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  1. Translated by user Bun at serenesforest.
  4. Asura-Femui C:
  5. Asura: ........
  6. Kamui: Oh, Asura. I didn't know you were here.
  7. Asura: Lady Kamui.
  8. Kamui: What are you doing here all alone? Wouldn't you rather be with everyone else?
  9. Asura: Nah, I'm fine here. Even if you're asking me to be with everyone else...
  10. Asura: I'm really just a dirty thief. I won't be of any help to you guys.
  11. Kamui: I don't think that's true. I'm sure everyone else would agree, too.
  12. Asura: I'm glad to hear you feel that way. And it isn't like I don't trust you.
  13. Asura: But nonetheless, I'm better off alone.
  14. Kamui: What is it you're so worried about?
  15. Asura: I'm prepared to dedicate myself to rebuilding the Kouga Principality.
  16. Asura: But I... would rather work behind the scenes.
  17. Kamui: Behind the scenes?
  18. Asura: I would prefer if people didn't know I was a thief.
  19. Asura: If people knew you royals worked together with someone like me, it would damage your honor.
  20. Asura: And, they might think the Kouga Principality was rebuilt through shady means.
  21. Kamui: So that's how it is...
  22. Asura: For me, that would be more painful than anything else. Please understand.
  23. Kamui: Asura...
  24. Asura: Well then, Lady Kamui.
  25. Asura: If you're done worrying about me, perhaps you should rejoin the others?
  26. Kamui: .......
  29. Asura-Femui B:
  30. Asura: ........
  31. Kamui: Asura. So you're here all alone again...
  32. Asura: Lady Kamui, you sure are a nice girl, aren't you?
  33. Kamui: Huh?
  34. Asura: To keep worrying about someone like me. For a royal, that's quite unusual.
  35. Kamui: I-it's not that unusual, is it? You're an important friend after all.
  36. Asura: But we talked earlier too...
  37. Asura: You really should stop approaching me when we're not in battle.
  38. Kamui: Asura...
  39. Asura: It's just to protect your honor. Please try to understand.
  40. Kamui: Do you really think your past as a thief is that shameful?
  41. Asura: Yeah. I'd never have thought I'd be able to serve the royal family...
  42. Asura: I truly regret having led such a life...
  43. Kamui: Asura, let's go talk to the others, all right?
  44. Asura: ... Why?
  45. Kamui: Because I want you to bond with your fellow comrades.
  46. Asura: Bond...?
  47. Kamui: Yes. Bonding with them will surely grant you strength. That's what I believe.
  48. Asura: But... I'm...
  49. Kamui: It's certainly important to reflect on the things you regret about your past.
  50. Kamui: But if you try to do it on your own, the weight of your past could crush you.
  51. Kamui: But, it's easier with friends by your side... At least, that's how it is for me.
  52. Asura: For you?
  53. Kamui: And it's not just me. Everyone has parts of their past they'd like to change
  54. Asura: Huh?
  55. Kamui: But we're all bonding and fighting together!
  56. Asura: ... I get it. If you say so, I'll go talk to everyone.
  57. Kamui: Yes. I'm glad to hear it.
  58. Asura: Thank you, Lady Kamui.
  61. Asura-Femui A:
  62. Asura: Lady Kamui. Have you got a moment?
  63. Kamui: Asura, is something the matter?
  64. Asura: I tried talking to everyone like you asked me to.
  65. Kamui: That's great! So, how did it go?
  66. Asura: I really wasn't the only one... who had worries about their past.
  67. Kamui: ... Yeah. Everyone has joined this fight because of their own circumstances.
  68. Asura: I feel like I'm starting to understand what you said about bonds...
  69. Asura: Seeing my friends all around me, I can't help but worry less about my past.
  70. Asura: And rather than worrying about hurting your honor, about whether I'm of any help to anyone...
  71. Asura: It's more important to think about what I can do.
  72. Kamui: Asura...
  73. Asura: While I can never get rid of my past as a thief, I must still face the future.
  74. Asura: Because I still dream of rebuilding the Kouga Principality.
  75. Kamui: Yes, that's right. And if anyone can do it, it's you, Asura.
  76. Asura: ... Heh.
  77. Kamui: Huh? What's up?
  78. Asura: No, I wasn't even thinking.
  79. Asura: I've been doing this on my own for so long, and then I utter the word "dream" like a youngster.
  80. Kamui: I think it's good. Besides, you do look younger somehow.
  81. Asura: Hey, you shouldn't tease an adult like that.
  82. Kamui: Tee-hee. Sorry.
  83. Asura: But thanks. You helped me realize something important.
  84. Asura: You can count on me in the future, Lady Kamui.
  85. Kamui: Yeah. And that goes for you too.
  88. Asura-Femui S:
  90. Asura: ........
  91. Kamui: Asura, you look miserable...
  92. Asura: Lady Kamui...
  93. Kamui: Is something wrong? If you want, I'll be glad to lend an ear.
  94. Asura: No, it's...
  95. Kamui: Ah! Please don't tell me you're hurt somewhere?
  96. Asura: No, I'm not. There's nothing wrong with my body.
  97. Kamui: Then, what's wrong?
  98. Asura: ...
  99. Asura: Lady Kamui, do you have a dream?
  100. Kamui: A dream?
  101. Asura: For a long time, I had forgotten about dreams.
  102. Asura: There was no room for such things in order to survive my reality.
  103. Asura: But, since I met you, I've begun to dream again.
  104. Asura: One of my dreams is rebuilding the Kouga Principality...
  105. Asura: This is the dream that gives me the strength to carry on.
  106. Asura: But, lately I've been troubled by another dream...
  107. Asura: Because I know it's a dream that can never come true...
  108. Asura: And yet, I can not give up on that dream...
  109. Kamui: Asura. There's no such thing as a dream that can never come true.
  110. Asura: I can't believe such a nice thought... Not at my age.
  111. Kamui: But what if someone else had the same dream?
  112. Kamui: Even if you cannot make it come true on your own, it could be possible together.
  113. Kamui: In that case, maybe it could come true?
  114. Asura: If someone else... had the same dream, huh...
  115. Kamui: Like me, for example. I'll help you out in any way I can!
  116. Kamui: So, what's this other dream you have?
  117. Asura: ........
  118. Asura: Lady Kamui, would you accept this ring?
  119. Kamui: Wha?
  120. Asura: Marrying you and living out our lives together.
  121. Asura: That's... my other dream. I... love you.
  122. Kamui: Whaaat!?
  123. Asura: Lady Kamui. Let's see this dream through together.
  124. Asura: Like you just said...
  125. Asura: If you can't make a dream come true alone, it might be possible together with someone else.
  126. Asura: And, if that other person exists, I would like it to be you.
  127. Asura: No, if it wasn't you, I wouldn't even want to consider it.
  128. Kamui: Asura...
  129. Asura: Go ahead and laugh, if you find my dream ridiculous. But I truly...
  130. Kamui: ........
  131. Kamui: I think it's a wonderful dream.
  132. Asura: Then...!
  133. Kamui: Yes. That dream... Let's make it come true, together.
  134. Asura: Lady Kamui...! That you would actually respond like that... Am I really dreaming?
  135. Asura: No, my dream really came true... didn't it.
  136. Asura: With you by my side, I will never fear anything again.
  137. Kamui: Me too. As long as I'm with you, Asura, nothing can scare me.
  138. Asura: Thank you. Lady Kamui... I swear I'll make you happy, always.
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