck outta dodge","where's my ride home","haha job's done, admiral","here comes the boom","jesus, you ass","shit fuck piss god damn*","jesus fuckin' christ","god damn it, christ","these motherfuckers, FUUCK","fuck me","jesus, son of a bitch","son of a bitch, jesus","god damn fuckers suck ass","uoghghh fuck shit*","uoghghh fuckers*","i'm gonna gut you like a fish","i'm gonna stick you like a pig","god damn motherfuckin' bitch","these shit heads aren't gonna wax themselves","this is gettin' me exactly no fuckin' where","guess i better make a move","i'm wastin' time","uncle sam ain't payin' me to sit on my ass","well i'll sleep when i'm dead i need to get movin'","ah jesus christ i could use a fuckin' drink","there's no wickedness for the rested*","what the fuck was i doing again, oh yeah, fuckin' shit up","better plant his ass in the ground","time to go ninja on his ass","need to take him out quiet","time to clear the fuck out","time to get the fuck outta dodge","come on, get the ammo, i need to get the fuck outta here, let's go","i gotta bag outta here"]
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