Trunks is a rapist

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  1. Chapter 5: Imanalt gets just desserts; A warm cumshot to the face
  3. Now that he was apprehended by the godlike girth of motherfucking Sword Trunks, Imanalt was left with no choice but to submit to Trunks's massive saiyan dick. Trunks quickly whips his dick out and changes back to normal from a super saiyan. Trunks is a caring soul and decided that fucking Imanalt as a super saiyan would be too much for his asshole to handle. Trunks stuck his penis inside Imanalt's delicate anal walls and thrusted with the strength capable of beating Cell twenty times over. He didn't know it as of then, but Imanalt's asshole was getting absolutely  obliterated. As much as it hurt Imanalt, as deep inside of him as Trunks's penis was, he highly enjoyed it. About the time that Imanalt was reaching his limit, a 3rd grade loli getting raped by a dog suddenly springs out of nowhere. The godlike loli + beastiality turned Trunks on as he raped Imanalt faster and faster. Trunks is quickly reaching orgasm as he pulls his massive member out of Imanalt and jizzes all over his face. Covered in shame and cum Imanalt heads home to take a long long shower. The loli that had Trunks staring was none other than Misao.... Trunk's next target.
  6. Chapter 6: Misao: "My previous meatball....up my cunt"
  8. The loli known as Misao manages to shake off the dogs feasting on her warm pussy and now stares into the eyes of the rapist known as Sword Trunks. Sword Trunks shows a smirk and proceeds to remove Misao's clothing. However, out of nowhere would spring out the god and savior of TAONU to stop this cruel and vile villain. MOTHERFUCKING HORACE GRUMPACKER steps out and takes out his dentist tools his uses to rape bitches's mouth and entagles Sword Trunks in his clutches. As Horace Grumpacker prepares to unless his pee play onto Trunks, Misao takes the opportunity to run away from the mighty super saiyan. Provided that Horace Grumpacker was a god, it was certain that he could defeat even Sword Trunks and turn him into his sex slave. Horace now had someone who could rub toothpaste on their clit for the rest of eternity. However, Misao was still not saved. Out of nowhere springs out bigfoot anally probing Feranfell. Misao stops for a second and stares at the godlike sight. PK Gaming springs out and destroys Feranfell's fanatasies with his PSI Buzzkill attack. Saddended at the fact that Feranfell was defeated bigfoot decided that it was time to reveal his true form....
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