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  1. Not in the mood? Can't fucking read? Nah this is some bullshit, You can't fucking kick accounts for cloning NP fucking Cs. Even if its someone using the "clone humanoid" cmd, it wouldn't had even worked, its a NPC. Not a fucking player. You were the community manager at one point Rad, why the fuck are you banning people when they have arguments lmao. Isn't Community Manager supposed to listen to the "Community". You ranked up and all of a sudden you think you're high and mighty. Its bullshit how you're abusing your High rank Radical. And if you bring up that one screenshot where it states clone humanoid, there isnt even a fucking command for it. Revoking of someone's moderator is understandable but fucking kicking and muting them? Even if Nestor came clean, what would you had done huh? The same outcome would've occured since he "apparently" broke some rules. So you're telling me, you went through all that trouble of searching in the Logs, to find something you could use against me, not even in the damn right time frame, just because you wanted to be right soo fucking much? are you fucking delusional? or brain dead? you obviously are, because first off, you're an idiot. Secondly, you were talking before you found that command  came to light about HOW NESTOR CLONED SOMEONE and that's what you were all for the ENTIRE TIME, because you claim to have seen Nestor CLONING, but NO, that's not the case at all, you're trying to find a way out from drowning in your own bullshit, but guess what. your power doesn't make you any less stupid. it's literally there, All the evidence against you, all over this damn server lmao, you just fail to understand that you're a small insignificant fuck who accustomed to having things not go his way. At least talk to switch first if you're gonna go around kicking moderators smh.
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