The fuck fighting festival

Dec 23rd, 2018
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  2. “Welcome to equestria daily's special live coverage of the triple F tournament! I'm your host vinyl scratch and with me is the violent violinist, the instrument of destruction, the sound of-”
  4. “Vinyl, you don't need to give me a promo. I'm not one of the fighters! I don't even know why I let you drag me to this barbaric event.”
  6. “Because it's your contract and I promised to introduce to one of the fighters, but yeah I guess I got a little carried away but how can't i Octavia? This is going to be a great first match for a already monumental event in sports history. after a 1000 break due to moon imprisonment, princess luna has finally restarted the fuck fighting festival, the biggest martial art tournament since the invention of martial arts! The winner gets over a million Bits, the title of strongest under the heavens and a chance to fight princess Luna her damn self!”
  8. “Vinyl if you're going to give exposition, could you at least give some on the fighters?
  10. “Right sorry. Let's start with the fan favorite. Standing in at 5 feet 9 inches 158 pounds and let's be generous and call them b cups. It's the cyan champion of the Wonderbolts, Rainbow Danger Dash!”
  12. “Danger?”
  14. “Apparently she had her name legally changed. Her reason for fighting according to this entrance form is simply to prove that she's the most awesome fighter in the world.
  16. “A lofty goal to be sure but also one that almost any fighter has when they start. Can her skill match her ambition?”
  18. “Well she might have just met her match with her opponent Pipsqueak.”
  20. “Wait, are you sure he's supposed to be here? He's positively tiny and dare I say it, positively adorable. He going to get eaten alive!”
  22. “Yep, got his paperwork right here. Just made it over the minimum age limit. He stands in at 4 feet 9 inches, a solid 100 pounds and his reason is to go up against princess Luna. apparently he's also a completely self taught fighter and is the only guy in the whole tourney.”
  24. “Unsurprisingly, men have a massive disadvantage due to their refractory period. Oh looks like they're just about ready to start the ceremonial disrobing, with any luck he'll see how outmatched he is and forfeit.”
  26. “Ladies and gentlemen! The first match of the fuck fighting festival is about to begin!”
  27. A roar of applause and cheers filled the colosseum as the two fighters made their way to the center of the stage.
  29. Rainbow dash wasn't what most people would call humble. She loved few things more then the thrill of a challenge and one of those things was winning against a powerful foe. Which is why she couldn't help but feel a little insulted when this tiny if rather buff looking kid was put in front of her. Everyone was going to think she was handed a easy win.
  31. She even wore her good flight suit for this thing and this brat couldn't even be bothered to put on more then a pair of swimming trunks? Still he looks confidante and scoots had told her to keep a eye out for him even if she refused to say why beyond ‘there's a reason why he's popular with all the girls in his class.’
  33. She hear the ref call for her to disrobe. “oh well, might as well make the most of all this.” she thought as she smiled and started to pull on her zipper. She did so slowly, letting anticipation build as more of her blue cleavage revealed itself. One of the better things about her skintight suit was how it clung to her every curve and making her admittedly small bust look amazing. Once her zipper reached to the bottom of her breasts she began to sway her hips and highlight her undeniably best feature, her tight round ass. much to the approval of the catcalling audience.
  35. Once the zipper had reached her shaved pussy, she peeled the rest of the suit off her body and allowed it to drop to the ground. revealing her well muscled built for speed body to everyone as droplets of sweat glistened in the colosseum lights. A cocky smirk that all but screamed beat that on her face, a face that morphed into one of irritation as pipsqueak just stood there looking unimpressed.
  37. “Last chance to forfeit kid.” The ref said, a clearly worried look in his face.
  39. “Don't worry about me sir.” The young fighter replied as he closed his eyes and began to concentrate on the memories of his training, his muscles tensing up as his blood begins in to pump.
  41. “Vinyl. you mentioned that he was a self taught fighter right, then what style does miss dash practice?”
  43. “I'm glad you asked Tavi. according to her entrance forms, she's a student of a variant of the raishin style, focused primarily on pinning her opponent down and riding the life out of them as fast as possible.”
  45. “So we have a fight against a man who is barely out of puberty versus an amazon over a foot taller than him, who's entire style is based around pinning someone down and fucking them until they cry? That poor boy is absolutely doomed.”
  47. “I wouldn't bet on that, take a look back to the stage.”
  49. Both commentators both looked back to the stage just in time to hear and see the rip that silenced a entire colosseum, as pipsqueaks swimming trunks were completely destroyed by his monster dong. Even dash was forced to take a step back as the veins of his cock pulsed with power and blood.
  51. “Oh. My. Sweet. Celestia. What the hell is that?! It's like a third fucking arm!”
  53. “HAHAHA. Oh god Tavi, the look on your face. still i have to admit it looks even bigger than the pictures, then again it was usually half buried in some girls pussy so I guess it would have been hard to tell.”
  55. “Vinyl scratch, you knew?! Why didn't you tell me?”
  57. “didn't want you wearing him out before his match. found out about that monster though pinkie pies Twitter feed. Apparently he started training right around the time the tournament was announced and been working his way though pretty much all his classmates as practice.”
  59. Back down to the arena dash had managed to regain her wits and settled into a three point sprinting stance, her long and toned legs whip cord tight as she prepared herself. Her pussy moisted in anticipation for the battle ahead. Meanwhile the cocky bastard just stood there with his arms crossed letting his diamond hard dick hang there.
  61. “Fighters, are you ready? Get set. FIGHT!”
  63. As soon as the ref flung down his arm, dash launched herself at her opponent. For those unlucky enough to blink that that moment, she looked as if she was 10 feet away from him one second and the next they were already down in the dirt, dash ready to plunge herself on to his pillar of meat.
  65. And plunge she did, allowing his penis to invade every square inch of her hole. Pain and pleasure mixed together as the sudden insertion stretched her pussy to the limits, a small bulge ruining her flat stomach. ultimately pleasure won out, her inner walls clamped down even tighter on his pole in orgasm.
  67. Allowing herself a single moment to catch her breath, dash looked down to her opponent expecting and maybe even hoping to see him scared or even at least worried. Instead the bastard was smiling,with his hands behind his head, looking like some jackass who just convince his girlfriend to go on top and do all the work!
  69. Her vigor renewed and trying to ignore how his massive mushroom head spread her out just a bit more as she did so, she slowly rose up along his shaft and then dropped back down with the force of a angry goddess determined to break the insult to her pride. She then rose again and repeated, each drop faster and harder than before all the while the ma-KID just laid back and barely breathing hard.
  71. “Damn she really giving it to him huh octavia.”
  72. “Yes, it's at this time I'd like to remind the viewers at home of the triple f tournaments top notch medical team.”
  73. “And just in time too, cause I think this match is just about to finish up.”
  75. Slowly dashes thrusts began to slow. her legs once hard like iron, began to feel like jelly and her lip bleed in her efforts to keep from crying out when suddenly a miracle happened. His shaft expanded slightly as pipsqueak grunted and rainbow let out a loud moan of joy as she realized what was happening.
  77. Dash felt the warm sperm fill her uterus, his fuckstick acting as a cork. She relaxed her muscles in triumph, letting the white gold expand her stomach and orgasm after orgasm hit like waves. She had done it, she had won! Sure she looked nearly three months pregnant but who cares, she wo-
  79. It was when she felt him sit up, that she realized that she fucked up.
  81. “I'm sorry miss dash but I'm afraid that I'm going to have to end this now.” pipsqueak said, as if he wasn't about to break her and was instead leaving her house after a nice cup of tea. He pulled his cock out of her, her victory spilling out like a broken egg, spun her around and gently placed her on the ground face down and ass up.
  83. “this is quite a nice bottom, it's a shame what I'm about to do to it.” he positioned his bitch breaker, still slimy with both their juices, at her asshole. And with a moment's pause, allowing what's about to happen to truly sink in for rainbow dash and the watching audience, before he speared her with all his might.
  85. Unlike dash he didn't work his way up to full speed, he rushed forward at full speed and absolutely destroyed any resistance in his way. Loud claps filled the colosseum as butt cheek met pelvis alongside dashes wordless screams of mind breaking pleasure. This wasn't making love, this wasn't even mating. It was nothing more than raw animalistic sexual dominance.
  87. Finally the assault ended. with one final thrust pipsqueak unleashed more sperm then most would ever think possible, dashes belly inflated once more lifting her higher as she began to look like she had a entire litter of babies waiting in her womb. Finally with an audible pop he released his member from her gaping asshole and thrust one fist into the air.
  89. Underneath the roar of applause, one could hear vinyl scratch say to her stunned co host. “Told you it was going to be a good match.”
  91. And up in the royal viewing booth, with only the shadows giving her any modesty one would princess luna furiously fingering herself. “yes my champion. Bend these weaklings over the table and show them all what true strength is and who is truly worthy of a goddess!!”
  93. Suddenly a knock on the door startled her. “sister are you doing a shonen villain speech again? We talked about this. Most people would just ask the boy they like out instead of going through this tournament nonsense.”
  95. A blush covered luna's face as she shot back “Silence! I didn't argue when you turned sparkle into a goddess just because you were curious on how big her boobs would get, let me have this damn it!
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