Sunday Night Chatroom 2015/05/03 Minutes

MegaBossMan May 3rd, 2015 267 Never
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  1. (18:09:00)-(18:36:13) 1. The Need for Boss Stat Limits
  2. (18:09:00) ThatGuyNamedMike: As I stated, unplayable bosses have no need for stat limits, as they can't even be played as, to begin with, so, I was wondering why we still have bosses with Base HP's of 100 and 110 and 120, etc.
  4. (18:22:43) MegaBossMan: Yes, but the new setup is going beyond that.
  5. (18:23:00) MegaBossMan:​_preview/documents/mission-progre​ssion-by-chapter.txt
  6. (18:23:43) AdrianMarceau: The little numbers at the start of each bracket represent the level of that mission.
  7. (18:24:01) AdrianMarceau: The final battle of the main campaign will be at Level 100.
  8. (18:24:21) AdrianMarceau: Post-game levels jump by a considerable amount.
  9. (18:24:22) MegaBossMan: Not to mention the huge jumps in the chapter afterwards.
  11. (18:28:22) ThatGuyNamedMike: I mean, [Cosmo Man's] stats = 2,000. Triple his base HP, and it's 3,160. Bump him up to Lv. 100, and his HP becomes 10,353. he won't need any help if he has 10,000 health, and some VERY constricting moves.
  13. (18:31:07) AdrianMarceau: Lots of bosses have support or distractions while they sit the in the backgrounds and then BOOM afterwards. Or vice versa, siphoning HP or stats from minions on the sidelines.
  14. (18:33:08) AdrianMarceau: I just don't think stats are the thing to be focusing on yet.
  15. (18:33:38) AdrianMarceau: It feels like a waste to discuss and change them before we even have sprites or abilities or a working prototype of the battle.
  17. (18:37:19)-(18:50:39) 2. The Gallery and its Cobwebs
  18. (18:37:19) ThatGuyNamedMike: The Gallery section is collecting insane amounts of cobwebs. has anybody been through there, lately?
  19. (18:37:38) ThatGuyNamedMike: It's been over a year since anything new was posted in there.
  21. (18:38:33) AdrianMarceau: I'd love it if someone else kept the Gallery up to date.
  22. (18:40:03) AdrianMarceau: I think it would be great if we could get updated screenshots of each area in the game, for sure, as well as all the key menus/sections.
  24. (18:40:28) MegaBossMan: We should probably save the image-updating until AFTER the Update, though.
  25. (18:40:51) AdrianMarceau: That may be wise, but who knows how long that will take. >_>
  27. (18:42:31) AdrianMarceau: My suggestions is that you guys work out among yourself who is going to be taking the screenshots (maybe all of you are) and cropping them and collecting them and then, once everything is ready, Boss or me can upload them to the website.
  28. (18:45:54) AdrianMarceau: And you could also use those screenshots to show off some of the lesser-seen robots in screenshots like the MM3 bots on your side.
  30. (18:47:28) AdrianMarceau: What's a good goal to work toward? Maybe 20 images? 30?
  31. (18:48:59) AdrianMarceau: Three rows of new screenshots.
  32. (18:49:52) AdrianMarceau: Don't worry, I'll group them by date so older ones are lower and probably hidden on the page without an extra click.
  33. (18:50:21) AdrianMarceau: Maybe you have to click through a "view more" link to see all the old ones. I'll figure that out later - you guys just get the screenshots.
  34. [25 images to add, overall]
  36. (18:51:34) 3. Naming Fields
  37. (18:51:34) ThatGuyNamedMike: OK, Adrian, quick question: On a scale of 1-10, how hard has it been to make names for stages of post-MM4 RM's?
  38. (18:52:05) MegaBossMan: Spinstrike and I already suggested a few, so I think Adrian could just take inspiration from those.
  39. 18:55:33) AdrianMarceau: And it's moderately "hard". I think time consuming is more accurate, but as Boss said you guys have already done most of the work for me.
  40. 18:56:06) MegaBossMan: But it seems like in Mega Man canon, that really isn't their place.
  41. (18:56:06) AdrianMarceau: The fusion stars would sound biased then...
  42. (18:56:12) ThatGuyNamedMike: And then, when you Fusion, it's be CutMan's Jungle [Ice]
  43. (18:56:23) MegaBossMan: Rather, they took it over.
  44. (18:56:25) AdrianMarceau: Hmmm
  45. (18:56:47) MegaBossMan: Don't forget, as "lightning" proved, it's a bit hard to change the fields now.
  46. (18:57:56) MegaBossMan: So, what about "Ring's Simulator"?
  47. (18:58:13) MegaBossMan: The first word does quite a bit in describing the area the RM is from.
  48. (18:58:30) MegaBossMan: Oh, and "Bright's Control?"
  49. (18:58:51) ThatGuyNamedMike: Oh, and what, you can't change that?
  50. (19:00:24) MegaBossMan: Oooh, but what about formatting/
  51. (19:00:32) ThatGuyNamedMike: Ring's Space-Simulator, you can't space.
  52. (19:00:36) ThatGuyNamedMike: *if you can't space.
  53. (19:00:48) MegaBossMan: Seems like quite a bit of characters.
  54. (19:01:13) MegaBossMan: Especially when the primary concern for formatting already is "do I have enough space?"
  55. (19:01:33) ThatGuyNamedMike: That's only 15. 21 if you count 'Ring's'. And I think there's names bordering that, now.
  56. (19:02:14) ThatGuyNamedMike: Granted, there's no part with 15 characters, but, still,
  57. (19:02:54) ThatGuyNamedMike: This might help with the name situation when you get into MM's 8.5 and 9 and 10, no?
  59. (19:07:24)4. Tails as a Moderator
  60. (19:07:24) ThatGuyNamedMike: Now, with me no longer being a W-Tank, I thought it might be a good idea to do this, as I sorta kinda owe him this.
  61. Since there's now a possible vacancy left over from my demotion, I'd like to nominate TailsMK4 to be an E-Tank.
  62. (19:07:42) ThatGuyNamedMike: I could be completely ignored, here, but, still, I feel as though I owe him this. I'd like to nominate TailsMK4 to take my place. Granted he's not the W-Tank type, but, he has contributed many ideas, like I have that could still easily be considered top notch--he was the first I ever heard of to suggest changing Rhythm's stats to what currently are, and he was also the first I've heard of to suggest a Boss section of the site Database, as well. He also was kind enough to help me figure out PRECISELY how many Missions there currently are to clear in the entire game [3,087; 1,029 for each Doc]. Also, needless to say, he's found more bugs than nearly all of us [outside of maybe Adrian] has. While I may have free time, he TRULY knows the game inside and out, top to bottom, frontwards and backwards.
  64. 19:17:21) AdrianMarceau: Boss, can you check and see if Tails is interested at some point this week?
  65. (19:17:27) AdrianMarceau: If he is I'll definitely consider it.
  66. (19:17:35) MegaBossMan: Aye, aye, Boss!
  67. (19:17:46) AdrianMarceau: Of course, I don't think we NEED many more at this point, but it's okay to be prepared.
  70. (19:20:17)5. Community Rules
  71. (19:20:17) MegaBossMan: What are your plans for the new Community section you mentioned a while ago?
  72. 19:20:29) MegaBossMan:​community/general/1124/official-c​ommunity-rules-and-guidelines/
  73. (19:20:32) MegaBossMan: This one?
  74. (19:21:07) MegaBossMan: Or would you like to head out and think it out some more?
  75. (19:21:27) AdrianMarceau: Well, I can't really do the hierarchy thing yet, so no to that at the moment.
  76. (19:21:34) AdrianMarceau: But I can create a new category
  78. 19:21:49) MegaBossMan: If you need help relocating, I'm on 24/7.
  79. (19:21:58) MegaBossMan: *relocating threads, that is
  80. 19:23:34) AdrianMarceau: I like rules, it just means we can't put formatting guides and stuff in the section.
  81. (19:24:01) MegaBossMan: Maybe some sort of word that could go along with both?
  82. (19:24:25) MegaBossMan: Hmm, well I have no clue.
  83. (19:24:31) ThatGuyNamedMike: Laws?
  84. (19:24:43) ThatGuyNamedMike: Boss is the Law, after all.
  85. (19:24:48) MegaBossMan: I feel that one was poking at someone....
  88. (19:28:23) ThatGuyNamedMike: One more thing: What happens if Adrian [or you] has no news to report, next week?
  89. (19:28:42) MegaBossMan: Hmmm
  90. (19:29:08) ThatGuyNamedMike: Adrian?
  91. (19:29:15) MegaBossMan: If it were up to me, either we change it to a IDEA meeting, or we just call it off.
  92. (19:39:41) AdrianMarceau: If I have no news, can can convert to idea meeting or cancel as boss said. And no pastbin, just notes.
  94. 19:42:09) AdrianMarceau: Just small stuff so far. Made the robot editor work with drag-and-drop today.
  95. (19:42:29) AdrianMarceau: Was getting annoying transferring robots the old way.
  96. (19:42:37) AdrianMarceau: And sorting them with only the auto options.
  98. (19:30:13) MegaBossMan: Alright, meeting...
  99. (19:30:19) MegaBossMan readies the gong
  100. (19:30:23) MegaBossMan: Meeeeeeeeting....
  101. (19:30:29) MegaBossMan looks around the room
  102. (19:30:39) MegaBossMan: Meeting adjourned!
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