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Dec 7th, 2011
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  1. I was idling in their IRC <strong>public</strong> support channel last night. I woke up to read this this morning.
  2. Apparently these are “garbage” VPS’s and the ONE server they’re on isn’t reliable.
  3. I figure if this is public information, everyone should know what they’re buying.
  5. “Customer” is the person who joined. “ramnet” is the network/company operator.
  7. <pre>
  8. [03:26:28|AM] ---->|[Join] Customer ( has joined #ramhost
  9. [03:26:42|AM] <Customer> yes hello, is anyone available
  10. [03:43:19|AM] <@ramnet> that depends, do you have a question Customer ?
  11. [03:43:57|AM] <Customer> Yes I do
  12. [03:44:30|AM] <Customer> I have just purchased one of your tinyvz vps'
  13. [03:44:54|AM] <Customer> I run an IRC network, and one of the other operators also has one of these
  14. [03:45:00|AM] <Customer> and I'd like to ensure that we're not on the same node
  15. [03:48:14|AM] <Customer> His vps is on vz5 in kansas city, missouri
  16. <strong>[03:57:42|AM] <@ramnet> the tinyvz operation only utilizes one server at the moment</strong>
  17. [03:57:53|AM] <Customer> oh
  18. [03:57:55|AM] <Customer> well
  19. [03:58:04|AM] <Customer> is there any way for me to cancel my order then
  20. <strong> [03:59:20|AM] <@ramnet> that's what support tickets are for, unless of course you decide to swap your tinyvz order for one of our regular non-garbage services :) </strong>
  21. [03:59:33|AM] <Customer> >non-garbage
  22. [03:59:38|AM] <Customer> implying what?
  23. <strong> [04:00:26|AM] <@ramnet> means tinyvz probably isn't going to be very good for a real-time chat server</strong>
  24. [04:00:34|AM] <Customer> why not?
  25. <strong> [04:01:17|AM] <@ramnet> because irc typically requires a higher degree of stability than the average service</strong>
  26. [04:01:31|AM] <Customer> what makes tinyvz unstable?
  27. [04:01:32|AM] <@mbaxter> You're paying 15 dollars for a year and wondering why somebody says it won't be the most reliable service in the world? :P
  28. [04:01:51|AM] <Customer> I have a couple 15/yr servers
  29. [04:01:56|AM] <Customer> and they're very reliable
  30. [04:02:39|AM] <Customer> 13:02:33 up 59 days, 13:21, 1 user, load average: 0.03, 0.01, 0.00
  31. [04:02:51|AM] <@ramnet> different people have different definitions of reliable i suppose :)
  32. [04:03:23|AM] <Customer> I've had the server for 2 months
  33. [04:03:26|AM] <@ramnet> and the output of uptime doesn't really show stability or reliability very well at all :)
  34. [04:03:32|AM] <Customer> and it hasn't gone down once
  35. [04:03:45|AM] <Customer> never had a problem with it
  36. <strong> [04:04:40|AM] <Customer> reliable to me is a server that stays up, doesn't cause problems and is hosted be a company with good customer service</strong>
  37. <strong> [04:04:45|AM] <@ramnet> tinyvz is averaging about 99.75% right now, compared to 99.9997% for our regular services. that's mostly because of HE and Cogent</strong>
  38. [04:04:53|AM] <joepie91> the awkward moment you realize you're missing a server in your list
  39. [04:05:10|AM] <joepie91> anyhow, back :P
  40. [04:05:26|AM] <@mbaxter> awwwkward
  41. <strong> [04:05:37|AM] <@mbaxter> joepie91: tinyvz is in stock gogogo</strong>
  42. [04:05:43|AM] <joepie91> also,
  43. <strong> [04:05:49|AM] <joepie91> mbaxter: no, don't make me spend more money</strong>
  44. <strong> [04:05:49|AM] <Customer> So then I'm guessing that you don't take your tinyvz users seriously? </strong>
  45. [04:05:49|AM] <joepie91> lol
  46. [04:05:59|AM] <joepie91> I have enough servers as is :P
  47. [04:06:41|AM] [!] joepie91 has the idea he has dropped into a sensitive situation
  48. <strong> [04:07:15|AM] <Customer> ramnet, is that the case? </strong>
  49. <strong> [04:07:16|AM] <@ramnet> discounted tinyvz is operated independently of our premium ramhost services. we let them have our old infrastructure. </strong>
  50. <strong> [04:07:33|AM] <@ramnet> so, you'd have to ask them :) </strong>
  51. [04:07:39|AM] <joepie91> (also, ramnet, on your abuse page there's a typo: "revelent" should be "relevant")
  52. [04:08:51|AM] <@mbaxter> I have a tinyvz vps. It works great, most of the time. I also pay much more to ramhost for more reliable services.
  53. [04:09:09|AM] <@ramnet> site needs a faclift. it's been celebrating 2 years of excellence for the last year and a half :P
  54. [04:09:20|AM] <joepie91> lol
  55. [04:09:42|AM] <Customer> mbaxter, so how often does it go down?
  56. [04:10:12|AM] <joepie91> ramnet: if you want me to throw something together for the site, let me know :P
  57. [04:10:42|AM] <@mbaxter> At the start, there were network hiccups. I haven't seen network hiccups lately.
  58. [04:11:10|AM] <@ramnet> well, it still has network hiccups they're just a lot shorter now :)
  59. [04:11:28|AM] <Customer> Well, this is just a hobby. Not a career. We spend out own personal money on it
  60. [04:11:34|AM] <Customer> We don't have bottomless pockets
  61. [04:11:53|AM] <Customer> so, 15/yr is really what we can afford
  62. <strong> [04:11:57|AM] <@ramnet> i think the last one was a 15 second hiccup because joesdatacenter upstairs got hit with a ddos :) </strong>
  63. [04:12:03|AM] <Customer> mbaxter, what's your uptime
  64. [04:12:18|AM] <@mbaxter> I haven't measured.
  65. [04:12:26|AM] <Customer> just type uptime...
  66. [04:12:34|AM] <Customer> it'll tell you
  67. [04:12:40|AM] <joepie91> uptime command doesn't take into account network downtime
  68. [04:12:41|AM] <@mbaxter> Oh. I assumed you meant network uptime :P
  69. [04:12:43|AM] <joepie91> fwiw
  70. [04:13:04|AM] <Customer> joepie91, everytime my server gets disconnected from the network
  71. [04:13:05|AM] <Customer> i reboot it
  72. [04:13:06|AM] <@mbaxter> And my uptime is like, nothing since I restarted today. :P
  73. [04:13:34|AM] [!] joepie91 doesn't have tinyvz so can't test
  74. [04:14:02|AM] <Customer> Okay, so how do I cancel it then
  75. [04:12:00|AM] <joepie91> speaking of network hiccups, wtf is up with hetzner lately... my hetzner VPSes (at several providers, but all located in hetzner) seem to have some strange network issues recently
  76. ...
  77. <strong> [04:28:39|AM] <@ramnet> 100% uptime except for tinyvz which is at 99.75% - need to seperate those brands more :) </strong>
  78. ...
  79. [04:54:39|AM] <Customer> And I know for a fact that google doesn't charge "processing fees" because I've been using it for over a year, and have been refunded a couple times
  80. <strong> [04:54:54|AM] <Customer> In fact, it specifically says that RAM host refunded only 14.50</strong>
  81. <strong> [04:55:03|AM] <Customer> Not 15.00 and that google chose to keep .50</strong>
  82. [04:55:17|AM] |<----[Quit] Puddles ( has quit IRC (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  83. [04:55:19|AM] <joepie91> Customer, actually a friend of mine also used google checkout to collect donations, and after he was forced to refund the transactions (no donations allowed), processing costs were subtracted
  84. [04:55:32|AM] <joepie91> I have no idea why it might do it in some cases and not in other cases, but they do apparently exist.
  85. [04:55:38|AM] <Customer> Any other time I've used google checkout
  86. [04:55:41|AM] <Customer> I've been refunded in full
  87. [04:56:56|AM] <@ramnet> well if you'd prefer i can bill you again :P it's .50 cents, get over it or go complain to google not in here
  88. [04:57:22|AM] <joepie91> <joepie91> I have no idea why it might do it in some cases and not in other cases, but they do apparently exist.
  89. <strong> [05:00:38|AM] <@ramnet> considering tinyvz technically has a no refund policy anyway consider yourself lucky that we're decent enough to bother with a refund, even if google takes a percentage</strong>
  90. [05:04:44|AM] <@ramnet> tinyvz should be getting their own billing system next year so i no longer have to act as their payment processor :)
  91. </pre>
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