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  1. Talk to Karan first if anyone gets in contact with him. I do not trust the mother to begin with, and Karan apparently left out of anger. Angry enough to forget his phone on the way out. And his mother's first instinct was to tell me the police were at the house to scare him into returning.
  2. His mother first called me at 7:20. He apparently left around 5. So the police arrived at his house because he was missing— AWOL for two hours?
  4. Additionally his mother is in control of one or both of the laptops that he didn’t bring with him, and is wired into all his communications. Just something to keep in mind, though obviously first priority is finding the bastard.
  6. I guess all we can do is keep our doors open and notifs on until he reaches a library computer or something.
  7. I was called by who I think was his father twice at 3 AM, so it’s also possible that they really are concerned at this point and not just ticked off that their punching bag is AWOL.
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