Alicorns of unusual size

Feb 14th, 2020
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  1. Thorn Thicket had little to do as he wandered the wastes. He had finally managed to flee the deserts of Southern Equestria northward, leaving him in the marsh-laden grounds that marked the beginning of the heartland. Upon leaving the sand behind, he found himself having a peculiar problem: He was very bored. The desert had been dangerous and required constant vigilance, but growing up there, he had gotten used to it. Now, having not seen another pony or living creature save a few frogs for almost three days, he was starting to go insane. Monotonous, dark greenery surrounded him with every step, and the puddles of water he sunk into were a vast difference from the hot sand he was used to. He couldn't say he really missed Southern Equestria, but he definitely missed the environment.
  3. Up ahead of him lay a large metal building with rusted, corrugated sheets lining it. Thorn cast a glance at the darkening sky and moved a little faster. While the marsh had been safe for all he had seen so far, strange noises always punctuated the night. He could probably cover more ground if he kept walking, but there was no promise of shelter after this. Pushing fronds and cattails aside, he splashed through the frigid water in the direction of the building.
  5. When he got the building, a cursory check around it led Thorn to believe that it was in decent condition despite the obvious signs of age. A wooden door coated in grey paint marked the entrance on this side of the building. Thorn turned the handle and was surprised to find it open. It creaked as he pushed through into the concrete-floored interior. Pulling a flashlight from his pack and flicking it on, Thorn walked further in. Dead silence greeted him within. The hall he walked down was barren save the occasional entrance to a destroyed office. The hall ended in a massive room filled with all manner of machinery that Thorn couldn't hope to identify. On the far end, something caught his attention. A light source was casting a warm orange light around several machines.
  7. Thorn's ear flicked and he turned around. Of course, nothing was there but he could have sworn he heard movement of some kind. He suppressed a shudder and chalked it up to paranoia, merely turning around and walking to the other side of the factory floor. The light from his flashlight as well as the other light he was heading towards cast strange shadows on the wall that made Thorn nervous. Finally, with another turn Thorn reached the source of the light.
  9. Before him sat a small oil lantern, the flame burning brightly. Thorn stared at the lantern, his brow furrowed. Somepony had to have lit that lantern. Which meant-
  11. Thorn heard another noise and whirled around. This time, instead of being greeted by empty air, a figure stood. There, but a few feet behind him stood an imposing figure. It stood a few feet taller then he did with a horn atop its head. As the light shone on it, he realized it was definitely female. Dark blue coat, with- Thorn did a double-take when he saw a pair of wings at her side. Instinctively, Thorn backed up and rammed right into something else. Turning his head, he saw another alicorn, this one green and smiling down at him in a positively predatory manner. Thorn jumped away, back between the two and a third walked out of the shadows. This one was purple and wore but a friendly smile. She waved at Thorn as approached.
  13. "Uhm, h-hi" Thorn squeaked out, hardly able to speak.
  15. Three distinct voices echoed back at him, though he was sure he saw none of the alicorns speaking. "Hello." They echoed in his head.
  17. Purple's horn lit, and with a slight pop and a small flash, all of Thorn's equipment and weapons were teleported into a pile behind her. The green stallion froze, suddenly feeling very naked. All three alicorns lit their horns and suddenly, Thorn was encased in a magical glow. He flailed about as he floated into the air, though it did little to stop his ascent. Looking between the alicorns, he saw their expressions twisted into varying degrees of concentration. Blue caught him looking and gave him a wink. Suddenly, a new sensation coursed its way through his body. He had no words to describe it other than intense. Very intense. His vision was sent swimming in static and a sense of compression filled him.
  19. Finally, the feeling faded. Blinking and rubbing his eyes, Thorn found three muzzles and three pairs of eyes looking at him intently, each wearing a wolfish grin. It took Thorn a moment to realize that they weren't just close, but also massive. Or, more realistically, he was tiny.
  21. "W-What...?" Thorn started in confusion, still not properly able to speak after so many surprises in such a short time. Purple giggled quietly at him while Blue and Green merely smiled.
  23. "Do not worry, we are friends." Purple said, leaning her massive muzzle in and nuzzling softly against him. Thorn was surprised once again by how soft she felt. Blue took him in her own magic and began walking down a hall he had yet to explore. The other two followed, bringing the lantern with them.
  25. "We are merely looking for somepony new to...play with," Blue said, giving Thorn a positively smoldering look. They turned a corner into a room with more lanterns strewn about. In the corner of what must have been an office at some point lie three mattresses, pressed close together to form a single bed. Clearly it was their destination because Blue simply dove onto the bed and rolled into a sitting position, dragging Thorn closer in her magic. Green and Purple collapsed to the mattress in a similar fashion, and Thorn couldn't help but smile at them.
  27. "So, 'p-play with'? You don't mean-" Thorn wasn't given the chance to finish this time. Thorn's right was covered in soft warmth for a second, making him shiver. Green had moved up next to him and stuck her tongue out, licking up the side of his floating form.
  29. "He is so adorable and concerned. And quite delectable too." Green said, licking her lips.
  31. "I wish to try!" Purple leaning in with her tongue stuck out like a dog. Thorn had no time to protest before his left side became as saliva-soaked as his right. Purple evidently enjoyed his taste as well, because she didn't stop. Green began again as well, and he was assaulted by soft, squishy warmth on both sides. With a passing glance, Thorn saw Blue had moved closer too, directly in front of him. Blue leaned even closer, and instead of sticking her tongue out like her sisters, she placed a soft kiss on Thorns...whole face. As she pulled away, Thorn looked up at her with a star-struck blush to which she laughed and licked up his middle.
  33. That elicited a much stronger reaction in Thorn. The others licking him had worked him up despite his efforts, but this attack was direct. He groaned and shivered as the alicorns tongue pressed against his cock, moving upwards and ending with another kiss. He could do little but pant as he reeled, still feeling the aftershock. He arched his back as she made another pass against him.
  35. Thorn would have been content to let the alicorns do what they clearly wanted, but suddenly, Green lunged and slurped him entirely into her mouth. The stallion could do little to react as he was tossed around in a hot, dark space. He became saturated with saliva quickly and eventually managed to position himself straddling the alicorns tongue, as far away from her throat as he could be.
  37. Despite the potential danger of the situation, Thorn couldn't deny the pleasure coursing through him. Scrunching his eyes closed, he gripped the sides of Green's tongue and, despite something in the back of his mind telling him it was terribly rude, softly squished himself against it. The air all around him was warm like a blanket covering him, and the wet, bumpy surface made him gasp as he bucked his hips against it. Time stopped passing for him, and all he could focus on was the softness below him.
  39. A giggle broke him from his reverie. His eyes fluttered open and he was surprised to see light illuminating, his red and pink surroundings. Purple and Blue looked at him with smug grins on their faces, framed by green lips. Thorn blushed furiously and tried to say something, but his linguistic skill once again failed him.
  41. Blue met Green's eyes. "You better not swallow him yet. I do not want to have to clean him before progressing to other activities." Thorn heard clearly in his head, prompting a jolt of alarm.
  43. "Of course not," Green responded, closing her mouth. Once again Thorn was immersed in darkness and warmth. Green's voice persisted in his mind, however. "Do not worry, you will be safe. There would be no point if we could not get you back to use again." She assured him. Thorn had little time to process that as he was squished against the roof of the alicorn's mouth. The muscle ground against him, smothering him in hot pleasure as it did. Soft, affirmative moans bubbled up from behind Thorn as the alicorn tasted him.
  45. "Pass him, sister." Thorn heard a voice in his head say.
  47. He was pressed against Green's lips. They parted just enough to let Thorn through, though not to where he expected. He was slurped into another alicorn's mouth, Purple's if he had to guess, and once again assaulted by slick softness. A paralyzing pressure set in around his body. Thorn guessed he was being sucked on like a piece of candy. The force held him tight, like a hug from all angles. It was a pleasant reprieve from the smothering activity of his previous enclosure. The occasional teasing lick kept him very much erect, and if the soft giggles cascading up her throat at his reactions were any indication, that was the goal.
  49. A voice from nowhere once again spoke in his mind. "He certainly does taste quite good, but I do not have the same oral fixation as you, sister," Purple spoke, most likely to Green.
  51. "Pass him my way." Came the voice of Blue.
  53. "Of course, sister," Purple said with a giggle, the first vocalization he had heard from within one of the alicorns. She maneuvered him to her lips and pushed his head through, but kept it fixed there. This time, instead of another mouth, Thorn was presented with a pair of extra plump blue flanks. Blue had her rear in the air, ethereal tail flicked aside and a lurid grin on her face, looking back at him and Purple.
  55. But Thorn wasn't focused on any of that. Thorn was focused on the plump, needy lips in plain view without the coverage of her tail. He was so focused that he hardly noticed he was growing closer to it until he could feel the heat radiating off of it. The smell of Blue's sex was frazzling Thorn's mine with how powerful it was. He reached a hoof up and pressed it out from between Purple's lips, dragging it against the massive alicorn snatch before him.
  57. "He is so eager." Green chuckled.
  59. "I am eager as well. If you would please put him in..." Blue growled at Purple.
  61. Thorn was suddenly thrust into yet another hot, wet chamber. This time, the heat was more present then anything else. He could still breathe, but the sticky substance all around him hindered any proper movement. He felt Purple push him in deeper and the already tight passage around him squeezed him tighter, forcing a wheeze from him. The only thing Thorn heard was the lewd squelching that surrounded him and Blue's pretty voice moaning. The situation could only have one outcome. With that knowledge, Thorn Thicket used his hooves to their full extent, reaching as far as he could and making it his goal to feel every part of Blue's canal several times over. He would be lying if he said he wasn't enjoying this turn of events as well. The passage was silky soft, stimulating his straining cock with each rhythmic clench.
  63. Thorn felt another lick on his backside, pushing him as deep as he could go. He could still occasionally feel one of the alicorns lick at his rear hooves, helping him please Blue. Another clench squeezed the air from his lungs, so Thorn retaliated by arching his back. He gained little ground, but the sounds Blue made and tightening of her canal proved she enjoyed the sensation so he kept it up. With both sets of hooves now in the tight, living crevasse Thorn could effectively force himself deeper now. And deeper he went. The walls caught him in a tight hug with each inch deeper he went, and each time they did he responded by doing his best to stretch Blue out.
  65. With a procedure like that, it didn't take long for the rhythmic squeezes encapsulating his being to get stronger and more consistent. Eventually, Thorn reached the point where he could not get any deeper, so he didn't. Instead, he repeatedly pushed outwards, causing a sharp, high pitched vocalization from his alicorn consort. Tightness spread around him to the point of paralysis, and it stayed that way. Thorn was once again seeing stars and static, a dazed, dizzy feeling filling his head.
  67. Cold, sharp air washed around him. The past few minutes had made him forget what clean, wasteland air smelled like. His vision cleared and once again, he was met with a smug green muzzle and a pair of green eyes staring at him. He was sitting on a blue tail dock, resting his back against Blue's rear. A strong-smelling fluid dripped against him, but he was already covered in it, so he hardly worried about it. He could hear Blue's heavy, panting breaths off behind him.
  69. "May I eat him now?" Green asked with a smile, not unlike a child looking at a toy through a shop window. "I hope he squirms for me with the same intensity he did for you, sister."
  71. "Sister, We wish to play with him before you cover him in yet more fluids!" Purple cried, settling down next to Green.
  73. "Please, he is already quite saturated in both saliva and vaginal secretion." Green picked Thorn up in her magic, displaying him to Purple. Thorn couldn't suppress another shiver as a telekinetic pressure surrounded his cock. "And look how aroused he is! I know you merely wish to cuddle with him and hold him close. It would be like torture to him if he did not finish first."
  75. "D-Don't I get a say in this, ma'am?" Thorn asked, twisting about to look at Green.
  77. "Ma'am? How formal." said Blue, who up until then had been watching impassively. "Sisters, it has occurred to me that we have yet to introduce ourselves to our new friend." She fluttered her eyelids and smiled at Thorn. "I am Ginseng."
  79. "Oh, how rude of us. We never introduced ourselves. My name is Taurine." A green muzzle said with a smile.
  81. "We are called Citrus, as was decreed by the beverage container that hath given us our name." The purple alicorn said, nuzzling Thorn softly.
  83. Thorn cast a confused glance at the other two, seeing Taurine wearing an embarrassed blush and Ginseng covering her face with a wing in exasperation.
  85. "When our mother, the Goddess, ceased to be, my sisters and I were left stranded here with no direction, no identities." Ginseng explained, sitting up. "When we settled down in this factory, Taurine took a name from the product it had manufactured and we followed suit." She pointed a hoof at a few black and green cans sitting off in a corner.
  87. "That being said, yes, you may have a say in what activities you are involved in." Taurine said, floating Thorn closer to her.
  89. "Well, my name is Thorn Thicket, and I'd rather not be eaten." He said plainly, a blush crossing dark green muzzle.
  91. "I assure you, Thorn Thicket, there is no danger in me swallowing you. My sister," She said, tapping Citrus with a wing, "Will be here to teleport you to safety once the act is done. You have seen that she is quite adept with that spell."
  93. "I-I'm not sure if-"
  95. "You enjoyed being tucked away inside of dear Ginseng, did you not?" Taurine said, a smug expression gracing her pretty green features.
  97. "W-Well, yes but-"
  99. "And I know you enjoyed being inside my mouth." The green alicorn grinned, licking his entire head. "We all know you enjoyed that."
  101. "Yes, but..." He trailed off of his own volition this time and Taurine looked at him expectantly. Thorn couldn't say he trusted any of these alicorns, but he had enjoyed what their company so far even if he had hardly expected to spend his night as their plaything. There was the threat that he would merely be left to his fate, but the draw was there nonetheless. "Fine." He grumbled, not meeting Taurine's gaze.
  103. Taurine cheered adorably, clapping her hooves together. "Most delightful! I will make sure you get the chance to finish." She exclaimed before turning to Citrus. "I shall clean him once we are done so you may partake in your brand of fun."
  105. Citrus smiled and nodded, slinking up closer to her green sister. Seeing this, Taurine rolled over onto her back, hoisting Thorn above her and snuggling up next to Citrus. Wasting no time, she opened her mouth and lowered Thorn towards it. Thorn felt the now-familiar heat of her breath against him and as she let go of him, a familiar appendage was there to greet him as well.
  107. As soon as her jaws closed around Thorn, Taurine got to work on him. Thorn was pressed into a sitting position at the front of her maw and beset upon by the tip of her tongue. It roughly dragged up and down his cock despite his fevered writhing. Suddenly, he was scooped up and smothered between it and the roof Taurine's mouth. The heavenly pressure against him made him dizzy. The tongue shifted below him, grinding against him with the dual purpose of tasting him and getting him off. The assault subsided, and Thorn felt himself be flipped around. Behind him he felt a dip, and Taurine clearly wanted him deeper into it. A sudden squeezing sensation wrapped around him as Taurine swallowed. Nervous excitement coursed through Thorn as he felt himself pulled into her throat, with little to do to stop it. All around him, as close as could be was the tight, consuming walls of Taurine. If Thorn thought merely being licked was pleasurable, then this was surely the height of what pleasure could be. Oppressive heat squeezed him on all sides, the muscular walls pulling him downwards in an almost messaging manner. Loud, vibrating moans assured him that Taurine really was getting off to eating him. The entire situation had rapidly reached a climax, and Thorn was following quickly. He scrunched his eyes shut, what little shifting of his hips was possible sealing the deal.
  109. Spurt after spurt of his essence disappeared down Taurine's throat ahead of him. Thorn panted heavily, the moist, stagnant air that was swallowed with him growing thin. Suddenly, his rear legs entered somewhere less compact. He knew where he was, but his tired mind could hardly believe it even as he fell into Taurine's stomach. To say his surroundings were wet would be an understatement. Though he Thorn couldn't see at all, he could clearly feel the 'ground' beneath him was incredibly slimy. Thorn stayed still, for the most part, too dazed to do anything except hope he would be out of here soon. He could hear Taurine's heartbeat, as well as her heavy breathing from somewhere around him, though he was too turned around to point out where. The heartbeat had an almost comforting affect on him and his weary mind even contemplated sleeping for a split second.
  111. "You are so still. Are you hurt?" Taurine's voice echoed in his head.
  113. "N-No, just tired is all." Thorn responded, not sure if she'd hear him.
  115. "I suppose we should let you out now." Thorn didn't like that she almost sounded sad about that.
  117. He felt a vague feeling of static about him for a moment before sudden brightness plagued his vision. Cold air swirled around him for a split second and he fell, bouncing off of something warm and furred. He squinted, eyes still adjusting to the light, and realized he was now laying on the outside of Taurine's belly as opposed to the inside. Citrus was resting her head next to him, looking at him with a look of disgust.
  119. "Sister, you had better clean him very well." She grumbled.
  121. Taurine nodded, sitting for a moment to still her breathing. She met Thorn's eyes with a smile and a nod. "Was that not an enjoyable activity?"
  123. "I-It was. Did you actually manage to finish?" Thorn asked.
  125. The green alicorn nodded. "Indeed. Your movements, as well as mere presence within me were very pleasurable. Ginseng helped, as well." She motioned to the blue alicorn watching passively to her left.
  127. "Right," Thorn chuckled, "How am I going to get clean?" He said, standing and wincing at the stickiness covering his coat.
  129. Taurine lifted him in her magic, rolling to a stand. She walked to the other end of the cluttered room, pulling a container of bottled water up from a mess of other bottles and a folded washcloth off of a shelf. She put Thorn down on a small table next to the mattresses and popped the cap off of the water with a grin. Thorn was no stranger to bathing in cold water, but after being so immersed in warmth, the cold water was like being struck by lightning. The washcloth floated about him, scrubbing the assorted fluids from his fur and mane, even making sure to get his short-cut tail. When all was said and done, Thorn was left freezing, but otherwise clean of stickiness. Citrus trotted over excitedly.
  131. "I suppose that is good enough for the time being." She said, scooping up Thorn in her hooves and collapsing backwards onto the mattress.
  133. Thorn was buried in a sea of purple fluff, with an equally purple pillar
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