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  1. Key: Fuwwy Buwge Inspectow
  2. Character: Sango
  3. Skill(or transformation): The Claw
  4. How well do you know the source material?(obviously not relevant if it's a transformation):
  5. Reasoning:  
  6. Sango is a Spitfire Martial Artist, adding some flames to the mix as well as as brutal force. She tends to fight with her flaming claws, attempting to grapple people to flip them or explode them. A obstacle she often runs into is being unable to grasp her targets, missing out on many opportunities to win. A flaw she definitely notices, and would work for a method against such things. To develop this technique, she could put a reasonable amount of time and technique into snatching up her opponents since she has a set of fire claws to work with, it makes sense for the technique.
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