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  1. [1:51:13 AM] vhv: you should play highlander, brah!
  2. [1:51:20 AM] Stratovarius: hhhh
  3. [1:51:32 AM] Stratovarius: I have to concentrate on 6s next season
  4. [1:51:53 AM] Stratovarius: also playoffs this season
  5. [1:52:04 AM] Stratovarius: we're in 3rd as of now but we're going for 2nd or first
  6. [1:52:15 AM] vhv: come onb
  7. [1:52:21 AM] vhv: you'd make some platinum highllander team really happy!
  8. [1:52:25 AM] Stratovarius: i played on Maxlander like 2 seasons ago as a backup and i enjoyed playing as a backup because i didn't really have to scrim as much
  9. [1:52:40 AM] Stratovarius: and I played in gold for al ittle bit this season but my 6s was getting in the way so i benched myself
  10. [1:52:47 AM] Stratovarius: and they got another sniper
  11. [1:53:09 AM] Stratovarius: i've played in platinum before, it was fun i guess but i don't know
  12. [1:53:41 AM] Stratovarius: i'd really like to concentrate on 6s next season
  13. [1:53:46 AM] vhv: okay
  14. [1:53:48 AM] Stratovarius: i wouldn't mind backing up for a plat team again
  15. [1:53:51 AM] vhv: well all im saying is
  16. [1:53:55 AM] Stratovarius: but again I don't know
  17. [1:54:02 AM] vhv: HL players and 6s players dont gotta hate on eachother!
  18. [1:54:08 AM] Stratovarius: mmmmm
  19. [1:54:10 AM] vhv: <3
  20. [1:54:14 AM] Stratovarius: I don't know man
  21. [1:54:19 AM] Stratovarius: I'm super skeptical
  22. [1:54:21 AM] Stratovarius: about a lot of things
  23. [1:54:24 AM] vhv: oh
  24. [1:54:26 AM] vhv: like what
  25. [1:54:29 AM] Stratovarius: I've played HL before and I encountered a lot of nasty people
  26. [1:54:31 AM] Stratovarius: who wouldn't listen
  27. [1:54:34 AM] Stratovarius: and didn't care
  28. [1:55:22 AM] Stratovarius: there was alos one player who just super trash talked me and it just turned me off highlander in general
  29. [1:55:54 AM] Stratovarius: i also don't like a lot of players who get really good at their particular class but don't make further efforts to learn how to play the game at a higher meta or a greater level
  30. [1:55:55 AM] vhv: what team were you on
  31. [1:55:57 AM] vhv: what were their names?
  32. [1:56:00 AM] Stratovarius: or otherwise
  33. [1:56:04 AM] vhv: hey
  34. [1:56:06 AM] Stratovarius: players who don't feel the need to improve
  35. [1:56:08 AM] Stratovarius: i met a LOT of those
  36. [1:56:09 AM] vhv: as an undefeated invite lan champ ill tell you this much
  37. [1:56:14 AM] Stratovarius: and i'm a plyer who loves to improve
  38. [1:56:21 AM] vhv: the smartest players in the game have a season or 2 with highlander experience under their belt
  39. [1:56:22 AM] vhv: ruwin
  40. [1:56:24 AM] vhv: platinum
  41. [1:56:24 AM] vhv: blaze
  42. [1:56:26 AM] vhv: harbleu
  43. [1:56:27 AM] Stratovarius: sure
  44. [1:56:36 AM] vhv: i do think 6s is more fun in that
  45. [1:56:37 AM] Stratovarius: i backed up on Maxlander in platinum 2 seasons ago
  46. [1:56:39 AM] vhv: its faster paced
  47. [1:56:45 AM] vhv: but
  48. [1:56:46 AM] Stratovarius: that was the team with blaze, soup, tm4, captain
  49. [1:56:49 AM] vhv: you ever play quake?
  50. [1:56:52 AM] Stratovarius: no sir
  51. [1:56:55 AM] vhv: nah soup was on my team -ts-
  52. [1:56:56 AM] vhv: okay
  53. [1:56:56 AM] vhv: so
  54. [1:56:59 AM] vhv: you play mge, or dm right?
  55. [1:57:01 AM] Stratovarius: soup is amazing
  56. [1:57:03 AM] Stratovarius: yeah
  57. [1:57:03 AM] Stratovarius: ido
  58. [1:57:07 AM] vhv: right
  59. [1:57:07 AM] vhv: so
  60. [1:57:10 AM] vhv: you go play dm and mge
  61. [1:57:13 AM] vhv: where its like nons top action
  62. [1:57:16 AM] vhv: all the sudden
  63. [1:57:20 AM] vhv: hitting shit in mid fights seem easier
  64. [1:57:23 AM] vhv: aim practice
  65. [1:57:24 AM] vhv: well
  66. [1:57:53 AM] vhv: if you can maneauver your way as scout through a heavy a pyro, a minisentry, a sniper, a scout and a soldier to pull off a flank or create an opening
  67. [1:57:57 AM] vhv: you can do it against 1 scout and 1 soldier
  68. [1:58:08 AM] Stratovarius: there's a bit of difference though
  69. [1:58:16 AM] Stratovarius: i've played scout in highlander and i play scout in 6s, in HL the players just aren't as good
  70. [1:58:18 AM] vhv: thats some vhalin undefeated invite lan champion greatest mind to ever play tf2 while still being absolutely horrible advice for you
  71. [1:58:26 AM] vhv: yes
  72. [1:58:30 AM] vhv: they arent
  73. [1:58:34 AM] vhv: its changing though
  74. [1:58:40 AM] vhv: platinum is made up of mostly im or better scouts
  75. [1:59:03 AM] vhv: highlander becoming less jokey
  76. [1:59:10 AM] vhv: still 6s is where the money is at
  77. [1:59:20 AM] vhv: not trying to say hl > 6s no one except a few dumbass ugc admins will argue that
  78. [1:59:25 AM] vhv: but
  79. [1:59:27 AM] vhv: it has its merits
  80. [1:59:42 AM] Stratovarius: To be honest and I don't mean to seem conceited about it
  81. [1:59:55 AM] vhv: im looking at the top platinum teams this season
  82. [1:59:58 AM] vhv: their scouts are
  83. [2:00:05 AM] Stratovarius: LOL foster?
  84. [2:00:07 AM] Stratovarius: :P
  85. [2:00:18 AM] Stratovarius: who's your guys's scout?
  86. [2:00:52 AM] vhv: foster, bronze, ukm, vhalin, steveC, sezco, killemall, useoftoaster, deadbolt, heephop, some open player
  87. [2:00:54 AM] vhv: i am
  88. [2:01:08 AM] vhv: you probably recognize all those names exept 2
  89. [2:01:11 AM] vhv: except*
  90. [2:01:19 AM] vhv: oh forgot jav in there too
  91. [2:01:21 AM] Stratovarius: dont' know who killemall or useoftoaster is
  92. [2:01:27 AM] Stratovarius: javi s really good
  93. [2:01:31 AM] vhv: useoftoaster played on that im team with bronze
  94. [2:01:34 AM] Stratovarius: bronze and ukm are really good
  95. [2:01:43 AM] vhv: i outfrag em pretty consistently
  96. [2:01:50 AM] vhv: havent played 6s scout since season 8
  97. [2:01:53 AM] Stratovarius: i used to think heephop and sezco are good when i was still awful but at this point i'm playing at their level i feel
  98. [2:02:03 AM] vhv:
  99. [2:02:07 AM] vhv: thats how i stack up vs jav
  100. [2:02:36 AM] vhv:
  101. [2:02:38 AM] vhv: me vs br0nze
  102. [2:02:51 AM] Stratovarius: I don't know if it's fair to compare your performance against another scout based on how 2 teams with 9 players each do in a match
  103. [2:02:55 AM] Stratovarius: no disrespect at all
  104. [2:03:04 AM] vhv: oh no its completely fair
  105. [2:03:44 AM] Stratovarius: I don't man
  106. [2:03:47 AM] Stratovarius: know*
  107. [2:03:52 AM] Stratovarius: this is the stuff
  108. [2:03:55 AM] Stratovarius: i'm skeptical about
  109. [2:04:06 AM] vhv: okay
  110. [2:04:08 AM] Stratovarius: again no disrespect at all
  111. [2:04:10 AM] vhv: well im not trying to argue or anything
  112. [2:04:16 AM] vhv: hey dont sweat it man
  113. [2:04:25 AM] vhv: hl and 6s cant get along if were too scared to offend each other :P
  114. [2:04:38 AM] vhv: im just talkin thats all
  115. [2:04:47 AM] vhv: still think you can make a hl team very happy one day
  116. [2:04:55 AM] vhv: that guy you sniped against is the best sniper in HL
  117. [2:05:00 AM] Stratovarius: lol come on
  118. [2:05:03 AM] vhv: but it was a 6s game
  119. [2:05:08 AM] vhv: why dont you come play a pug.nahl
  120. [2:05:16 AM] Stratovarius: I don't know
  121. [2:05:18 AM] Stratovarius: maybe
  122. [2:05:27 AM] vhv: hey im not asking you to join my team
  123. [2:06:06 AM] vhv: im just curious to see how youll do against a team of 9
  124. [2:06:33 AM] Stratovarius: i don't really want to pug HL but if you feel like it/need a ringer for a scrim or anything feel free to hit me up
  125. [2:06:38 AM] Stratovarius: i can play scout and sniper
  126. [2:06:45 AM] Stratovarius: i'm a little curious but
  127. [2:06:48 AM] Stratovarius: i might be reluctant
  128. [2:06:53 AM] vhv: okay
  129. [2:06:57 AM] vhv: how about after the open season ends
  130. [2:06:58 AM] vhv: ?
  131. [2:07:04 AM] vhv: got less on your plate then
  132. [2:07:04 AM] Stratovarius: IM next season :/
  133. [2:07:06 AM] vhv: some down time
  134. [2:07:07 AM] vhv: i know
  135. [2:07:10 AM] Stratovarius: maybe during the offseason
  136. [2:07:11 AM] Stratovarius: i guess
  137. [2:07:12 AM] vhv: but you said your team is still in playoffs
  138. [2:07:13 AM] vhv: exactly
  139. [2:07:15 AM] vhv: lol
  140. [2:07:20 AM] vhv: im not asking you to join my team or commitment or anything
  141. [2:07:24 AM] vhv: just come play a pug
  142. [2:07:35 AM] Stratovarius: fair enough
  143. [2:07:53 AM] vhv: i have a natural love for the game
  144. [2:08:04 AM] vhv: i dont love commitments either i get bored of a team like 5 weeks in
  145. [2:08:49 AM] Stratovarius: well
  146. [2:08:50 AM] vhv: i dont play to win i play for fun and the competition
  147. [2:09:02 AM] vhv: and if i can limit my competition to just 1 pug thats good enough
  148. [2:09:06 AM] Stratovarius: I appreciate that you added me and think I'm good
  149. [2:09:37 AM] vhv: no worries
  150. [2:09:39 AM] vhv: i love this game
  151. [2:09:40 AM] Stratovarius: I think we could be able to keep in touch or something
  152. [2:10:01 AM] vhv: back when i was invite i used to add open players who showed promise early on
  153. [2:10:16 AM] vhv: i was the first invite to have bl4nk on friends
  154. [2:10:17 AM] vhv: same with rr
  155. [2:10:26 AM] vhv: that whole team  now that i think of it
  156. [2:10:33 AM] vhv: except youmustmike
  157. [2:10:36 AM] vhv: actually youmustmike
  158. [2:10:39 AM] vhv: used to be bad when i was bad
  159. [2:10:45 AM] Stratovarius: i c
  160. [2:10:45 AM] vhv: but i got better faster and it took him a while but he rapes now
  161. [2:11:13 AM] vhv: if anything
  162. [2:11:19 AM] vhv: like lets say we dont talk for 6 months
  163. [2:11:20 AM] vhv: i remove you
  164. [2:11:24 AM] vhv: 3 months after that you win IM
  165. [2:11:26 AM] vhv: i can be like oh cool
  166. [2:11:28 AM] vhv: its that guy
  167. [2:11:34 AM] Stratovarius: lol
  168. [2:11:45 AM] Stratovarius: i don't really remove people off my friends list but i haven't had to tbh
  169. [2:11:51 AM] vhv: oh
  170. [2:11:54 AM] vhv: i have to all the time
  171. [2:11:56 AM] vhv: HL brings in the fame
  172. [2:12:07 AM] vhv: random pubbers dont know bp or mixup
  173. [2:12:09 AM] Stratovarius: lol
  174. [2:12:10 AM] vhv: but they know -ts-
  175. [2:12:15 AM] vhv: its pretty silly
  176. [2:13:10 AM] vhv: ok im going to bed
  177. [2:13:13 AM] vhv: nice talking to you
  178. [2:13:16 AM] vhv: gl this season
  179. [2:17:44 AM] Stratovarius: thank you
  180. [2:17:45 AM] Stratovarius: likewise
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