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  1. Shadow Ops
  3. The Great Reawakening brought magic back into the world, granting people extraordinary powers. Unfortunately, it didn’t also grant an instruction manual, and most of those who “came up Latent” with magical abilities were unable to control them. This culminated in the Bloch Incident, where uncontrolled magic use resulted in the destruction of the Lincoln Memorial and the deaths of thirty-four people. In an effort to prevent future catastrophes, the McGauer-Linden Act created the Reawakening Commission of the US Congress, which designated five “authorized” schools of magic and five “prohibited” schools, otherwise known as “Probe” schools. Certain practices within authorized schools were also prohibited.
  4. A person who Manifested magic become known as Latents. Latents were forced by the McGauer-Linden Act to join the growing Supernatural Operations Corps or SOC. Probes just seemed to disappear entirely. Faced with enforced conscription many of America's Latents have gone on the run, and are painted by the media as criminals and terrorists, called Selfers.
  5. A large scale native American uprising has claimed many sections of the American southwest and the US government has passed new laws making possessing magic means immediately drafted into the military under the banner of the Supernatural Operations Corp, those who don't wish to join the military are invaiable forced to live on the run.
  7. Background
  9. Drop-in free
  10. You are dropped on this earth with no memories of it and no attachments. For a little while no one will
  12. Selfer 100 cp
  13. Instead of joining the SOC you decided to run and live by your own terms. Maybe the very idea repluses you, or maybe you are a Probe and have no choice if you want to survive. If you take this option you have already been on the run for some time, and have some contacts in the Selfer underground, weather it be the somewhat more passvie groups like the New york selfers who's leader Big Bear seeks to change things politically, to more hardcore selfer groups like the Limpiados, a literally underground force of Mexican Selfers that are the primary arm of the mexican drug cartels, to the Native American uprising. Pretty much synonymous with terrorists in the public eye.
  16. Supernatural Operations Corps (SOC) 100 cp
  17. The military branch handling all of the nations latents. As a loyal citizen of the United States you reported yourself as soon as you Manifested. Now you serve your country whether out of patriotic duty, or because you feel the alternative isn't a real choice at all. The SOC is the corps of the US Army responsible for all magical use. The SOC is a joint corps, which means it handles magic use for all US armed services to include the Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard (though the Army is the executive agent). The Marine Corps does not participate in the SOC and runs its own Suppression Lances.
  18. Note: If you choose a Probe ability you are automatically admitted to Shadow Coven instead of regular SOC.
  20. Gemini Cell Operator 300 cp
  21. You were a member of a highly trained military unit of some kind, and then you died. Your skills were so impressive you were "recommended" to the government black op project known as Gemini Cell. This Op uses soldiers reanimated by a rare Latent known as a "Summoner" who summons spirits of long dead warriors from some neither realm know as a D'Jinn to reanimate your body. You have arisen as an Operator, and now continue your duty to America after death. In most cases an Operator is mute, barely keeping conscious outside of battle and mental communication from the Summoner who made them. In your case you are a but stronger than most. You are mostly in control of your body, though the Djinn wants that control and will fight you for it.
  23. As an Operator the Djinn's magic can enhance your body to superhuman levels. Giving you bursts of incredibly speed, strength, durability, and senses. When a Djinn really goes all out it can morph the body into an almost demon form, with bone armor and spikes forming out of the body with claws that can cut though steel. Unfortunately this condition comes with visible side effects, your eyes are replaced with silver pools like mercury, and your skin takes an ashen appearance. You can summon the claws without the rest of the form, and while your body is still
  24. quite dead the Djinn's magic will stop it from rotting, you don't heal until Gemini sends in specialists to repair or replace it.
  26. Note as an Operator you are not technically a Latent, and therefor don't have a school unless you buy it with extra degree.
  28. Shadow Coven (300 cp)
  29. Whether you tried to escape or turned yourself in when you Manifested, you are a Probe, a Talent with a illegal school of magic or recognized as knowing a illegal practice. Regardless the US government has taken you to the there off world outpost of Fronter Fortress and made you part of a highly illegal black op team made of a "coven" of other Probes. "The magic behind the magic" Shadow Coven.
  30. Technically you are guilty of a crime under US Law and have had your sentence postponed by essentially being made property of Entertech, a mega-corp that has helped taken control of Latents. Your handlers considers you little more than a weapon, to take this option you need to either take a Probe school, or are known as either knowing Whispering or have done Rendering. You take the ____ disadvantage for no CP, though also take the Limbic Dampener perk for free.
  32. Starting Location
  34. New York City
  36. Fortress Frontier
  38. America Southwest
  40. The Source
  42. Mexico
  45. Magic Schools
  47. Pyromancy: “Fire Magic,” Pyromancy allows the Sorcerer to manipulate flame. Pyromancers can boost and direct existing fires, even start them with a glance. Pyromancers can cast fireballs or cause firestorms. They are primarily employed as fire support for assaults but also assist with clearing vegetation or sanitizing contaminated areas.
  49. Aeromancy: “Air Magic,” Aeromancy allows the Sorcerer to manipulate air . Aeromancers can heat or cool air and cause it to retain or discharge moisture or to gust at terrific speeds. Aeromancers can also agitate particles of air to release electrical charges . Aeromancers can fly, though they are actually manipulating air currents to lift their bodies. They are frequently employed as forward observers and in reconnaissance roles, as well as for close air support. Aeromancers often work in conjunction with Hydromancers in weather-control operations.
  51. Hydromancy: “Water Magic,” Hydromancy allows the Sorcerer to manipulate water. Hydromancers can raise or lower water levels, divert the course of existing waterways, and cause moisture in the air to condense into rain. Hydromancers can create and dissolve ice, and employ “desiccative” Hydromancy, which drains a target of water, fatally if necessary. Hydromancers are frequently employed in logistical support roles due to their ability to provide abundant clean water. They also serve as breachers in assault teams due to their ability to freeze and shatter doors and walls. Hydromancers clear swamps, assist troops with fording rivers, and frequently work with Aeromancers to control weather in support of maritime maneuvers.
  53. Terramancy: “Earth Magic,” Terramancy permits the manipulation of earth and associated flora. Terramancers are sometimes referred to as “Druids .” Terramancers can raise roads out of swamps, create buildings out of mountains, and spur plant growth to feed an army. While Terramancy permits the Sorcerer to communicate with fauna, the practice is strictly prohibited. Terramancers are commonly employed as military engineers , assisting with the movement , feeding, and housing of troops. Combat Terramancers frequently use suddenly shifting landscapes to destroy armored columns or to turn vegetation against enemy troops using it for cover.
  54. While manipulation of plant life is authorized , Terramancers are forbidden to use their magic to communicate with and command fauna. Those who do so are treated as Selfers, though rumors abound of secret pardons and leniency, owing mostly to the incredible utility of Whispered wildlife as scouts, intelligence sources, and even food in desperate times.
  56. Physiomancy: Physiomancers are commonly known as “Healers ,” and Physiomancy is sometimes called “Body Magic .” Physiomancers are able to manipulate living flesh . Under the McGauer-Linden Act, Physiomancy may only be applied to heal living things. All other uses , including wounding or deliberate alterations of the body for practical or cosmetic purposes, are strictly prohibited. Physiomancers are employed exclusively in a medical capacity.
  57. Physiomancers may defy the law and turn their magic to the wounding or killing of living things. Such magic is commonly called “Rending” and its practitioners “Renders.” Rending reverses the Physiomantic application, severing blood vessels and muscle , changing bones into blades that turn against the flesh they once supported. A Rending death is inevitably painful and bloody. The public
  59. Necromancy: The manipulation of dead flesh . Most Necromancers use this power to reanimate corpses. The results of this work are commonly known as “zombies” and function as magical automatons, able to perform simple tasks (such as moving and attacking) at the direction of the Sorcerer. Because zombies are structurally coherent on their own, Necromancers can focus their magic entirely on command and control functions, permitting a single Necromancer to command a vast army of the risen dead.
  61. Negramancy: Commonly known as “Black Magic,” or “Witchcraft,” and its practitioners are frequently referred to as “Witches” or “Warlocks.” This rather dramatic nomenclature covers the simple manipulation of decay. Negramancers employ their magic to vastly accelerate the process of decomposition, causing complex structures, such as a building, an airplane, or even a human body, to break down to their component elements nearly instantly.
  63. Portamancy: Also known as “Gate Magic,” is the rarest of all magical schools , with fewer than five Portamancers documented since the Great Reawakening, though more have been rumored . Portamancers are able to manipulate the fabric between dimensions , opening portals between them and permitting transit. Gate Magic can be employed to “summon” living creatures from either side to the Portamancer’s defense. The gates themselves have micron-thin edges able to cut through any material instantly.
  65. Note: For the purpose of Jump-chan Portamancy may only open portals to dimensions "tangent" to your current reality. It can't be used to revist prevoius jumps, but it can allow you access to the Source, or say the Umbra from WoD, or the Demon World of DMC.
  67. Sentient Elemental Conjuration Sometimes known as “Elementalists,” Sorcerers in this school of magic can manipulate various forms of energy and matter to create sentient (self-aware) elementals. Elementals serve the Sorcerer’s interests but do not require direct control, as zombies do. Elementals must be conjured from kinetically active sources or large sources of an element, such as burning fire, sparking electricity, a body of water, a blowing wind, or large amount of earth or stone. Does not work on proccessed elements.
  69. Abilities, Powers and skills Perks
  71. Latent Training 100 cp
  72. All Latents need to train in the use of there powers, without practice they can lose control of there magic with high emotion, sometimes with explosive consequence usually referred to as going nova. You have either been trained by SOC or have learned from older Selfers how to control and discipline your abilities.
  74. Sensing ability 100 cp
  75. All Latents can sense magic use, some are far better at it than others. You can sense a latent at rather far distances, and can even tell what magic they are up close.
  77. Suppression Training 100 cp
  78. The act of using one’s own magical current to block that of another. Highly trained individuals can suppress and keep themselves suppressed with ease.
  80. Military training 100 cp (Free for Gemini Cell)
  81. You are a highly trained soldier, your choice of service is up to you.
  83. Entertech affliation 300 cp
  84. Entertech, the megacorp that arranged most of the US laws to thier benefit and have been behind several US Presidents. You are either a minor but respected member of the corporation before you Manifested or simply are freinds with one of the higher ups. They provide you with legal merit you would not have otherwise. Which gives you favorable position in the SOC, or maybe insider info for Selfer espionage.
  86. Source Allies 300 cp
  87. You are known too and are favored by sapient allies in the fantastical realm of the Source. It could be several tribes of Goblins like you and consider you an ally, or possible have a friendly royal in the naga's kingdom.
  89. Summoner 300 cp
  90. A very rare school of magic that summons Djinn, souls of warriors that have been changed in the source after death. On its most simpliest application one can put Djinn into trinkets of some sort and then they enhance the wearing physically. Pendants that can give you incredible vision or senses, inhuman strength or speed. The stronger feats of this school is the creation of Operators. People reanimated by Djinn as supersoldiers.
  91. You will have a mental connection where you can command your operators. Keep in mind as they age there eyes turn gold and its near impossible to control them outside of pointing them at an enemy and getting out of the way.
  93. SpellBinder 300 cp
  94. Another very rare school of magic. You have the ability to take active magic out of Latent casting it and put it into an object of your choice. This creates what is called a BMER— Bound Magical Energy Repository. The BMER is itself not harmed by the magic, and the amount of coverage can be control. Make bullets that freeze or fire, bricks that cleanse water of impurities time and time again, or even steal portamancy and put it in front of your truck to make a portal making truck.
  95. The energy returns to the stolen Latent like it was used by themselves. And the BMER eventually runs out of magic.
  97. Physiomancy Upgrade 300 cp
  98. You have gotten a master Physiomancer to enhance your body. The Physiomancer can alter your appearance to nearly anything you want and increase both your physical attributes and even make your organs redundant and more efficient. If you want to do this mechanically consider this three extra points for the body morph supplement. The Physiomancer could actually push your body into the superhuman range but such alteration will be so noticable
  99. your be instantly recognizable. As such SOC regs would not allow you to do so, though Selfers can it tends to attract the wrong kind of attention, though it does happen in larger gangs.
  102. Incredible control 600 CP (Discount for SOC)
  103. A combination iron will and inherent genius with magic makes your control over magical energy amazing. Limbic dampnher doesn't work on you becuase it can't make your control over the magic or your own mind any better. You can do things a normal Talent wouldn't think was possibly, or even think to try. Where a pryomancer may throw a fire ball you can heat up your enemies weapons in their very hands. If your a Physiomancer you could improve your own body, heal with a glance, shape shift to look like someone else or turn yourself into a shoggoth if your want.
  104. An operator with this perk would in fact be able to push the Djinn out completetly and keep his magic as his own. You are also quite skilled in Suppression, while no stronger than your peers you are like a marital artist when it comes to the metaphysical combat to suppress someone's magical ability, or defend your own. Taking this perk triumphs over the magic skill, suppression, and limbic dampener perks.
  106. Raw power 600 cp (Discount for Selfer)
  107. Magic power might flow from some source outside of the body, but not all people can hold the same amount of energy or control it. Many Latents have little magical energy and are called Rumps. You are the opposite, your reserves of magic are far larger than normal and so can perform feats of magic most think impossible. You could shatter buildings or raise armies of the dead. In the case of an Operator your Djinn has granted you speed and strength far beyond anything else on Earth at least.
  109. Extra Degree 600 cp
  110. Ah so you want something to make yourself a special snowflake huh? Take the unheard ability of having two different schools. Both schools use the same pool of magic you draw on however.
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