Rise of the O.A.K. - part 1

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  1. [22:13:21] <@Charm> Alright. you are in a large empty room, lit by several bar lights in the ceiling, a good 15 or so feet above the ground. the room is empty save a fairly large computer terminal. please describe your character's physical qualities and suggest an action.
  2. [22:13:57] <Lonoxmon1> oh shit i didnt even make a char yet but alright, ill manage
  3. [22:14:16] <Lonoxmon1> alright, just a sec...
  4. [22:14:49] <@Charm> that computer thing is bigger than most refrigerators. you doubt it's going anywhere.
  5. [22:18:01] <Lonoxmon1> my character is a fairly average girl, about 5'6", 135lbs, with barely shoulder length hair, working out color now... anyhow shes dressed in a normal jap school uniform, and is just standing aimlessly in the room. please let me know what details im missing.
  6. [22:19:29] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Eye color?  Otherwise I think you're good. :3)
  7. [22:19:52] <Lonoxmon1> color of hair and style appear to be broken on my end, ill try and patch it. right now shes oosscilating between hair up and down, color is bugging between pink and brown
  8. [22:20:42] <Lonoxmon1> hair twintails shoulderlength brown
  9. [22:20:55] <Lonoxmon1> fixed it for now
  10. [22:21:18] <Lonoxmon1> eye color? shit...
  11. [22:21:19] <Lonoxmon1> uh
  12. [22:21:22] <Giantree> THAT ISN'T A COLOR
  13. [22:21:32] <Lonoxmon1> i didnt do anyhting for that :B
  14. [22:21:38] <Lonoxmon1> let me go fix that now...
  15. [22:21:38] <Aori_Radidjiu> (TOO BAD, IT'S SHIT BROWN)
  16. [22:21:57] <@Charm> The screen on the terminal flickers a bit before powering on, a cursor blinking as letters start to pop up.
  17. [22:21:58] <Lonoxmon1> well brown eyes match the brown hair so :B
  18. [22:22:17] <Lonoxmon1> s-shut up, you arent running with a badly coded cobbled together client
  19. [22:22:43] <Lonoxmon1> she reads the terminal
  21. [22:23:54] <Lonoxmon1> 2d6
  22. [22:23:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Lonoxmon1, 2d6: 9 [2d6=6,3]
  23. [22:24:08] <Lonoxmon1> 2d6
  24. [22:24:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Lonoxmon1, 2d6: 8 [2d6=6,2]
  25. [22:25:11] <Lonoxmon1> shirayuki yue is what i rolled, but somehow i dont think that matches jap nameing conventions...
  26. [22:25:19] <Lonoxmon1> *yui
  27. [22:25:58] <@Charm> (don't feel like you need to roll for everything - if you have a name you'd like to make up, do so)
  28. [22:26:17] <Lonoxmon1> if i could come up with a name i would have supplied one
  29. [22:26:20] <Lonoxmon1> :B
  30. [22:26:35] <@Charm> ...point
  31. [22:27:26] <Lonoxmon1> anyhow her name is now shirayuki yui
  32. [22:27:32] <Lonoxmon1> jap name order if it wasnt apparent
  33. [22:28:08] <Aori_Radidjiu> (So is she going to say her name or not? :3)
  34. [22:28:12] <Lonoxmon1> oh
  35. [22:28:20] <Lonoxmon1> she says shirayuki yui
  36. [22:29:17] <@Charm> The screen clears itself as Yui mutters her name, more letters being typed by some invisble hand. 'IDENTITY CONFIRMED. SUBJECT: YUI, SHIRAYUKI. PROCESSING...COMPLETE. PLEASE INDICATE FAMILIARITY WITH SUBJECT: SPELLCASTING, MAGIC, TRANSFORMATION, AND/OR YOUMA'
  37. [22:29:28] <@Charm> (try doing so in first person if you can)
  38. [22:29:45] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Might want to nick up~)
  39. [22:29:57] <@Charm> (might help, not needed for this)
  40. [22:30:16] <Lonoxmon1> ill try, but cant be certain of the results...
  41. [22:31:04] * Lonoxmon1 is now known as shirayuki_yui
  42. [22:32:12] <shirayuki_yui> "i dont know anything about this, im not even sure why im here." :/
  43. [22:32:49] <shirayuki_yui> (i initialized her as someone unfamiliar with magical girls except through anime, unles si need to redo it)
  44. [22:33:23] <@Charm> (no, that works fine)
  45. [22:33:30] <shirayuki_yui> (alright)
  48. [22:36:30] <shirayuki_yui> "combat magic, please."
  49. [22:38:54] <shirayuki_yui> "actually, general sorcery. wow, feels weird to even think this is a thing, but i dont know how i got here or why im here, might as well find out what insanity ive stumbled into in the most general way..."
  50. [22:39:53] <shirayuki_yui> (she seems to be rather deadpan :<)
  51. [22:40:11] <@Charm> 'CONFIRMED. GENERAL SORCERY ASSISTANT SELECTED. COMPILING...' A few feet away, a form starts flickering into existence, before quickly becoming real.
  52. [22:40:28] * shirayuki_yui is startled and backs away from the apparition
  53. [22:40:42] <shirayuki_yui> "w-what? what is this?"
  54. [22:41:40] <Giantree> Vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  It fades in a humanoid shape about as tall as Yui, starting from the face first- and as the humanoid's body forms it's clear that in her otherwise lifeless eyes are small rings with tiny writing on them, expanding and contracting.
  55. [22:41:46] <Giantree> "Hi!"
  56. [22:41:49] * Giantree is now known as Francesca
  57. [22:41:59] <shirayuki_yui> (oh god what)
  58. [22:42:08] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Hahaha oh yes)
  59. [22:42:48] <Francesca> A cute android in gothic lolita twirls around, lengthy red hair twirling around with her!  "You're Yooy, right?  Let's be friends!"
  60. [22:42:56] <shirayuki_yui> "what are you? where did you come from? is this some kind of trick?"
  61. [22:43:15] <shirayuki_yui> (gah, slowtyping strikes again...)
  62. [22:43:26] <@Charm> 'MAGIC.' the screen helpfully displays.
  63. [22:43:32] <Lecia> (can you type slower than me? you can't type slower than me)
  64. [22:44:00] <Francesca> "Nope!  My model number's... uhh.... uhhhh...."  She starts fretting while reaching along to the back of her neck, spinning a few times.  "Nevermind that, okay?  Call me Francesca!"
  65. [22:44:12] <Francesca> "Some people call me Frannie, or Fran, or 'Cescie,' or..."
  66. [22:45:35] * shirayuki_yui calms down a bit
  67. [22:46:12] <shirayuki_yui> "alright, well now i know im going nuts. might as well go all the way. ill play along for now, but im watching you." >:|
  68. [22:46:25] <Francesca> POP.  The robot-looking person yanks something out of the back of her neck and inserts something else within seconds, and then the data-rings in her eyes contract to a more static appearance.  "Ahem.  Initiating program A-3465, route 1.  Ascertaining scenario.  Accessing databanks..."
  69. [22:46:44] <Francesca> "Please await the beep."
  70. [22:46:48] <Francesca> ...
  71. [22:46:53] <Francesca> "Beep."
  72. [22:46:57] <Francesca> Nothing happens.
  73. [22:47:21] <shirayuki_yui> "yeah, i'm yui. please take good care of me. no wait, this isnt class..."
  74. [22:47:37] * shirayuki_yui shakes her head
  75. [22:47:56] * Francesca moves closer to Yui, staring blankly in the face, before her tiny probably-not-even functional nose twitches a few times.
  76. [22:47:57] <shirayuki_yui> "alright fran, whats going on here? what am i doing here?"
  77. [22:47:58] <Francesca> Sniff sniff.
  78. [22:48:09] * shirayuki_yui leeeans back
  79. [22:48:19] <shirayuki_yui> "oi, what are you doing?"
  80. [22:48:22] <Francesca> "Subject identified as humanoid.  Received request... Proceeding with explanation."
  81. [22:48:32] * shirayuki_yui backs a step
  82. [22:48:59] <Francesca> She doesn't seem to notice she did anything wrong.  "The subject is to be explained and instructed in the use of supernatural abilities."
  83. [22:49:42] <shirayuki_yui> "what supernatural abilities? as far as i know im just an ordinary girl..."
  84. [22:50:01] <Francesca> "Scanning databanks for 'Yui'... 13,081 immediate matches confirmed.  Accessing visual data to narrow search results..."
  85. [22:50:31] <Francesca> "Yui Shirayuki identified.  Scanning databanks for supernatural abilities... bzzzzzzz..."
  86. [22:50:36] <Francesca> She makes the sound with her mouth by the way.
  87. [22:50:59] <Francesca> And within seconds YANKS a disk out of the back of her neck, putting another one back in.  She twirls and does the Ranka wink.
  88. [22:51:00] <shirayuki_yui> (btw i was assuming you got reeeealy close, like awkwardly so. let me know if this wasnt the case please.)
  89. [22:51:08] <Francesca> "You just gotta find that out for yourself, Yooy!"
  90. [22:51:09] <shirayuki_yui> (the what now?)
  91. [22:51:18] <Francesca> (d-don't worry about it)
  92. [22:51:32] <@Charm> (you've not watched macross?)
  93. [22:51:35] <shirayuki_yui> (i dont know anyone by the name of "Ranka")
  94. [22:51:39] <shirayuki_yui> (no)
  95. [22:51:52] <@Charm> (then take tree's word for it)
  96. [22:51:56] <shirayuki_yui> (ok)
  97. [22:52:19] * Francesca plops down on a round, floating chair that appears out of nowhere, wearing a gigantic smile. "Okay, let's get started~!"
  98. [22:52:51] * shirayuki_yui looks around for anything to sit on
  99. [22:53:21] <Francesca> Frannie's head tilts.  "Can't you just magic something up, Yooy?"
  100. [22:53:25] <shirayuki_yui> are there any chairs in the room? for some reason i assmued some kind of ros of chairs, like you would see at a school...
  101. [22:54:15] <@Charm> No such luck just yet unless she wants to sit on the robot girl's lap. In any case, more computer text, thankfully not in caps. "Magical Girls have two main foci for their abilities - one 'ELEMENT' that defines their main personality, and one 'POWER' that enables useful lesser abilities."
  102. [22:54:20] <shirayuki_yui> "last i heard magic was impossible, something debunked millions of times over by scientists. so no, i dont think i can 'magic anything up'" :/
  103. [22:55:01] <shirayuki_yui> "then again, this is crazytown, so who knows..."
  104. [22:55:23] <shirayuki_yui> "alright, robo-chan, how do i go about this?"
  105. [22:55:52] <Francesca> "Calculating, calculating... papapapapapa..." She makes some... noises.  Like comical noises.  Clearly making fun of herself.  "According to these results, in your era my model didn't exist yet!  So I'm impossible too, isn't that cool?"
  106. [22:56:50] <shirayuki_yui> "yeah, i guess so. then again im either dreaming or crazy, so..."
  107. [22:57:02] <@Charm> "A magical girl's ELEMENT is thier single most defining feature, and acts as a base for your basic attacks and defenses. An ELEMENT can be a force of nature, an abstract concept or emotion, or symbolic identity. Please choose an element to base your powers on."
  108. [22:57:07] <shirayuki_yui> "but yeah, it would be cool to have more of you where im from."
  109. [22:57:11] <Francesca> "This is my friend Complicated Hierarchical Assistant Recreational Machine; just listen to what it says, okay?"
  110. [22:57:33] * Francesca nodnods matter-of-factly.
  111. [22:58:39] * Francesca reaches a finger up to the screen and scrambles the i and e around in the word 'thier,' smiling and patting the computer monitor afterward.
  112. [22:58:52] <shirayuki_yui> "an element, huh? robo-chan, what sort of things would count?"
  113. [22:59:29] <Francesca> "Ooh, I know how it works!"  She clears her throat.  "If it exists, you can make it into an element.  If it doesn't, you can't!  Easy, huh?"
  114. [23:02:47] <Charm> "Popular ideas for 'ELEMENT' from other datapoints include: fire, shadow, holy, sound, chaos, and plasma."
  115. [23:02:49] <shirayuki_yui> "well my family name means white snow, so maybe something based on that? or maybe the opposite..."
  116. [23:04:15] <Francesca> "Snow... ooh!  That one always had a story behind it," Francesca smiles and puts another disk into the back of her neck.  Her eyes immediately turn blue and her red hair gets some white highlights on the tips of it; with a deadpan face she breathes a small gust of air that spirals around as though it were in winter.  Some neat snowflake effects come too.
  117. [23:04:47] * shirayuki_yui heh
  118. [23:04:48] <Francesca> "Now it's your turn to try it, Yooy."
  119. [23:05:02] <shirayuki_yui> "try what?"
  120. [23:05:31] <Francesca> "Accessing and utilizing your element of choice."
  121. [23:05:45] <@Charm> 'ICE designated as ELEMENT. confirm?"
  122. [23:06:34] <shirayuki_yui> "yeah, yeah, computer. can i change it later if i change my mind?"
  123. [23:06:59] <shirayuki_yui> "either way i cant think of a better one for the moment, so..."
  124. [23:08:31] <shirayuki_yui> (also this assumes everyone is speaking japanese with translation. please use reverse translation where appropriate to get the feelings of things. unless you would prefer i use weeb stuff directly."
  125. [23:08:35] <shirayuki_yui> *)
  126. [23:08:35] <Francesca> "Fact: Many magical girls aren't offered the choice of element at all, or have it decided for them; in contrast, others such as in this particular scenario are allowed to make the decision for themselves.  The latter case is approximately 7.3642% less common than the former."
  127. [23:08:58] <Francesca> (yeah you have to actually type it in kanji bro)
  128. [23:09:18] <shirayuki_yui> (unfortunately my powerlevel isnt yet high enough ;-;)
  129. [23:10:09] <shirayuki_yui> (but yeah im assuming we are on the same page about mannerism, let me know if you need any clarification)
  130. [23:10:21] <@Charm> 'ELEMENT confirmed. Please select a POWER. A Magical Girl's POWER is a unique talent that is not necessarily tied to her element, but gives her a secondary focus to use in casting. Common powers include enhanced senses, healing, or augmented mobility."
  131. [23:10:31] <@Charm> (you're doing fine bro)
  132. [23:10:40] <shirayuki_yui> (:D)
  133. [23:11:14] * Francesca gives a deadpan stare and plops another disk in in the background, becoming a much shorter and cuter form of herself, still with the frosty hair highlights. Only she's wearing a much bigger smile now than before.
  134. [23:11:18] <shirayuki_yui> "is this as free a choice as the last, or is there a list i have to pick from?"
  135. [23:12:16] <@Charm> "choices are approximately 4% fewer for POWER than for ELEMENT, but compiling a list of all available powers would take excessive amounts of time."
  136. [23:12:22] <Francesca> "Well I always had to pick from a list," Robo-chan pouts, "But you're made of meat so you should be a-okay!"
  137. [23:13:49] <shirayuki_yui> "hmm..."
  138. [23:15:29] <shirayuki_yui> "well, it seems like we are dealing in sterotypes tonight, since my element is ice and my family name has to do with snow..."
  139. [23:15:54] <shirayuki_yui> "something to do with a yuki-onna i think. maybe weather control to summon snowstorms?"
  140. [23:16:18] <@Charm> 'POWER of CONTROL WEATHER is an acceptable choice. confirm?"
  141. [23:16:59] <shirayuki_yui> "yeah, lets go with that. this might end up being cool."
  142. [23:17:32] <Francesca> "Hmm... aaaa~ccess~ing~"  Frannie grows back to normal size and plops another disk in; light projects from her eyes and makes a screen appear on the wall, showing a short video of some blonde heterochromiac, a really forgettable-looking brunette, a biker chick, and a purple-haired girl who looks like she's pretending to be a robot on a snowy mountain beating up a glowing ball in a few seconds.  It goes down without a fight.
  143. [23:17:55] <Francesca> A tomato flies out of nowhere and splats against the wall when it ends but afterward Fran's back to her normal self whistling along like nothing happened.
  144. [23:18:08] <@Charm> "Attempt at humor noted. Compiling...done. Analyzing potential talents...732 found."
  145. [23:19:05] <@Charm> "A talent is a magical manifestation of a magical girl's ELEMENT or POWER, to assist her in battle. This Unit has identified two potential talents corresponding with selections."
  146. [23:20:45] <shirayuki_yui> "alright, what did you find?"
  147. [23:20:56] <@Charm> "These talents can be taken as-is, or replaced with one of your choosing on a similar scale of power. ELEMENT: Talent Name: Chill to the Bone - Allows inherent icy magic to slow those who attack you, and make them more vulnerable to injury. Accept?"
  148. [23:21:06] <shirayuki_yui> (brb)
  149. [23:28:45] <shirayuki_yui> (back)
  150. [23:28:57] <shirayuki_yui> "whats the other one?"
  151. [23:30:05] <@Charm> "POWER: Talent Name: Driving Snow - Call a sudden blizzard on your location, dealing damage to anything not protected from the storm and cloaking your exact location. Accept?"
  152. [23:30:55] <shirayuki_yui> "hmm, well it seems the second one is somewhat provided for by my power, right?"
  153. [23:31:11] <Francesca> SHURG.
  154. [23:32:11] <shirayuki_yui> "ah, then again i guess anything id be using this on wouldnt be affected normally, knowing my luck..."
  155. [23:32:28] <shirayuki_yui> "does the first do any damage?"
  156. [23:33:41] <shirayuki_yui> "also, do both of these tack onto the blizzard called up by weather control?"
  157. [23:33:53] <@Charm> 'Chill to the Bone does not do damage in its own, but increasing damage its target takes from other sources. Talents are specific usages of your POWER or ELEMENT that do not draw on magical reserves like normal spells.'
  158. [23:34:20] <shirayuki_yui> "ah, i see."
  159. [23:36:50] <shirayuki_yui> "well, i think attacking from the shadows of the storm might be ice- er, nice. i think ill go with that one."
  160. [23:37:06] * shirayuki_yui shakes her head
  161. [23:37:30] <shirayuki_yui> "geeze, now you've got me doing it..."
  162. [23:37:56] * Francesca sips tea.
  163. [23:39:02] <@Charm> "Talents confirmed. Processing...please set magical strength abstraction settings." Three sliders appear in a holographic pop-out screen: one green, one blue, and one red.
  164. [23:39:20] <shirayuki_yui> "ah? whats this?"
  165. [23:39:49] * shirayuki_yui walks over to the sliders
  166. [23:40:35] <@Charm> Each of the three sliders seems set to "6", in the middle of the scales.
  167. [23:40:42] <Francesca> Pop.... vrrrr.  "Oh, C.H.A.R.M. can't break the fourth wall like I can, so I'll do it!  Those're your stats, and there's some book that says how to do them... um... Oh, here it is!"
  168. [23:40:48] * Francesca produces the v3 pdf.
  169. [23:41:13] <shirayuki_yui> "ah, where in this book is it?"
  170. [23:42:16] * Francesca conks herself on the head. "Oh, I just absorb all the information at once by glancing at it so I forgot! Hee hee!"
  171. [23:42:25] * shirayuki_yui flips through the book
  172. [23:42:41] <shirayuki_yui> "ah, thats handy..."
  173. [23:43:34] <shirayuki_yui> "so does this happen as written in the book? i see three sliders here, but four attributes in the book..."
  174. [23:43:51] <shirayuki_yui> "maybe im looking in the wrong spot or something."
  175. [23:44:53] <Francesca> "Oh, you are!  The other four are DIFFERENT ones- you already have those, you don't get to pick 'em out at all.  Nuh-uh!  The magic ones you do, though."
  176. [23:45:24] <shirayuki_yui> "ah, let me look."
  177. [23:45:33] * shirayuki_yui turns the page
  178. [23:45:41] <shirayuki_yui> "ah, here we go."
  179. [23:46:05] <shirayuki_yui> "magic, heart and fury, eh? sounds silly."
  180. [23:46:59] <shirayuki_yui> "well, if its how this manic land works ill do as the natives do i guess."
  181. [23:47:39] <shirayuki_yui> "so, fran-san. are these valuse set in stone like my powers and such?"
  182. [23:47:44] <shirayuki_yui> *values
  183. [23:48:32] <Francesca> "Hmmmm," the droid's head tilts.  "That depends on the world you use it in!  Sometimes you can get stronger, but other times you're at the mercy of sadistic gods who just want to make you die horribly.  You never know which one you're in until you start work!"
  184. [23:50:17] <shirayuki_yui> "die? i guess this is more serious than it appears." :<
  185. [23:50:40] <Francesca> "Oops, did I say that~?"
  186. [23:50:42] <@Charm> ' :< ' flashes on the screen for a split second
  187. [23:52:38] <shirayuki_yui> "alright, so what are 'sane' valuse to set these to? not that anyhting here is sane..."
  188. [23:52:44] <shirayuki_yui> *values
  189. [23:52:56] <shirayuki_yui> *anything
  190. [23:54:17] <@Charm> "Previous magical girls tended to set one value to its maximum, and the other two significantly lower to compensate."
  191. [23:55:40] <shirayuki_yui> "ah, and how long did they last? doesnt seem like the brightest idea, i play enough RPGs to know that much..."
  192. [23:56:25] <@Charm> "Termination rate is within margin of error for a negligible difference."
  193. [23:58:26] <shirayuki_yui> \:<
  194. [23:59:04] <shirayuki_yui> "well can i adjust these later or not?"
  195. [00:00:15] <@Charm> 'Abstractions of magical capability cannot be adjusted without extenuating circumstances, usually in the form of growth or experience-slash-familiarity with your spellcasting.'
  196. [00:00:30] <shirayuki_yui> "ah, i see..."
  197. [00:02:14] <shirayuki_yui> "alright, can you explain these attribute a bit more? i dont want to mess with them too much untill i know what im messing with..."
  198. [00:02:22] <shirayuki_yui> *attributes
  199. [00:03:24] <shirayuki_yui> "fran-san, feel free to weigh in."
  200. [00:03:43] <@Charm> 'Attribute: MAGIC reflects raw magical output, untainted by emotion or outside influences. a high MAGIC rating reflects mastery over sorcery, but the overabundance of magical energy makes it more voliatile."
  201. [00:03:44] <Francesca> "Ooh, let me!  What they are is just the way your personality affects your magic, see?  So if you're dark and brooding you'll want a lot of Fury.  Some people like to call it 'Grief' instead just to be different."
  202. [00:04:48] <Francesca> "But nice people everybody likes have a lot of Heart!  Me, I change them around however I want and everyone likes me.  Crisp, huh?"
  203. [00:04:52] * Francesca gives a robotic thumbs-up.
  204. [00:05:20] <@Charm> 'Attribute: HEART reflects magical energy drawn from positive emotional connections with others. a high HEART rating signifies an empathic soul who can bond with others, but those bonds can be corrupted or twisted by excessive power.'
  205. [00:07:33] <@Charm> 'Attribute: FURY or GRIEF reflects magic cast using emotions and memories of hardship or pain. a high GRIEF rating indicates a self-confidence and perserverence, but can turn to addiction or self-depreciation if overused.'
  206. [00:09:38] <shirayuki_yui> "ahh, thats a lot to consider... fran-san, if i tell you a bit about my personality, could you help me come up with some ideas?
  207. [00:09:41] <shirayuki_yui> "
  208. [00:10:04] <Francesca> "Right now?  Nope!  But..."
  209. [00:10:16] * Francesca hums along while swapping disks out, then stares with a deadpan face.
  210. [00:10:22] <Francesca> "Awaiting query."
  211. [00:12:37] <shirayuki_yui> "allright, ive had a fairyl easygoing life so far, really the worst thing thats happend was missing a train once. nothing too horriffic im afraid. i tend to work hard in school, people know me for being the serious type. i dont really have much in the way of close friends, but there are a few people i would trust with my life. does that tell you anything useful?"
  212. [00:12:45] <shirayuki_yui> (let me know if cutoff)
  213. [00:13:13] <@Charm> (doesn't appear to have)
  214. [00:13:33] <shirayuki_yui> (last 'useful?"'
  215. [00:13:35] <shirayuki_yui> )
  216. [00:14:24] <@Charm> (yep)
  217. [00:14:35] <shirayuki_yui> (actually, need to edit that a bit)
  218. [00:14:41] <Francesca> "Stat allocation opinions..."  Vrrrrrr.  "Even distribution would be preferable, considering circumstances.  Suggested course of action: Seven magic by arr-eh-double you, others provide no significant changes dependent on arrangement."
  219. [00:15:13] * Francesca swaps out a disk and then smiles. "In other words, your life is SO boring that you compensate for it with lots of magical power, congrats!"
  220. [00:16:19] <shirayuki_yui> "hah, well i guess thats useful for something then."
  221. [00:17:00] * shirayuki_yui reaches out and sets the magic slider to 7
  222. [00:18:01] <@Charm> 'Statistical capabilities: magic: 7, Grief: 6, Heart: 5. Accept?'
  223. [00:18:46] <shirayuki_yui> "fair enough."
  224. [00:18:50] <shirayuki_yui> "yes"
  225. [00:20:28] <shirayuki_yui> "alright, computer-san, whats next?"
  226. [00:20:45] <@Charm> 'Attribute allocation complete. Compiling...compiling...generation at 85% completion. Ignition and Invocation remaining.'
  227. [00:22:46] <shirayuki_yui> "tell me about those, please."
  228. [00:23:29] <@Charm> 'constructing forme change device...complete. Model 014-N Forme Alteration Device Compiled.' Out of nothingness, a silver chain appears in Yui's hand, a pure white snowflake pendant at the bottom. It feels pleasantly cold to the touch.
  229. [00:25:09] <shirayuki_yui> "ah? whats this?"
  230. [00:26:48] <@Charm> 'In your current forme, your magical power is heavily limited. Use of the provided item will release the limiter on that power, allowing full range of spell usage. The device also implements a theme-appropriate wardrobe-level disguise of your own projection upon activation.'
  231. [00:28:45] <shirayuki_yui> "so what do i do with it then? just holding it doesnt appear to be doing anything..."
  232. [00:29:58] <@Charm> 'activation requires mental commitment and concentration. some have found vocal or even somatic components to add effectiveness.'
  233. [00:30:42] <@Charm> (when she does activate it, make sure to spend a good several lines on the elaborateness of the transformation sequence. at least this first time)
  234. [00:31:28] <@Charm> (the longer and more detailed you can get, the better)
  235. [00:31:57] * Francesca spins around in-chair a few times. "Make sure to include obnoxious quotes like 'magical miracle' or 'set up' otherwise it won't work! I'll give you some peace and quiet for now, okay, Yooy?"
  236. [00:32:16] <Francesca> "Activating Sleep Mode..."
  237. [00:32:34] <Francesca> The robodroid's data-rings expand and then her eyes go blank.
  238. [00:32:39] <shirayuki_yui> "fran-san, id like it if you could stick around..."
  239. [00:32:46] <shirayuki_yui> "ah, too late."
  240. [00:32:49] <Francesca> SLUMP.
  241. [00:33:23] <shirayuki_yui> "alright, i guess its just the two of us, computer-san."
  242. [00:34:01] * shirayuki_yui puts the pendant on
  243. [00:34:08] <shirayuki_yui> "this seems like a bad idea..."
  244. [00:34:34] <shirayuki_yui> "ok, do your thing."
  245. [00:34:38] * shirayuki_yui waits a bit
  246. [00:34:53] <shirayuki_yui> the pendant sits lifelessly against her chest
  247. [00:35:00] <shirayuki_yui> "oi!"
  248. [00:35:07] * shirayuki_yui shakes the pendant
  249. [00:35:20] <shirayuki_yui> "computer, somehow i dont think im working it right..."
  250. [00:35:27] <shirayuki_yui> "either that or its broken
  251. [00:35:29] <shirayuki_yui> "
  252. [00:35:44] <shirayuki_yui> "hmm..."
  253. [00:35:48] * shirayuki_yui concentrates
  254. [00:36:14] <shirayuki_yui> (ok working out details)
  255. [00:38:01] <@Charm> The loud fans of the large computer terminal fade into nothing more than a whisper in the frozen wind as Yui focuses herself. Her body feels incredibly cold, like she's freezing. And yet...and yet it feels like she's unlocking part of herself that's alwys been there, begging to be freed all this time.
  256. [00:40:05] <shirayuki_yui> (brb)
  257. [00:53:59] <shirayuki_yui> (yeah im having trouble coming up with things, i have a little bit but not a lot. this isnt my strong suit at all :/
  258. [00:54:03] <shirayuki_yui> )
  259. [00:54:27] <shirayuki_yui> (should i just go witht he little bit i ahve?)
  260. [00:56:26] <Lecia> (become Weather Lord Cirno)
  261. [00:58:17] <shirayuki_yui> (haha, thanks, that actually helps a bit)
  262. [00:58:28] <shirayuki_yui> (now if i can just find that goddamned image...)
  263. [01:01:01] <shirayuki_yui> (brb)
  264. [01:07:15] <shirayuki_yui> (this is aggravating, i know how i look at the start, i know how i look at the end, its getting from one to the other thats the hard bit)
  265. [01:07:27] <shirayuki_yui> (fck he left)
  266. [01:08:03] <Lecia> It's OK! You can prepare your magical girl uniform while time flies!
  267. [01:08:10] <shirayuki_yui> well i guess this will wait till tomorrow...
  268. [01:09:54] <shirayuki_yui> ell its not complex
  269. [01:09:57] <shirayuki_yui> *well
  270. [01:11:44] <shirayuki_yui> :<
  271. [01:12:02] <shirayuki_yui> should i try and have you guys help me work on it so its ready for when charm gets back tomorrow
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