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  1. Jose Mourinho on Mario Balotelli
  2. in an interview with CNN:
  4. "Mario was good fun. I could
  5. write a book of 200 pages of my
  6. two years in Inter with Mario, but
  7. the book would be not a drama.
  8. The book would be a comedy! I
  9. remember one in Kazan. We
  10. went to Kazan in the Champions
  11. League. In that match, I had all
  12. my strikers injured. No Milito, no
  13. Eto'o. I was really in trouble and
  14. Mario was the only one. Mario
  15. gets a yellow card in minute 42 or
  16. 43. So, when I go to the dressing
  17. room at half time, I spent, I
  18. would say, 14 minutes of the 15
  19. speaking only for Mario. "Mario, I
  20. cannot change you. I cannot
  21. make a change. I don't have a
  22. striker on the bench. Don't touch
  23. anybody. Play only with the ball.
  24. When we lose the ball, no
  25. reaction. If somebody provocates
  26. you, no reaction. If the referee
  27. makes a mistake, no reaction.
  28. Mario, please"
  30. - Minute 46, red card!"
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