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  1. me Idea
  3. Rec
  6. Story and lore
  8. The game is set in a pinewood forest deep within a supposedly haunted part of the state. A team of paranormal investigators called PITV travel there, and aim to get the first credible and damning evidence and footage of the legendary monsters described there. They plan to do this through: Video footage, photographic footage and biological proof (by killing the entities) however. PITV’s operating area is a large RV, which contains all of their monitoring computers, equipment and their uploading studio. The investigators objective, is to capture footage of the monsters, bring it to the RV and upload it to the livestream and the internet, in order to prove their existence. The legends described to be seen in the forest is the fiend, a batlike humanoid creature which terrified the residents. The alien grey, a small alien being which was claimed to be responsible for bright lights in the area, and a UFO in the forest. The goat man, a legendary demon which is said to have possessed members of Pine church, which is now abandoned church. The shredder, a tall lanky humanoid creature which is said to lurk in the cave. The ghost, which haunts the dead woods, and finally, the fiend.
  11. Game
  13. The game is multiplayer only, and is first person. The map is set in a large forest, with 4 main points of interest. The abandoned church, the cave, the abandoned shack and the corn farm. The RV/investigator spawn will spawn in a random but set location, so will the points of interest each game. The investigators all spawn at the RV, and the monsters spawn at their respective points of interest. There are different types of investigators, each with unique equipment. There will be no special skills or perks in this game. Players are encouraged to communicate via voice and text. Text will take the form of phone messages in game for the investigators. They communicate via radio. Monsters can communicate to themselves via text and voice. Monsters can also taunt players by using public text. The game will only be 1st person, no 3rd person view. 
  16. PITV
  18. Paranormal investigator TV aim to capture footage of monsters, and upload them to the internet. This is done through taking photos or recordings. Once a photo/video is taken, the camera must be brought back to the RV to be uploaded. The upload process will take 1 minute and 30 seconds, and all monsters will be alerted of this. The upload process can be stopped by many ways, as described below. Evidence can also be destroyed. If portable/remote cameras take footage, then then PITV must return to the portable camera, retrieve it and bring it back to the RV. The monsters will only be alerted when the camera is retrieved by PITV. PITV can also kill monsters, though this is incredibly difficult. 
  21. -Investigator: The standard investigator comes equipped with a flashlight, a radio, and a camera and a portable camera.
  24. -The hunter: The hunter comes with a video recorder, flashlight, radio, and a portable camera. Their special items are the ghost detector and the portable ghost detector. The portable ghost detector automatically alerts the RV of monster presence in the area. The ghost detector when equipped, will emit frequency sounds if any monsters are close. 
  27. -The producer: The producer comes equipped with a flying drone, which can be controlled from the RV. It can be flown around the map to record activity. The producer also comes equipped with 3 portable cameras, a recording camera and a portable ghost detector and radio.
  30. -The guard: The guard comes equipped with a flashlight, radio, and a revolver, and a flash camera which can stun monsters when used. 
  33. -The psychic: The psychic has a unique trait. The psychic can sense, detect and see monsters from afar and clearly when they stand still. They come equipped with a radio, camera and portable camera and a flashlight.
  36. These are the standard roles, however there are also special roles. Once a player dies, they will be watching the stream. Around the map are ham radios, when used by an investigator, it can allow a dead player to randomly return as a special role.
  39. -The sheriff: The sheriff has a shotgun, revolver and a high powered flashlight which can stun monsters.
  42. -The priest: The priest comes equipped with holy water and a cross. The holy water can be thrown. If it hits a monster, it will stun them, make them visible by everyone, and will damage them. The holy cross when held out, allows the priest not to be attacked by any monsters, however the priest can be killed from behind or by a mole.
  45. -The trapper: A local specialised hunter, comes with a hunting rifle, shotgun and 2 revolvers which can be distributed. He also comes with a high power light, and a radio. Finally, he comes with his special traps. His traps can be placed around the map, and can trap monsters. If monsters get trapped, they will be stunned for 30 seconds, and exposed to all the investigators. 
  48. -The helicopter: The helicopter is a temporary buff. The helicopter patrols the map, and can   show location of all monsters that move fast, make a lot of noise or does any form of activity. The helicopter lasts for 3 minutes. It can be called in through the phone box at the abandoned house.
  53. Despite their power, they are prey in the day. Their aim is to survive and pick off survivors. The monsters can be eliminated by being uploaded to the internet at the RV, by being killed by investigators or through special rituals which is very difficult. When a monster has footage of them captured, they will be alerted and shown the area of which they were captured for a brief amount of time. They will then have to destroy the evidence, or prevent its upload. 
  56. -The mole: The mole is not necessarily a monster, but rather a random investigator who is chosen to be the mole. The moles aim is to sabotage the investigators, and protect the monsters. They can do this through murdering players, deleting footage, cutting off power, and lying etc. There will only be one mole at the start, however the alien can probe players into moles…
  59. -The alien grey: The alien grey is a small alien. The alien grey can probe players, and turn them into moles. This is done by stunning players with their zap ray, and then bringing them back to the spaceship by teleporting them to thr ship. The alien can also move the position of the ship. Along with the zap ray, the alien grey also has a ray gun, which can fatally wound and kill investigators. The alien grey can also use a blocking field, which makes them completely invisible from cameras, however this only has limited use. The alien grey has low health, but can choose to either probe captured players to turn them into a mole, or to drain them of their blood to regain health. The alien can also place beacon traps, which alerts the other monsters to investigators positions.
  62. -The fiend: The fiend is a tall, broad humanoid with a trench coat. The fiend can terrorise, and kill players, with its weapons and abilities. The fiend comes equipped with an axe, and a large set of wings which allows it to fly across the map, to allow them to escape, chase or pick up players. The flight can only be used for a few seconds each time. They are slow on foot, however they can sprint for a short burst of time.  it is extremely difficult to be recorded when in flight, so it can boom and zoom groups... however if it is damaged it will emit a very loud scream, and it's position can be seen by everyone. The fiend has low health, however it can regenerate health by eating dead players.
  65. -The demon: The demon is a goat man, and can possess players to cause chaos, to either keep low like a mole, or to do serious damage in a short and exposed manner. The demons natural form is that of a goat man, however he can possess players and control their bodies. The possessed player will be sent to the spectator screen. The possessed player, can still communicate in his possessed body via voice chat and text to try and tell people he has been possessed. The player can also return back to his body if the demon is damaged, or if a priest exiles him, or if the demon jumps to someone else. When the demon leaves the body or moves to someone else, the original player will return back to their body. The demon can also jump from player to player, which can be useful for covering tracks and casuing confusion. The demon will be forced to exit the host if they are damaged enough, which will stun them on exit and expose their location. The demon can also teleport around the map in its natural form, limited times. Along with the power to possess players, the demon can also drag players to hell, killing them. However, this will emit a very loud noise, and will expose its position to everyone. The demon will also be severely hurt by doing this action, so use it wisely. The demon cannot heal. If a priest splashes holy water on a demon, the demon will be instantly killed. The priest can also cast out demons if it brings out the cross and is near the demon player. The demon can also communicate to investigators through voice and text to fool and lure them.
  68. -The ghost: The ghost, is a phantom. The ghost is the support element of the monsters. The ghost can temporarily disable cameras and equipment, set traps such as fake portable cameras that appear to have caught footage, manipulate cameras to make them appear as if they’ve caught footage and other types of lures. They also have the power to temporarily spot players for the other monsters to locate, and can also disrupt RV activity, cut power etc. The ghost takes the form of a green phantom, however it can turn invisible for long spans of time. It can however, be detected by ghost detectors very easily, which will make them become visible again. At night, the ghost can attack players, albeit only from behind. The ghost can also interfere with PITV radios, and lure players by pretending to be an investigator. The ghost can also wipe other players footage, by attacking them. The ghost can also cause power cuts temporarily, however this is only limited use.
  71. -The shredder: A tall, lanky creature that walks on 2, but sprints on all 4. The shredder is blind and sees in black and white, and can only see through sound and movement. It can move very fast, and has the power to pick up investigators. Once it has picked up an investigator, it can then take him/her to the cave, where it can devour the victim. The victim can be dropped if the shredder is attacked whilst carrying him/her. The shredder can only fatally damage players if it begins to rage, which can only happen if it is: Damaged, touched, or is recorded/photographed. When in rage mode, it can viciously swing albeit at a slow pace. Vision is also impaired when in rage, and the person who photographed/recorded the shredder cannot be seen for 30 seconds. The shredder can not see players who stand still, or walk very slowly, however if a player makes a noise such as stepping on a twig or walking into a bush, it can see the player. The shredder can also climb up trees, and camouflage. It can then lunge to players below, and will then pick them up. At night, the shredders senses double, and it can viciously maul players, however it will emit very loud shrieks and screams which can alert its position. At night, its vision also improves, and it can camouflage more effectively.
  74. Details
  76. Each game can hold 26 players max. 5 people will play as monsters, 1 will play as a mole and the rest of the players will spawn as different types of investigators. Each game will take the form of 2 days, following a day and night cycle. Each game can last between 30 minutes to an hour. 
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