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  1. YEEZY:
  3. Quaint Town (barley knew eachother)
  4. HL2 city (first fought side by side)
  5. Mock Village
  6. Desert map (really became friends)
  7. Snowy Eastern Europe (saved locke from getting blown up)
  9. FTA:
  11. Medevil town (Locke and falker reunite, Locke realises falkner's hate for nazis, Falkner dies for a noble cause when locke was stacking bodies)
  12. Xenomorph Bunker
  13. snowy town (falkner witnesses locke get thrown out a window, both continue friendship and contiue teaching eachother tactics)
  14. dystopia town (falker and locke do seperate shit but still same goal)
  15. outskirts of dystopia town
  16. Island (Falkner notices Locke is a on edge PTSD cunt)
  17. Metro (Locke gets his signature AS VAL back, Falkner almost kills himself to avoid capture, Locke begins telling snowflakes to fuck off)
  18. War Torn Planet (Locke and Falkner partake in the many botched and poorly executed combat operations, Locke nearly gets executed for the actions of someone else and Falkner was about to kill people)
  20. POPPAS:
  21. Swamp lands (Locke and Falkner reunite, fight the aliens trying to fight them)
  22. Desert Town (Locke and falkner grow tired of being shelled every night, go to the altielry position and take it, also stopping the town from being held hostage by an ominous figure. Both realise no one is grateful for their actions Locke decides to leave and Falkner follows)
  24. *An order is looking for well skille beings to do shit for their company, Locke and Falkner are cornered. The androids use EMP's thinking both had super suits but Locke didn't. Leading Falkner yell at Locke to just run which lead to Locke getting flashbanged to high hell and getting the absolute shit kicked out of him)
  26. ETHERAL:
  28. Ship Map (Locke and Falkner reunite on ship)
  29. Winter Town (Locke and Falkner join new group of travelers, get filled in on what is happening)
  30. Yanov but not Yanov (Locke knows area best so he helps with mutiplie combat operations, Falker and Locke partake in many jobs to try and get out of that area with the group)
  31. Rhineland like town (Leloth gets captured, Locke and Falkner work to trying to setup operations to free her)
  32. Futuristic City (Locke and Falkner take contracts for the shady government to get leloth and to get out, Ship's commander see's Locke's potential as a battle hardened leader)
  33. **Locke appointed squad leader, appoints falker as 2ic**
  34. Creepy Bunker (First operation Locke was 2nd squad lead on, Falkner nopes out because of retarded niggaz, Locke stacks bodies)
  35. Rostok but not Rostok (Locke and Falkner both do some combat operations, Locke fucks up and is demoted and nearly executed. His friends sucessfully negociate a release and he allongside Falkner flee the area)
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