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  1. [20:42:40] <@Paradox> The lower slopes of Old Amaranth are rather pleasant this time of year. It's not as hot as it might be, and with the hot springs nearby it's not that cold either.
  2. [20:44:47] <@Paradox> Flynn, Flora, Barkeep, and Marcel are enjoying a tasty picnic on a warm shaded area by the hot springs~
  3. [20:45:15] <@Paradox> The springs themselves are bubbling sleepily, and giving off a light haze.
  4. [20:45:54] <@Flynn_> "...And so I told her, 'I can't make that! Nobody in their right MIND can make that, because IT DOESN'T EXIST!' But she didn't listen! Geez, what a crazy. I think she moved away not long after, I didn't see her again after that and then I moved."
  5. [20:47:32] <Barkeep> "Heh, some place."
  6. [20:47:49] <Barkeep> "More wine?"
  7. [20:48:12] <@Flynn_> "Well, that's what you get being a culinary student I guess. And I think I've had enough, it's early yet and I might still have to work later."
  8. [20:48:30] <Barkeep> "True, true."
  9. [20:48:50] <@Flynn_> "I did some baking for myself earlier, though."
  10. [20:49:03] <Barkeep> "That so?"
  11. [20:49:07] <@Flynn_> He produces four small pie plates from his bag.
  12. [20:49:25] <@Flynn_> "Not a lot of actual fruit to be found around here, but the natural herbs make a nice savory cheesecake."
  13. [20:49:46] <Barkeep> "Looks nice."
  14. [20:50:38] <@Flynn_> "Figured it would make for good supplies. Flora won't touch it though, she's pretty picky."
  15. [20:50:54] <@Paradox> A nearby bush begins rustling
  16. [20:51:02] * Terri drops out from a tree and yawns, with Boris right behind him.
  17. [20:51:23] * @Flynn_ 's eyes bug out.
  18. [20:51:27] <Barkeep> "Hm?"
  19. [20:51:33] <Terri> "You loud. You wake me up."
  20. [20:51:42] <@Flynn_> "I, uh...that...Barkeep, a man just came out of that tree."
  21. [20:51:47] <Barkeep> "We weren't that loud." :/
  22. [20:52:28] <@Paradox> As Flynn stares at the giant wildman that dropped out of the tree, a Shinx approaches silently and sniffs at the cheesecakes.
  23. [20:52:31] <Barkeep> "By the way. Thanks for warning the village before about that attack."
  24. [20:52:41] * Terri points to Flynn. "He loud."
  25. [20:53:03] <Terri> "Oh. No problem. Badmen must pay. Cant alone."
  26. [20:53:15] <@Flynn_> "W-well excuse me for talking!" Flynn puts on a mock-offended face and pouts.
  27. [20:53:23] <Terri> *Badmen bad, not must pay
  28. [20:54:04] <Clarity> That's probably not all.  From some distance away, there's also a LOUD snoring suddenly starting up-- one that could probably wake up anybody but the snorer themselves.
  29. [20:55:10] <@Flynn_> "...Seems like we set our picnic down in a popular napping spot."
  30. [20:56:03] <Barkeep> "There's a lot of those around here." :/
  31. [20:56:09] <Terri> "I like naps."
  32. [20:56:43] <@Paradox> (WIS checks~)
  33. [20:57:11] <Terri> 1d20-3
  34. [20:57:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d20-3: 8 [1d20=11]
  35. [20:57:20] <@Flynn_> 1d20+8
  36. [20:57:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Flynn_, 1d20+8: 21 [1d20=13]
  37. [20:57:33] <@Flynn_> (Have I mentioned Flynn's terrifying wis)
  38. [20:57:55] <Barkeep> 1d20-4
  39. [20:57:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 1d20-4: 11 [1d20=15]
  40. [20:59:41] <@Paradox> You hear the mating call of the mountain gligar.
  41. [21:00:01] <@Paradox> Flynn and Barkeep see a spoink bouncin' along nearby, as well.
  42. [21:00:42] <@Flynn_> "Uuuuugh, Gligars. Maybe if we keep quiet they'll stay away. They're all chitinous and full of sharp things and euuuuurgh."
  43. [21:01:03] <Terri> "Blah. Clawbats."
  44. [21:01:07] <Clarity> Not only does the snoring not stop, but it keeps getting louder.  Probably louder than all of those things!  At least, it's probably enough to harm the notion of 'being quiet.'
  45. [21:01:10] <Barkeep> "I'm sure they won't cause you too much trouble, Mr. Argent."
  46. [21:01:44] <@Flynn_> "What's with this formality again? I already told you, it's Flynn. And whoever's sleeping over there, they're giving me a headache."
  47. [21:02:09] <Barkeep> "I guess we might as well wake them up."
  48. [21:02:20] <Barkeep> "They might bother the gligars with that noise."
  49. [21:02:43] <Terri> "Clawbats...gligar?"
  50. [21:03:31] <Barkeep> "Yeah, those things. I kind of wonder how you don't really know their name considering it's all they can say." :/
  51. [21:04:31] * Terri ponders this for a minute.
  52. [21:04:57] <@Paradox> Nope, clawbats.
  53. [21:05:23] <@Flynn_> "Wait, that's one of my primary seafood suppliers sleeping in that bush. What is she doing here?!"
  54. [21:05:52] <Terri> (I thought she was in the hotsprings.)
  55. [21:05:55] <Barkeep> "Huh. Well let's ask her."
  56. [21:06:09] <@Flynn_> (Oh. Reading comprehension hurf.)
  57. [21:06:26] * Barkeep picks up a stick and goes over to her, prodding her with the stick.
  58. [21:06:27] <Clarity> (Yeah, fell asleep in the springs... PAST the bush.  But I'm sure an upper body is probably visible out of the water by now.)
  59. [21:06:30] <Barkeep> "Excuse me, Ma'am?"
  60. [21:06:35] <Barkeep> (oh)
  61. [21:06:51] <Clarity> "W-Whoa!"  A scramble with some splashes.
  62. [21:07:39] <Barkeep> "You should try not to fall asleep in the hot springs... it can be dangerous. There's also some mountain gligar in mating season. I'd be careful around here if I were you."
  63. [21:08:19] <Clarity> "Ohhh... good mor~neen~"  Probably with the fact of being inside the springs going straight over her head, the teenager in there turns around with a goofy, half-asleep smiles.  And her eyes show it too.
  64. [21:08:43] <Terri> "MORNING!"
  65. [21:08:45] <@Paradox> (roll WIS)
  66. [21:08:55] <Clarity> 1d20-3 now awake~
  67. [21:08:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, now awake~: 10 [1d20=13]
  68. [21:09:04] <Barkeep> 1d20-4
  69. [21:09:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 1d20-4: 11 [1d20=15]
  70. [21:09:09] <@Flynn_> (Everyone here has negative wis except me oh dear)
  71. [21:09:11] <@Flynn_> 1d20+8
  72. [21:09:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Flynn_, 1d20+8: 25 [1d20=17]
  73. [21:09:30] <Terri> 1d20-3 again
  74. [21:09:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, again: 4 [1d20=7]
  75. [21:10:11] <Clarity> "... Oh whoa holy crap!  Did I really?"  The water splashes around everywhere as she stands up... with a towel on, fortunately for that notion.
  76. [21:10:17] <@Paradox> You all hear the call of a nearby Rufflet. And there's a nearby Cubone banging on some rocks. Man, this place is getting noisy!
  77. [21:10:31] <@Paradox> Flynn notices a Minccino inspecting a half-buried Bonsly, as well.
  78. [21:11:08] <Clarity> "Skyyyyy~  What were you doooooing?"  She sends a half-awake glare over to to cheesecake-sniffing Shinx... who's probably happily chowing down by now.
  79. [21:11:13] <@Flynn_> (Saw Minccino, thought Emolga in my head, RRRRRAGED)
  80. [21:11:39] <@Flynn_> "Hah, hey, is that Bonsly trying to plant itself?"
  81. [21:12:27] <Terri> "Huh?"
  82. [21:12:43] * Clarity gives Barkeep a BIIIIIIG wave before running off to behind some rocks... bushes... something for a couple minutes. The Shinx gets scooped off into her arms as well.
  83. [21:12:45] * @Flynn_ points to the bonsly and minccino.
  84. [21:13:06] <Barkeep> "Oh?"
  85. [21:13:28] <Barkeep> (oooh god bonsly are amazing)
  86. [21:13:32] <Clarity> For the record, the rock chosen is likely going to end up being the closest one to wherever that Cubone is.  How fun.
  87. [21:13:49] <Barkeep> (but mincinno fits me more :<)
  88. [21:14:17] <@Flynn_> "I could use a bird around the place. Flora, you up for taking that Rufflet on?"
  89. [21:14:51] <@Flynn_> "It'll be dangerous, since it's good against plants, but...I think you can do it!"
  90. [21:15:06] <@Paradox> (perception checks~)
  91. [21:15:13] <Barkeep> 1d20-4
  92. [21:15:13] <Clarity> Zzzzzip, rustle, rustle... something like that.  Shaking as much of the moisture out as possible, a wet-haired Clarity jumps out fully-clothed and with a really messy ponytail as well.
  93. [21:15:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 1d20-4: 12 [1d20=16]
  94. [21:15:16] <@Flynn_> (Is...that just wis?)
  95. [21:15:18] <Clarity> 1d20-3
  96. [21:15:19] <@Paradox> (yes)
  97. [21:15:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, 1d20-3: 12 [1d20=15]
  98. [21:15:20] <Terri> 1d20-3
  99. [21:15:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d20-3: 14 [1d20=17]
  100. [21:15:25] <@Flynn_> 1d20+8
  101. [21:15:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Flynn_, 1d20+8: 16 [1d20=8]
  102. [21:16:13] <Clarity> A dumb glance after jumping out, though, before another big wave.  "... Oh, hiii!  Didn't see you there, Mr. Food!"
  103. [21:16:18] <Barkeep> "I think I'd really like that Minccino... those can be really useful to have around."
  104. [21:16:25] <@Paradox> A Meditite, Cubchoo, and Mienfoo are also spotted cpaering around the mountain. Up in the sky, Flynn spots a Tirtouga.
  105. [21:16:48] <@Flynn_> (h-how is a tirtouga in the sky)
  106. [21:17:07] <@Paradox> (that'd be a good thing to be WAT about IC :3 )
  107. [21:17:23] <@Flynn_> "...Uh. Um. Barkeep?"
  108. [21:17:28] <Barkeep> "What's up?"
  109. [21:17:44] <@Flynn_> "...Am I hallucinating, or is that flying? It shouldn't be flying."
  110. [21:18:04] * Barkeep looks up, "Oh... hey, it's like that one I saw before with the mailman."
  111. [21:18:32] <@Flynn_> "That is a turtle. Turtles DEFINITELY DON'T FLY."
  112. [21:18:34] * Clarity trails behind and looks up too, with a reaaaaally goofy smile. Just as goofily, the Shinx sits on her wet head and yawns.
  113. [21:18:52] <@Paradox> As the tirtouga comes closer and gets lower, you see that there indeed IS someone standing on it.
  114. [21:19:08] <Barkeep> "Oh, it is the same one."
  115. [21:19:14] <Barkeep> "I was wondering if more than one existed."
  116. [21:19:14] <Clarity> "Really~?  I just had a dream about a city where all the turtles flew... and the non-turtles didn't fly, pretty sure."
  117. [21:19:33] <@Paradox> "Hello!!!!!!"
  118. [21:19:54] * @Flynn_ calls out to the guy on the tirtouga. "HOW IS BEING A LIVING AFFRONT TO PHYSICS?"
  119. [21:20:04] <Clarity> "Goooooooood morning!"  Just as excited, the teenager waves and just about makes the small animal fall off.  In fact, how DOES he even fit on there anyway?
  120. [21:20:21] <Barkeep> "Mr. Sharp, right?"
  121. [21:20:37] <@Paradox> The guy on the tirtouga hops off, and waves back at Clarity as he floats down slowly to the ground, thanks to his boots.
  122. [21:20:42] <Terri> "Hi flying turtle man."
  123. [21:20:46] <@Paradox> "That's right Barkeep."
  124. [21:21:04] <Barkeep> "How are you today?"
  125. [21:21:16] <@Paradox> "I have a special delivery for one of you douchebags. Something something Argent."
  126. [21:21:33] * @Paradox scrambles around in a mail bag, looking for a piece of paper.
  127. [21:21:37] <Clarity> ".. Ow ow ow.  This is gonna be hell on my skin."  She's already cringing in the background.
  128. [21:21:38] <Barkeep> (best mailman ever :P)
  129. [21:21:58] <Clarity> (someday I want to just hug him)
  130. [21:22:15] <@Paradox> "Yeah, Flynn Argent?"
  131. [21:22:22] <@Paradox> He looks around, holding a package.
  132. [21:23:27] <Barkeep> "Mr. Argent, it's for you."
  133. [21:23:44] <Clarity> "For Food Guy?  I bet it's food!  It's food, huh?"
  134. [21:24:01] <Terri> "Ooooh. Food. I like food. What kind of food?"
  135. [21:24:05] <@Paradox> "Food? Uh, well, I'd be kinda sad if it ended up being food."
  136. [21:24:09] <@Flynn_> "Flynn, Barkeep. Mr. Argent is my grandpa." He turns to the mailman. "Ah, thanks. I didn't order anything, though..?"
  137. [21:24:30] <@Paradox> "Well, the return address says it's from ..."
  138. [21:24:34] <@Paradox> He stares at the package.
  139. [21:24:45] <Clarity> Nodnodnod.  "It's gotta be food."
  140. [21:24:47] <@Paradox> "It doesn't have one! I just deliver the mail, guy, just sign will you?"
  141. [21:24:52] <@Paradox> He shoves a clipboard at you.
  142. [21:25:32] <@Paradox> "Anyway, Fishguts, what are you doing up here? Little girls shouldn't be in the mountains!"
  143. [21:25:43] <@Flynn_> Flynn grabs the clipboard and mutters to himself about somethingsomething rude somethingsomething.
  144. [21:25:45] * Terri looks at Flynn. "Can I eat it?"
  145. [21:25:49] <@Flynn_> Then he hands it back.
  146. [21:25:57] <Clarity> A brief pause, bring a finger to her face.  "Um.... I forgot, actually!"
  147. [21:26:31] <@Paradox> Cedric is only like, a YEAR older than Clarity so... :B
  148. [21:26:47] <@Paradox> The boy hands Flynn the package.
  149. [21:26:53] <Clarity> He probably looks younger!  But of course, she doesn't think about those things.
  150. [21:27:05] <Clarity> ... Because it just turns into blank staring.  At what?  Who knows.
  151. [21:27:09] <@Paradox> "BE CAREFUL WITH IT. I had to fly like eeeeextra slow coz of that package!"
  152. [21:27:30] <@Flynn_> "Thanks, kid." He grins. Flynn is only like, two years older than Cedric so... :B
  153. [21:27:46] <Barkeep> "By the way, see anything interesting from up there?"
  154. [21:28:10] * @Flynn_ opens the package, being a little bit cautious. In the city, no return address generally doesn't mean nice things.
  155. [21:28:36] <@Paradox> "Interesting? Uh, some rocks I guess. And that meditite that's always up meditating."
  156. [21:28:49] * Clarity keeps her goofy grin on, giving a big wave again. "Thanks for Food Guy's food! Good luck, Birdface~!" An exchange like this PROBABLY happened before, but this nickname came up on the spot. And from the look on her face, she probably thinks nothing of it.
  157. [21:28:50] <@Paradox> Flynn; inside the package is an egg.
  158. [21:28:55] <@Paradox> It has little blue and red triangles on it.
  159. [21:29:06] <Terri> "It WAS FOOD!"
  160. [21:29:22] <@Flynn_> "No, this is NOT for eating. We don't eat fertilized Pokemon eggs!"
  161. [21:29:31] <Clarity> "Aha~!  I bet it'll hatch into a fish!"
  162. [21:29:41] <Barkeep> "They do in some countries but it's pretty gross."
  163. [21:29:48] * Clarity drools a bit. "REALLY good food."
  164. [21:30:13] <@Flynn_> "It's, uh. Bigger than most Pokemon eggs I've seen, though. And the shell is awfully hard."
  165. [21:30:28] <Terri> "Ferrtill egg? I bet I can break."
  166. [21:30:45] <Terri> "Need break?"
  167. [21:31:06] <@Flynn_> "No! No no no no! Bad idea."
  168. [21:31:06] <Clarity> "Whoa, whoa, Buff Guy!  They won't taste as good if you do that!"  She starts pulling on one of his RIPPLING MANLY MUSCLES... yeah no, that doesn't do much.
  169. [21:31:47] <Terri> "Yes, best if put in fire first."
  170. [21:32:03] <Clarity> "Yeah!  There you go!"  Nodnod.  This won't get far.
  171. [21:32:17] <@Flynn_> "Let's just say this is off-limits for eating at all, 'kay?" He glances at Barkeep with an expression that says HELP MEEEEE
  172. [21:33:06] <Barkeep> "Come on, you two. We have some extra food from the picnic if you're hungry."
  173. [21:33:20] <Terri> "Yay! Food!"
  174. [21:33:21] <Barkeep> "And in the meantime... let's see, is that Minicino still here?"
  175. [21:33:36] <@Paradox> It indeed still is, sniffing some flowers.
  176. [21:33:36] * Terri dashes towards the picnic.
  177. [21:33:55] <Barkeep> "Could you pass me a cheesecake please, Mr. Argent?"
  178. [21:34:17] <Clarity> "Really?  Y'don't mind?  Okay Sky, let's dig..."  A glance shoots down at the cheesecake, which has a very high chance of not being there anymore.
  179. [21:34:41] <@Paradox> Sky is smart enough to not eat the cheesecake.
  180. [21:34:47] <@Paradox> He can tell it's EXTRA SURPRISE AMAZING.
  181. [21:35:11] <Clarity> Meaning it is there.  So he at least gets a guilty look back.  "We really shouldn't, huh?"
  182. [21:35:15] <@Flynn_> "It's F--" He reconsiders. This was not going to go anywhere. "Haaaah. Fine." He turns to the cheesecakes and then back to Barkeep. "Which? I made them with herbs, so they're likely at least sorta medicinal."
  183. [21:35:31] * Terri digs into whatever's left.
  184. [21:35:32] <Barkeep> "How about a blue herb one?"
  185. [21:35:43] <Barkeep> "It should be sweet, right?"
  186. [21:36:39] <@Flynn_> "Yup." He picks up the blue-tinted cheesecake and hands it to Barkeep.
  187. [21:37:00] <@Paradox> (this can only end in tears)
  188. [21:37:17] * Barkeep leans down to the Minccino. "Hey there friend, you hungry?"
  189. [21:37:21] <@Flynn_> "All of these are going to be sweeter than the actual herbs because of the sugar and cream cheese, but the blue herb one actually tastes like a dessert from the natural sweetness of blue herbs."
  190. [21:37:29] * Clarity bends down next to where Terri's sitting, surveying the picnicstuffs a few times. Goofy grin as usual, of course! She lets the animal down and gives him a soft nod, at least. He knows what he can and can't have.
  191. [21:37:54] <Terri> Boris eats whatever he'd consider tasty.
  192. [21:38:13] <@Paradox> The Minccino sniffs curiously at the cheesecake.
  193. [21:38:21] <@Paradox> It then takes a big bite.
  194. [21:38:24] <Clarity> "Oh yeaaaah~!  I totally forgot!  Thanks for saving the town and stuff the other day, Buff Guy."  A pat on the back or twelve.
  195. [21:38:24] <@Flynn_> 1d6
  196. [21:38:24] <@Paradox> 1d6
  197. [21:38:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Flynn_, 1d6: 3 [1d6=3]
  198. [21:38:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d6: 6 [1d6=6]
  199. [21:39:01] <@Paradox> Its eyes light up. IT FEELS SO STRONG.
  200. [21:39:48] <Barkeep> "Oh! You look pretty good. Do you wanna come with me?"
  201. [21:40:14] <@Paradox> 1d100
  202. [21:40:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d100: 90 [1d100=90]
  203. [21:40:33] <@Paradox> 1d20
  204. [21:40:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 18 [1d20=18]
  205. [21:40:53] <@Paradox> 4d20+10
  206. [21:40:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 4d20+10: 39 [4d20=10,5,1,13]
  207. [21:41:06] <@Paradox> It slams its tail into Barkeep, and strikes a pose.
  208. [21:41:17] <@Flynn_> "...Saucy."
  209. [21:41:21] <Barkeep> "Ow..."
  210. [21:41:31] <Clarity> "Yow!  That's.. gotta hurt."
  211. [21:42:03] * Barkeep gets to his feet and dusts himself off. "Allright, we'll play it your way."
  212. [21:42:11] <Barkeep> "Marcel, here we go."
  213. [21:42:15] <@Flynn_> "Need any help?"
  214. [21:42:27] * Clarity scoops the Shinx up. "Oh boy, Sky, time for a show~"
  215. [21:42:30] <Barkeep> "I think marcel can handle this one on his own."
  216. [21:42:33] <Barkeep> Speed 9
  217. [21:42:48] * Terri ignores and continues eating.
  218. [21:44:11] <@Paradox> The Minccino wastes its turn devouring the rest of the cheesecake.
  219. [21:44:13] <@Paradox> Gogo Marcel
  220. [21:44:17] <Clarity> "'Kay!  We're gonna cheer then!"  A brief silence.  "... Well uh, you can, right Sky?  Like sing or yell or something?"
  221. [21:44:22] <Barkeep> "Encore it!"
  222. [21:44:24] <Barkeep> 1d20
  223. [21:44:24] <Clarity> "Oh come onnnn."
  224. [21:44:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 1d20: 5 [1d20=5]
  225. [21:44:29] <Barkeep> 1d4+2
  226. [21:44:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 1d4+2: 6 [1d4=4]
  227. [21:45:40] <Barkeep> Marcel claps his hands joyfully wanting to see more
  228. [21:45:54] <@Paradox> The Minccino flaps his tail around.
  229. [21:46:01] <@Paradox> (You have ... 6 turns of no attacks :I)
  230. [21:46:57] <Barkeep> "Now, Copycat whatever that attack was."
  231. [21:46:58] <Barkeep> 1d20
  232. [21:46:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 1d20: 19 [1d20=19]
  233. [21:47:06] <Barkeep> 4d20+5
  234. [21:47:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 4d20+5: 45 [4d20=15,12,4,9]
  235. [21:47:14] <Clarity> The Shinx at least tries to follow orders, ending up in the teenager holding him suddenly jolting up after some kind of static shock.  "Ow ow ow!  Not like THAT!"
  236. [21:47:16] <@Paradox> But Marcel doesn't even HAVE a tail!
  237. [21:47:19] <@Paradox> much less an iron one!
  238. [21:47:32] <@Paradox> The minccino is knocked back, looking close to down.
  239. [21:48:02] <Barkeep> "Allright, that was great Marcel!"
  240. [21:48:19] <Barkeep> 1d100+5 apricorn ball goooo
  241. [21:48:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, apricorn ball goooo: 14 [1d100=9]
  242. [21:48:56] <@Paradox> kkkkBOING
  243. [21:49:06] <@Paradox> The Minccino is sucked up, and caught!
  244. [21:49:28] <Clarity> "Whoo~!  Awesome job, Mr. Bark!"
  245. [21:49:34] <Barkeep> "Great job, Marcel. High five."
  246. [21:49:41] * Barkeep high fives marcel!
  247. [21:50:06] <@Flynn_> (Wait I forgot! Flora leveled up to 15, I can Push moves onto her!)
  248. [21:50:15] <@Paradox> <She never stood a chance~>
  249. [21:50:21] <@Paradox> (go ahead and roll then Flynn)
  250. [21:50:30] <@Flynn_> 1d20+8 vs 20 elemental unlock
  251. [21:50:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Flynn_, vs 20 elemental unlock: 21 [1d20=13]
  252. [21:50:48] <@Flynn_> (Flora can now learn FIRE MOVES)
  253. [21:51:50] <@Flynn_> 1d20+8 vs 15 TM pushing
  254. [21:51:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Flynn_, vs 15 TM pushing: 13 [1d20=5]
  255. [21:51:57] <@Flynn_> (Phailed.)
  256. [21:52:38] <Clarity> "Oooookay.  That was pretty cool, huh?  Let's dig in some-- I've been staaaaarving all day."  Lean down, and CHOMPing along with the woodman before pausing and watching the creature stare at her.  "Mmmf?  What's PTHAT look pffor?"
  257. [21:52:58] <@Flynn_> 1d20+8 vs 15 tutor pushing
  258. [21:52:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Flynn_, vs 15 tutor pushing: 21 [1d20=13]
  259. [21:53:22] <@Flynn_> (What did we decide about gen 5 pokemon and tutor moves?)
  260. [21:54:35] <@Paradox> (we'll talk about it)
  261. [21:54:42] <@Paradox> (anyone else wanna catch anything?)
  262. [21:54:57] <Terri> (Nope, Terri and Boris are busy eating.)
  263. [21:55:23] <@Flynn_> (Was gonna catch a Rufflet!)
  264. [21:55:32] <Clarity> (We're doing that too, probably just cheering the group along for NOW.)
  265. [21:55:45] <@Flynn_> (Since eggs take quite a while to hatch.)
  266. [21:55:46] <@Paradox> 1d100
  267. [21:55:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d100: 22 [1d100=22]
  268. [21:57:44] <@Paradox> With Cedric's pointing, Flynn doesn't have too much trouble finding the Rufflet.
  269. [21:58:40] <@Flynn_> "Hmm. Proud birds, huh. Probably not gonna get this one with just talking."
  270. [21:59:01] * @Flynn_ strikes a pose, pointing at the Rufflet. "I...CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL!"
  271. [21:59:17] <@Paradox> "Yep. Proud as kings, and mean as ... mean as .. mean as something really mean."
  272. [21:59:32] <@Paradox> "Nothing worse than passing through a braviary's territory on a long flight!"
  273. [21:59:36] <Clarity> "Oh man, good thing we came up here, huh?"  A goofy nod at Sky.  "Good luck, Food Guy!"
  274. [21:59:46] <@Paradox> The Rufflet stares at Flynn.
  275. [21:59:58] <Clarity> "... Speaking of food, this stuff is reaaaaally good."
  276. [22:00:12] <Terri> "Better than berries."
  277. [22:00:14] <@Paradox> It then runs up to him, and opens his mouth
  278. [22:00:17] <@Paradox> Begging for food.
  279. [22:00:37] <@Flynn_> "Oh. Well. That works too."
  280. [22:01:12] * @Flynn_ digs around in his pocket and produces some jerky. "How about this?"
  281. [22:01:28] <@Paradox> OMNONOM
  282. [22:01:37] * Clarity salivates, which becomes tears at this scene.
  283. [22:01:45] <@Paradox> It jumps up, taking the jerky out of Flynn's hand, and gobbles it down.
  284. [22:02:10] <@Paradox> It then looks at Flora
  285. [22:02:24] <@Paradox> and it quickly waddles over to her.
  286. [22:02:29] <@Paradox> And rubs his cheek on her.
  287. [22:03:07] <@Paradox> (ffff I gotta go)
  288. [22:03:13] <@Paradox> (need to pick my bro)
  289. [22:03:16] <@Flynn_> "...They start younger and younger." He mutters to himself, then turns to the little plant. "FLOOORA'S GOT A BOOOYFRIEEEEND~"
  290. [22:03:42] <@Paradox> Flora recoils, hiding behind Flynn, away from the weird Rufflet.
  291. [22:03:59] <@Paradox> And it IS a weird Rufflet ... it's legs look a bit too long, and the color isn't quite right.
  292. [22:04:35] <@Flynn_> "Alright, weirdo. You want to come with?" He takes a Pokeball off his belt and pops it open, holding it in his palm.
  293. [22:05:20] <@Paradox> It pecks at the pokeball, and is sucked inside.
  294. [22:05:24] <Clarity> "No wonder it's so easy.  You coulda caught me if you did that too."  Nodnod.
  295. [22:05:28] <@Paradox> The ball feels warm in your hand, but it doesn't rock.
  296. [22:06:52] <Clarity> "I bet those are really quiet to nap in too~"  Siiiiiiiigh.
  297. [22:10:42] * Terri 's probably eaten more than his share, but keeps eating.
  298. [22:12:31] <Clarity> "Ohh, right.  We... just about ate it all, huh?  Whoops!"  Standing up, she cradles the far-too-tame Shinx again.  "Sorry about that~!  We, uh, should probably go dry off."  A nod at the animal, who definitely has no need to dry off.  At all.
  299. [22:13:03] <Terri> "Huh? I Dry..."
  300. [22:13:08] <Clarity> "Oh right, I got a good catch the other day, Food Guy.  I'll be by with it soon, 'kay?"
  301. [22:13:30] <Clarity> "And you too, Buff Guy.  Keep kickin'."  A laugh while patting him on the back for no apparent reason, before trotting off with a biiiiiiiiig wave.
  302. [22:13:51] <Clarity> "Good luck~!  You too, Jerkhead!"  And the nicknames will never cease.  Poof.
  303. [22:13:58] * Terri just looks confused and keeps eating.
  304. [22:15:19] <@Flynn_> "...I don't think I'll ever understand that girl." He picks up the large egg and cradles it in one arm, looking around. "I should probably be getting back, it's not safe to just have it out in the open here."
  305. [22:16:31] <Barkeep> "Right. I think it's about time I get home to my Sister as well."
  306. [22:16:47] <Terri> "You leave too?"
  307. [22:17:02] * Terri continues to eat until he's full.
  308. [22:17:33] <Barkeep> "Yeah, I think so."
  309. [22:17:44] <Terri> "Ok."
  310. [22:20:54] * Terri eventually finds a nice comfy place, and takes a nap, and Boris keeps watch.
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