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Interview with TheOneTrueDesticle

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Jan 21st, 2015
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  1. [5:55:30 PM] Icy: Welcome to the very first Sep7agon Weekly Update interview section, where we'll be interviewing various community members every single week. Today on the hot seat, we have the infamous TheOneTrueDesticle, or Desticle for short. Desticle, how does it feel to be the live guinea pig?
  2. [5:55:39 PM] Desticle: Eh, I've lived through worse.
  3. [5:56:12 PM] Icy: Care to tell us about your time on Sep7agon, how you found out about us and such?
  4. [5:56:50 PM] Desticle: So basically the only reason I signed up is because Cheat made it so guests couldn't view post replies right around the time of the AdSense kerfuffle
  5. [5:57:16 PM] Desticle: Latsu had been sending me threads every few days to look at but when it got to that point I finally just signed up
  6. [5:57:52 PM] Desticle: This was shortly after the release of Destiny (and the overthrowing of #OffTopic by the desticles) so I wanted a name which would sufficiently piss off a long-time user. I chose TheOneTrueDesticle and nothing was ever the same
  7. [5:58:49 PM] Icy: Well, you have certainly manage to piss off quite a few people in your time here. Now, you said that you initially viewed the forums as a guest. What is it that attracted you to stick around and become an active member?
  8. [5:59:38 PM] Desticle: Like I said, it literally wouldn't let me view the contents of a thread unless I was signed up. I figured I might as well register
  9. [6:00:17 PM] Desticle: It all went downhill from there
  10. [6:01:04 PM] Icy: Now, what're thoughts on Anarchy? You definitely become one of the more recognized members whenever that opens up for the weekend
  11. [6:01:22 PM] Desticle: Am I?
  12. [6:01:47 PM] Desticle: Well, I'd say a majority of the conflicts I bring on are at the time of Anarchy weekend
  13. [6:02:14 PM] Desticle: In fact, I have something really special planned this time around for my good friend Kinder
  14. [6:02:25 PM] Desticle: But let me tell you the story of the first Anarchy weekend
  15. [6:02:33 PM] Icy: I'd love to hear it
  16. [6:02:48 PM] Desticle: I had signed up exactly one day before Anarchy first started
  17. [6:03:26 PM] Desticle: I wasn't really sure exactly what it was but Latsu seemed excited for it. It was then that I made my mad dash to get my first 25 posts in to attain the sought-after title of "Member" so I could participate in the shitfest
  18. [6:03:30 PM] Desticle: And it was glorious
  19. [6:03:50 PM] Desticle: It was that weekend that I learned about the lovely Kiyohime
  20. [6:04:06 PM] Desticle: And all the wonderful things she's done for the good people of Sep7gon and
  21. [6:04:31 PM] Desticle: I was surprised to see her go; everyone loved her so much
  22. [6:04:40 PM] Desticle: What with the revealing of IP addresses of anonymous posters
  23. [6:04:54 PM] Desticle: Truly shocking if you ask me
  24. [6:05:11 PM] Icy: Oh, indeed.
  25. [6:05:32 PM] Icy: Speaking of those first rounds of Anarchy, can we expect to see any leaked nudes of you in this round? I'm sure your fans would love a glimpse
  26. [6:05:57 PM] Desticle: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  27. [6:06:06 PM] Desticle: I honestly don't think they could handle it
  28. [6:06:21 PM] Icy: Quite cocky, eh?
  29. [6:07:14 PM] Desticle: I recall a story about Zeus, the God of Thunder and one of his many lovers
  30. [6:07:32 PM] Desticle: She asked Zeus if she could see his true form and he told her she would be destroyed or something if she did
  31. [6:07:36 PM] Desticle: I can't really remember
  32. [6:07:42 PM] Desticle: Anyway, that's pretty much what would happen
  33. [6:07:47 PM] Desticle: One look and -blam!-
  34. [6:07:51 PM] Desticle: You're dust
  35. [6:07:57 PM] Desticle: Pretty cool stuff
  36. [6:08:03 PM] Desticle: And yes, they will be quite cocky ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  37. [6:08:11 PM] Icy: Haha. We'll have to test that out after our interview
  38. [6:08:32 PM] Desticle: I'll have to charge you 1600 Microsoft points for that pleasure
  39. [6:08:43 PM] Icy: Damn! 100 points short.
  40. [6:08:51 PM] Desticle: Aw, shucks
  41. [6:09:11 PM] Icy: So, what're your thoughts on the state of forums right now? Any changes you'd like to see our lord and savior Cheat make in the future?
  42. [6:09:23 PM] Desticle: let's rock
  43. [6:09:32 PM] Desticle: Okay, so Cheat
  44. [6:09:35 PM] Desticle: Like, what the fuck?
  45. [6:09:47 PM] Desticle: So imagine in your mind's eye this:
  46. [6:09:56 PM] Desticle: A sliding scale of autism
  47. [6:10:21 PM] Desticle: On one end in the depths of Decimator Omega's soul lies the full autism end
  48. [6:10:27 PM] Desticle: On the other is a complete lack of autism
  49. [6:10:36 PM] Desticle: Right now, The Flood and Serious make up those two extremes
  50. [6:10:45 PM] Icy: I've heard that before.
  51. [6:11:40 PM] Desticle: I think we should enact a "shitposting only" rule in Serious and convert The Flood into a "serious bsns only" forum
  52. [6:11:51 PM] Desticle: Definitely a good idea, yeah?
  53. [6:12:06 PM] Icy: I'm pretty sure Psy and Meta would castrate you on that one.
  54. [6:12:11 PM] Desticle: Yeah, well
  55. [6:12:15 PM] Desticle: In all seriousness
  56. [6:12:24 PM] Desticle: I'd like to be able to post a general discussion thread in Serious
  57. [6:12:40 PM] Desticle: Because going in, you have the expectation of "no anime spam, no derailing, no shitposting" and so on
  58. [6:12:59 PM] Desticle: I think there could be some really great potential for Serious to become a wider discussion board
  59. [6:13:32 PM] Icy: Obesity could be a huge topic of conversation.
  60. [6:13:37 PM] Icy: Very informative to our members.
  61. [6:13:39 PM] Desticle: Absolutely
  62. [6:13:56 PM] Desticle: In fact, there are quite a few members of the forum who suffer from chronic and severe obesity
  63. [6:14:11 PM] Desticle: So I think having more of an open discussion about it could be very helpful
  64. [6:14:13 PM] Icy: Come now. Let's not bring Slash's mom into this
  65. [6:14:17 PM] Desticle: ayy lmao
  66. [6:14:22 PM] Icy: Any shout outs you'd like to make before I let you go?
  67. [6:14:35 PM] Desticle: Yeah, I have a few
  68. [6:14:44 PM] Desticle: CIS Scum: You're a neckbeard faggot
  69. [6:15:03 PM] Desticle: ねこ: (heart) u bbe
  70. [6:15:17 PM] Desticle: Psy: Thanks for being not shitty
  71. [6:15:37 PM] Desticle: Cheat: My admin tools stopped working again. Pls fix
  72. [6:16:06 PM] Desticle: Elegiac: Nobody gives a shit when you're going to bed. Shut the fuck up
  73. [6:16:21 PM] Desticle: Latsu: Come play CS:GO with me, fgt
  74. [6:17:09 PM] Desticle: Okay, now on to the more general points
  75. [6:17:47 PM] Desticle: Hey Byrne, Ossku, Tru, Yutaka, and the rest of you weebs: Anime spam is almost never funny. It makes no sense 90% of the time and only appeals to people exactly like you
  76. [6:18:24 PM] Desticle: Verbatim, I really want to like you but your SJW niggerfaggot ways make it hard to do so. Unclench your asshole a little bit and you'll have a lot better time. Oh, and everyone else will have a lot easier time penetrating you as well
  77. [6:18:46 PM] Icy: I can vouch that his anus is difficult to penetrate.
  78. [6:18:50 PM] Icy: But that might be because I'm so big
  79. [6:19:11 PM] Desticle: Are you're saying you're a big guy?
  80. [6:19:41 PM] Icy: I plead the fifth
  81. [6:19:53 PM] Icy: Final question - if you had the chance, would you sleep with a 10/10 femboy?
  82. [6:20:03 PM] Desticle: Wait, speaking of pleading the fifth:
  83. [6:20:24 PM] Desticle: Kinder, a forum on the internet doesn't fall under the jurisdiction of the US Constitution, dipshit
  84. [6:20:35 PM] Desticle: Especially now that you already admitted to it
  85. [6:20:42 PM] Desticle: So uh
  86. [6:20:43 PM] Desticle: Hmm
  87. [6:21:15 PM] Desticle: So I have a story to tell you regarding that last question
  88. [6:21:26 PM] Icy: I'll grab the popcorn
  89. [6:22:03 PM] Desticle: Anyway, in the 10th grade, I found out that one of my friends was secretly posing as a 10/10 femboy
  90. [6:22:45 PM] Desticle: So, you know how when you're traveling really fast in a spacecraft, stuff like dust and paint chips and shit can tear your aircraft apart?
  91. [6:22:48 PM] Desticle: Crazy shit, huh?
  92. [6:22:56 PM] Icy: Totally
  93. [6:22:59 PM] Desticle: Sorry, that doesn't have anything to do with the story. I just found that interesting
  94. [6:23:02 PM] Desticle: So anyway
  95. [6:23:30 PM] Desticle: I went to McDonald's and this chick put ice in my drink after I specifically told her not to. What a pile of shit
  96. [6:23:44 PM] Desticle: It's like, half the restaurants I go to refuse to bring me a drink without ice
  97. [6:23:47 PM] Desticle: Hot damn
  98. [6:23:53 PM] Desticle: So to answer your question
  99. [6:23:59 PM] Desticle: No, I wouldn't bang Nuka
  100. [6:24:04 PM] Icy: Shame.
  101. [6:24:12 PM] Icy: Well, thanks Desticle for being my guinea pig. We'll go bang now
  102. [6:24:17 PM] Desticle: No problem
  103. [6:24:19 PM] Icy: Until next time folks - don't be a cunt!
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