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  1. Program:  
  2.  domains
  3. i=integer
  4. predicates
  5. writing(i)
  6. enter(i)
  7. p(i)
  8. start
  9. clauses
  10.     writing(0).
  11.     writing(N):-N1=N-1,writing(N1).
  12.     enter(K):-write("Randul tau K="),readint(K).
  13.     p(1):-write("\nTi-a ramas penultimul chibrit\n").
  14.     p(N):-nl,enter(K),writing(K),
  15.           M=4-K,write("\nRindul meu K=",M),
  16.                   N1=N-4,p(N1).
  17.     start:-write("Rindul meu K=2"),nl,
  18.            p(21).
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