Secret Lewds: Diamond Tiara x Scootaloo

Jun 1st, 2019
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  1. >Scootaloo had hurried back from soccer practice as fast as she could, keeping a careful eye on the clouds massing up above her
  2. >But she wasn't fast enough
  3. >By the time she was only halfway home, the sky had turned so dark it was nearly black, illuminated only by forked lightning flashes
  4. >Sheets of hard, cold rain lashed at her, soaking her through her jersey and down to her skin
  5. >The sidewalks quickly became a muddy mess, and so Scootaloo opted to walk on the side of the road, hoping to keep her prized Adidas from being ruined
  6. >The rain was so thick that it obscured the headlights behind her until the Buick was practically on top of her
  7. >Had it not been for the sudden screech of tires and the blast of the car's horn, Scootaloo probably would have been crushed
  8. >With a yelp of fear, she threw herself out of the road and rolled through the grass and underbrush
  9. >The Buick came to a screeching halt, sending up waves of muddy water as Scootaloo painfully tried to pick herself back up
  10. >She hadn't been touched by the car, but when she stopped rolling, her clothes were badly torn by bramble and thin, stinging scratching covered her arms and legs
  11. "Ow... ow, ow,ow..."
  12. >Up above her, she heard the car's door open
  13. >"Stupid kid! What was she doing in the middle of the road?" asked a male voice
  14. >"Calm down. We didn't actually touch her. Just keep driving, it's not like anybody will know," said a woman's
  15. >"What if she sues?"
  16. >"We can pay for it."
  17. >Then, a third voice joined the adults
  18. >And this one, Scootaloo recognized
  19. >"Wait! Dad, that's Scootaloo! She's one of my frie-- one of the students at my school!"
  20. >"Fine. Leave her and we'll call an ambulance."
  21. >"We can't just leave her! She might be hurt!"
  22. "Nah, I think I'll be alright," Scootaloo muttered
  23. >"Aha, see? She says she's fine!" said the woman
  24. >"Perfectly alright. The common folk are always durable. Can't afford not to be, I'd imagine..." said the man
  25. >"No! I'm not letting you leave her!"
  26. >The door opened, and Scootaloo suddenly felt hands on her
  27. >"Hey! Are you okay? Can you hear me?"
  28. >Scootaloo rolled onto her back, finding herself staring up into Diamond Tiara's worried face
  29. >The rain had ruined her hair, and it hung in limp, multicolored strands along both sides of her face
  30. "I've been through worse. But, if you could help get me home, that'd be... oof... pretty cool."
  31. >"Of course. But we need to make sure you're okay first."
  32. >Diamond looked up towards her parents
  33. >"Mom! We should take her to a hospital!"
  34. >"Absolutely not! I can't be seen carting injured children around. It would be terrible for my reputation."
  35. >"Then we need to take her home with us!"
  36. >"Absolutely not!"
  37. >"Mom!"
  38. >Diamond stamped her foot, furious
  39. >"If you don't let me help her, I'm telling everyone at school about--"
  40. >"Okay, fine, fine. Ugh, I don't have any time to waste arguing about some schoolmate of yours. Have it your way, sweetie. But if she tracks any blood on the good carpet, I'll be taking the cleaning bill out of your allowance."
  41. >Diamond grumbled, but she took Scootaloo's hand and helped the other girl up
  43. >Back at the family estate, Diamond sat on the corner of her bed while Scootaloo used the room's private shower
  44. >Diamond had changed out of her wet clothes and into a simple house dress, letting her hair hang loose and unbraided at her back
  45. >Her bare feet were enmeshed in the room's plush carpet, and her toes fidgeted with it as she waited for Scootaloo to finish
  46. >When the sound of flowing water finally shut off, Scootaloo emerged, surrounded by steam and wrapped in one of Diamond's embroidered towels
  47. >"Um..." Diamond asked, her voice uncharacteristically meek. "Are you... going to be okay?"
  48. "Okay? Dude, I'm better than okay. That was the best shower of my life! Those little massage jets are a lifesaver. You live like this every day?"
  49. >"I suppose. Your shower doesn't have massage jets?"
  50. "My shower doesn't even have hot water, half the time. And who in their right mind needs twelve different brands of shampoo?"
  51. >"It's to get the proper scent blend. You don't want to use just one, it smells cheap."
  52. >Scootaloo just shook her head
  53. "You're something else, Tiara. And the drawer full of candy? Is that a rich-girl thing too?"
  54. >Diamond's cheeks turned slightly pink
  55. >"No, that's just me. My mom won't let me eat candy, so I have to sneak it."
  56. "Whoa! No candy? Yeah I take it back, this place is hell."
  57. >"I know!" Diamond said a little too loud. "I can't believe my mom and dad! They were seriously just going to leave you."
  58. "To be honest, you probably would have left me too. The old you, at least."
  59. >"Well, maybe..."
  60. >Diamond hung her head
  61. >"I'm so sorry. About all of that."
  62. >Her eyes trailed to Scootaloo's legs, with were cross-hatched with scratches and bruises
  63. >"If there's anything I can do to make it up to you, I'll do it."
  64. "Well, there's these new elite-brand soccer pads that--"
  65. >"Deal."
  66. >Diamond was already reaching towards her bedside table for personal credit card when Scootaloo ran over to her and grabbed her wrist
  67. "Whoa, whoa! I wasn't serious! I mean, if you really want to, I won't stop you, but..."
  68. >Scootaloo shook her head, and sat down next to Diamond, leaving her hand on the back of Diamond's
  69. "You don't have to apologize for them. It's not your fault. Honestly, it was pretty awesome how you jumped out of the car to come save me. Not that I needed saving or anything, of course. But still, it was kinda cool."
  70. >"Cool?"
  71. >Diamond let out something between a laugh and a hiccup
  72. >"Maybe. Ugh, I feel so bad. Even when I'm trying to be a better person, things just keep going wrong. I hate this. I hate them."
  73. "Forget about them. You did what was right. You were the hero. You're pretty alright, Diamond."
  74. >Diamond looked down to where Scootaloo's hand was still grabbing her
  75. >And then, on impulse, she threw her arms around Scootaloo, squeezing her around her waist
  76. >She could feel Scootaloo's lithe form just beneath the towel, and smelled the sweet aromas of shampoo and soap on the girl's skin
  77. "Yo, where's this coming from?"
  78. >"Nowhere. I just... I needed it."
  79. >Diamond pulled away from the hug, folding her hands in her lap
  80. >"Sorry. I don't know what came over me."
  81. "Hey, no complaints here."
  82. >Scootaloo leaned back on the bed, resting her weight on her elbows
  83. >The towel was threatening to come undone, but Scootaloo didn't seem to notice or care
  84. >"Do you want me to get you something to wear? My clothes probably aren't your style, but..."
  85. "Nah, it's okay. I'm fine just chilling like this."
  86. >"I see."
  87. >Diamond's eyes flashed to the embroidered DT, which was currently placed right over Scootaloo's left breast, then she focused her attention back on the floor
  88. >"Some food, perhaps? I can have Randolph bring us a snack platter."
  89. >Scootaloo's face brightened up
  90. >"Dude, a snack *platter?* Now you're talking."
  91. >Diamond smiled a little
  92. >"I'll ask him for a little bit of everything."
  94. >Soon, both girls were seated on Diamond's bed, chatting
  95. >Scootaloo stayed wrapped in her towel, and stuffed her face with everything Randolph brought, asking for seconds, then for thirds
  96. >Diamond was surprised at just how easy it was to talk to her
  97. >Even though Diamond had made peace with the Crusaders, she'd never just had time to... talk, like this
  98. >Scootaloo gushed about her junior league's performance, about her adoration for Rainbow Dash and the varsity team, about the narrow escape she and the others had made when they sneaked onto Old Man Discord's creepy old property, and so on
  99. >And what Diamond loved most was that Scootaloo was the kind of touchy conversationalist; she would just casually reach over and tap Diamond's hands, arms, or knees every time she was getting into what she was saying
  100. >Each touch made Diamond feel warm and bubbly, and soon she'd lost all track of time
  101. >Diamond found herself laughing along with her, her heart lighter than it had felt in... well, she didn't even really know
  102. >But gradually, she found her spirits starting to fade again
  103. "Diamond? You okay?"
  104. >"Hmm? Oh, fine."
  105. "You spaced out on me. You didn't even laugh at my great joke about Sweetie's sister."
  106. >"I'm sorry."
  107. >Diamond was just about to take a bite out of a celery stick, then she threw it back on the platter
  108. >"Ugh, I just hate my mom and dad so much. I never got to do anything fun like you three. I'm just stuck up in here, they have me on a leash. I never got to do anything wild, or fun, or... real," she said, unable to meet Scootaloo's eyes and instead playing with the bed's Egyptian cotton quilt. "And maybe now I never will."
  109. "Whoa, hey. Hey."
  110. >Scootaloo reached out and laid her hand on Diamond's shoulder
  111. "What do you mean, too late? It's not too late."
  112. >"It is. They'll never let me out of the house. They control everything I do, and--"
  113. >There was a knock on the door, followed by Randolph's voice
  114. >"Ahem. Mistress Tiara? You parents have asked that I tell you to, erm, 'Tell the riffraff to go home, she's making it impossible to sleep.' End quote."
  115. >Diamond buried her hands in her hair
  116. >"Agh! See? Every time I have something good, they want to get rid of it. And there's nothing I can do to stand up to them. Nothing I do matters."
  117. >Scootaloo set the tray of snacks aside
  118. "Whoa, hey. Why can't you stand up to them?"
  119. >"They don't care. They'll just ignore me until they get what they want."
  120. "Then..."
  121. >Scootaloo moved up closer to Diamond, now that there was no tray between them
  122. "...maybe you have to do something they can't ignore?"
  123. >"Like what?"
  124. >Scootaloo leaned in close, and Diamond felt a tingling, almost static energy flow over her skin
  125. "Something wild. Or fun."
  126. >"I have a-absolutely no idea what you're talking about."
  127. "Neither do I, honestly. That's what makes it fun."
  128. >Scootaloo moved backwards on the bed, until she was resting up against Diamond's pillows
  129. "You wanna... wanna *do it?*"
  130. >"Do it?" Diamond asked
  131. >Though a part of her didn't understand, a part of her could feel this sort of manic, nervous energy welling up in her
  132. >It made her tongue feel thick and every part of her shivery and electrified
  133. "Yeah. Right here, under their roof. They'll freak the fuck out."
  134. >"You... no! I couldn't, I don't even know--"
  135. >Diamond shook her head
  136. >"Their room is right on the other side of the floor. They'd hear."
  137. "Exactly," Scootaloo said
  138. >Her eyes were shimmering with a manic excitement now
  139. >"And how would they stop you? They'd just have to sit there and listen. They'd never be able to look you in the eyes again."
  140. >"H-hah. That's crazy. You're totally crazy."
  141. "I thought you wanted crazy?"
  142. >"I do, but this is... I haven't done anything like this."
  143. "I can teach ya."
  144. >"You've done this before?"
  145. "One or two times."
  146. >"Hmph. I don't believe you."
  147. "Well, I got one way to prove it."
  148. >Scootaloo fidgeted with the corner of her towel
  149. "You in?"
  150. >"I... I don't..."
  151. >Diamond thought of her parents, lying in bed just a few dozen feet away, her mom reading a fashion magazine and her dad ignoring her, obsessively checking the Canterlot markets
  152. >"I don't want to be their perfect little girl anymore."
  153. "Oh man, that's hot."
  154. >Scootaloo was almost ready to pull off her towel when Diamond stood up
  155. >"Wait. I want to do this right."
  156. >She strode across the room and opened her bedroom door
  157. >Outside, the hallway was dark, but she could see all the way down to her parents' room
  158. "Oh, man! They're gonna hear everything loud and clear now."
  159. >"Perfect."
  160. >Leaving the bedroom door open, Diamond returned to the bed and knelt in front of Scootaloo
  161. >"Now... how do I do this?" she asked
  162. >The energy welling in her was rising up into her cheeks now, and she could feel a radiant blush coloring them
  163. "Well, first we gotta get outta these fancy duds, so..."
  164. >Scootaloo casually opened her towel
  165. "...check it out."
  166. >Beneath the towel, Scootaloo was uniformly mocha-brown, with only slightly lighter skin at her chest and groin suggesting tan lines
  167. >Her breasts were practically nonexistent, just nubs of flesh with dark purple nipples in their center
  168. >Beneath her flat, toned belly, Scootaloo's sex was shaved bare
  169. "You like?"
  170. >"I don't really know. I think so."
  171. "Just say yes," Scootaloo replied with a wink. "Your turn."
  172. >"Right."
  173. >Diamond reached down to the hem of her dress, and began pulling it up and over her head
  174. >She had started developing earlier than the other girls in her class, and already had breasts and a decent ass to flaunt, something she was extremely proud of
  175. >However, she'd always imagined her first time stripping down for someone being with a generic Hot Boy type
  176. >She hadn't expected it would be with Scootaloo, and she was surprised at how excited she was getting as the other girl's hungry eyes drank in her body
  177. >Scootaloo whistled
  178. "Okay, your stuck-up attitude is making a little more sense now. Oh my god..."
  179. >Diamond blushed furiously, grinning like an idiot as she slipped her panties off and tossed them aside
  180. >Unlike Scootaloo, she still hadn't figured out shaving "down there," and had a bit of purple-and-white fuzz around her privates
  181. >"Well, we're naked now. How do we do this?"
  182. >Scootaloo pointed downwards
  183. "Just put your mouth here, and you can figure out the rest."
  184. >"Ew, what? My mouth? On your... you're insane."
  185. "It feels good, trust me! At least, Dash likes it when I do it to her."
  186. >"Seriously?"
  187. "Dude, just imagine how pissed they would be if they knew," Scootaloo said, gesturing to the next room over. "It'll be quick! And I'll get you next."
  188. >"Agh. Fine. But you can't tell anyone at school about this, understand? I mean it."
  189. "Oh, I won't," Scootaloo said, totally not crossing her fingers
  190. >Diamond bend over, laying out along her bed with her butt up in the air
  191. >Her face approached Scootaloo's pussy, and she was internally grateful the other girl had showered
  192. >A large part of her brain was telling her that this was filthy, degrading, and she shouldn't dare let Scootaloo talk her into it
  193. >But the energy welling inside her leaped for joy as she got closer
  194. >She felt raunchy, secretive, and totally rebellious
  195. >Closing her eyes, Diamond brought her mouth to Scootaloo's pussy
  196. >She started with her lips closed, and found it wasn't that bad
  197. >Just skin, with the slightest sour smell of Scootaloo's musk
  198. >She opened her mouth and let her tongue flatten against the other girl's labia, moistening them with her saliva
  199. "Ooooh, whoa..."
  200. >Scootaloo moaned, so loudly that Diamond's parents surely heard it
  201. >Diamond imagined their horrified faces, and held the image in her head as she swirled her tongue over Scootaloo's junk
  202. >Scootaloo's thighs were shaking now, and Diamond noticed that, when her tongue came close to Scootaloo's clitoris, the other girl trembled even harder
  203. >So she took the entire fleshy pearl in her mouth, gently suckling it
  204. "A-ah! Oh my god oh my gooood, whoa... whoa..."
  205. >Scootaloo's hips reflexively twitched, pushing her snatch against Diamond's mouth
  206. >Her feet came to rest on Diamond's back, holding her pinned to the bed as she serviced her friend
  207. >Scootaloo's toes dug into her skin, and the other girl's raspy voice broke into a high-pitched squeal
  208. "Please don't stop, I'm so close... I'm already so close, whoa, w-whoa~"
  209. >Something sour and hot dribbled into Diamond's mouth, mingling with her spit, and she swallowed it without thinking
  210. "Holy shit, dude," Scootaloo panted. "I never came so hard in my life... ah~!"
  211. >Diamond still wasn't finished
  212. >She planted little kisses on Scootaloot's wet lips, then experimented with just what her tongue could do
  213. >First she flattened it out and dragged it along Scootaloo's labia, which made the girl coo
  214. >Then she gently prodded Scootaloo's inner folds, which made her gasp
  215. >And finally she let her tongue swirl over Scootaloo's clitoris, bringing the other girl to a second, shuddering orgasm
  216. "Fuck, Diamond, r-relax... you're gonna make me pass out, oh god..."
  217. >"You were so loud."
  218. "Your fault."
  219. >"And I Think you promised something about returning the favor."
  220. "Yeah! I'm a pro at this, dude. Just wait."
  221. >They swapped places
  222. >Diamond fell into her pile of pillows, folding her arms behind her back, and opened her legs for Scootaloo to service her
  223. >"Oooh. This part I *really* like..."
  224. >There was no way her parents hadn't heard by now
  225. >Diamond opened her mouth and moaned, begging for more
  226. >"Scootaloo... ah... I f-fucking *love* you..."
  227. >Scootaloo caught Diamond's eye and winked
  228. >She must have been experienced, because her tongue immediately found every secret, sensitive spot of Diamond's sex, even occasionally breaking away to trail down her thighs
  229. >With a wet *squelch*, she slipped a finger up inside Diamond
  230. >Diamond writhed beneath Scootaloo's touch, groaning and gasping in delight
  231. >Her cries of pleasure grew louder and louder, beyond her control
  232. >The whole house must have heard her!
  233. >With a
  234. >Diamond's thighs clenched so hard they made her eyes water, and she couldn't help back spurting stream of her fluids as they sprayed over Scootaloo's face
  235. >Panting, Diamond collapsed back in the bed
  236. >Scootaloo rolled away, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand
  237. "So? Pretty great, huh?"
  238. >"You... that was..."
  239. >Diamond was panting, and her voice sounded like barely more than a squeak after so much crying out
  240. "Think I should probably get outta here soon, eh?"
  241. >"Probably. Ah, they're going to be so mad..."
  242. >Diamond's heart clenched with mixed dread and excitement
  243. >Either way, she'd soon have to see just what their antics had done to her mom and dad
  244. >Scootaloo sat up on the bed, herself still a little shaky
  245. "You, uh, got something for me to wear?"
  246. >"Oh, of course!"
  247. >Diamond sat up, and was just about to jump out of bed when Scootaloo placed a hand on her arm
  248. "Wait. First, just real quick, uh..."
  249. >She closed her eyes, leaned in, and kissed Diamond
  250. "It just felt kinda wrong we didn't do that part yet. Heh."
  251. >Diamond blinked twice
  252. >Somehow, after all they'd done, that had been the most surprising part
  253. >She leaned in and kissed Scootaloo back
  254. >Then she helped the other girl dress, took her hand, and lead her to the front door
  255. >Outside, the rain had ceased, and a fresh, earthy smell hung in the air
  256. >The girls parted with a second kiss, and Diamond gently brushed her hand along Scootaloo's perky rear as the other girl turned to leave
  258. >After closing the door, Diamond turned back to the main staircase, only to find her mom staring at the top
  259. >The expression on her face was unreadable
  260. >"You..."
  261. "Is something the matter, mother?" Diamond asked innocently
  262. >"Absolutely unacceptable. Sickening. I can't believe you would... with another girl... and some futureless deadbeat's child, no less."
  263. "I'm not sure what you're talking about," you say with a smug grin spreading over your face. "I enjoyed myself."
  264. >Your mom looks away, humiliated and blushing
  265. >"You'll regret that. Mark my words. We can keep you in your room forever, if you can't behave."
  266. "That's fine with me. There's plenty I can do in there."
  267. >Spoiled looks like she's going to be sick
  268. >"Insolent little brat. We'll find a way to punish you for this, Diamond. We will."
  269. "Of course you will. And if you do, I might just have to tell everyone at school what happened."
  270. >"You wouldn't dare."
  271. "No..."
  272. >Diamond slowly ascended the stairs, walking straight past her mom
  273. "I probably wouldn't. But I could. And I might even want to see her again."
  274. >With that, she returned to her room and fell into bed
  275. >That twisted, wonderful feeling she'd felt with Scootaloo still hadn't left her, it had merely coiled in her belly, waiting to be fed again
  276. >Diamond was very, very ready to satisfy it
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