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  1. Name: Hyaku 'Hyashi' Hoshi / 'SparX' / The 100% Survivor | The 100% Android | The 100% Soldier
  2. Quote(s): “Revenge is treated like nothing more then rat-shit on the side of the road within this world of heroes and villains, when in reality it should be the fine-line that keeps us within middle, something that DRIVES us to fight, win, and eventually become 'outstanding heroes', now tell me, will you fight and avenge those who have fallen, or die like a sickly dog after eating something they weren't intended to, hm?“
  3. Birthday: 5/10
  4. Age: Sixteen.
  5. Gender: Female.
  6. Morality: Chaotic Neutral
  7. Race: Android. (Has a Human brain.)
  8. Weapon(s): Beam-Katana(s), RPGs, Machine-Guns, Mini-Guns, and Pistols.
  9. Job: Member of Team Last-Hope / Student at The Superstate Academy Of Gifted 100%'s.
  10. Likes: Sugary drinks and snacks, listening to music, opera/classical music, Shonen Jump, pop-idols, sparring, running, playing older video games, calculating, being with her friends, watching old movies, cake.
  11. Dislikes:  Her 100%, The Academy, older men (and women for that matter.), her parents, the law, meat, failing, her calculations being wrong, working out, writing, morons, giving others second chances.
  13. Voice Actor: JP: Eri Kitamura ENG: Laura Bailey
  17. Abilities:
  19. Android Body
  20. (After having her brain transferred to her android body, she gained quite a vast array of abilities due to it, including but not limited to...)
  22. Mechanical Regeneration
  23. (If any of her body below her head is cut, and or shot at, or damaged in anyway, her body seemingly regenerates instantly, the only downside is that her head cannot regenerate, leaving any damage left to it as permanent.)
  25. Vast Array Of Weapons
  26. (Hyaku's android-body was created to make the first 100% Android, and 100% Soldier, so, she was preinstalled with quite a few weapons; Beam-Katana(s), RPGs, Machine-Guns, Mini-Guns, and Pistols, she doesn't like to use them often, only truly using them if she's pushed to her very limit.)
  28. Fast Learner
  29. (Just by watching somebody fight, or use a weapon, she's able to somewhat replicate it, which is why she's able to use so many forms of hand-to-hand combat, and why she could use her pre-installed weapons perfectly.)
  33. Personality:
  35. Hyaku has a rather strange personality, with those who she trusts, she's usually very bubbly and kind, once in a while teasing them for mistakes, or just laughing at whatever awkward scenarios they find themselves in, but to those who she isn't very fond of, she's known to be cold, and not wanting to speaking all too much, seemingly doing her best not to engage into conversation with them.
  37. As a child, she seemingly would do anything to make her friends and family smile and laugh, but this never truly worked for the girl, leading her to rarely make jokes, or even try to make others happy, leading her to sometimes not following the 'vibe' or a room, leading her to feel left out and confused.
  40. Values:
  41. In her mind, she truly believes that killing is just if it's someone that society deems as 'bad', she has never believed in second-chances due to that mind-set, thinking in her mind that once someone does an 'evil' deed, they are classified as a bad person until they die, being unforgivable.
  43. Revenge is the motive that she uses for battle, seeing the government, and her parents as the reason that she was turned into what she is today, and for that, she vows to take revenge on everyone who's done harm to her, beliving it's just if she proceeds to take the lives of those who have wronged her and so many others.
  45. She's known to fight on the side of 'good', but in her mind, she truly doesn't know what to percieve herself as, but she likes to think that she's a 'good guy.'
  47. Hobbies:
  48. She's known to occupy herself by playing older-video games, only really playing 'newer' games if she could run them on her laptop, she's a fan of fighting games, dating sims, and visual novels as a whole, but whenever she gets free-time, she enjoys playing an RPG or too, usually occupying herself with that until her free-time is over.
  51. Fears:
  53. Quirks:
  55. Mindset Of Battle:
  57. Adaptability:
  60. Relationships:
  62. Backstory:
  64. Strengths :
  66. Flaws:
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