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  1. Eons ago, before ancient civilization, predating the creation of man
  2. himself was the mighty migration of animals. The realm now known as
  3. the Earth was ruled over by the Sun and the Moon, who had controls
  4. over the seasons and change within the world. The Moon had decided
  5. that the animals within the water based part of land should have a
  6. chance to migrate to the lands not yet explored. Peculiar creatures
  7. young to old, breathing taking to ugly, and all of which came from the
  8. depths below to inhabit the land we live on today all by decree of the
  9. Moon regardless of his brothers wishes.
  11. Now along with this journey many a animal left behind everything,
  12. family, friends, and their homes all in hopes of a better tomorrow, in
  13. a land foreign to them. Many creatures however decided to stay behind,
  14. fearful of the new lands and the challenges and mystery that come with
  15. them. All of the animals willing to venture out gathered together to
  16. the shallow areas of the sea and the Moon lessened the tide and
  17. allowed the animal to gain their legs and take their first steps into
  18. the great beyond. However, the sea dwellers that did not choose to
  19. give land a chance were punished for their cowardice, they were denied
  20. entry to the mainlands and forced to remain in the water.
  22. Thus starts the story of the mightiest creature of them all, the
  23. Flamingo. Now, the Flamingo was a gorgeous white bird, majestic and
  24. full, now one thing that must be made known about the Flamingo is that
  25. during its time in the great below it had a single foe. This foe is
  26. now known as the Shrimp, although small in size is known for its
  27. tenancy to live in large groups, and is relatively harmless. Now for
  28. centuries the Flamingo and the Shrimp had quarreled over everything
  29. from territory, to which was the ultimate of species. Upon hearing of
  30. the Moon’s decree, the shrimp had decided that due to the hassles of
  31. gathering their family from seas all across the globe that they would
  32. not be taking part in the migration, and upon hearing of the
  33. Flamingo’s planned move, they finally felt as if they were going to
  34. live in peace because their rivals were finally leaving the water
  35. realm to discover their place in the new lands.
  36. Hundreds of years passed without communication from either species,
  37. until one day, the peninsula now known to us as the swamp lands was
  38. quickly becoming barren of fruit, vegetables and grains. The Flamingos
  39. were quickly dying out, slowly but surely there was the issue of
  40. preserving the race, until the elder Flamingo, “Logan” had an idea. He
  41. had decided to revert to the ways of his ancestors and hunt in order
  42. to keep his tribe alive, this of course lead to the mighty Flamingo
  43. tribe travelling to the great waters yet again, this time blood
  44. thirsty. At first the feast of shrimp was far and few, but as time
  45. progressed the Flamingos came to realize how rich in nutrients the
  46. shrimp were, and the war that had once been at peace, was reinstated,
  47. time with full force and without a hope for the future of the Shrimp.
  48. The Shrimp naturally became angered with the Flamingo, and began
  49. fighting back in any way they could. Due to the size of the Flamingo
  50. in comparison to the defenseless shrimp, the shrimp were resorting to
  51. methods of violence in which mass groups of shrimp would travel
  52. together and attack the feet of the Flamingo’s that were feeding, in
  53. an effort to end the massacre. After casualties into the millions, one of the many leaders to the Shrimps vast tribe, a female named Sage came forward to consult and throw herself to the mercy of the Sun.
  54. In order to make contact with the Sun god, the Shrimpess did something unheard of. She slowly but surely swam her way to the shallow end of the Ocean, dangerously close to the Swamp Lands where the mighty Flamingo reside. 
  57. A simple leap of faith ended with the Shrimpess baking in the heated sand, self sacrifice - the ultimate offering. The Sun realized the Shrimp's desperation and lifted him back into the water sparing his life and asked "What it is it that you desire, young Sage?" to which the Shrimpess proclaimed to the great god "My people have been tortured and murdered for millennia by those cursed Flamingo, and more recently due to your brother, the moon! Can we not too share the land, forgive us for our mistakes!" The shrimpess had died there, cooked to a dark (and also tasty) pink depiction of his former self. The Sun saw much compassion for the Shrimpess's outcry, and granted her tribe a specific ability, something that would forever mark the Flamingo for its savage actions and taunt the Moon for it's lone decision making. 
  58. This was done through sheer humiliation. From now on, whenever a Flamingo eats a shrimp it loses it's white glow and gains a pink tint as proof of the holocaust they went through. Since the shrimpess's method of communicating to the gods had proven successful, other species of water dwellers have followed suit, stranding themselves on land knowing very well they are not welcome and do not belong, all in efforts to try to appease the Gods for the slim chance at being allowed to live on the land. A opportunity their ancestors had so foolishly declined.
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