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Steam puts me on Probation; A detailed explanation

lastofspades Jan 29th, 2013 298 Never
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  1. I'd be happy to explain it to you. I think everybody that trades with me should have the right to know at least how I was wrongfully put on probation.
  3. Although I have nothing to hide, it gets pretty annoying carrying the tag around; I have to tell a story every time somebody asks. I've been doing "no retail keys, Steam gifts only" trades for this reason as well. It's hard to scam anybody doing trades within the window anyways, as one can contact Steam Support and get their items back.
  5. In the middle of December, I was put on a temporary trade restriction last year. They never told me why I was banned, or what for. There was a popup saying I was put on said restrictions, and I had to click the 'I agree' checkbox to be able to actually use Steam, or launch any games.
  7. I've sent a ticket to Steam Support, it was obviously quite a shock that something like this happened to me. Trading has been one of my hobbies, it's something I enjoy doing as well as gaming.
  9. Also, I took a screenshot of it, I can link it, if you'd want me to. I remember sending a PM to one of the /r/SteamGameSwap subreddit mods as well, so I can dig up my message history, too.
  11. >"Upon expiration of your trade ban your account will be placed under Probation for an extended period of time. Probation does not prevent you from trading but lets other user's know that you were previously banned."
  12. >
  13. >(direct quote from Steam CS)
  15. Not sure why or how I got a temporary trade restriction, I went back and forth sending replies to Steam Support. I wanted to get down to the bottom of my dilemma, but the best they could do was tell me this:
  17. >Hello |name|,
  18. >
  19. >
  20. >We are unable to provide any details on the specific trade(s) that were reported as item/gift trading scams. This trade suspension will not be removed and will expire at the time noted above.
  21. >
  22. >Valve's Privacy Policy prevents us from releasing any account information except to comply with court orders or laws that require us to disclose such information.
  23. >
  24. >For further information, please see this link:
  25. >
  26. >Privacy Policy:
  27. >http://www.valvesoftware.com/privacy.htm
  28. >
  29. >For more information on our Steam Trading Policy please visit the following FAQ:
  30. >https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=9958-MJDG-3003
  31. >
  32. >This issue is not up for further discussion. We will not be able to assist you further with this issue.
  34. That was the best they could tell me. Kinda unreasonable, I can be told what I was exactly put on probation for. Something to do with customer privacy policies. Go figure!
  36. After getting replies from Steam Support, I think it's one of two things.. either I got a game cross-region from a RU trader before, sold Dota 2 to one of those unrestricted countries, or according to a TF2 warehouse moderator, I bought a bad gift.
  38. I understand I look shady as hell with this tag on, and thus I don't want to push anybody that tries to trade non-tradeables with me. Also, I do have more rep than just the (purple) flair I've earned here. That's why I'm trying to make things easier; accepting TF2 keys, which can be bought with the Paypal.
  40. **EDIT:** To provide some credibility to my explanation, here is a screenshot --> http://puu.sh/1U7G0
  42. If you'd like to go down into details for whatever reason, send me a PM, or add me on Steam. I am somewhat as confused as you are, to be honest.
  44. I have left an electronic footprint on the internet, I'm not going to risk my reputation to scam you. I have over 300+ games, and as Steam shows, I do have a lot of hours played on my account. My SteamRep is also clean, if that means anything to you.
  46. Copy and Pasted from my /r/SGS post - http://www.reddit.com/r/SteamGameSwap/comments/17g2lp/h_list_of_games_inside_including_borderlands_2/c858lmc
  48. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  50. TL;DR - I got a temporary trade restriction by Steam Support in December, sometime last year, but they wouldn't explain to me why. Figured it was one of two things- I got games cross-region from a RU trader, sold Dota 2 to one of those red-text, restricted countries or according to a TF2 warehouse moderator I bought a "bad" gift.
  52. Along with my thorough explanation, here is some of the positive rep I've accumulated.
  54. Over 50 +rep at SteamTrades:
  55. http://www.steamtrades.com/user/LASTofS
  57. Over 50 successful trades on /r/SGS (purple flair):
  58. http://www.reddit.com/r/SteamGameSwa...borderlands_2/
  60. List of Confirmed Trades on Reddit:
  61. http://pastebin.com/dCVEfWg1
  63. Over 100 keys purchased from SourceOP:
  64. http://forums.sourceop.com/threads/136275-LASTofS-Rep-Thread!
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