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  1. Exos cant really sweat, but Loki feels like a thin layer of cold sweat covers him whole just like a sheet. He swallows, readjusting his grip on the sniper rifle, once in a few seconds he would look throught the scope at the entrance of the cabal operation base and he would observe without significant change. At the top of the hill, he feels exposed.
  2. "Any progress there?" The voice of Vaas gives him a small shock but he answers with a steady voice.
  3. "Nothing yet Commander"
  4. "Seems like the fatasses are taking a break!" Benny shouts throught the com, there is exciment on his voice, of course as Vaas had just let him roam throught bases just to cover more space. "There is no movement here!"
  5. Loki can hear Vaas doing that clicking noise many fallen do; She aint a bit happy.
  6. "Maybe we got wrong data boss?"He quickly says trying to distract her.
  7. "If thats the case, someone its gonna meet me up at the Crucible" Vaas replies, a sigh inmediatly after. "Lets go back home guys, in the teleportation zone in five"
  8. "Copy that!" Benny says. "Hey can we have ramen for dinner today?"
  9. Loki smiles, standing up. They might not be famous, not for the good reasons, but he is glad that at least they are close.
  10. "Only if you paying for all of us Ben" Vaas claim.
  11. "Thats not fair!"
  12. Loki laughs "You eat a whole lo-" He must step on a loose rock, the next thing he knows is that is rolling down this hill, hitting himself badly between the plates. Finally he lands on the ground, injuried but not dead, he groans out of pain.
  13. "Loki?!"
  14. "Dude are you ok!?"
  15. Loki tries to stand up again. He finds that his leg is also busted, a piercing pain quickly spreading making him cry out.
  16. "Loki! Answer me!"
  17. "Im o-" A gun being reloaded. Guardians are the last defense of the system but that doesnt stop him to feel fear. It takes him a minute or two to recognize the tip of the boots on his near vision as Cabal, he can hear his breathing, but thats all...
  18. Scared at verge of panicking he dares to slowly look up. The warlock is not sure if its a Legionary or a Phalanx but it is a Cabal and its not killing him. Finally he looks directly at his helmet, ignoring of couse the barrel of that gun that is pointing at him. The cabal is much bigger than he, it has better armor and probably better guns, but for whatever reason he doesnt attack him, just...stares down to him, probably hes enjoying it. Having the advatage over a Guardian.
  19. Loki doesnt know how much time pass, with the two of them like this, he doesnt take his eyes from him and neither the cabal.
  20. Something or someone moves behind the Phalanx, it appears Cabal are active again. Loki swallows.
  21. "Shit! A cabal has him!" Benny urges. Loki does not respond. "There is an entire group!"
  22. "Hold possition!" Vaas almost shout "Loki, Benny dont move!"
  23. Loki couldnt move even he wanted.
  24. "M-my fireteam" He stutters "Is c-coming this way" The cabal doesnt move. "Im--I--" Loki doesnt know what to say. If he kills him, it would be alright as he can come back, but something deep inside him doesnt want Vaas to unleash carnage right now. "I--I just want to go home"
  25. The Cabal stares at him silently, behind him one of his companions yells something or it grunts, Loki is not sure, but the group has finally lay their eyes on him.
  26. "Please" Loki pleads.
  27. "ZO OUL!" one of the legionaries yell.
  28. The cabal, Zo Oul, steps back lowering his gun. Lokis breathing calms down a second before the Phalanx reach out his hand and delicately touches his face. The movement cuts his breath short. A thumb fondle one of his face plates.
  29. As quick as this happens, Zo Oul walks away, hidding him from the group with his body. Loki is to take a breath when another pair of hands pulls him aside and stand him up. Without knowing how, Vaas is carrying him with one of his arms on her shoulders and she is running. Benny joins them shortly after.
  30. "DUDE WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" He shouts.
  31. "Shut up Benny!" Vaas orders. The teleportation zone is close, she can see the flag.
  32. "YO! WHAT WAS THAT THING DOING TO YOU??" He ask to Loki, running along them.
  33. "BENNY! NOT NOW!"
  34. Loki couldnt answer even he wanted to. He still can feel how Zo Oul, as he cannot just call him Cabal now, touched him. So gently. The memory its roamnig this head again and again in a loop. In the safety of their ship, Loki allows himself to sigh and wishing that Zo Oul had say something else.
  35. . . .
  36. Vaas report have no mention of his "accident". Mostly because if she had told Zavala, the Commander would pull him aside with a part of the consensus, shooting questions left and right until they were completly sure the cabal had not force something out of him. She wanted to skip the, quite frankly, useless interrogatory.
  37. What would he tell them anyway? That a cabal Phalanx deny to shot him straight in the face? That no word was spoken but with a simple touch he had leave a mark on the him? Again, a useless interrogation.
  38. The inccident went under the radar for the Vanguard, but not for Fireteam Belgian Waffle. Loki had to credit Benny for holding up so much time, before exploding at the ramen shop.
  39. "Dude, what happen back there?"
  40. Loki moves the noodles with his chopstick. "Nothing"
  41. "Dont lie! We saw everything!"
  43. The echo of his worried steps, along the clicking of his speaker are the only sounds that fill the empty Operation Tower and they are making him anxious. Exos don’t have a hearth per se, but Loki can feel a weight on his chest, a chilly feeling roaming his spine; He turns around and walk the rather small space between wall to wall, again. It’s the 10th time he does it. Can’t help it.  The adventurous feeling has now mixed with a great dose of worry and anxiety. In the back of his head, he tells himself that it’s nothing different from the other times he has done this. Behind all those worrying feelings, he is beyond excited.
  44. Finally he can hear the changing weight and heavy steps outside in the ramp, however his Guardian instinct takes over for a second, one can never be too sure, and the warlock draws his rifle with a smooth movement, aiming the gun snout at the newcomer.
  45. “It’s me” The Phalanx says as a mere greeting, completely ignoring the gun that is aimed at him. He knows the Guardian won’t shot. Not at him at least.  He takes his helmet off, putting it on a nearby abandoned cargo box, along with his gun belt, he is not carrying his shield.
  46. Zo Oul is what one could call, a prime specimen of his species. Bigger than the majority of his comrades-bigger than Loki of course- blessed, according with the cabal, with an obsidian shade skin and dark gold eyes that pierce the heavy of armors. When he talks –always short sentences- it’s like the earth is trembling. Loki sighs just for hearing him.
  47. “How long have you waited?” He asks to the Warlock, giving the tower a quick check.
  48. Loki puts down his rifle, along with Zo Oul weapons “Not long, I-” He cuts himself as the Cabal cups his face with one of his hands –one is always enough- while holding one of his with the other. He uses his thumb to rub the silicone-like skin and metal from his face, the skin of his hand feels warm. Loki knows he can’t blush, but his light is burning inside; He rest his face into the cabal’s hand, kissing the inner skin of his palm. “I- I missed you” he says shyly.
  49. “So do I” Zo Oul replies, cupping the Guardians face with both of his hands, placing the most delicate kiss he can give over his lover speaker. He knows he will never be blessed by the Guardians God –the Traveler he calls it- but when he touch him, he can feel something. A piercing force that burns into his skin, pulling him closer to Loki.  
  50. Even if he isn’t as a brute as his other comrades, Zo Oul is still Cabal; He wants to treat Loki like one would do with something frail, he tries but his nature eventually slips in some way or another.  It slips when he deeps their kisses, forcing his lover to open his speaker to him, tasting the flavor of metal in his tongue.
  51. Loki sighs; they had been doing the same thing for over a couple of weeks now, but for him is always like the first time.  It’s as if every time Zo Oul touches him, his body gives up, leaving him exposed.
  52. Every touch from Zo Oul it’s precise, bringing another sound out of him. He likes to touch, to rub and to grab, leaving burning invisible paths all over his body. His lights also reacts to him; Loki doesn’t stop to think as he has been taught, this gift that has given to him burst out, looking for the source of its excitement, embracing him for this moment.  
  53. It happens all too quickly. It’s messy, almost desperate. The urge to touch and to be touched; Zo Oul strips Loki carefully but frantic, soon enough his robes are tossed aside and the Cabal pulls the trousers off him while pushing him over a crate.
  54. “W-wait!” Loki protests as he is being brush off from his last piece of clothing. His speaker lights up, the only way for Zo Oul that his non-organic lover is blushing and his hands automatically go down, covering his exposed crotch. “I—I brought” The words are stuck on his throat due the embarrassment this brings him.  
  55. “What is it?” Zo Oul inquires taking his place between Loki’s legs, his own arousal still trapped between his lower armor. But the Guardian doesn’t speak, it turns his head away from him, bashful. “Tell me what’s trouble you” He insist grabbing Loki by the chin, forcing him to look again at him.
  56. Loki’s speaker let out a click sound. If he had a hearth it would be beating hard against his chest as right now. Slowly, Loki bring his hands up again, revealing what’s down.
  57. Zo Oul eyes widen a little bit, they even shine.
  58. “It’s a hole” Loki nods. The Phalanx brush a finger against the labia, making Loki whimper. It feels like skin, soft, warm it’s even wet. Zo Oul knows his lover is a male, he knows it by the sound of his voice and the form of his body. But the first time he got to fuck him, the Guardian was sporting a cock. Now, he has a hole. To say this please him it’s to say the least.
  59. “Exos can….change those parts of our bodies” Loki explains, his eyes looking back and forward. His body it’s trembling with expectation, his pussy being exposed this way. Zo Oul only nods. “I thought you would like to…Try, with a hole” The silence from his lover is killing him. Did it disgust him? Did he do something wrong? “D-do you like it?” Zo Oul locks a golden gaze on him before grabbing his hips, placing his legs around his shoulders. Loki gasps in surprise. “Zo Oul??”
  60. The Cabal licks the length of Loki’s hole making him moan.  “I do” He replies before pushing the clit with his tongue, winning yet, another moan from the warlock.
  61. Loki sighs in pleasure. A warm wave overtaking his body as Zo Oul eats him whole; Kissing, licking sliding his tongue in and out in a slow motion. Has he done this before? Or is he just too sensitive? Both questions are thrown out the window of his mind when the Phalanx tongue reach, barely touching that one spot that is making him see stars already. He yelps, arching his pelvis up, pressing his pussy against the Cabal mouth harder, as if saying: “Yes! Right there!” Zo Oul is taken aback for a moment, the next one he is recovered, freeing his own face.
  62. “Did it felt good there?” He asks, pushing Loki’s body down into the crate. Loki can only nod rapidly, gasping for the air he doesn’t need. “Good” Zo Oul spreads the Guardians legs, pressing a finger on his entrance and before he knows it, its inside, curving his digit to meet that one spot that made his lover weak.  
  63. Loki screams, a sound so loud and overflowed with lust. The Cabal takes notes, rubbing the swollen area, of the faces Loki is making, how he tries to cover his speaker so he doesn’t make any embarrassing sound and how easily is for him to make him do them. He is trying to close his legs, but Zo Oul stop him, delicately pushing one of them away.
  64. “No” He firmly says, adding another finger. The moaning alone is enough to make his own cock throb, his own body shakes seeing how this Guardian is losing all the control, that is his now.  Zo Oul its not letting Loki get more pleasure than the one he is giving him; Softly, he would yet again push the Guardians body down, if he gets too eager and lifts his lower half to deeper the contact, repeating over and over a calm, soft “no.” He purposely misses the swollen spot, his fingers makes circles inside him, barely rubbing it. Loki’s hips would try to synchronize with him but the Cabal will then change his movements.  
  65. His cock twitches every time Loki moans his name, begging to him to be touched in the place that feels like heaven. “Please—Please, Zo Oul!” Zo Oul growls in pleasure; He can feel how the warlock goes into the edge, only for him to stop and make him go down again.  He could go with this all day if he had the time, but he does not.
  66. A third digit is introduced, Loki moans loudly, the sound becoming static. Zo Oul no longer misses the good spot. He presses his fingers into it with force, thrusting as deep as he can; His fingers, if not his hand, is covered in sweet juices.
  67. “OH! OH MY LI- ZO-” Loki can barely finish any sentence, only the wet noises come through his speaker. Every inch of his body is on fire, something deep down on his belly is swollen, growing impatient and when Zo Oul presses another finger into his clit, rubbing it vigorous he cannot longer hold it. The sound that comes from him is something he had never heard until now, he comes hard, squirting into the crate, Zo Oul fingers pressing his g-spot until his body collapses and his chest goes up and down quickly.
  68. Zo Oul takes his fingers off, they are cover with the warlocks cum. Without thinking he licks the juices off; it tastes almost sweet.
  69. He checks on him. He seems to be breathing, trying to recover from the orgasm. Laying like that, naked and in the bliss of the afterglow, Zo Oul thinks how beautiful this Guardian is. His Guardian. His Loki.
  70. Zo Oul has the privilege to call himself patient while in battle; there is always the right moment to shoot the perfect shot, to unleash the shield, to push away an enemy. But when his golden eyes roam through the exos body, he feels how this quality of his is slipping away like sand between one fingers. The sounds he is making being interrupted by the clicking of his speaker, the liquids that are sliding down his abused hole and how his legs tremble- He growls in defeat undoing his belt, pulling out his swelling cock that’s already dripping. Loki calls out his name but Zo Oul its too focused on the task in hand, yanking closer to him, the tip of his cock taking place in his entrance.
  71. Loki whimpers taking a peak of Zo Ouls member. He has already see it, so it has taste it and felt it. But it always takes his breath away. It’s so different from what he is used to; everything about it it’s intimidating as mouthwatering; the size, the bulk of it.  Cabal dick are big, really big, they are  not plain as humans but covered in flesh like plates and small numbs around the head and length. Seeing it makes Loki’s lower half burn again, he can feel himself wet again, his light beating hard inside him.
  72. Zo Oul looks at Loki for a moment, he can see the anticipation on his eyes when they meet with his. The Guardian can only nod; Zo Oul pushes the head inside slowly, it slips right away thanks of how wet his lover is already, he grunts pushing the rest of his cock with all the care he can, hearing the gasps of pleasure and pain from Loki.
  73. Zo Oul checks on Loki once more; He is gripping into the crate for dear life, embarrassed but not taking his eyes from him. Inside, his own body is trying to adjust to his cock, walls tighten taking a low grunt out of the Cabal.
  74. He knows he doesn’t have to ask, that the Guardian will gladly let him do whatever he want to him but he cannot help himself to bring a hand to his cheek, caressing it softly while asking a silent question with the gesture. Loki hold his hand, his fingers locking into his and gives the Phalanx an affirmative nod. His light reaching out to him, embracing him with invisible, burning hands.
  75. Zo Oul nods back and without taking his hand away starts pushing in a slowly pace.  An electric sensation goes down his spine every time he thrusts into Loki, who squeezes his hand when he sometimes hits his good spot. With his free hand, Zo Oul touches the exos body, so small and frail. The sun of Mars shines on him, the white of his skin standing out, and the purple of his battle makeup gleaming. This creature of the light is beautiful.
  76. He cannot contain his urge anymore.
  77. He drags Loki off the crate, holding him tight against himself, thrusting deep into him.
  78. Loki gasp in surprise, so little time to adjust to this new position, Zo Oul is already moving hitting places that he had no idea felt this good. His speaker pops when he hit a particular spot, screaming in pleasure.
  79. “Zo Oul!” He moans against his neck, his legs around the Cabals hips. “Dear Traveler-! There!”
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