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ReRe SCP Server

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  1. <b><size=30><align="center">Retarded Renegades SCP:SL Server</align></size></b>
  3. Welcome to the Retarded Renegades SCP:SL Community Server!
  5. Rebalanced means:
  6. <color=#FF0000>Stronger SCP 106 (1000HP) (Making recontaining him more feasable)</color>
  7. <color=#00FF00>Stronger Chaos Insurgency (130% Health)</color>
  8. <color=#00FF00>Chaos spawns 40% at gamestart and has a respawn rate of 30%</color>
  10. <size=20>Rules:</size>
  11. 1. Don't be a dick
  12. 2. Be respectful to everyone
  13. 3. No offensive Nicknames
  14. 4. No Cheating
  15. 5. Don't ask admins if they can give you a role or item
  16. 6. No Metagaming (Using information from outside the game e.g. Steamchat)
  17. 7. No overly discriminating content (if it actually offends someone, it's not ok)
  18. 8. No intentional Teamkilling (includes revenge Teamkilling)
  19. 9. No MicSpam/Earrape (playing some short clips over intercom is ok, but don't be too cancerous)
  20. 10. Don't play music as Spectator
  21. 11. Don't use voice changers
  22. 12. You should refrain from cooperating/teaming with the enemy parties. CI not shooting at SCPs does not fall under teaming
  23. 13. SCPs are meant to kill everyone, even if they win with CI. Fighting alongside SCP as non-SCP is considered teaming
  24. 14. Teaming with SCP as MTF/NTF or vice versa is not allowed
  25. 15. Once you're on the surface, you are strictly forbidden from teaming with opposing teams (D-Class/Scientist, NTF/CI, etc.)
  26. 16. Blocking the round from ending is not allowed
  27. 17. SCPs are not allowed to camp the Alpha Warhead room or its elevator
  28. 18. If you find an Admin on the server, don't call out their names. Theres a reason it's not displayed.
  30. <size=14>Special Rules:</size>
  32. <u>Admins have reserved slots, so if you randomly get kicked at the start of the round, an admin might've joined and took your space</u>
  33. <u>AFK-Kick enabled after 300 Seconds (5 minutes)</u>
  34. <u>Auto-Warhead enabled after 600 Seconds (10 minutes)</u>
  35. <u>A disarmed/restrained D-Class will come back as MTF</u>
  36. <u>A disarmed/restrained Scientist will come back as CI</u>
  38. <size=14><u>Add us on Steam if you need Admin help:</u></size>
  40. Serverowner:
  41. - <link="https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197973186801/"><color=#006eff><u>Mans334</u></color></link>
  43. Admins:
  44. - <link="https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198293349879/"><color=#006eff><u>Yankee</u></color></link>
  45. - <link="https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198083859088/"><color=#006eff><u>Wicked</u></color></link>
  47. Moderators:
  48. - <link="https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198043840203/"><color=#006eff><u>Izzy</u></color></link>
  50. Join our Discord to request Admin Help or appeal a ban.
  51. <link="https://discord.me/rere"><color=#006eff><u>https://discord.me/rere</u></color></link>
  53. Want to become Admin yourself?
  54. Apply @ <link="http://apply.retarded-renegades.com"><color=#006eff><u>http://apply.retarded-renegades.com</u></color></link>
  56. Visit us on <link="http://www.retarded-renegades.com"><color=#006eff><u>retarded-renegades.com</u></color></link>
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