Oct 2nd, 2011
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  1. [02:08:05] <Arawn> Spring 5 - Arawn's busy stewing in his workshop, pouring over notes and designs spread across his table and generally being miserable. His hands aren't wrapped up in bandages anymore but they still have signs of the burns they suffered.
  2. [02:09:15] <Raven> Raven, while making her rounds, decides she might as well make a stop by the workshop. She knocks on the door. "Hello? You in, Arawn?"
  3. [02:11:34] <Arawn> "...Yeah," Arawn calls over, not really bothering to get up and get the door himself. "C'mon in."
  4. [02:14:32] <Raven> She enters, shutting the door quietly. "Hey, I dunno if your boss told you anything about this coupon yet, but I won a little voucher for a freebie. Curious if you got a specialty item in stock."
  5. [02:16:06] <Arawn> "...A freebie? ...How much of a freebie are we talking?" Arawn's frown deepens as he looks up to Raven.
  6. [02:18:44] <Raven> "I...dunno. It just says 'Free Purchase.' " She frowns herself, not sure what she said wrong. "Just curious if you had it in stock, like I said."
  7. [02:19:59] <Arawn> "Tch... I don't usually carry stuff just 'in stock' except the balls," he nods himself towards the rack of Apricorn Balls on display; all very well maintained.
  8. [02:20:54] <Arawn> "Everything else is special order... or just my own creations, when I'm done."
  9. [02:22:38] <Raven> "I could use some more apricorn balls too - if I hadn't blown my entire month's paycheck at the festival, hehe," scratches the back of her head, "Well, might as well ask anyway - you got any experience making specialty rifle ammunition?"
  10. [02:24:03] <Arawn> "...Considering guns aren't as common out here as in the capital I can't say I've worked on 'em before, but that just means I might be interested in it. What are you thinking?" Arawn's mood seems to lighten a little, finally.
  11. [02:25:58] <Raven> She smirks. "I was wondering if you could tinker up some cyrogenic rounds for me. Got a spare rifle you could use to tinker with as well."
  12. [02:26:16] <Raven> "Also wanna thank you for the job you did on this armor," she gestures to her uniform, adorned with metal pauldrens, gauntlets, reinforced boots, and a breastplate of sorts. "Stuff works like a charm, worth every Imperial I put down for it; got tackled by an Onix and didn't feel a damn thing."
  13. [02:27:32] <Arawn> "Well, of course it works well, I made it," Arawn's got a prideful smirk for a moment, though it turns into a frown for a few moments as though considering something else about it. Then he shakes his head clear. "Anyway... Cryogenic rounds? I'm hearing that right... you want -ice bullets-?"
  14. [02:30:40] <Raven> She nods. "Yup. Not a craftsmen myself, but I do know it sounds like a foolish request considering how the weapon operates, was curious what you thought of it anyway."
  15. [02:32:02] <Arawn> "Extremely foolish. The bullets themselves would melt in the blast used to launch them; they'd likely evaporate even before leaving the barrel," Arawn :/s at the request. "And creating any decent amount of them from an ice that could withstand the heat... that'd be extremely expensive."
  16. [02:32:33] <Arawn> One of his hands starts drumming fingers on the table, and it seems he wasn't even aware he started doing that because he winces a little from it, though quickly grows used to it.
  17. [02:35:10] <Raven> "Well obviously I didn't mean shavin' icecubes into bullets, but - hm?" She looks to his hands. "Hurt yourself recently?"
  18. [02:36:07] <Nephene> There's a second knock on the front door.
  19. [02:36:47] <Arawn> "Badly burned my hands while testing out something experimental," he motions over to a pair of gauntlets in the corner - they look like steel plate gauntlets, but there's something a little odd about them; they look surprisingly flexible.
  20. [02:36:54] <Arawn> "...Jeez... come in~"
  21. [02:37:47] * Nephene enters Arawn's workshop, with a covered plate of food in hand.
  22. [02:38:33] <Arawn> "Hey, Neph," Arawn looks up to her. "Been experimenting again?"
  23. [02:39:40] <Raven> "Oh, hi Nephene! Yeah, what's with the dish?"
  24. [02:40:42] <Nephene> "Pretty much. I asked Flynn for suggestions, so I can guarantee that -this- one is edible."
  25. [02:41:07] <Arawn> "Oh, well, that's a relief."
  26. [02:42:55] <Raven> "Testin' a new recipie?" She looks to it curiously.
  27. [02:43:04] * Nephene sets the plate on a nearby table, along with some utensils.
  28. [02:43:26] * Arawn clears some space on the design-covered table as usual.
  29. [02:43:28] <Nephene> "Not as much as it is making the one I know -better-. It didn't have too much punch, and the meat always came out a little overcooked..."
  30. [02:44:25] <Raven> "I didn't think there was anything wrong with the curry you made for me the other day..what's different about that one?"
  31. [02:45:17] <Nephene> "Balance of ingredients, a bit of a change in the cooking time....the little things that add up, really."
  32. [02:45:37] * Arawn gives up and starts digging in quietly.
  33. [02:45:41] <Nike> The door to the workshop opens as Nike steps in, a small bag in her hands. "Hmm? Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know you had guests, Arawn." Nike nods to the women.
  34. [02:45:53] <Nephene> "Hello again, Nike."
  35. [02:46:39] <Arawn> "I didn't know I did either, it just kind of happened," Arawn mutters between bites. He doesn't seem as irritated at Nephenee's cooking this time.
  36. [02:47:31] <Raven> "Oh, hey Nike. Funny I'd run into both you two here."
  37. [02:48:44] <Nephene> "....any better?"
  38. [02:49:27] <Arawn> "Well... yes. For once I don't want to spit it back out."
  39. [02:51:11] <Nike> "Ah, I think I understand." She looks over to Nephene. "Still practising your cooking skills? Sounds like progress to me."
  40. [02:52:06] <Nephene> "It has to be worth the money, so..."
  41. [02:53:52] <Arawn> "Well, it's not going to be an insult to my wallet to order this now, at least. Assuming this wasn't some kind of accident."
  42. [02:55:51] <Nephene> "It wasn't."
  43. [02:55:59] <Raven> "Man, I wanna know what you'reeatin' to phrase it that way," she says jovially.
  44. [02:56:12] <Arawn> "No, you don't," Arawn responds deadpan to that.
  45. [02:56:47] <Arawn> "...Anyway, Nike. What're you doing here?"
  46. [02:58:35] <Raven> "Can't be that bad," she says under her breath, browsing the apricorn ball rack for now.
  47. [02:59:27] <Nike> "Ah, yes." The bag in Nike's hand is dropped into Arawn's. "I was out helping with a hunt, and I figured I could bring back some materials while I was there." She looks aside, trying not to let eye contact be made. "Of course, it's not a perfect extraction...just some teeth, a half pelt, a few claws..."
  48. [03:00:16] <Arawn> "Tch... well, sure. Thanks," he nods, finishing up the curry and starting to sift through. "Now, how much of it is usable... we'll have to see."
  49. [03:01:50] <Nike> "I just figured, while I was out." Nike crosses over to Raven, and joins her in looking over the wares.
  50. [03:04:32] <Nephene> " I've thought about getting some gloves here."
  51. [03:05:02] <Nephene> "Or some protective gear, as long as it's not too restrictive."
  52. [03:05:37] <Arawn> "Gloves? Well then," Arawn motions over to the gloves he pointed out to Raven, earlier. "As it happens, I've actually got something here for once."
  53. [03:05:44] <Raven> "I seriously shouldn't of blown all that cash at the festival," she says as she looks over them. "Gonna be cheap livin' for a bit.."
  54. [03:05:49] <Arawn> "Though, they're more of gauntlets... but..."
  55. [03:06:59] <Arawn> "Well, try them on if you'd like."
  56. [03:07:09] <Nephene> "Alright."
  57. [03:07:43] * Lorelei is introduced via a soft knocking upon the door. politely requesting entrance whether the door is open or closed, it's a manners thing
  58. [03:07:56] * Nephene slips her hands into the gauntlets.
  59. [03:08:35] <Arawn> The gauntlets are definitely steel and solid, but upon wearing them, they've got a soft fur lining inside that's quite comfortable - and they're also surprisingly flexible despite their look. There's minimal resistance.
  60. [03:08:52] * Arawn doesn't really look up to the door, just answers with a sigh and "Come on in~"
  61. [03:09:16] <Raven> "Wait, you buy carcasses, or at least worthwhile parts of them, Arawn? Hm.."
  62. [03:10:05] <Lorelei> "Hi Arawn" Lorelei comments as she enters, alone for once despite Mai's tendancy to follow her around. The poor Mawile had been left at home for now as she flashed a light hearted wave to Arawn; and then the others in the shop "Oh, and hi everyone else"
  63. [03:10:17] <Arawn> "Not carcasses. -Materials-," he stresses this. "A dead body isn't worth a thing to me; but a nicely severed horn... oh, hey kiddo."
  64. [03:11:27] <Nephene> "Hello, there." She turns back to Arawn. "'s nice, but maybe a little bulkier than what I'm looking for. I'm not sure if I can do really fine manipulation with this."
  65. [03:12:13] <Raven> She nods to Lorelei. "And fine, horns and scales and stuff, not the whole body, got it."
  66. [03:12:49] <Arawn> "Probably not, Neph; they're more made for combat. Extremely durable, however... oh, right. Loretta, have you met any of these people?"
  67. [03:14:10] * Lorelei wanders over to the counter digging into her apron sorting through.... a few things, as she looked for something in specific. "It's Lorelei... and yes...I recall Raven . Ugm, I think I met the others but the names are abandoning me at the moment; Sorry!"
  68. [03:14:44] <Arawn> "Oh, good. I don't really have to introduce everyone. Anything you need, Lorely?"
  69. [03:15:49] <Raven> "If I'd of known that I'd of kept the Stanler antlers around from that camping tri-" she's not sure if that was an entirely taboo topic.
  70. [03:17:18] <Lorelei> "Oh; I believe you told me to bring by.... Darn it where did they go..." A few items were emptied out on the counter. Half a dozen cookies in a little baggie; they looked to be gingerbread, and shaped like five pointed stars. Then there was a wooden spoon, some little empty baggies and finally with an "Ah hah!" She pulled out a bundle of wax paper.
  71. [03:18:32] <Nephene> "We won't talk about that," Neph says, gently nudging Raven with her elbow. She takes the gauntlets off.
  72. [03:19:04] <Nike> "Agreed..." Nike mutters, looking at the wax paper bundle.
  73. [03:19:08] <Arawn> "I asked--oh, the leaves, right?" Arawn seems to brighten a little. "I still haven't finished... er, that is... I'm still not entirely sure what I'm going to do with them, but..."
  74. [03:19:31] <Arawn> Still... cookies? Arawn's got a look of curious thought on his face.
  75. [03:20:10] * Lorelei nods as she unfolded the wax paper revealing seven softly glowing Alizarin leaves, and flashed a wink at him "The tree should be ready to harvest again before summers out, I have Oddish working on helping it grow fast"
  76. [03:20:16] <Raven> "Alright alright," she says, as she picks up one of the apricorn balls on the shelf, juggling it back and forth in her hands. "hmm..cold to the touch."
  77. [03:21:06] <Arawn> "...Tree? You planted one, did you?" Arawn grins a little. "Now I really won't have an excuse not to find a use for these. ...Speaking of which..."
  78. [03:21:46] <Lorelei> "Yea huh, the Cutting took greatly with Odi's help. and I had some help making a small pond around it, since it seemed to need plenty of water."
  79. [03:22:36] <Raven> "You guys wern't kiddin' though he really DOES need a 'hug,'" she whispers.
  80. [03:22:53] <Nephene> "Shhh!"
  81. [03:23:46] <Arawn> "I see, I see..." Arawn relaxes a little. Then he gives Lorelei a look over. And then slams his hand into the table quite suddenly and loudly, accompanied by an "OF COUR--OWW!" oh right burned hands mother of fuck that hurts
  82. [03:24:15] * Lorelei winces at his surprisingly shrillish yelp of pain.
  83. [03:24:34] <Raven> "Woahmahgod," she nearly fumbles the apricorn ball before catching it, placing it back in its spot, and turning around "Ididn'tdoit!"
  84. [03:24:46] * Arawn shakes his hand out, dealing with oh god oww oww stop hurting hand please D:
  85. [03:25:26] * Lorelei gave Arawn a soft sigh before grinning impishly "I do that a lot, worst part is grabbing a hot baking tray when your hand already has burns on it"
  86. [03:25:57] * Nike crosses over to Arawn, and takes out her canteen. "Hold still. This is a stop gap measure. It'll cool your hands." She wets a handkerchief and wraps it around one of Arawn's hands.
  87. [03:26:28] <Arawn> About as soon as he's done though, he's pulled away from Nike and slid out a piece of paper and started scribbling on it - as indescipherable as usual in his fervor. "Why didn't I get it before, of course!"
  88. [03:27:10] <Nephene> "....get what, now?"
  89. [03:27:54] * Lorelei takes out one of her cookie stars, glancing at Nephene with a shrug as she cheerfully bites off one of the ends. "Got me?"
  90. [03:28:58] <Arawn> "I shouldn't have been screwing around with something decorative, my art is practical! The--oh god RAVEN!" bam down goes his hands on the table again and another clearly wincing from it as he shouts at the guard.
  91. [03:31:10] <Raven> "What did I - " she winces as well, "-what I do? I put it back, didn't break it."
  92. [03:31:32] <Arawn> "Bring me that spare rifle you've got! As soon as possible! I've figured it out!" Figured -what- out?
  93. [03:31:46] * Lorelei stage whispers to Nephene "Is he ALWAYS like this?"
  94. [03:32:21] <Arawn> Arawn probably looks a little like he's gone mad.
  95. [03:32:38] <Nephene> "Only when he's inspired. It's best to let it pass, so no one gets hurt."
  96. [03:33:25] <Raven> She looks confused, but nods. "okay...I'll be right back then, it's back at my place." She hurries on out the door.
  97. [03:33:49] * Lorelei hmms thoughtfully as she nod-nods to Nephene and finishes her cookie, beginning to pack up her spare baggies and spoon for now into her Apron
  98. [03:34:37] <Arawn> Arawn's scribbling is getting a little crazier now that he's picked it back up. "Alright, alright... store's now closed for today go away I'll have all your stuff soon!"
  99. [03:35:45] <Lorelei> "All you... wait, what?"
  100. [03:35:52] * Lorelei boggles at Arawn in confusion
  101. [03:36:11] <Arawn> "I said get out, genius at work!"
  102. [03:36:34] <Nephene> "...."
  103. [03:36:39] <Nike> "You heard him. It's best not to stick around when he gets into one of his creative moods."
  104. [03:36:57] <Nephene> "Um, right. Hope you enjoyed the food, and come by for that free massage soon."
  105. [03:36:58] <Nephene> "...."
  106. [03:37:00] <Lorelei> "Can he work with burnt hands?"
  107. [03:37:02] <Nephene> "You might need it."
  108. [03:37:23] * Arawn has entered another Fey Mood
  109. [03:37:23] * Lorelei packs up her Alizarin leaves and cookie stars hoping Arawn doesn't burn himself again
  110. [03:37:29] <Nephene> "He can work -without- hands."
  111. [03:37:34] <Nephene> "That's how driven he can be."
  112. [03:37:51] <Lorelei> "Ah, I usually have Mai help out when my hands are hurt. I hope he has some helpers"
  113. [03:38:17] * Lorelei starts heading for the door; vaguely concerned for Arawn but also a bit impressed. Wondering what the crazy man has planned
  114. [03:38:44] <Raven> She enters again, rifle in hand. "Perfectly normal standard issue Imperial guard rifle, have at it, Arawn"
  115. [03:40:25] <Raven> "Careful with the bolt mechanism though, hurts like a bitch if you accidently clip your finger in it."
  116. [03:40:54] <Arawn> "It's not gonna be standard issue when I'm through with it!" oh god this sounds vaguely dangerous
  117. [03:41:36] <Nephene> "Oh, dear. Meet back at the bar later?"
  118. [03:41:53] <Lorelei> "Arawn, please be safe kay?"
  119. [03:43:01] <Raven> "Hmm..? Well then, have at it then," she places it on his desk. "No rounds in it, and got the safety set, so you shouldn't have any misfires. For now."
  120. [03:44:07] <Arawn> "Yeah, yeah. Alright, seriously, everyone out I need to CONCENTRATE."
  121. [03:44:41] <Lorelei> "Good luck!"
  122. [03:44:48] <Raven> "Alright alright, I got shit to do myself anyway, and of course Nephene, why wouldn't I stop by later?" she grins impishly
  123. [03:44:51] * Lorelei heads out the door with a shaking of her head
  124. [03:49:01] * Nephene sighs. "See you there, Nike?"
  125. [03:49:32] * Lorelei waves to the others "Nice meeting you all"
  126. [03:49:44] <Nike> "You know it," Nike nods, waving Lorelei off.
  127. [03:50:14] <Arawn> </session> ?
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