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  1. So the rules is I give you 6 Pokemon randomly generated. You make a team of only these Pokemon and challenge others to a Randommons match. Other players get this type of random generated team as well. Each battle you win you may choose a Pokemon from the losers team and swap it with 1 of your Pokemon from your team (you basically switch your Pokemon with each other). Each time you lose you may "evolve" one of your existing Pokemon if possible.
  3. Instead of getting a new mon, winners who do not wish to change their team are allowed to de-evolve a Pokemon of their choice of the loser's team. Item duplicates are allowed. When someone wins they sometimes either get an exclusive Pokemon or a randomly generated Fully Evolved mon. But these are just every now and then to put the mons into the circulation of T&E meta. But if you win you get the honors of robbing the winner of their best mon. The way to get better is to face people with the same level of mons as you, since if you lose you may only evolve 1 mon and change a set of another of them. YOU may NOT switch any sets unless you lose, in which you are allowed to change 1 set along with any changes to actual Pokemon Species you get when the match is over (evolving 1 of your Pokemon).
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