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  3. Call of the Haunted - Reveal this skill as the game begins. You start the game with 1 fewer card in your opening hand. Place this card face-down in your Spell & Trap card zone at the start of the game. Treat it as a continuous trap card. You cannot activate this card during the first turn of the duel. When activated, select one monster in your graveyard and special summon it in face-up attack position. When the monster dies, destroy this card. When this card leaves the field, destroy the monster.
  4. Ectoplasmic Fortification! - Reveal this skill at any time. Once per turn, if you control a Zombie, put a counter on this card. Zombies you control get +100/-100 for each counter on this card. Battle damage you take from battles involving your Zombies is doubled.
  5. Royal Flush - Reveal this skill at any time. Once per turn, if you control a Queen's Knight, you can pay 1000 LP to gain an extra Normal Summon/Set for the turn, but you must use that Normal Summon/Set to Normal Summon a King's Knight. On the turn you do this, you cannot attack directly with any cards named King's Knight or Jack's Knight.
  6. Straight to the Grave - Reveal this skill as the game begins. Place it in your Field Zone. While in play, all Dinosaur, Rock, and Zombie monsters get +200/+200.
  7. Tomb of the Pharaoh - Reveal this skill as the game begins. Place it in your Field Zone. While in play, all monsters with Gravekeeper's in their name gets +200/+200. This card's name is treated as "Necrovalley."
  11. Amazoness Spy - EARTH/3/Warrior/800/1200, you can special summon this from your hand by revealing another Amazoness monster from your hand, but you can only special summon one Amazoness Spy per turn this way. When this card dies, you can choose an Amazoness card in your graveyard that is not named Amazoness Spy and choose to either return it to your hand or shuffle it into your deck.
  12. Arcana Knight Joker - LIGHT/9/Warrior/3800/2500, fusion of Queen's Knight, Jack's Knight, and King's Knight. Can only be fusion summoned using those fusion materials (no substitutes). Whenever this card is targeted by a card effect, you can discard a card from your hand with the same type as that card (monster, spell, or trap) to negate the effect.
  13. Armored Zombie - DARK/3/Zombie/1500/0
  14. Block Attack - SPELL/Normal, switch any Attack Position monster an opponent controls to Defense Position.
  15. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon - LIGHT/12/Dragon/4500/3800, fusion of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
  16. Buster Blader - EARTH/7/Warrior/2600/2300, gets +500 ATK for each Dragon the opponent controls or is in their graveyard.
  17. Clown Zombie - DARK/2/Zombie/1350/0
  18. Common Charity - TRAP/Normal, draw 2 cards and then banish a Normal Monster from your hand. If you have no Normal Monsters in your hand, discard your hand.
  19. Conscription - TRAP/Normal, look at the top card of your opponent's deck. If it is a monster that can be Normal Summoned/Set, then special summon it to your side of the field. Otherwise, add the card to your opponent's hand.
  20. De-Spell - SPELL/Normal, select a Spell card on the field and destroy it. If it's a facedown card, look at it and destroy it only if it it is a Spell. If it is a Trap, return it to its face-down position.
  21. Decayed Commander - EARTH/4/Zombie/1000/1500, when this is normal summoned, you can special summon a Zombie Tiger from your hand. When this card attacks your opponent directly, they discard a card at random.
  22. Desert Twister - WIND/6/Fiend/2300/2000, cannot be normal summoned or set. Can be special summoned from your hand by banishing 1 EARTH and 2 WIND monsters from your grave. Once per turn, you can discard a card to destroy a spell/trap.
  23. Diffusion Wave-Motion - SPELL/Normal, pay 1000 LP and target a Level 7+ Spellcaster you control. This turn, only that card can attack, it can attack all of the opponent's monsters, and it must do so. Effect monsters that are destroyed by these attacks don't have their effects activated.
  24. Dragon Zombie - DARK/3/Zombie/1600/0
  25. Gravekeeper's Ambusher - DARK/4/Spellcaster/1700/0, when flipped face-up, choose a card in the opponent's grave and put it on the bottom of their deck, and when this dies after being flipped, you can choose a card in your grave that has "Necrovalley" in its name and add it to your hand. This cannot be stopped by Necrovalley.
  26. Great Mammoth of Goldfine - DARK/6/Zombie/2200/1800, fusion of The Snake Hair and Dragon Zombie.
  27. Half Shut - SPELL/Quick-Play, target a monster and that monster cannot be destroyed by battle this turn, but its ATK gets cut in half until end of turn.
  28. Harpie's Pet Dragon - WIND/7/Dragon/2000/2500, gets +300/+300 for each Harpie Lady on the field.
  29. Jack's Knight - LIGHT/5/Warrior/1900/1000
  30. King of the Skull Servants - DARK/1/Zombie/?/0, has ATK equal to the number of cards in your grave named "King of Skull Servants" or "Skull Servant" x 1000. When destroyed in battle, you can banish another "King of Skull Servants" or "Skull Servant" from your grave to special summon this.
  31. King's Knight - LIGHT/4/Warrior/1600/1400, when normal summoned, if you control "Queen's Knight", you can special summon a "Jack's Knight" from your deck.
  32. Limit Impulse - TRAP/Normal, discard two cards to special summon two Soul Tokens (DARK/1/Fiend/0/0) that cannot be tributed except for a Tribute Summon.
  33. Magical Ghost - DARK/4/Zombie/1300/1400
  34. Magicians Unite - SPELL/Normal, activate only when you control 2+ Spellcasters in Attack Position, choose one of them, its ATK becomes 3000 until end of turn, but other Spellcasters can't attack this turn.
  35. Meteor B. Dragon - FIRE/8/Dragon/3500/2000, fusion of Red-Eyes B. Dragon and Meteor Dragon
  36. Michizure - TRAP/Normal, activate when a monster dies, destroy a monster.
  37. Mystic Horseman - EARTH/4/Beast/1300/1550
  38. Possessed Dark Soul - DARK/3/Fiend/1200/800, you can sacrifice this to gain control of all Level 3 or  below monsters your opponent controls.
  39. Queen's Knight - LIGHT/4/Warrior/1500/1600
  40. Rabid Horseman - EARTH/6/Beast-Warrior/2000/1700, fusion of Battle Ox and Mystic Horseman.
  41. Senju of the Thousand Hands - LIGHT/4/Fairy/1400/1000, when normal summoned or flip summoned, tutor for a Ritual Monster.
  42. Shield & Sword - SPELL/Normal, until end of turn, switch the original ATK and original DEF of all face-up monsters that are currently on the field.
  43. Skull Servant - DARK/1/Zombie/300/200
  44. Sphere Kuriboh - DARK/1/Fiend/300/200, when the opponent attacks you can discard this card from your hand to switch the attacker to Defense Position. When you Ritual Summon a monster, you can banish this card from your grave to use it as one of the monsters required for the Ritual Summon.
  45. Sword of Dragon's Soul - SPELL/Equip, equip only to a Warrior, the equipped monster gains +700 ATK. When the equipped monster battles a Dragon, destroy the Dragon at the end of the battle phase.
  46. The Shallow Grave - SPELL/Normal, each player special summons a monster from their grave in face-down Defense Position.
  47. The Snake Hair - DARK/4/Zombie/1500/1200
  48. Twister - SPELL/Quick-Play, pay 500 LP to destroy a face-up spell/trap.
  49. Veil of Darkness - SPELL/Continuous, if you draw a DARK monster during your Draw Phase, you can reveal it and send it to the graveyard to draw another card.
  50. Violet Crystal - SPELL/Equip, equip only to a Zombie, it gets +300/+300.
  51. Wasteland - SPELL/Field, all Dinosaur, Zombie, and Rock monsters get +200/+200.
  52. Whiptail Crow - DARK/4/Fiend/1650/1600
  53. White Elephant's Gift - SPELL/Normal, sacrifice a non-Effect monster to draw two cards.
  54. Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou - SPELL/Equip, you must discard a card in order to activate this card, equipped monster gets +500 ATK and negate the effects of any monsters that it destroys in battle.
  55. Zombie Tiger - EARTH/3/Zombie/1400/1600, once per turn, if this is a monster, you can turn it into an Equip Spell card or if this card is an Equip Spell card, you can turn it into a monster and special summon it in Attack Position. Can only be equipped to a "Decayed Commander" that is not equipped with another monster. The equipped monster gets +500/+500 and when it destroys an opponent's monster in battle, the opponent must discard a card. If the monster equipped with this card would be destroyed in battle, destroy this card instead.
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