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Session 1C - Lake Tyrian

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  1. [17:56:44] <@Paradox> It's a beautiful sunny morning on the 34th of Spring. The gentle rolling hills south of Iris are aromatic with wildflower blooms, and the residents of the surrounding farms are hard at work. On one such a farm, we find one Alex Conan. His farm is closest to Lake Tyrian, and he's the one that hears the sound.
  2. [17:59:12] <@Paradox> It's a low rumbling at first... then a deep guttural screech that is heard loud and clear even from his land.  Alex has been living long enough to know what it means; some damn fool has woken up Old Pincher, the giant Crawdaunt that lives in Lake Tyrian.
  3. [18:01:41] <@Paradox> Fifteen minutes later - Raven, Alex, Submission, Mirror Move, and a handful of other villagers arrive on the scene.
  4. [18:02:34] * Iona pouts as she stares down the big-ass Crawdaunt. "I told you, I just want to go and have a look around! You don't have to be all GROOOOOOO and RAAAAAR at me, honestly!"
  5. [18:03:12] <@Paradox> Old Pincher slams both his claws onto the ground, on either side of the young woman.
  6. [18:03:30] * Raven scurries to the scene after catching word of the event. She arrives panting, with Maki at her side. "What in the heavens is going on here?"
  7. [18:03:33] <Iona> "Yeeeek!"
  8. [18:03:57] <@Paradox> Some corpish - Old Pincher's grandkids no doubt - are beginning to encircle the young woman when the others arrive.
  9. [18:04:22] * Alex releases rye, his bulbasaur, from his ball without a word
  10. [18:04:43] * Iona glances back. "I was going to jump in and have a look around and the big guy showed up and he was all "ROOOOAR" even though I totally asked him nicely!"
  11. [18:04:50] <Iona> "So, uh, little help here?"
  12. [18:05:21] <Submission> Submission stands his ground, sizing up the circumstances. His bulk is imposing, but tiny compared to the massive Crawdaunt. He is silent, observing.
  13. [18:05:44] <Raven> "Uh -" Raven has no idea who this person is, "Let's...think of something here..."
  14. [18:06:08] * Maka peeks out from behind Submission. "Do you think he'd make a good villain for my novel...?" her voice is quiet and trembling.
  15. [18:06:37] * Alex being an older guy himself, kinda takes old Pincher's side
  16. [18:06:38] <Iona> "Yeah, don't you see? We're going to think of something!" Iona announces to the giant Crawdaunt. "SO THERE!"
  17. [18:06:58] <Alex> "Who are you missy?"
  18. [18:07:15] <Submission> Submission merely grunts, watching the massive lobster creature step forward.
  19. [18:07:27] <Alex> "And what are you bothering Old Pincher for?"
  20. [18:07:36] <Iona> "I'm not bothering him! He's bothering me!"
  21. [18:08:00] <Iona> "I was being all nice and friendly and now he's mad at me."
  22. [18:08:02] <Raven> "Maki, there's way in hell you're jumping in that water, so that's out of the question..." She turns to the siblings.  "You there! Mr...Submission, I think it was.  What is normal protocal around here when someone angers that thing?"
  23. [18:08:02] <Iona> ":C"
  24. [18:08:57] <Submission> "Proto... col?" Submission responds in a slow drawl. "Nobody bothers Pincher."
  25. [18:09:39] <Alex> "Nobody sane wants to bother him either"
  26. [18:09:39] * Iona attempts to back away from the various pinchers and toward the peoples.
  27. [18:10:00] <Iona> "It's not like I knew he was there or anything."
  28. [18:10:25] <Submission> "Not knowing is... no excuse."
  29. [18:10:37] * Maka whispers. "If she's bothering Old Pincher, does that make her the main character or the bad guy? Are we supporting characters now because we have to rescue her?"
  30. [18:10:51] <@Paradox> A corphish behind Iona pinches her as she tries to back off. >:[
  31. [18:10:54] <Raven> "Just...hold on, and try not to get eaten...granted that seems like what the normal response around here is..."
  32. [18:11:11] <Iona> "Ow!"
  33. [18:11:30] <Alex> "I've no intention of letting her get eaten, raven.  I just want to figure out who she is first"
  34. [18:11:30] * Iona jumps up and down, trying to shake the corphish off. "Ow ow ow ow ow!"
  35. [18:12:19] <@Paradox> Old Pincher looks around at the various folk now on the shore of his lake, and continues to slam a giant claw into the ground.
  36. [18:12:41] <Raven> (just how far out is Iona?)
  37. [18:12:53] <Submission> "Maka, stay back," Submission says, stepping forward and trying to seem imposing to Pincher. "We... don't bother you. Go back under."
  38. [18:13:06] <Submission> 1d20+6 STR check to intimidate
  39. [18:13:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, STR check to intimidate: 22 [1d20=16]
  40. [18:13:16] <Iona> (probably fairly close to the edge of the lake)
  41. [18:14:02] * Raven looks around for low hanging branches from a tree, or something else she could make a little makeshift walkway out of.
  42. [18:14:26] <Raven> 1d20 spot check?
  43. [18:14:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Raven, spot check?: 1 [1d20=1]
  44. [18:14:31] <Raven> (ppppht)
  45. [18:14:33] <@Paradox> There's not really any trees around the lake. Iona is JUST on the shore.
  46. [18:15:13] <Alex> (is using vine whip to pull her to safety legal)
  47. [18:15:26] <Iona> "Anyway, I'll tell you whatever it is you want to know after this. Maybe over tea. I like tea. Oooh! And those little fancy cakes - you have the fancy cakes, right? That's my favorite part of tea."
  48. [18:15:31] * Maka backs up and mutters. "I hope this isn't the part where the villain kills a lot of people in front of the main character to seem badass."
  49. [18:15:34] <@Paradox> Old Pincher stares right back at Submission ... the eye contact just seems to make him angry, and he lets out another deep, loud screech.
  50. [18:15:55] <Raven> "Maki, do something about those corphish pinching her, at the least!"
  51. [18:15:57] <Iona> "Oh! But the cookies are good too!"
  52. [18:16:20] <Raven> The growlith attempts to roar at the pinching menaces!
  53. [18:16:24] <Raven> 1d20 roar AC
  54. [18:16:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Raven, roar AC: 11 [1d20=11]
  55. [18:16:49] <@Paradox> The corphish pinching Iona suddenly releases, and scuttles to hide under Old Pincher, who doesn't even notice
  56. [18:17:13] <@Paradox> Old Pincher gives another slams his claws together; a sign of incoming attack!
  57. [18:17:17] <Raven> "Now just...get out while you can!"
  58. [18:17:17] <Submission> (I'm having Godzilla moments.) "Go!" Submission shouts as he slams an enormous fist into the ground. Even at his massive height, the giant of a man seems to swell in size.
  59. [18:17:24] <@Paradox> (COMBAT - dex's and speeds)
  60. [18:17:27] <Iona> "Um um um okay!"
  61. [18:17:37] <Raven> (22 DEX, 9 speed)
  62. [18:17:37] <Submission> (Dex 20)
  63. [18:17:51] <Alex> dex 8 speed 6
  64. [18:17:51] <Iona> (8 dex, 11 speed)
  65. [18:17:52] <Maka> (6 dex, 2 speed for Sartre to be released on first turn)
  66. [18:18:36] * Raven unslings her rifle from her back, kneels down on one knee and starts pumping rounds into the chamber. "If Old Pincher here doesn't want to get cooperative...we'll just have to resort to other means."
  67. [18:18:55] <Submission> (0 Speed for Dos, too.)
  68. [18:19:05] <@Paradox> Raven 22, Submission 20, Alex 8, Iona 8, Maka 6 | Fish 11, Maki 11, Bulbasaur 6, Sartre 2, Dos 0
  69. [18:19:06] <Iona> (you always have at least 1 point in a stat)
  70. [18:19:08] <Iona> (so speed 1)
  71. [18:19:15] <@Paradox> Alex/Iona roll off, and Fish/Maki roll off
  72. [18:19:21] <Iona> 2#1d10
  73. [18:19:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Iona, 2#1d10: 3 [1d10=3], 6 [1d10=6]
  74. [18:19:30] <Iona> iona and aina respectively
  75. [18:20:00] <Raven> 1d20 Maki
  76. [18:20:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Raven, Maki: 14 [1d20=14]
  77. [18:20:09] <Maka> (1d10 zoof)
  78. [18:20:11] <Raven> oops
  79. [18:20:11] <Raven> 1d10
  80. [18:20:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Raven, 1d10: 10 [1d10=10]
  81. [18:20:17] <Raven> (I can't read hurr)
  82. [18:20:36] <Alex> (whoops what am i doing for this, just a d10)
  83. [18:20:42] <Iona> (yes)
  84. [18:20:48] <Alex> 1d10
  85. [18:20:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Alex, 1d10: 2 [1d10=2]
  86. [18:20:58] <Iona> (yaaay I go first :3c)
  87. [18:22:18] <@Paradox> Raven! You're up~
  88. [18:22:23] <Alex> (bulbasaur's name is rye btw)
  89. [18:23:01] <Raven> Raven levels a shot at the Old grumpy Pincher, and fires!
  90. [18:23:06] <Raven> 1d20 accuracy
  91. [18:23:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Raven, accuracy: 8 [1d20=8]
  92. [18:23:39] <Raven> (think that's a nope.jpg)
  93. [18:23:54] <Raven> 4d20+6 damage, if that lands.
  94. [18:23:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Raven, damage, if that lands.: 56 [4d20=19,14,5,12]
  95. [18:25:35] <@Paradox> (What's your AC?)
  96. [18:25:57] <Raven> (6.)
  97. [18:26:06] <@Paradox> Raven's shot misses
  98. [18:26:09] <@Paradox> Submission!
  99. [18:26:44] <@Paradox> (I assume you let out Maki with your move action, Raven~)
  100. [18:26:52] <Raven> (yes.)
  101. [18:27:08] <Submission> Submission sinks into a stance few would recognize without proper martial arts training. Striking out, he attempts to sink his attacks in critical joints on Pincher's arms. (Pressure Points!)
  102. [18:27:14] <Submission> 1d20+5 Dex > 15
  103. [18:27:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, Dex > 15: 14 [1d20=9]
  104. [18:27:21] <Maka> (DM is trollface.jpg)
  105. [18:27:47] <Raven> "Hm, seems I'm out of practice," she says as she readies the next round. cla-chink~
  106. [18:29:19] <@Paradox> Old Pincher's hard shell prevents the pressure point attack!
  107. [18:29:34] <@Paradox> He stares at Submission, and retaliates
  108. [18:29:43] <Submission> "Tch," Submission says as his attacks land awry, preparing for the next assault.
  109. [18:30:01] <@Paradox> 1d20
  110. [18:30:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 2 [1d20=2]
  111. [18:30:11] <@Paradox> But Submission manages to dodge the giant claw
  112. [18:30:11] <Raven> (DM BE TROLLING EEEER BUDY.)
  113. [18:30:16] <@Paradox> Iona's turn
  114. [18:31:12] * Iona calls out a blue fish with fins that look a bit like the hair decorations she's wearing. "Come on, Aina~"
  115. [18:31:19] <Iona> (aaand pass)
  116. [18:31:43] <@Paradox> Alex!
  117. [18:31:57] * Alex alex moves in front of the others, but behind submission
  118. [18:32:05] <Alex> (and pass as well)
  119. [18:32:23] <Alex> (well besides moving obviously)
  120. [18:32:29] <Maka> Sartre hops out of Maka's bag and she immediately channels him.
  121. [18:34:18] <@Paradox> Old Pincher moves again, being quicker than he looks, and attempts to attack Alex and Submission
  122. [18:34:24] <@Paradox> 2#1d20 Metal Claw
  123. [18:34:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, Metal Claw: 11 [1d20=11], 10 [1d20=10]
  124. [18:34:36] <@Paradox> 3d10+24
  125. [18:34:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 3d10+24: 46 [3d10=4,8,10]
  126. [18:35:32] <@Paradox> (Maki's turn)
  127. [18:35:54] <Raven> "Maki, handle those little fishies!" she orders.  The pup marches at the Corphish and starts to thrash around!
  128. [18:36:02] <Raven> 1d20 accuracy
  129. [18:36:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Raven, accuracy: 20 [1d20=20]
  130. [18:36:05] <Raven> (ppppht)
  131. [18:36:07] <Trevor> ( Wrecked )
  132. [18:36:12] <Raven> (110 damage)
  133. [18:36:16] <Raven> 1d2
  134. [18:36:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Raven, 1d2: 1 [1d2=1]
  135. [18:36:31] <Raven> (attacks next turn as well)
  136. [18:36:49] <@Paradox> Maki launches itself at one of the four little corphish
  137. [18:37:11] <@Paradox> 1d100 DST
  138. [18:37:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, DST: 94 [1d100=94]
  139. [18:37:20] <@Paradox> Aaand slaughters it mercilessly
  140. [18:37:30] <Iona> (oh man)
  141. [18:37:41] * Alex cringes
  142. [18:37:46] <@Paradox> Aina's turn
  143. [18:37:54] <Raven> "A...little brutal, but good job, Maki!"
  144. [18:38:02] <Iona> (wait, why the hell did I put psybeam down instead of signal beam?)
  145. [18:38:11] <Iona> (oh well, I'll roll with it)
  146. [18:38:33] <Iona> "What are you doing? Don't hurt the little guys. D:"
  147. [18:38:41] <Iona> "Aina! Attract!"
  148. [18:38:42] <Iona> 1d20
  149. [18:38:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Iona, 1d20: 4 [1d20=4]
  150. [18:38:45] <Iona> herpa
  151. [18:38:58] <Submission> "Sometimes the course of nature results in the ending of a life," Submission says, brutal but honest in his talk.
  152. [18:39:01] <Iona> (oh hey, that hits)
  153. [18:39:06] <Raven> "I...didn't think he'd hit it THAT hard."
  154. [18:39:15] <Iona> (on ol' pincher, of course)
  155. [18:40:34] <@Paradox> Ol' Pincher looks at Aina. <3
  156. [18:40:40] <@Paradox> Rye!
  157. [18:40:57] <Iona> Aina spreads her fins and wriggles in what is presumably a fishy and tempting way <3
  158. [18:41:08] <Alex> (i feel so bad for what might be about to happen)
  159. [18:41:20] <Alex> "Rye, time for leafstorm"
  160. [18:41:29] <Alex> 1d20
  161. [18:41:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Alex, 1d20: 12 [1d20=12]
  162. [18:41:35] <Alex> (acc 4)
  163. [18:41:53] <Alex> (3 meter column too, so hits all of them?)
  164. [18:42:43] <@Paradox> (Yeah)
  165. [18:43:36] <Alex> 6d20+3d4+15, oh god and thats without the super effective
  166. [18:43:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Alex, oh god and thats without the super effective: 78 [6d20=1,11,2,11,11,17; 3d4=4,2,4]
  167. [18:43:46] <Alex> (do i roll for all of them)
  168. [18:44:06] <Alex> (or just one damage applied to each one)
  169. [18:44:10] <@Paradox> (you just roll damage once)
  170. [18:44:16] <Alex> (okay good)
  171. [18:44:20] <@Paradox> (but it's a colum so you should roll attack for each)
  172. [18:44:30] <@Paradox> (12 hits Ol' Pincher, roll 3 more times for the corphish)
  173. [18:44:33] <Alex> 2d20
  174. [18:44:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Alex, 2d20: 14 [2d20=9,5]
  175. [18:44:39] <Alex> 1d20
  176. [18:44:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Alex, 1d20: 11 [1d20=11]
  177. [18:44:50] <@Paradox> Hit, miss, hit
  178. [18:44:52] <Iona> (oh man fishies ;__;)
  179. [18:45:11] <@Paradox> 2d100
  180. [18:45:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 2d100: 85 [2d100=14,71]
  181. [18:45:20] <@Paradox> Another dead corphish
  182. [18:45:27] <Alex> (oh god i'm killer)
  183. [18:46:00] <Iona> (;__;)
  184. [18:46:11] <@Paradox> Old Pincher seems quite worn down by the Leaf Storm
  185. [18:46:25] <@Paradox> Sartre!
  186. [18:46:33] <Alex> (is it assumed we have pokeballs?)
  187. [18:46:37] <Submission> "Be gentle, Mir," Submission says.
  188. [18:46:44] <Raven> (we don't.)
  189. [18:46:50] <Maka> Sartre just kinda looks around and grins a big smile at Old Pincher.
  190. [18:46:50] <Alex> (crud)
  191. [18:46:51] <Trevor> ( Not unless you started with 'em )
  192. [18:46:53] <Maka> 1d20 charm ac 2
  193. [18:46:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, charm ac 2: 14 [1d20=14]
  194. [18:48:05] <@Paradox> ( Alex is an ace though, right? He shoulda gotten 3 basic pokeballs to start with )
  195. [18:48:11] <@Paradox> ( Same for Iona )
  196. [18:48:27] <Alex> (i did not know that)
  197. [18:48:29] <Iona> (oh, I should have? neat, gonna grab me a corphish)
  198. [18:48:30] <Raven> (I think you only told him about the money.)
  199. [18:48:49] <Iona> (I asked you what my starting inventory was and you said sand and seaweed :B)
  200. [18:49:03] <Alex> (i sooo want to try and catch old Pincher)
  201. [18:49:11] <Alex> (will fail but must try)
  202. [18:49:36] <@Paradox> ( laughingcrawdaunts.jpg )
  203. [18:49:41] <@Paradox> Dos' turn!
  204. [18:50:34] <Submission> "Go back home! We wish you no harm." Submission shouts at Pincher. "Dos, Yawn." The little Slowpoke waddles up and lets loose a massive yawn that sits in the gaping silence.
  205. [18:50:49] <Submission> (autohit)
  206. [18:51:04] <Submission> (and 4m burst, so hits the other one too)
  207. [18:51:29] <@Paradox> Raven's turn!
  208. [18:51:29] <Raven> (better hope it hits Maki too if you want to catch something and fail first try. :S)
  209. [18:52:14] * Raven first focuses her scanner on Ol' Pincher. "Let's see just how bruised he is after that mass of leaves..."
  210. [18:53:17] <Submission> "Do not kill the creature, Guardswoman," Submission says firmly.
  211. [18:53:32] <Raven> "well then..." she starts to put her rifle away.  "I'd advise you go for the capture if you intend to, gentlemen and young ladies."
  212. [18:54:25] <Alex> "I could use the company of another old soul if no one objects to me trying"
  213. [18:54:29] <Raven> "that and hope Maki doesn't maul them to death."
  214. [18:54:43] <Raven> "he gets a little...hot headed."
  215. [18:55:10] <Submission> "The creature should remain where he is meant to. Leave him in the lake."
  216. [18:55:20] <Iona> "Can't you just, I don't know, tell him to go away or something? Even if he's not listening to me."
  217. [18:55:43] <Alex> "I have no intention of forcing him to fight, Catching him would just prevent further incidents like this"
  218. [18:55:53] <Alex> "I have every intention of leaving him in the lake"
  219. [18:55:58] <@Paradox> (Submission's turn, if he's doin' anything)
  220. [18:56:24] <Raven> "Either way he's...fairly bruised.  Has a bit to go before you'd actually kill him, though."
  221. [18:56:33] <Submission> Submission attempts to make the creature back down again. "Return to your home, creature."
  222. [18:56:42] <Submission> 1d20+6 STR Intimidate check
  223. [18:56:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, STR Intimidate check: 23 [1d20=17]
  224. [18:56:46] <Raven> (didn't you put them to sleep?)
  225. [18:56:53] <Submission> (That's in one more turn)
  226. [18:57:04] <Submission> (Yawn takes two turns)
  227. [18:57:05] <Raven> (ah.)
  228. [18:58:18] <@Paradox> Ol' Pincher begins crawling back into the lake, to sleep beneath the waves.
  229. [18:58:35] <@Paradox> (well, not waves.. muck, in any case :P )
  230. [18:58:59] <Alex> "for the best, I think"
  231. [18:59:25] <Raven> "Granted if you don't get that little thing away from Maki, fear he's gonna eat it."
  232. [18:59:47] * Iona tosses a pokeball at the last Corphish, then?
  233. [18:59:51] <Iona> (unless someone else wants it)
  234. [19:00:00] <Alex> (go for it)
  235. [19:00:26] <Submission> "This is... how it should be," Submission says, stretching his arm hit by the metal claw attack. It hurts, but he's still standing fine.
  236. [19:00:38] <Iona> 1d100 pow
  237. [19:00:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Iona, pow: 69 [1d100=69]
  238. [19:00:47] <Iona> (any psychics here?)
  239. [19:00:52] <Raven> "Well, I'd rather not kill a town idol my first month here."
  240. [19:01:03] <Raven> (nope.)
  241. [19:01:13] <Alex> (ill try on my turn, which is now?)
  242. [19:01:21] <Iona> (ok)
  243. [19:01:25] <Iona> (works for me :B)
  244. [19:01:52] <Alex> (whats the mod on the ball?)
  245. [19:02:09] <Raven> (pretty sure these ones got none.)
  246. [19:02:19] <Alex> (righto)
  247. [19:02:30] <Alex> 1d100 lets try to save this little one
  248. [19:02:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Alex, lets try to save this little one: 56 [1d100=56]
  249. [19:02:48] <Alex> (not much better)
  250. [19:03:00] <@Paradox> It rolls around in Alex's ball, before the ball finally goes CLICK.
  251. [19:03:02] <Alex> (wait isnt this last one not even hurt yet)
  252. [19:03:10] <Alex> (wat)
  253. [19:03:34] <Alex> "One killed and one saved, i guess"
  254. [19:03:51] <Raven> "Good job by the way, Mr. Submission," says Raven as she gets back up, rifle slung over her shoulder.  "I could use the help of a man with your capabilities every now and then."
  255. [19:04:30] * Alex turns and pats rye on the head approvingly, hiding a rather obvious disappointment at the corphish he killed
  256. [19:04:35] <Iona> "Um. Um. Thanks..."
  257. [19:04:39] * Iona fidgets.
  258. [19:04:49] <Alex> "Who are you miss"
  259. [19:04:58] <Submission> Submission says nothing for a while, calmly staring at Raven's face.
  260. [19:05:06] <Alex> "Two pokemon died from your fooling around today"
  261. [19:05:23] <Submission> Finally, he says slowly, "I... do not follow."
  262. [19:06:02] * Maka walks over to Sartre, picking him and and cuddling him before placing him back in her bag. She watches everyone else quietly.
  263. [19:06:04] * Raven offers a hand, "I'm not sure if we've actually met? I've just heard your name around town, easy to recognize. I'm new here myself, name is Raven. Raven Bokor. Town Guard Captain."
  264. [19:06:19] <Iona> "There's no way I would do anything like that to a perfectly innocent fish!"
  265. [19:06:26] * Iona sniffles.
  266. [19:06:45] <Raven> Raven also whistles to get Maki to return to her side...if he's done trying to maul the poor little creatures.
  267. [19:07:01] <Alex> "That doesn't answer who you are or why you are here"
  268. [19:07:20] <Iona> "My name's Iona, and I told you, I was looking for something."
  269. [19:07:44] <Raven> "Mr. Conan, don't go and upset the poor girl.  Granted...if YOU don't recognize her, I'm guessing she's not from around here either."
  270. [19:07:51] <Submission> Submission accepts it with the same plodding slowness as the rest of his manner uses. "I was aware you were a Guard... Do you... want me to join?"
  271. [19:09:03] <Alex> "Was it worth it? turning to rye "I don't have a shovel buddy, think you could help me dig them a little grave.  Give them some peace?"
  272. [19:09:08] <Raven> She shakes her head.  "Not officially, considering you have a profession of your own, but I'm trying to at least establish...a neighborhood watch, you could say.  To help keep people safe around here."
  273. [19:09:44] * Alex starts diggin with his hands, rye helping out with vine whip
  274. [19:09:46] * Maka walks over to Raven. "That's sounds like a good job for Sub." she offers quietly.
  275. [19:10:08] <Iona> "Let me help, too!"
  276. [19:10:14] <Submission> "I... will think about it." Submission replies before turning to Alex. "They will feed familiies here. There is... no need to bury them."
  277. [19:10:42] <Alex> "you can take the other one, but the one i struck down gets buried and thats that"
  278. [19:11:10] <Submission> "It would be better cast into the lake then... Fish do not belong underground."
  279. [19:11:16] <Iona> "Hmmm."
  280. [19:11:30] <Raven> "That's all I hope for," beams Raven.  She turns to Maka, "You must be...the libriran, I believe?  I believe i've heard your name is Maka," she offers a hand as well.
  281. [19:11:33] * Alex standing, "perhaps you're right submission"
  282. [19:12:06] * Alex alex wades out a ways and lets the corphish go into the lake
  283. [19:12:26] <Iona> "That's actually a pretty good point, I mean if I were a fish which I'm totally not, or maybe a fish ghost, I'd want to live in the lake and not all surrounded by rocks and stuff."
  284. [19:12:34] <Raven> The remaining corpshish may or may not be in Maki's mouth :E.
  285. [19:12:58] <Maka> "Uh huh, if you have any books you don't need you should come by and donate them."
  286. [19:13:21] <Submission> "Guard, have your dog drop the fish. It can have some if you come by my home."
  287. [19:13:32] <@Paradox> (Wait so, who got the Corphish?)
  288. [19:13:35] <Raven> "Maki! Put that down!"
  289. [19:13:56] <Raven> Maki drops it with a whimper.
  290. [19:13:57] <Iona> (Alex got the corphish)
  291. [19:14:07] <Iona> (we're figuring out what happens with the dead ones now)
  292. [19:14:26] * Submission picks up the corphish corpse and looks at Raven. "You are new. Where... are you staying?"
  293. [19:14:36] <@Paradox> 1d2 m/f
  294. [19:14:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, m/f: 2 [1d2=2]
  295. [19:14:44] <@Paradox> 1d3
  296. [19:14:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d3: 1 [1d3=1]
  297. [19:15:00] <@Paradox> Level 10 Corphish, Female, Hyper Cutter
  298. [19:15:18] <Raven> "I...actually live in the old guard house, as is.  Made a little room in the back."
  299. [19:15:20] <@Paradox> Proud Nature
  300. [19:15:39] * Alex returning from shore "oh maki, i've been meaning to let you know that once i figure out what i need for my crops ill be dropping by with a donation for your library"
  301. [19:15:51] <Alex> (cool, writing it down now dox)
  302. [19:15:56] <Raven> (why are you speaking to my dog you're not a mystic :3c.)
  303. [19:15:59] <Iona> "So. Um. Who are all of you?"
  304. [19:16:15] <Maka> "...it's Maka. The dog is Maki I think...But that'd be great!"
  305. [19:16:25] <Alex> (whoops sorry)
  306. [19:16:44] <Alex> (replace the i with an a)
  307. [19:16:53] <Maka> (it's TOO LATE :O)
  308. [19:17:07] <Astrid> (That is going to get confusing.)
  309. [19:17:09] <Alex> (IM SORRY I WAS WRITING THINGS DOWN)
  310. [19:17:25] * Raven turns to Iona. "I'm Raven, Raven Bokor. Guard Captain of this town. I believe you called yourself Iona? Are you a new resident? Seems the natives don't know you either."
  311. [19:17:32] * Submission stares at Raven again, his eyes intently staring through her. "Come to my home tonight. I will feed your dog and talk about... building..."
  312. [19:18:53] <Iona> "Resident? Um, I think so. I heard there was a place here that sells all sorts of yummy things and I had to go take a look at least but I didn't have any money so I thought I'd see if I could find something to see but then I hadn't even stepped in the lake when that big fish was all RAAAAAAAR at me." Iona makes pinching gestures with her hands.
  313. [19:18:57] <Iona> "And then you showed up!"
  314. [19:18:58] * Maka tugs at Submission's sleeve. "Sub, does that mean I can't go visit the shrine tonight?"
  315. [19:19:01] <Iona> "And saved the day!"
  316. [19:19:11] <Iona> "And forever will history remember the heroes! THE END!"
  317. [19:19:29] <Raven> Raven's jaw drops.
  318. [19:19:54] <Alex> "...heroes. . . feh"
  319. [19:19:59] * Iona beams. :D?
  320. [19:20:07] <Submission> "You will miss dinner," Submission says simply, neither giving a no nor a yes. "You know... I do not like when you go there."
  321. [19:20:22] <Raven> "Wait, we have a DINER?"
  322. [19:20:37] <Iona> "...You mean you don't?"
  323. [19:20:44] <Iona> "And I came all the way out here for nothing?"
  324. [19:20:48] <Iona> "Not even...tea?"
  325. [19:21:02] <Raven> "I don't know I'm not from around either!  There's...an inn, they have good drinks."
  326. [19:21:46] * Maka slumps a bit. "but the shrine is so cool~"
  327. [19:22:05] <Alex> "I'm sure we can scrounge up something for tea, miss" Alex says, recovering his composure
  328. [19:22:33] <Iona> "Yayifications!"
  329. [19:22:45] <Iona> "Lead on, oh leader!"
  330. [19:23:32] <Submission> Unable to resist the look Maka gives, Submission's hard features soften. "Very well." Stepping towards Iona, he says suddenly, "You asked... who I am?"
  331. [19:23:39] <Raven> "I'd...ASSUME the barkeep might have some tea.  I Mean he's got every other liquid known to man behind that counter."
  332. [19:24:11] <Raven> "Oh, and Maki and myself would be more then happy to join you for dinner, Mr. Submission."
  333. [19:24:26] <Iona> "Yep! Is your name Huge? Or mabe Dirk Hardpec! Or Slab Bulkhead! Or...Bob Johnson!"
  334. [19:24:36] <Submission> "Submission."
  335. [19:25:12] * Submission looks at Iona intensely, his mind turning and understanding. It's a little... intimidating to be looked at like that.
  336. [19:25:33] * Iona starts to say something else, but finally thinks better of it and shuts up.
  337. [19:26:02] <Submission> "Where are you living?"
  338. [19:26:23] * Iona points vaguely in the direction of the beach. "Over there."
  339. [19:26:44] <Raven> "..."
  340. [19:26:47] <Raven> "you're...homeless."
  341. [19:26:54] <Raven> it's a statement, not a question.
  342. [19:27:02] <Iona> "The world is my Clamperl!"
  343. [19:27:38] <Alex> "That clamperl was almost a crawdaunt today miss, you should be more careful"
  344. [19:28:17] <Iona> "Usually it's not a problem. That guy was just grouchy."
  345. [19:28:38] <Submission> Looking up at the direction pointed at and then back down at Iona, Submission says, "I can... build a home for you as well."
  346. [19:28:47] <Alex> "We older gents usually are"
  347. [19:28:53] * Maka is off to the side giving Iona a bewildered look and muttering to herself. "...actually I don't think she'd make a very good main character."
  348. [19:30:05] <Iona> "No, it's fine. I don't think I'd like to be tied down to one place, anyway. And houses are always so dry!"
  349. [19:30:30] <Raven> "I'll..see to it that your inquiry on the local eateries is answered.  Just don't piss off Ol' Pincher again.  Last thing I need is a dead visitor to the town floating around in this lake."
  350. [19:30:42] <Submission> "Dry... Is that... not the intention?"
  351. [19:30:49] * Iona shrugs.
  352. [19:31:22] <Iona> "Okay, ma'am!"
  353. [19:31:38] <Alex> "You can have a wet house too, just tell submission to leave off the roof"
  354. [19:31:51] * Alex alex chuckles at his really bad not really a joke
  355. [19:32:22] <Submission> Sighing, Submission accepts the circumstances. There are some battles better left unfought. Ignoring Alex, he says, "Stop by my home if you wish a hot meal."
  356. [19:33:04] <Iona> "Okay-day~"
  357. [19:33:07] <Alex> "Yeah and if your ever out here and cause some more trouble my farm is off over yonder"
  358. [19:33:16] * Alex points towards farm
  359. [19:33:42] <Iona> "So you're Alex and you have a farm, and you're Raven and you're a guard, and you're Bob Johnson and you do something, and..."
  360. [19:33:52] * Iona points at Maka. "I don't know you yet!"
  361. [19:33:59] <Submission> "Submission. Woodworker."
  362. [19:34:10] <Maka> "Um, I'm the librarian. But please don't get the books wet if you visit..."
  363. [19:34:27] * Raven looks down to Maki, "We're going to have to task someone with keeping an eye on this one, i can tell..." she whispers to the Growlithe.
  364. [19:35:14] <Iona> :D?
  365. [19:35:27] <@Paradox> The growlithe lets out a low growl, as if to say 'not me'.
  366. [19:35:32] <Raven> "So...you literally...live on the beach."
  367. [19:35:47] <Iona> "Well, um, maybe you could make waterproof books! And then you can read them in the bathtub and everything!"
  368. [19:36:00] <Iona> "No, I live over there." More vague pointing.
  369. [19:37:14] <Maka> "But I don't know how to do that, and it's easier just to keep them dry..." Maka looks where Iona is pointing. "Doesn't it get cold out here at night?"
  370. [19:37:30] <Raven> Raven doesn't really protest this, as much as ponders and rubs her forhead. "...Right then..."
  371. [19:38:22] <Iona> "Not really. After all, the sun makes everything warm and it stays warm until the sun comes up again!"
  372. [19:38:58] <@Paradox> (oh, 2400 XP for da fait, btw)
  373. [19:39:02] <Raven> "Well I guess I'm not one to protest about you camping out."
  374. [19:39:57] <@Paradox> (Anyway, timeskip to meal at the library?)
  375. [19:39:58] <Iona> (oh boy, that's 3600 for me :3c)
  376. [19:40:00] <Iona> (sure)
  377. [19:40:08] <Raven> "Either way going to have to inform the mayor we have a resident with an irregular resident, now."
  378. [19:40:10] <Raven> (kay)
  379. [19:40:12] <Alex> (3600 here too)
  380. [19:40:24] <Iona> (ACE HIGH FIVE)
  381. [19:40:32] <Maka> (75 away from level 15 and having acctual moves to use D:)
  382. [19:40:40] <Alex> (RECIEVED/RETURNED)
  383. [19:41:27] <Alex> (also timeskip is fine by me)
  384. [19:41:36] <Maka> (and sure, timeskip)
  385. [19:45:56] <@Paradox> Later, at the Library
  386. [19:47:11] <@Paradox> (was Alex going to dinner, too?)
  387. [19:47:20] <Alex> (yeah sure)
  388. [19:47:20] * Iona looks around for the sweets. O:
  389. [19:48:06] <@Paradox> Iona and Alex are already there when Raven knocks on the door, Maki at her side.
  390. [19:48:34] * Iona gets to the door first. "Welcome to the library! Would you like cake with that?"
  391. [19:48:57] <Raven> knock knock!
  392. [19:49:16] * Iona then opens the door, tee hee.
  393. [19:50:03] <Raven> Raven is a bit surprised by this question.  "...Were we supposed to BRING something!?"
  394. [19:50:11] <Raven> "Oh no no one mentioned it was pot luck...uh...uh."
  395. [19:50:45] <Iona> "Well, it's lucky that we get a free meal, and I'm pretty sure it's from a pot, so...Yeah! Come in!"
  396. [19:52:18] <Alex> "I brought some oran berries from my farm, but its already my job to bring food around anyway"
  397. [19:52:23] <Submission> From across the building, the smells of Submission's stew waft all the way into the library. The smells of seafood and spices are powerful. Anyone who comes a bit closer may here loud, rumbling, and very off-key singing.
  398. [19:52:28] * Raven realizes Iona's actual meaning...and walks in. "...Hope I'm not intruding..wait, where is Maka and Submission if you answered the door?"
  399. [19:52:51] <Iona> "Over there."
  400. [19:53:20] * Maka is sitting outside the kitchen reading a book.
  401. [19:53:51] <Maka> 1d20+6 calling chord dc 10
  402. [19:53:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, calling chord dc 10: 23 [1d20=17]
  403. [19:54:12] <Maka> "...Sub? Sub! It's one of those again." Maka attempts to hide under her book.
  404. [19:54:21] * Alex is in the hallway with one foot atop a box of kindof meager looking oran berries, more proud of them than he should be
  405. [19:54:47] * Iona snags an oran berry for munching. Yay sweets!
  406. [19:55:00] * Raven recalls her upraising, and how badly daddy would have wupped her for opening the door for someone at someone else's house...but then considers who she is addressing.
  407. [19:55:42] <Raven> Takes a berry, "if you don't mind, sir...Thank you very much.  And what's going on over - oh god what is that."
  408. [19:56:18] <@Paradox> An A unown is hovering in slow circles over Maka's head.
  409. [19:56:29] * Iona watches it. O:
  410. [19:56:47] <Maka> ;-; "I don't know...they show up here when I'm trying to read and won't go away."
  411. [19:56:49] <Iona> "Looks like you've got a friend!"
  412. [19:56:56] <Alex> "You don't see that everyday"
  413. [19:57:01] <Iona> "You should give it some of the lucky pot too!"
  414. [19:57:03] * Raven approaches it cautiously.
  415. [19:57:21] <Raven> "Just...what IS it?"
  416. [19:57:35] <@Paradox> It just floats there, its eye studying Maka.
  417. [19:57:39] <Iona> "Looks like a letter. Maybe it's the ghost of As past."
  418. [19:57:46] <Submission> Sub's voice rumbles through the hallways. "... What should I do about it? They never let me hit them."
  419. [19:57:50] <Iona> "And then we'll see the B of before, and the C of what's to come!"
  420. [19:57:52] <Maka> "I..I think they're letters. Maybe they came out of a book someone donated. Who would donate a bad book like that?" D:
  421. [19:58:08] * Iona reaches out to poke the Unown.
  422. [19:58:14] <Alex> "Maybe it just wants to read too?"
  423. [19:58:22] <Alex> "Hopefully thats all it is"
  424. [19:58:36] * Raven cautiously pokes it.
  425. [19:58:49] <Raven> "Just what are you doin' little guy?"
  426. [19:58:54] * Maka hesitates a moment, then shoves her book open in the Unown's face and shuts her eyes tightly. "Is it reading?"
  427. [19:59:07] <Iona> "How are you supposed to tell, anyway? It's mostly eye."
  428. [20:00:47] <Alex> "I don't think its a threat, Maka"
  429. [20:01:08] <@Paradox> The Unown's gaze shifts a little, going from Maka down towards the book she's shoving up towards it.
  430. [20:01:17] <@Paradox> It just floats there, staring.
  431. [20:01:25] <Iona> "Yep! It's reading."
  432. [20:01:26] <Maka> "...But it's creepy." Maka opens one eye to look at it. She moves the book to one side, then the other.
  433. [20:01:35] <Alex> "Then again i've never seen one of these things before, and I'm an old coot whos been around the block a few times"
  434. [20:02:03] * Raven continues to poke it.
  435. [20:02:05] <@Paradox> Its gaze follows the book as it moves back and forth.
  436. [20:02:25] <Raven> "He seems friendly enough.  They...just show up around you, Maka?"
  437. [20:02:27] <Submission> Suddenly, a rather dopey looking Slowpoke wanders in from the hallway. "Sloooow~" it says, peering up at Maka wantingly.
  438. [20:03:37] * Maka stares a moment, then slowly lowers the book down to reading level again. "Uh huh, whenever I'm here in the library reading...which is all day I gues- oh, Sub, did you forget to feed Dostoyevsky again?"
  439. [20:04:33] <Iona> "Hmm."
  440. [20:04:35] <Raven> "Come here you, you cute little letter A~"
  441. [20:04:36] <Maka> "...he's slow though, so maybe he didn't even have lunch yet."
  442. [20:04:48] * Raven attempts to hug it.
  443. [20:04:49] <Alex> "That one probably wouldn't notice its hungry until a week later"
  444. [20:05:10] * Maka shivers at Raven calling it 'cute'.
  445. [20:06:01] <Raven> (should I roll anything for hug attempt?)
  446. [20:06:28] <Submission> "He just had some spare leaves just a bit ago." The Slowpoke tries to nudge its head against Maka's leg. "Poooo~"
  447. [20:07:12] <Maka> "Oh silly Dostoyevsky." Maka keeps her eyes trained on the Unown as she speaks. "I bet he won't remember he ate until it's time to sleep."
  448. [20:07:54] <@Paradox> The Unown floats out beyond Raven's reach.
  449. [20:08:28] <Alex> "Yeah even i felt bad when i used to go up aganst any slowpoke or . . ." alex quckly trails off and goes to grab some of his berries
  450. [20:08:30] <Raven> "aaaw.  Guess he's not THAT friendly."
  451. [20:08:36] <Iona> "Here, let me get on your shoulders and I'll try!"
  452. [20:08:43] * Iona attempts to climb Raven.
  453. [20:08:50] <Raven> "oh god wai-"
  454. [20:08:54] <Raven> 1d20-2 str check oh uh
  455. [20:08:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Raven, str check oh uh: 7 [1d20=9]
  456. [20:08:56] <Alex> "theres an idea from for the young"
  457. [20:09:04] <Iona> 1d20-2 dex check oh boy
  458. [20:09:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Iona, dex check oh boy: 18 [1d20=20]
  459. [20:09:24] <Iona> (dicemaid, y u give me 20s when failure would be hilarious)
  460. [20:09:40] <Raven> (that it would have been.)
  461. [20:09:43] <Maka> "You won't catch them, Raven. Even Sub couldn't do it." Maka begins reading again, giving nervous glances toward the Unown once in a while. "If you want, I have some candy at the front desk for visitors. Dinner might not be ready for a while..." She points.
  462. [20:09:47] * Submission comes in from the other room, the smell of Corphish Stew rolling in with him. He looks at the scene, shrugs and continues through to the next room. "Dos might... want attention, Mirror."
  463. [20:09:48] <@Paradox> Iona might be deft enough, but Raven isn't strong enough, and falls over, Iona falling on top of her
  464. [20:10:09] <Iona> "Mission failed! Abort! Abort!"
  465. [20:10:17] <Iona> "...Okay, you try climbing on me this time. :D"
  466. [20:10:23] * Iona gets off of Raven.
  467. [20:10:30] <Raven> "oof!"
  468. [20:10:35] <Raven> she contemplates this...
  469. [20:10:37] <Raven> "okay, fine!"
  470. [20:10:51] <Raven> 1d20+6 DEX check TEAAAM WOOOORK
  471. [20:10:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Raven, DEX check TEAAAM WOOOORK: 18 [1d20=12]
  472. [20:11:01] <Iona> 1d20+5 strength TEAM WORK
  473. [20:11:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Iona, strength TEAM WORK: 19 [1d20=14]
  474. [20:11:15] <Alex> "to be young," alex says while eating a few berries
  475. [20:11:41] <@Paradox> Raven manages to balance on top of Iona!
  476. [20:11:55] <@Paradox> ... but the unown just floats about a foot away, safely out of reach.
  477. [20:11:59] <Iona> "Okay! Now give it hugs!"
  478. [20:12:08] <Raven> "ooooh!  You're a fiesty one eh!?"
  479. [20:12:25] * Raven unwinds her styler. "Let's try a good ol' rope trick."
  480. [20:12:59] <Raven> 1d100-10-18 perfect practice on restrain attempt
  481. [20:13:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Raven, perfect practice on restrain attempt: -21 [1d100=7]
  482. [20:13:04] <Raven> Raven lassos the styler!
  483. [20:13:15] <Iona> (stealing all my good rolls ;_;)
  484. [20:13:28] <@Paradox> The unown is styler'd!
  485. [20:13:35] <Raven> "VICTORY!"
  486. [20:13:53] * Maka is thoroughly confused at what's happening, but takes out a notebook and scribbles a few notes anyway.
  487. [20:14:03] * Iona wobbles a few times as Raven moves around on top of her. D:
  488. [20:14:25] <Raven> Raven holds her styler's cord firmly with her free hand.  "I...think I got him."
  489. [20:14:33] <Submission> Passing back through, Submission is carrying a length of tree trunk some four feet long. "I will be out back, Mir. Do not make a mess."
  490. [20:14:39] <Raven> "Put me down let's see if he'll be a little more cooperative.
  491. [20:14:53] <Iona> "Can do!" Iona drops Raven.
  492. [20:15:19] * Maka pokes the slowpoke. "Take Dostoyevsky for a walk while you're out there, Sub!" she returns to staring at the silly people.
  493. [20:15:35] <Raven> 1d20+6 oh god why did you do that. DEX check
  494. [20:15:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Raven, oh god why did you do that. DEX check: 13 [1d20=7]
  495. [20:16:21] <@Paradox> Iona drops Raven into a heap.
  496. [20:16:26] <@Paradox> ow
  497. [20:16:28] <Maka> (you mean Iona)
  498. [20:16:35] <@Paradox> (yes, Iona*)
  499. [20:16:41] <Raven> "ouch! warn me next time you do that, Iona!"
  500. [20:16:47] <Maka> 1d20+9 family finder dc 15
  501. [20:16:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, family finder dc 15: 27 [1d20=18]
  502. [20:17:01] <Raven> "anyway, come here you cute little lett-"
  503. [20:17:29] <Iona> "So what are you going to name it?"
  504. [20:17:47] <Raven> "uh...do you guys hear something?"
  505. [20:17:59] <Submission> The Slowpoke sits dumbly for a few moments before finding its nose suddenly poked. "Slow~" it exclaims before trying to rub against Maka's leg again. "I am carving, Mirror Move," Submission calls.
  506. [20:19:21] * Iona looks from one side to the other, frowning. "I don't hear anything."
  507. [20:20:12] * Maka sighs and rubs Dos's nose. "Silly, you already ate."
  508. [20:20:37] <Submission> At the rubbing, the Slowpoke sighs and begins to drool. "Pooooke~"
  509. [20:20:46] <Raven> "okay...maybe it was just me...Oh you silly little letter get over here and say 'hi!'"
  510. [20:21:23] * Maka sees Raven pulling in the Unown and hides behind her book again, eyes just peeking out over the top edge of the book.
  511. [20:23:04] <@Paradox> Maka looks up to see another four unown suddenly appear from among the shelves.
  512. [20:23:48] <@Paradox> T, O, G, and M unowns, to be exact.
  513. [20:24:07] <@Paradox> They all stare right at her.
  514. [20:24:17] <Iona> (toga party?)
  515. [20:24:26] <Raven> (we can inded spell toga.)
  516. [20:24:34] <Maka> "oh no..." Maka reaches down and grabs a book from under her chair and flings it open in front of her before hiding behind her other book again.
  517. [20:25:03] <Raven> "hm? OH MY-" she says as she looks up.  "Where did they come from!?  I don't have enough rope for this!"
  518. [20:25:12] <Iona> "Hmmm, my shoulders kinda hurt now. >: There's gotta be a better way of getting them down."
  519. [20:25:23] <Iona> "Um, you! Book lady! They like you, so why don't you say hi to them?"
  520. [20:26:08] * Maka peeks out. "...Hi?" she pushes the open book on the floor towards them.
  521. [20:26:34] * Alex puts whtever berries were in his nad back into the crate
  522. [20:26:52] <Alex> "This is getting less novel and more suspicious"
  523. [20:26:58] <Raven> Raven...releases the lasso'd one, to see its reaction.  "not like you'd let me hug you anyway." she pouts.
  524. [20:27:03] <Iona> "I'd say it's getting more like a novel."
  525. [20:27:03] <@Paradox> The four unown float down slowly, still looking at Maka.
  526. [20:28:05] * Maka gets up slowly and walks into the kitchen, eyes trained on the Unown the whole way. "I...I'm just going to get dinner set up. Maybe they'll leave on their own." she returns with a large pot of stew and sets it down at a nearby table.
  527. [20:29:19] <Raven> "Would you...like some assistance with that? Submission seems to have been right, they...don't seem that interested in doing much but floating around..."
  528. [20:29:27] <Raven> "They DO seem to like you though..."
  529. [20:29:39] * Maka nods quickly, still nervous about the Unown. "If you can get the plates and silverware..."
  530. [20:29:52] <Iona> "Maybe they have a crush on her and they're trying to get enough together in one place to spell out a confession!"
  531. [20:30:14] <Alex> "They really are creepy things aren't they," alex says slowly as he moves closer and examines them
  532. [20:30:16] * Raven helps set the table, eyeing the creatures with interest "I don't recall granpapa ever telling me about those guys~"
  533. [20:30:17] <Iona> "...a t o g m.... goamt? tomag?"
  534. [20:30:39] <Alex> (i ran it through an anagram program, didn't come up with anything"
  535. [20:30:45] <Maka> (so did I :P)
  536. [20:31:00] <BB>  (Wait for an E, make TOMES)
  537. [20:31:07] <BB> (Well, an E and an S)
  538. [20:34:04] <Raven> "Two words maybe? A Gotm...To Gam...."
  539. [20:34:34] * Maka fetches a loaf of freshly baked bread and quickly drops it on the table before rushing back into the ktichen.
  540. [20:34:38] <Raven> "...how long has this been happening?"
  541. [20:34:41] <Alex> (anagrams include making things into seperate words)
  542. [20:34:43] <Iona> "Aaaaa' got a lovely bunch of something or other."
  543. [20:34:49] <@Paradox> The unowns begin to glow softly
  544. [20:34:55] <@Paradox> Then suddenly disppear, as if snuffed out.
  545. [20:34:56] * Iona helps herself to a slice of bread.
  546. [20:35:16] <Maka> "You guys can start eating!" Maka calls from the kitchen.
  547. [20:35:21] <Raven> "Huh...curious."
  548. [20:35:35] <Alex> "Feh, at least they won't be watching us eat"
  549. [20:35:48] * Raven takes a seat at the table, and plops down a pokeball, out pops Maki! "don't worry little guy, I'll give you some of my share."
  550. [20:36:07] <Raven> She, however, waits for Maka to return before touching anything.
  551. [20:36:35] <Alex> "Maka would it be alright if I let rye out to have some of the berries i brought?"
  552. [20:36:54] <Iona> "I don't see why you're so worried about a few letters. Pokemon come wandering through were I live aaaaall the time!"
  553. [20:36:57] * Maka peeks out from around the corner. "...they're gone?" She cautiously returns to the table. "Go ahead Alex."
  554. [20:37:20] <Maka> (Alex HAS been in town a while, right? So Maka would recognize him?)
  555. [20:37:36] <Alex> (two years so probably)
  556. [20:38:13] * Alex lets out rye and with a nod and a grunt directs him to the berry crate
  557. [20:39:15] * Maka nervously scans the room for the Unown. "I like pokemon, but those just appear and stare at me...it's creepy."
  558. [20:39:38] <Iona> "Awww, it's loooove."
  559. [20:39:57] * Iona pours herself a bowl of stew and then carefully starts picking the fishy bits out of it.
  560. [20:40:40] * Raven serves herself up some stew as well, "Thank you Maki...for...mauling dinner for us."
  561. [20:40:55] <Alex> "more like stalking," alex says rather brusquely
  562. [20:41:19] <Maka> "It's stalking!" Maka pouts, then notices Iona picking at the stew. "Oh, that's the tastiest part. I'll take it if you don't want it~" she seems a bit cheerier now that she's confirmed the Unown are gone.
  563. [20:41:32] <Maka> (damnit I was typing that Alex :V)
  564. [20:41:42] <Iona> "I'm uh, allergic."
  565. [20:41:54] <Iona> "Actually I just don't like eating fish. They're friends!"
  566. [20:42:23] * Alex takes a small bowl, making sure to not get the meat either
  567. [20:42:45] <Alex> (keeps slipping my mind that my name is already gonna be there)
  568. [20:43:20] <Maka> "mmph? buf ifs tasty!" Maka scoops the neglected fish into her bowl as she speaks through a mouthful of bread.
  569. [20:43:38] <Iona> "That's horrible ;___;"
  570. [20:44:25] * Raven attempts not to laugh at this remark about 'friends.' "Are you a...vegetarian, I take it?"
  571. [20:44:26] <Alex> "Please take no offense, but that guy wasn't caught on a hunting trip.  Just doesn't sit right with me"  
  572. [20:44:42] <Iona> "A what now?"
  573. [20:45:51] <Raven> "A...vegetarian, means you don't eat meat."
  574. [20:46:01] <Iona> "No, I just don't eat fishies."
  575. [20:46:07] <Iona> "Cute little fishies ;___;"
  576. [20:47:05] <Iona> "They're my best friends!"
  577. [20:47:14] <Raven> 1d2 laugh resist.
  578. [20:47:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Raven, laugh resist.: 2 [1d2=2]
  579. [20:47:22] * Maka walks off to the library interior, returning with a wynaut in her arms. It reaches up on the table with its ears and grabs some bread to munch on. "But Corphish are pretty ugly I think..."
  580. [20:47:43] * Raven chokes as she laughs a bit.
  581. [20:48:22] <Iona> "That's not funny!"
  582. [20:48:51] <Raven> "Sorry, just...I was raised a bit differently.  It's an interesting opinion, that's all!"
  583. [20:49:11] <Iona> "Fish were my only friends before I came here. ;___;"
  584. [20:52:08] <Raven> "Where...DO you come from, anyway?"
  585. [20:52:09] <Submission> Those indoors can hear noises of sawing and hammering from outside.
  586. [20:52:23] <@Paradox> ( I think we're pretty much wrapped up at this point! Short active session, just wanted to introduce Ol' Pincher and Iona, really <:3c ... )
  587. [20:52:35] * Maka stifles a laugh as she heads out. "Sub! The food's done! Come in and eat with everyone!"
  588. [20:55:39] <Submission> "It was done a while ago. I was leaving it to simmer," Sub calls.
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