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  1. [22:09:48] <Flamy> Edwin would ask Steyr to enter HQ (or whatever it was called), so that he could talk with Nihi about something. Look, I know this isn't a long post, but I really haven't much aside from that, so I apologize for my lack of post space.
  2. [22:10:08] <Giantree> not everybody can be lucas
  3. [22:10:15] <Flamy> point
  4. [22:11:47] <Giantree> No, I just wanted to see if you'd paid enough attention to know where Nihi would be at, because if you tried looking anywhere else I'd troll you.  But no, you guessed correctly, you're led downstairs into the Underground HQ and through a side door that's hidden even within there leading to the Forbidden Archives, where the room is lit with a strange device you've never seen before utilizing a glass bulb emitting light that brightens the room, and books are strewn about the entire floor.  Nihi is purveying all of them like a madwoman, practically drooling at the sheer volume of knowledge there is to be consumed from these volumes.
  5. [22:13:36] <Giantree> ... This is all relative of course, because she's just sitting in place staring.  Not even looking at the books with her eyes, she's staring forward into space and presumably using her Ark power to read the words at a range.
  6. [22:14:51] <Flamy> Edwin's really not sure about all this new technology the Underground Resistance Force was employing, but doesn't really mind too much. He wasn't the one holing themselves up he- Oh hey there she is. "Erm... Might I speak with you for a moment? I apologize if I happen to be interrupting anything." You tried.
  7. [22:15:21] <Giantree> "Apology acknowledged.  It is unnecessary.  Continue."  The dragon doesn't look in your direction, and speaks robotically without hesitation.
  8. [22:18:24] <Flamy> "Well, I was... wondering if..." Dammit, dude, spit out already, you know you want to bone- Okay maybe not, but still. "Is Eily alright?"
  9. [22:19:53] <Giantree> Now her face moves to look in your direction.  If you're paying REALLY close attention, which you're probably not because you aren't one of those weirdoes who talked to the autismdragon constantly and you probably haven't had time to learn her quirks, you'd notice her pupils come into focus, and they're ordinarily dilated when she's using her power.  But in layman's terms she just looks at you, yeah.  "I... will acknowledge this request.  Mid-range module activating... scanning the area..."
  10. [22:21:13] <Giantree> "... The Underground is deep.  Requesting assistance."  She beepboops on the telly - by which i mean dilates her eyes again - and you feel a small surge of energy, like a soft breeze blowing into you, as Nihi borrows Dracobuster's help for something completely worthless.  Her neck tilts back and her head faces the ceiling.  "Pinpointing X/Y coordinates... target spotted."
  11. [22:22:47] <Giantree> "Eily is in her current place of lodging."  Nihi faces you again.  "The lock mechanism is engaged on the door nearby.  She... seems to have borrowed Erst again... and is conversing with him.  I... would prefer not to eavesdrop... but she is wearing evening clothing... and appears slightly malnourished... skin paling from remaining indoors... very minor effects."
  12. [22:24:22] <Giantree> "Scanning nearby objects... no documents in Eily's handwriting acknowledged.  Located nearby clothing drawers containing exotic garments meant to be worn underneath clothing.  Next drawer, more undergarments, accompanied by padding meant to accent the chest area.  Next drawer..."
  13. [22:26:27] <Ellamae> I FIGURED IT OUT
  14. [22:27:03] <Giantree> Meanwhile, some assassin you've never heard of from another country figures it out.
  15. [22:38:58] <Gustav> Next drawer?
  16. [22:40:19] <Giantree> "... Contains personal belongings, including cosmetics.  Moving to the opposite side of drawers..."
  17. [22:43:55] <Flamy> Well. That was... no good. And Edwin couldn't do much, since technically, he kind of chose Kiuru over Eileen, and then... he'd need to tell Lucas about this, quick. But first, Krauss. Still, he'd need some information about Eileen's cell- er, room- so Lucas could break in, and woo the fair maiden! That sounded better in his head. Wait, this _was_ in his
  18. [22:43:55] <Flamy> head! What in the what.
  19. [22:45:14] <Giantree> Nihi can't see inside your head so she keeps rattling off descriptions of physical objects.
  20. [22:46:01] <Flamy> Well, of course. This is just a post so that the next one isn't Lucas levels of long dong... wrong?
  21. [22:46:19] <Giantree> actually i want to see you try to be lucas so i can play more kirby
  22. [22:46:21] <Giantree> go, my child
  23. [22:46:35] <Giantree> bomb robot a cutest
  24. [22:46:45] <Flamy> devdan i channel your powers
  25. [22:54:29] <DevaliousL> Somebody call me
  26. [22:54:59] <Flamy> "Hm... so Eileen's been talking with Erst. Additionally, she's locked herself in there for quite a while with him- her- them. She hasn't been writing anything, either. This would probably line up with what Lucas said about not wanting to say 'yes' to her yet, so she's suffering from being rejected/left behind again..." The ex-thief takes a deep breath in, and sharply exhales out. "Perhaps I ought to... speak with her?" Edwin shakes his head. "No, no, that's not the answer. Or... is it?" He makes a long "hmm"ing noise, before coming to his conclusion. "I suppose I should speak with her first. Even if I had wronged her..." Oh yeah, she also wore padding. Nice.
  27. [22:55:02] <Flamy> no
  28. [22:55:05] <Giantree> eh, only two lines
  29. [22:55:08] <Giantree> he usually does 5
  30. [22:55:09] <Giantree> git gud
  31. [22:55:15] <Flamy> rip
  32. [22:56:37] <Giantree> "I am afraid... that the extent of my power... involves observing physical objects and events..."  Nihi looks sorrowfully in your direction.  By which I mean she stares without blinking.  "Therefore... there is nothing in my power that can remedy or alter the current chain of events... aside from learning more about human relations and the phenomenon known as 'cuckolding.'  I... apologize... for not being able to help more."
  33. [22:58:25] <DevaliousL> Nihi no, we must keep your mind pure of this filth.
  34. [22:59:22] <Flamy> "No, no, it's alright, Nihi," Edwin smiles to the laser-firing autismodragonloli, and may or may not be considering patting her head. "You helped me out in some way." He had another question, but... eh, why the hell not. "Oh, by the way. Whenever I pilot Dracobuster, I tend to shout an awful lot. Is there any particular reason why that is?"
  35. [23:02:32] <Giantree> "That is akin... to asking if there is a reason one exhibits any individual personality traits."  Still starin.  "The answer to that question... is the same as that which would be the answer... if I were to ask why I do not display emotions as humans do.  It is a psychological occurrence related to one's experience and emotions regarding the current turn of events."  She actually waves a hand in front of her as though explaining.  "Through... my many years of acquiring knowledge... humans may interpret my attitude as being 'jaded,' but instead... I simply find it unnecessary to express emotion.  Likewise... young human specimens shout and exhibit excitable tendencies, such as those you mentioned."
  36. [23:02:44] <Giantree> "In other words... it's because you're a child."
  37. [23:02:53] <Giantree> K N O C K I N  ' E M  D O W N
  38. [23:08:16] <Flamy> W O W . Edwin just blinks for a few moments, then blankly stares at the Arktype. "I... I see. Well, I guess I'm still a child." He sort of awkwardly scratches the back of his head, making a strange sort of chuckle. "Still, I don't really see it that much in others... well, aside from Lilli." And maybe Nanashi?
  39. [23:10:25] <Giantree> "Lilli's youthfulness... is contagious, and her excitability oft affects those around her.  Eily was one such victim... but lately... that effect has worn off.  Additionally.... unfortunately. I appear to be immune to that effect... but such youthful vigor is refreshing to observe, and renews one's faith in humanity."  She finally blinks for once.  "I once read a volume... that observed youthfulness using that particular phrasing."
  40. [23:10:55] <Giantree> "In other words... it is not a negative aspect to be young.  Others may envy it."
  41. [23:11:44] <Giantree> "I do not possess such envy... nor do i feel particular interest toward the subject.  However... due to their short lifespan, adult humans are frequently prone to exhibit the aforementioned tendency."
  42. [23:14:16] <Flamy> Nihi being cryptic, probably. Maybe she was actually foreshadowing something? Naaaaaah. Too obvious. "So I should keep it up, is what you're saying?"
  43. [23:14:47] <Giantree> "Indeed."
  44. [23:15:52] <Flamy> "Right... well, I'll uh... catch you later, Nihi?" The ex-thief was already taking a few steps away from the Arktype.
  45. [23:15:59] <Giantree> "If you lose... defining aspects of your personality... your recently-acquired lover will lose interest in continuing a romantic relationship and leave you in favor of a stronger male specimen.  This is... what I have observed regarding human relationships and their personalities in reference to one another, from popular literature."
  46. [23:17:48] <Flamy> ... what kind of literature has she been reading? "W-well... right! Got it." Oh dear Anna this was now taunting him forever now he had to be hot-blooded forever aaaa- Hang on. She wouldn't do that, right?
  47. [23:18:12] <Giantree> Would she?  Nihi stares deep into your soul.
  48. [23:20:53] <Flamy> Edwin's breaking out in a sweat now, unsure of whether he totally should just turn his back, or be polite and see if she has something else to say- nope no let's get out. "S-see ya!" He turns tail, like the cowardly ex-thief he was.
  49. [23:21:45] <Giantree> "Goodbye."  The dragon immediately gets back into position and resumes reading forbidden documents.
  50. [23:23:01] <Flamy>  /c?
  51. [23:23:11] <Giantree> Yeah, that seems to be /C.
  52. [23:24:14] <Flamy> > Edwin and Nihi attained a Support Rank of C!
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