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Jul 30th, 2020
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  1. I think it might be interesting to see how Maya made his keymap editor. It's not perfect, it has some cool ideas we could take inspirations from and make an awesome hotkey editor everyone will be jealous of.
  3. F8730974: 2020-06-28_12-05-57.gif
  7. What I think is interesting here are the "Edit Hotkeys for" and "Search by" menus. Or more precisely what's in them.
  9. First things to note:
  11. Maya doesn't provide a list of shortcuts, but rather a list of "everything that can be hotkeyed".
  12. I think that's one first thing we could do, it seems clearer to me, the user sees at a glance what's possible to do, if he wants to key something new, he doesn't have to guess the name from nothing because the emphasis is first on Context and then on the Comma name, properly sorted among other commands. Just see the list and hopefully find what you want thanks to the good sorting, and other similar commands you already know would be near it as well.
  13. Though the downside would be a massive commands lists, that's where the menus come to play.
  15. The keyboard viewer displays the available keys dynamically depending on the modifier keys you hold down, but also depending on the list display you use (more on that later). This, combined with the current ideas of having pushable buttons to emulate modifier keys and to show the keys actions on the display, would be insanely flexible and efficient I think.
  17. Using the "Edit hotkeys for" menu, it lest the user access the different shortcuts by essentially displaying different lists representing a different mindset:
  19. Menu items: lists the menu items we can find the main Maya window. Unlike Blender, Maya has a lot of menus in its main window, editors have very few. In Blender, that idea could be used for the main window's menus, but also for the editors' menus.
  21. F8731019: maya_2020-07-30_16-44-13.png
  23. Editors: allows to choose an editor and see any hotkeyable command from that editor when not already in the Menu Items lists. When you chose an editor, the keyboard displays only the keys available on that editor since editors don't share every key.
  25. F8731024: maya_2020-07-30_16-47-27.png
  27. Other Items: basically anything that's not already in the other categories
  29. F8731043: maya_2020-07-30_16-57-37.png
  31. Other scripts: keys you can assign to custom commands you can create in the hotkeys editor using Python or Mel script. This on itself would basically replace the need for addons that only consist of creating operators just to make new hotkeys. And let the advanced user make their own jam. And we all love that, don't we?
  33. F8731100: maya_2020-07-30_17-39-35.png
  35. As I said it's not perfect, plus the way Blender is made is a little different to Maya.
  36. But I think it could be a good idea to have the "menu items" and "editors" approach.
  38. Menu items: lists every single element from the main window's menus in a "common" category, and each editors' menus in their own category. Allowing the user to have the full story of what's possible. And all this respecting the menus & submenus layout. Ideally would take into account custom menus created by addons.
  39. Editor: lists every "global" command in a "global" category, and every editor specific command into editor specific categories. Somewhat similar to the current list, we could keep the current sub-categories for modals for instance.
  40. Custom Commands: commands we could have in a little basic editor, with sorting & naming options, pyhon inputs (but with syntax highlighting please, Maya failed at this very basic concept).
  41. Legacy: basically the current list. As I guess people will prefer that one for X or Y reason they can explain better than I.
  43. Another thing that could be done better than in Maya: displaying items every list it can fit!
  44. It will create redundancy, but the idea of the different lists is only to provide different approaches that better suit some people or mindsets or tasks. The main goal is to let the user find what he needs after all.
  45. I.E. two people want to change the hotkey for the Add object menu. the first one could think "that's an editor specific key, I'll search that in the Editor's command list" and the other could think "that's in the Add menu at the top, so I'll search that in the Menu Items list". Ideally, both should find the command. And if they change it in one list, it should be changed in the other list. Actually, aren't different commands, they are just different sorting systems.
  47. The "search by" menu is basically what we already have. Except that when set to "hotkey", we don't write the hotkey name, we just hit the key or a keys combination and it finds every shortcut it can correspond to, and in any "edit hotkey for". This would avoid user to guess keys names they don't know in English, and reduce the search time since it's faster to just hit the keys you want instead of writing their names down, especially key combinations.
  49. I hope some ideas attract some people here.
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