Interview with the Vampire (a Rothschild) v2.0

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  1. Interview with the Vampire (a Rothschild) Updated
  5. He showed up on Godlike Productions in 2011.  I think he's real.  There has been a great disturbance in the Force.  I think the puppetmasters finalized their endgame in 2011 and they sent one of their own to give us foreshadowings, and thereby karmically get our permission before screwing us into an eternal Dark Age.  Note that he repeatedly said he cannot be held responsible for people failing to ask the right questions.  Most of his disclosure matches up with stuff I have found elsewhere.  A yearlong LARP would be way beyond the attention span of the average troll, and this guy is also much more logically consistent than the average troll or group of trolls could ever be.  He said a handful of things which were absurd, but he (or I) might be mistaken, or he might have said these things to illustrate deeper truths.  He dodged a lot of questions because he considered the askers to be retarded.  He spilled more electrons mocking people and being a grammar Nazi than answering questions.  He obviously had a high IQ but he went on GLP instead of, say, ZeroHedge.  Was this due to ego, or a desire to make his disclosure among people who would fail to ask the right questions?  A handful of important dodged questions and a few possible lies are noted.  He also talked about a few things which were not yet apparent in 2011.
  7. Given the subject matter, we must consider the possibility of a psyop by the Rothschilds, by an intelligence agency, or by one of the other bloodline families.  But if it is a psyop to humanize the Rothschilds, he would have kept the gloating down to about a 7, and it would still be believable.  If it was a psyop to mislead us, he would have dialed the weird conspiracy theories up to 9.  If it was a psyop to incite the people against the Rothschilds, he would have dialed the evil up to 11.
  9. Remember, if this was a permission disclosure, he would NOT have lied outright.
  10. Remember, a Rothschild wouldn't waste this much time for fun.
  11. Remember, a Vampire (or the devil) always needs permission to enter your house.  I doubt a Rothschild would do us this sort of favor out of the goodness of his heart.  Their altruism is towards their bloodline and they believe disclosure will allow them to skate on a karmic technicality.
  12. Know your enemy; Pride goes before the fall and all that.
  14. --------------------------------------------------------------
  16. The source material took two days to read even AFTER removing impostors and people he didn't respond to. Here are the condensed points:
  18. -He is extremely arrogant and cares nothing about muggles.  They deserve their misery and their lowly station.
  20. -Imagine a 4chan troll who is told to go to Black Lives Matter and give honest answers to all serious questions for a year, and somehow there will be no ban from a ban-happy site.  This sets the tone.
  22. -He does not seem to be a true sadist.  He spends extra time giving advice to smart people who show a genuine desire to improve themselves.  This would be analogous to some Hoteps showing up.  The end of the story is not a complete poo-fight.
  24. -He says he is a "black sheep" of the family.
  26. -More like a "dark gray sheep" in a very black family?
  28. -The Rothschilds view us as cattle.  They want to harvest our energy forever.
  30. -They use our own evil nature to get us backstabbing each other while they milk us.  For example, they start a war, finance both sides with counterfeit money, pillage the loser, and pillage the winner by using the debt as puppet strings.
  32. -The New World Order is (was?) pretty much ironclad as of 2011.
  34. -We create our own reality, but we are EXTREMELY suggestible
  36. -What we consider to be physical reality is actually an illusion created by consciousness
  38. -They control us by creating our illusions (money, media narrative, education, false flags, etc)
  40. -Money is nothing.  It's just a means to power/control.  That's what it's really about.
  42. -Selective breeding works just as well on humans as it does on any other organism.  So be careful what you select for, and what you select against.  (Rothschild minions run witch hunts against plebs who say this; therefore it's true).
  44. -The Rothschilds and their ancestors have been carefully cultivating their own bloodline for thousands of years, practicing eugenics within their own ranks, while encouraging us to do the exact opposite.
  46. -They intend to bifucate the human species this way.  They consider it to be fiat accompli.
  48. -The West will collapse and devolve into tribal warfare.  Few will survive.
  50. -The Vatican is part of the whole conspiracy.  They are sitting on some big secret.
  52. -Jesuits are of little significance
  54. -The bloodline families believe they are descended from fallen angels (aliens?)
  56. -Bloodlines are more important than individuals
  58. -There are multiple (13?) bloodline families that learned the secrets of bloodline manipulation in ancient times, and have been trying to take over the world for thousands of years.
  60. -At least two bloodline families have powerful secrets which will allow them to rise to the top, where they must fight each other.
  62. -Ultimately one single bloodline must dominate all the others.  Will its patriarch be the Antichrist?
  64. -He dismisses all satan stuff, all Jesus stuff, and all popular concepts of a loving God.  He talks about it in a mocking, almost atheistic tone, yet he is obviously not an atheist.
  66. -He does take Genesis seriously, and he takes prophecy seriously, in a "satanically inverted" sort of way.  He says the Biblical 1000 year peace refers to a time when the perfected bloodline gains complete dominance and rules over about half a billion slaves.  Won't be peaceful for the slaves.
  68. -They are poisoning everyone with subsidized carbs.
  70. -They are fastidious about their own health, even being vegans, except for "rituals".
  72. -He vaguely hints at something like cannibalism, loosh, or drinking the blood of the traumatized children (for adrenochrome?) He hints at DMT.  Eating pineal glands?
  74. -He fully understands the monetary system and is amazed that we stupidly go along with it. (The fact is that ALL the money is counterfeit.  The Rothschilds are buying up all the real stuff and all the politicians with counterfeit money.  To understand this, you will have to understand what money is).
  76. -The truly powerful crime families are behind the scenes.  Bushes, even royals matter little.
  78. -He considers the Bushes to be Beverly Hillbillies, not a real bloodline family.  Hints their bloodline has a secret.  Hints Barbara is their "queen".  There is speculation that Aliester Crowley fathered Barbara Bush during a satanic ritual.
  80. -"Family Secret" usually means secret knowledge which resonates with that family's unique evolutionary course.  Maybe some are best at split personality mind control, others are best at money manipulation, others are best at religious manipulation, others are best at inciting the rabble, etc. They may have knowledge from the dawn of history.
  82. -If families consider each other worthy, and have aligned interests, they may join bloodlines.
  84. -The stock and bond markets are a harvest which removes fiat money from the pockets of the working livestock and puts it in the pockets of those with inside connections.  This also allows the Rothschilds to counterfeit more fiat.
  86. -Taxes are also a harvest with a similar purpose.  The Vampire is so strongly social-Darwinist that he doesn't see taxes as theft.  If people cannot muster the courage to fight the IRS and the cops, or if they are not smart enough to buy and jump through loopholes like the super-rich do, then they do not deserve to keep the fruits of their labor!
  88. -Money is a false god which ruins the little people anyway.  Only the elite truly know how to spend it.
  90. -The destruction of the middle class is deliberate
  92. -3rd world people make better serfs
  94. -It is obvious that they have a particularly low opinion of black/brown people, but they are inciting all races against Whites, because we are the most formidable opposition.  Other races will be encouraged to genocide each other in due time, or they will be starved under Communism, until the world has a population of half a billion slaves.
  96. -It is best to respect traditional gender roles, and to do arranged marriages of young virgin brides.  Of course, we are encouraged to do the exact opposite, which results in the destruction of the family- as intended.
  98. -They have a dualistic view of good and evil, i.e. they are different sides of the same coin, and the contrast is what powers happenings and evolution.  In this sense there is no good or evil, there is only knowledge of this energy source.  I could see them saying that this is the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, and therefore lucifer is actually "good" in this sense, because he led Eve to forbidden knowledge.  Lucifer seduced Eve to establish competing bloodlines, and the bloodline of Cain will become like Gods... but the Vampire did not say these things.  It doubt it would be in his interest to do so.  He believes it is foolish to do any real favors for people of another bloodline.
  100. -He places high emphasis on knowledge, bloodlines (especially Rh- bloodlines), free will, and respecting the natural order.
  102. -Respecting free will is ironic, because they try so hard to brainwash us, but they consider brainwashing to be fair game.  We don't have to go along.  We could, in theory, be smart enough to escape from it.  We could, in theory, have parents who taught us well, chose their partners well, and had enough money to homeschool us and give us food that the Rothschilds didn't poison.  But he mocks everyone for being beneath the vampires' superior intellect even as they make all efforts to dumb us down.  He mocks us for being helpless against the weight of the system they have deployed against us, even as they slowly crush those who try to leave that system.
  104. -We act as our own jailers in exchange for small creature comforts and pats on the head.
  106. -He claims Rothschilds didn't create the surveillance state.  That was lesser minions seeking their own advantage.  Rothschilds are more interested in controlling geopolitical happenings, money flows, narratives, and big social and genetic trends.
  108. -They operate on multi hundred year timescales and prefer to advance their agenda via carefully controlled changes that cannot be seen in a single generation.  Boiling the frog.  It works.  Our founding fathers would be shocked at what we put up with.  Even someone from Kennedy's time would be shocked.
  110. -They consider fear to be an energy source.
  112. -They laugh at anyone who considers honest work to be a virtue.  Just part of the programming.  A true aristocrat gains his fortune by fraud.
  114. -Pills are just another profitable trap which people could avoid if they wanted to.
  116. -Jesus's crime was disrupting the lawful banking activities in the Temple.
  118. -60s music was part of their plot to wreck everything (see Laurel Canyon).
  120. -American judges are a bunch of corrupt puppets.
  122. -Tesla supposedly had the "keys to the kingdom" (free energy) within his reach! It was thus necessary to change the lock.  All the documents needed to rediscover free energy are publicly available.
  124. -This vampire seems to know more about Tesla than he knows about the occult.  Odd.  But our own bloodlines do have a lot of variation in tastes.
  126. -They do NOT like disruptive technologies.  But even as late as 2011, I don't think they felt threatened by the internet.  It enables porn, shopping, stock trading, social media, video games, bureaucratization and "spreading democracy", which are all good (for them).  Conspiracy theories are 99% retarded and are good at stopping us from reproducing.
  128. -Even a correct conspiracy theory is useless if we are genetically incapable of organizing at their level.  I met an old cow with a vague conspiracy theory about the butcher.  It didn't help her. Likewise, the Rothschilds do not see us ever being able to threaten them.  No mention of us basement dwellers being able to redpill smarter patriots in the government.  I guess the Rothschilds are quite confident in their finely evolved talent for keeping patriots OUT of government.
  130. -Public education is designed to crush childrens' spirits and turn them into mindless synchophants, bootlickers, and drones.
  132. -1500 Rothschilds control most of the world's labour and resources, one way or another.
  134. -He says Hitler did nothing wrong.   He was defending his people from the predations of the Rothschilds.  Now look at the history of Weimar Germany.  Is it repeating?
  136. -He kind of hints at the conspiracy theory that Hitler was 1/4 Rothschild.
  138. -He expects the Germans to be one of the last targeted bloodlines to go extinct but they are targeted nonetheless.  Safety measure.
  140. -Any upstart bloodline that seeks to perfect itself will inevitably be targeted for extinction by the Rothschilds.
  142. -This explains why the Swedes are being encouraged to offer themselves as a sacrifice on the altar of political correctness in order to atone for the sins of their blood brothers.  The Swedes did nothing wrong... except for being pathologically altruistic, which is a mortal sin, deserving of bloodline death.  The vampire said nothing about the impending doom of the Swedes, but if he did, he probably would have said they must die for these reasons.
  144. -The best ways to protect against the Rothschilds are strong family, traditional values, homeschooling, and small communities based on organic farming and barter.  Sounds like my patented Amish Mafia strategy.  Most of these people will still not survive the coming dark age because the Rothschilds intend to slowly squeeze them down to nothing.
  146. -There is no such thing as blame.  Everything is either your fault or your bloodline's fault, which is the same thing.
  150. -Justice is a beautiful lie.
  152. -It's not cheating if you rig the system.
  154. -Never apologize for anything.
  156. -Psychopathy is completely natural.
  158. -"Whenever there are inequities, we are there...getting our cut"  (Inequity is good! Let's create more! Then we will get liberals to whine about it, and demand a big-government "solution" which creates even MORE inequity, ad infinitum!)
  160. -Rothschilds don't practice ritual sodomy.  (This one is hard to swallow.  I would believe in free energy before I believe this.  Alefantis is a Rothschild.)
  162. -Dodged question about MONARCH programming, but the guy who asked it was a nut.
  164. -The end of national fiat is at hand, and the Rothschilds are planning something big.  The conventional answer is that they are planning world fiat.  But how to manufacture the excuses to get there?  How to shift the blame for the financial collapse?  Rothschild says nothing of WWIII.  He does say the next big thing is "well underway already" and "on everybody's minds".
  166. -It's not BitCoin- too early to be on everyone's mind.  He later says "Upcoming changes to information systems and computational power will make the conceptual platform moot anyway."
  168. -It's not a chip, carbon credits, food control, world fiat, or a false religion (though they may still inflict these on us).
  170. -"I am referring to revolutionary changes which will allow a system of control which surpasses fiat on an infinite scale! Think of what such a system could be comprised of!"  ...  "FIAT has done its job. The NEXT system implements a level of control with an inescapable feedback mechanism which encourages seamless and utter COMPLIANCE!"  
  172. -Voice directly to brain combined with remote stimulation of the pleasure center?  That would still satisfy "free will" on a technicality... and they are masters of technicalities.  Maybe some kind of AI middle managers, big data predictive AI, or mass simulation to constrain our choices before we even make them?  Or thinking on long genetic timescales as they do... control of genes and breeding to achieve full domestication, with no free-range humans left?
  174. -"It has been lost on many the significance of the (financial) attack upon GREECE, birthplace of WESTERN CIVILIZATION!"
  176. -There will be something like world Communism, and a war with Iran.  They are using the Book of Revelation as a playbook- surely from the devil's side!
  178. -Dodged some questions about the Vatican, offworld power structures, and what the Rothschilds are doing with all the gold.  Did say "Gold is THE cosmic currency...perhaps the ultimate source of knowledge. HOW that knowledge is unlocked is an entirely other question!"  WTF?  Does he expect us to believe the Annunaki are trading knowledge for gold?
  179. He does later say that MOST ancient alien information is rubbish, so I guess that would include the Annunaki, because they are the main ancient alien story.  OTOH, the Illuminati would obviously be attracted to the story because it's Babylonian, and it involves genetic tinkering to create a slave race, and it also includes "divine" rulers. What if they believe Nibiru is not a planet, but a mothership that visits Earth every 3600 years?
  181. -Mentions that the Archons are real and have been here since the dawn of civilization.
  183. -Hinted at getting involved in controlling the weather in China (and elsewhere).
  185. -"Landowners" do not own or control their land.  Rothschild does, via government goons.  Oppression of homeowners, small landlords, and small farmers is part of the plan and it will get worse.  Might want to get mobile.  (See, for example UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030).
  187. -He says the Rothschilds are "free of fiat", i.e. they do not have bank accounts.  They own the banks and the central banks so they essentially counterfeit the digits as needed!  Helps them keep a low profile, too.
  189. -Their long life is due to vegan diet, distilled water and "esoteric discoveries".  Hemp seed and oil is good food and governments are keeping this suppressed.  Nothing about transfusing the blood of sacrificed children.  Nobody asked.
  191. -He says eating meat is a blood sacrifice to the Archons within us and the animals' misery accumulates to us, in accordance with natural law.  He cares more about animals than humans.  He implies that eating meat is worse than anything the Rothschilds have done.  His longest rant was about this.  WTF.
  193. -A possible hint about hamburgers:  "Eating animals is eating one's own. It is not a FOOD SOURCE per se, but cannibalism."  He probably meant it in an energetic sense.
  195. -Freemasons are useful idiots.  No mention of the Albert Pike Plan for WWIII.  No mention of the Illuminati corrupting their upper ranks and subverting their rituals.
  197. -Rockefellers are hoes, and Rothschilds are the pimps.  Note that these two bloodlines do not like each other, and may engage in proxy war, but they still cooperate with each other in establishing the NWO.  It's like Mafia families agreeing that all judges and cops must be corrupt, all small businesses must pay extortion, etc.  That arrangement is more important than the squabble of the day.
  199. -A member of another bloodline family might be in the threads.  He takes a more conciliatory tone, wants to wash off the devil, even if it means bringing down the NWO.  Not clear if he's concerned about humanity or concerned about the Rothschilds having such a dominant position within the NWO that he is willing to flip the tables.  Not clear if he's even real.
  201. -Kabbalah and magic are foolish superstitions; there is only Natural Law.  But he is obviously not a strict materialist.  He implies that some "magic" is actually based in Natural Law.
  203. -He dismisses astrology and the crazier David Icke stuff about Saturn, the black cube, the moon matrix etc.  Nothing about the Reptilians.  I suspect he would say they are actually Archons.  David Icke has also kinda gone in this direction recently.
  205. -UFOs are real.  Most are ours, some are alien.
  207. -He says Rothschild control of China is nearly complete.  Note that China had a revolution which involved persecution of traditionalists and the extinction of any ruling bloodline that cared about the health of their own people.  Same thing with Russia, or pretty much any country that has had a Communist revolution.  France was the testing ground.  
  209. -Libyan "rebels" established a Rothschild central bank shortly after capturing their first major city: Benghazi.  Ring a bell?  Which Rothschild puppets had dirty dealings there?
  211. -Gaddafi was one of the good guys.  He wanted to establish the gold Islamic dinar, nationalize oil infrastructure built by BP (a Rothschild subsidiary), and he was keeping migrants out of Europe.  And Libya was one of the few countries without a Rothschild-controlled central bank.  Bet you never heard this from the Rothschild-controlled media.
  213. -He says that plants such as hemp are the closest thing we have to gods and this is why governments have banned them.  Did a hippie slip through the filter?  Did the Vampire make a stoned Internet post?  Did he make any others?  Is this the reason why he is a "black sheep"?
  215. -Towards the end, he gave more hippie-ish answers, and he also attracted groupies.  I wonder how many of his fans genuinely agreed with him, and how many simply realized they could get better answers out of him by stroking his enormous ego.
  217. -Expect another 9/11.  Expect a "slow burn" of Western civilization.
  219. -They have a large number of underground bases in which to ride out the collapse and war which they have planned for us.
  221. -Communism will never work (for us) because it goes against Natural Law.  Works very well for the Rothschilds though.  They financed The Communist Manifesto!
  223. -He has a similarly dim view of capitalism, especially America's corporatized vision of it.
  225. -Israel is "a disgusting blight upon the Earth". Ironic, because his family manipulated the events of WWI and WWII in order to establish and populate Israel. Killing the strongest men of Europe was a huge bonus.  Killing the weakest of the Rothschilds' (distant) relatives was also a bonus, especially since it furthered the narrative which imprisons the West today. It is a testament to their evil genius that even though Hitler rebelled against them, they took his lemons and made lemonade.
  227. -He talks about legal technicalities involved in getting allodial title and thereby avoiding property tax, which is the basis of all other fraudulently imposed taxes.  Such tax loopholes do exist, but in practice only Rothschilds get to jump through them, because they own the legal system.
  229. -More musings on how great it would be to live on an organic farm near the woods, pay no tax, barter with like minded neighbors, be in perfect health due to perfect vegetarian diet and herbal medicine (he suggests multiple books on these subjects), have a traditional housewife, homeschool a bunch of kids, pass down secret knowledge and spend a few millenia studying the ways of nature and tinkering with the bloodline until we are smart enough to extend the work of Nikola Tesla.  I think it's a fine idea.  Sounds like the perfect life, really.   Especially if you're a Rothschild with a license to counterfeit so the outside world gives you tools, gasoline, books, etc... instead of the cops, zombies, and zombie-cops the Rothschilds will eventually inflict on any of us who try this!
  231. -There were a few long, ZeroHedge-flavored economic comments.  Main points:  Don't expect a good economy, a viable small business, a valuable degree, or a decent middle-class job.  Buy farmland; save in gold and silver.
  233. -There was a strange tangent about alkaline blood protecting against nanobots delivered by insectoid drones.
  235. -------------------------------------------------------------
  237. My further comments:
  239. -His overall brain vector looks something like this:  40% Goa'uld, 30% Hitler, 15% Unabomber, 15% David Icke.  Very dangerous enemy.
  241. -Socialism is a twisted joke designed to serve the elite.  Read one page and ask yourself, does this Vampire care about the poor?  So why do his relatives and their minions (such as Soros and Hillary) promote socialism?
  243. -None of the forum participants were clued in enough to ask about pedophilia blackmail rings.  There was just one (dodged) question about baby raping.  
  245. -Nothing about the CIA being the world's largest crime syndicate of drug smugglers, terrorist suppliers, corpse-mongers, gang importers, puppet installers, false flaggers, propaganda artists and all-around Vampire henchmen.  The FBI isn't much better.
  247. -Nothing about the bloodline families increasing their conspiratorial prowess by using ritual abuse to trigger dissociative states in children in order to program them, Manchurian Candidate style.  Nothing about the bloodline families having evolved greater ease of entering dissociative states due to imposing, um, "unnatural selection" on their own children.
  249. -Nobody figured out what the Next Big Control Grid was.
  251. -The Freescale Semiconductor patent was not important enough to be the next big thing, and Jacob Rothschild would have had access to the technology even without downing MH370.
  253. -Nobody cared about the welfare state, communism, mass 3rd world immigration, Soros, radical Islam, WWIII, feminism, destruction of the family etc.  Nobody recognized that these are weapons of reverse-eugenics which the puppetmasters use against us.  Not sure if this oversight was due to brainwashing, stupidity, or cowardice.  Probably all three.
  255. -Nobody talked about soft brainwashing techniques such as shifting the meanings of words, occult symbolism, getting people to worship degenerate celebrities, neuro linguistic programming, faking grassroots support, Hollyweird garbage etc.
  257. -Many posters persisted with sperg-outs or New Age nonsense or pestering the Vampire for freebies instead of trying to obtain something truly useful:  Knowledge.  The crew of Godlike Productions was a disappointment.  The vampire chose his "disclosure" forum well.
  259. -A few people saw the big picture.  "I was thinking last night that I've encountered more wisdom from you in this thread than in all my university lectures put together."  That's not saying much, because universities stuff you full of Rothschild swill.  When you graduate, you will be dumber than when you started, plus you will have a bunch of non-dischargeable debt to the Rothschilds so you will be chained to a crappy job for life.
  261. -The vampire took extra care giving advice to the few posters who were already smart and showed a desire to evolve further, in exchange for some ego-stroking.  So he is not pure evil.  He just has a very strict definition of who is human, who is livestock, and who is vermin.
  263. -Rothschilds encourage our smartest women to delay or forgo childbearing so they can work to increase the wealth and power of the Rothschilds.  Women do this in exchange for worthless Rothschild scrip, which they spend on Rothschild consumer crap and Rothschild taxes.  Their Rothschild pensions will evaporate.  They will spend their old age as catladies in one of the West's collapsing third-world banana republics.  This is called "empowerment".
  265. -The reason the entire establishment hates Trump is because the puppetmasters can't control him.  Jeffrey Epstein tried to induct him into their pedo cult but Trump told him to go to hell.  Trump is going to wreck their carefully crafted evil plans.  Look at how the media pillories Trump for everything, including his eating habits and his locker room talk, while they let Hillary and Obama literally get away with murder.    Look at how the Democrats and half the Republicans want to impeach Trump over this Russia witch hunt and some BS tittle tattle from some greedy nutter, but they ignore Hillary and Obama supplying ISIS and allowing the Muslim Brotherhood into the government (among many other crimes).  Really makes you think.
  267. -The last president who rebelled against the vampires was Kennedy, and look what they did to him.  
  269. -Low ranking Illuminati are told that lucifer is a good guy who just wants to give his followers forbidden knowledge, help them to become gods, and show them a good time.  He gets a bad rap because history was written by the victors.  As for the devil, they tell the lower ranks he doesn't exist- but the devil has many names, and I suspect upper ranks know the truth about him.  They have hived this world to the devil.  The Illuminati are also known to worship moloch, Horus, Isis, Osiris, set, Minerva, and probably other gods (most likely Egyptian or Babylonian).
  271. -They see North Korea as a model society.  They have taken notes from the Kims, puppetized them, even supplied them with the means to nuke us when the time is right.
  273. -Except for a few yogis and Edward Abbey types, pretty much THE ENTIRE Left has been seduced by the dark side.  They are stooges of racists worse than Hitler.  Most of the center has been seduced by the dark side (consumerism, apathy, and fashionably average parrotings straight from TV).  On the right, the neocons, Christian Zionists, defense conractors, and most of law enforcement have been seduced by the dark side.  Most low level darkside minions are not truly evil.  Most of them are dupes and intellectual cowards.  The truth will shock them.  We are going to need a lot of cult deprogrammers.
  275. -Do you remember when the Left protested globalization, censorship, Sharia Law, and destruction of the working class?  
  276. What the hell happened to them?
  278. -Do you wonder why the feminists spent decades protesting a so-called "patriarcal rape culture", and then they turned around and welcomed in an ACTUAL patriarchal rape culture, with no care of the consequences for their people and the civilization that had given them the luxury of bitching about sexist air conditioning and random triggerings?  The puppetmasters have turned our own women into a 5th column.  This evil genius plan works because it is fully in accordance with the laws of Nature.  Female nature.  The Vampire said
  279. "Human females are easily subverted and largely selfish. I could comment in greater depth, but this would result in the activation of racism 'subroutines'! I Know the power of THAT!"
  281. -The great struggles are not right vs. left, capitalism vs. communism, bosses vs. workers, whites vs. nonwhites, men vs. women, etc.  These are manufactured conflicts which the vampires use to divide us against each other.  It's a Hegelian dialectic.  Nationalism vs. globalism, and goyim vs. Jews, are more accurate pictures but still not quite there.  The real struggles are freedom vs control, hosts vs. parasites, humanity vs. the vampires, the human spirit vs. the soulless machine, ascension vs. descension, love vs. callous indifference, God vs. satan.
  283. -DO NOT use 23andMe or any other bloodline analysis service.  You and your family might end up on a list.
  285. -Do NOT assume that the Rothschilds are a bunch of spoiled, out-of-touch inbreds who lost most of their wealth during WWII.  That is what their media puppets are telling us to believe.  Do NOT assume that they will repent out of the goodness of their hearts.  Do NOT assume they will leave us alone.  Do NOT assume their political puppets are looking out for us.  Do NOT assume they will die during a collapse or nuclear war.  They will hide in their underground bases.  Do NOT assume they will just eat each other down there.  Some of the pedo elite would probably eat their own mothers to extend their own miserable lives for a week but the Rothschilds don't seem like they would.  Do NOT assume they value their money.  Do NOT assume a collapse wouldn't benefit them, if it increases their knowledge advantage and their genetic advantage (really the same thing in the long run).
  287. -Do not assume that "the people" would be able to challenge anything if they are model NWO citizens, i.e. a bunch of violent, entitled 85IQ mongrels with no national loyalties and no capacity to plan beyond next week's welfare check.  Such people would be too dumb to even know who their enemies are.  That is the point.
  289. -The bloodline families caused at least two previous large-scale collapses and survived both, preserving their knowledge, whereas ours was wiped out, and most of us could not even read.  They are trying to do it again.  They are doing it on all fronts.  Nukes, rapefugees, welfare, feminism, public education, American "healthcare", CNN, McDonalds, Monsanto, Wal-Mart, Goldman Sachs, Federal Reserve, ISIS, US troops guarding Afghan poppy fields... pick your poison.
  291. -Any attempt to run our own country, have our own interest-free money, or improve our own bloodline will be considered an act of war.
  293. -Any attempt to escape the prison will meet stiff resistance.  Any space program will be sidelined by war, bailouts, handouts, and sticky-fingered contractors.  But this planet obviously isn't big enough for the both of us!
  295. --------------------------------------------------------------
  297. Brainstorming solutions:  
  299. 1) The obvious one is to sever their bloodline.  I say they have earned it at this point.  They say bad karma accumulates up the food chain when we eat meat, but what about when they (or their minions) start wars, poison everyone, set pedophiles to rule over us, turn the entire financial system into a giant scam, and destroy Western civilization?  Much like other sociopaths, they greatly overestimate their own karma.  But they are all over the world, and there are other bloodlines out there.  This will have to be a worldwide effort.  Even one country remaining under vampire control could seriously undermine any effort to get rid of them.
  301. 2) Rapture, whether literal or figurative.  If things go according to prophecy, they are in for a nasty surprise.  Even if you think it's unlikely to happen in your lifetime, prepare a spiritual bug-out bag just in case.  Prophecies are coming true.  I think this is undeniable.
  303. 3) Think globally, act locally.  Convert your investments into silver, gold, guns, and farmland.  Minimize your interaction with their system.  Have kids and raise them well.  Spread heretical truths.  Create a collective consciousness which is powerful enough to take back control of reality from them.  We are already doing this on the internet.
  305. 4) Require 24/7 surveillance of all public officials.  Put 4chan in charge of the program.  Only true patriots would even dare seek office.
  307. 5) Gattica meets Blade.  Research their genetic markers, research the genetic and neurological basis of sociopathy and make sure that nobody with these traits gets a position higher than Vampire Hunter (against another vampire bloodline, of course).  Fun idea but unworkable.  They would find some way to weasel out.  They would end up running the program.  They would take their precious essence and splice it into Papuan highlanders if they had to hide that way.
  309. 6) Turn the NSA against them.  Root out and prosecute all the traitors in all the institutions.  Focus on government and finance, but make sure not to miss anyone in the media, intelligence agencies, think tanks, Hollywood, lobby groups, "justice" system, corporations, regulatory agencies, education, etc.  Make it a purge worthy of Stalin.  Confiscate their ill-gotten trillions.  Break the CIA into a million pieces.  Nuke the underground bases.  Abolish the Fed.  Nationalize the banks.  Nationalize the mainstream media.  Deport ANTIFA to Somalia.  Re-animate Joe McCarthy and make him Grand Inquisitor.  Fill the FEMA camps which they built for us.  Bring the troops home.  Close the borders.  Deport illegal immigrants and refugees.  Crack down on election fraud.  Air all dirty laundry of other Western governments.  Investigate 9/11 for real.  Make long-term birth control a requirement for getting any long-term public assistance.  End alimony and no-fault divorce.  Repeal most Federal regulations.  Release all secret technology.  Unleash the Special Forces on the vampires.  We might gain enough time and collective IQ to escape to space before they can regrow their puppet strings into the new government and turn it against us!
  311. 7) Stop rigging the system against small businesses, small farmers, honest men and the middle class.  Make it so there is a Darwinian advantage to living a lifestyle which leads to effective resistance.  
  313. 8) DRAIN THE SWAMP.  But recognize that if the system cannot be reformed (as is most likely), then it needs to die.  Balkanization kills the entire system at once.  No committees, no logrolling, no "reforms" leading to bigger government.  Just... freedom.  Decent, hardworking people will flock to the land where they are rewarded.  Crimminals and parasites will flock to the land where the system still rules.  Everyone will choose a side, and be justly rewarded.  Choose wisely.  You don't want to end up on the wrong side of the DMZ.
  315. 9) ALL crimes must be exposed in all their gory details.  Shock the public, even if it sends 99% of them to the mental hospital.  We must never forget what the the puppetmasters did, and how we degenerated so far that we allowed them to do it.  Keep decentralized backups of this information to be passed down through the generations, because in the long run, festering evil will collapse our civilization and turn us back into savages.  
  317. 10) Schools, universities, and parents should teach the following subjects as the proper foundation for a well-rounded education:  Logic, Rhetoric, Western Civ, Austrian Economics, Classical Liberalism, The Constitution, Cycles of History, Systemic Scams, Cults, Pedophilia Rings, Social Engineering, Common Hustles and How to Avoid Them, Nobody Owes You A Living, Comparative Body Counts of Totalitarian Ideologies (don't forget Islam, Judaism, feminism, and banksterism!), War is a Racket, Globalization Sucks, Common Ways to Screw Up Your Life, Common Ways to Screw Up Your Kids, Symptoms of Societal Brain Cancer, The Simple Life, How To Fix Stuff, Traditional Values Exist for a Reason, Biblical Prophecy, Concepts of God, Central Banking Is Evil, TV is Evil, Facebook is Evil, Debt Is Evil, People Not to Trust, Riflery, Gardening, Nutrition, Sacred Cows and How To Butcher Them, Survivalism, Starve the Beast, Practical Tribalism, Math, Evolution, The Breeding of the Perfect Human Cow, How to Bust Out of the Paddock, Conspiracy 101, The New World Order, They Hate Us For Our Freedoms, The Controlled Demolition of Western Civilization, and Guillotine Carpentry.
  319. -------------------------------------------------------------
  321. Related readings:
  323. r/K selection theory (Rothschilds are extreme K, but all their social engineering projects favor r)
  324. Coudenhove-Kalergi plan (White people make bad slaves)
  325. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
  326. The Creature from Jekyll Island (Federal Reserve)
  327. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
  328. The Red Symphony (Rothschilds manipulate world wars to bring about World Communism)
  329. Confessions of an Economic Hitman
  330. Rules for Radicals (or, how a commie terrorist inspired Hillary and Obama)
  331. War is a Racket
  332. The Road to Serfdom
  333. Brave New World
  334. The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America
  335. Catherine Austin Fitts, re: Slow Burn
  336. Revolt against the Modern World
  337. Satan, Prince of This World
  338. Illuminati mind control leaks by Svali and Cisco Wheeler
  339. Tragedy and Hope
  340. Wetiko (Archons as infectious spirits of evil)
  341. Book of Enoch (Fallen Angels and their knowledge)
  342. Book of Revelation
  343. Law of One (esoteric spiritual laws which the Rotshchilds seem to tiptoe around / invert)
  346. (female nature, i.e. hypergamy)
  347. (Austrian economics, Wall Street, corruption, conspiracies, electronic money-printing)
  348.  (Communist goals)
  349. (ex-banker Roland Bernard on luciferians, terrorism, and who runs the world)
  351. Movies:  
  353. Eyes Wide Shut
  354. They Live
  355. The Matrix
  356. Oblivion
  357. Idiocracy
  358. The Manchurian Candidate
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