Kurt & Silver

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  1. ¢нυвву вυηηү03/23/2019
  2. rushed into the room, tumbling, looking all haggard. Raised his head to face Silver. "St. Germain, bolt the fucking doors. Right now." Scrambled to his feet, failing a few times, but that's only because he had a gaping wound on the side of his chest.
  3. stαr03/23/2019
  4. jolted from the couch when Kurt abruptly entered the teacher's lounge, the urgency in his voice the key motivator in shutting the door and bolting it against whatever may be lurking in the hall beyond. Turning to face him, as he slipped on the floor and nearly banged his head against the coffee table. "Jesus, Gibson.. were you bit?!" fingers flexing with the itch for a blunt object, even as she moved forward to catch him under the arm and half drag him onto the couch. Please don't let it be a bite..
  5. ¢нυвву вυηηү03/23/2019
  6. watched her, made sure that she was doing what he was asking of her. And she did.  Almost as the wave of pain came, one that washed over him with such force, that it could topple an elephant on it's side. "Don't be stupid, Silver. If I was bit, I would have shot myself." The male coughed once, and felt her help pick him up from his kneeling. "I was running, and I got caught in one of the Jock's poorly-- hurk!-- poorly placed traps." Keeled over and spat blood from his mouth.  Kurt turned over, allowing his back to rest against the couch's backrest. "Did no one teach that moron?"
  7. stαr03/23/2019
  8. it was a valid inquiry, and a grunt was administered in answer to the passing exasperation at herself and the long-standing irritation at Troy. Odd that the athlete hadn't gotten himself killed yet with one of his own traps or impatience. But it was none of her concern, Silver would put him down as she did any other zombie that came her way. Retrieving a first aid kit from the cabinet under the sink, she would return to Kurt's side. "Can you take your shirt off?" tone more neutral that the surprise that had laced her initial reaction.
  9. ¢нυвву вυηηү03/23/2019
  10. It was something he'd been wondering for himself for a long time now. It's been a month since the outbreak, and somehow, Kurt hasn't shot Troy in the head yet. Such a wonder. Her request of him removing his shirt wasn't met with absolute vigor, mostly since the pain was getting to his head. More than it should , actually. Instead, Kurt found himself clawing at his shirt, tearing it by the cut part next to his wound. His own blood was starting to choke him. "Quick and easy, St. Germain -- Qui--Quick and easy." The male took his knife and bit upon it's handle, steeling himself for painful sewing, and probably removal of a few glass shards in his body.
  11. stαr03/23/2019
  12. fumbling fingers did little to aid Silver in playing medic. And so was it really any surprise when she took the ripped fabric and tore it open to his neck. Hazel eyes lowering to assess the damage, a near inaudible hiss escaping her at the shards of glass sticking out. The next several minutes were spent in uneasy silence as she carefully set about removing the glass, not wanting to cause further injury. It didn't seem deep enough to hit anything vital, but she wasn't a doctor either.. Afterwards peroxide was applied to help with potential infection. As the wound would bubble and tingle atop the pain, needle was cleaned with rubbing alcohol and threaded. Kurt was free to pass out for this next part..
  13. ¢нυвву вυηηү03/23/2019
  14. fingers were unintentionally placed upon her shoulders, knowing full well that if he did anything to ruin her flow, it would only mean doom for him. But the pain he felt upon the side of his chest, especially during the process of removing the glass, was far too much for him to simply ignore. Teeth bore against the knife handle harder, while brow furiously met at the middle. Kurt felt like he hadn't taken in air for longer than he should have. Dark, weak eyes turned to look Silver in her own. A slow nod of his head would indicate that he was ready. he didn't care for what the needle would do to him, it was a necessity. Fuck everything else if he would pass out from something so simple and menial.  Soon, he'd find his arm wrapped around her back, pulling her closer towards him. Perhaps, he was seeking comfort. Comfort in the smallest things, in the hardest of situations.
  15. stαr03/23/2019
  16. the weight of hands upon small shoulders was met with a hesitant glance upwards, before focusing on the delicate task at hand. Luckily for him, Silver had a lot of practice with mending her own belongings as opposed to the opportunity of acquiring new ones over the years. If she pretended it was like stitching back together a pair of denim or canvas, it wasn't so bad. Aside from the blood. More peroxide was applied to the wound after, worried that it might not be enough. Once the area was wiped clean, a pad was applied directly over the wound, and then some bandages. Just barely after this was accomplished Silver was made aware of the slip of his hand to the small of back, as she was tugged forward between long legs in an unexpected embrace. Palms bracing upon cushions to avoid placing her weight upon him. "I think.. you're going to be okay," voice softer than before, as chin came close to his shoulder.
  17. ¢нυвву вυηηү03/23/2019
  18. Never once thought about it in a way that one would ever compare patching a wound the same way they would clothes. It was strange, but of course, if it did the job, Kurt wasn't one to complain. He was more than willing to accept the help that was being given to him. Head turned to face her slightly, a weaker visage being presented to her, despite their constant receiving of Kurt's more... colorful vocabulary. His body moved the way she would make him, with the wrapping of the bandages and everything. "Thanks, St. Germain." Kurt winced once, pressing hand against side, pained. "I don't trust this group one bit. Granted, I know I have to, but I'm glad you exist." Hand that was pressed against her back, was moved up to her hair, fingers clutched upon her skull, only for him to pull her closer to his face, and manage to plant a kiss atop her head. Almost as soon as it came, he released her, pushing her from him slightly. "I was runn--urk--running from the infected, when Troy's trap misfired."
  19. stαr03/23/2019
  20. it was odd that the two of them, most of the surviving group of students even.. referred to one another as their surnames or stereotypes. Perhaps on a subconscious level keeping each other at arm's length, as tomorrow was not a guarantee and to avoid forming attachments meant getting through this nightmare a little easier. Silver had brutally beat Hopkins the janitor in the head after his reanimation, and acquired his keys when the rest of them had been too shocked to react. There was another set or two between the Principal and Vice Principal.. but finding them may be more difficult. No one was shocked when Silver opted to seek private sanctuary in the downstairs teacher's lounge, but at least she typically aided them when asked -- such as clearing the cafeteria and the locker rooms. The hug was short-lived, but not unpleasant. Brush of lips to forehead, when coupled with the cradling touch of fingers to back of head was entirely unexpected. Kurt seemed to barrel ahead however, seeing no issue with it and chattered away in his usual manner. Retreating from the closeness they had shared temporarily, Silver busied herself with cleaning up the mess.. hoping the strange heat in cheeks died away quickly. "Maybe we should start labeling warning signs?"
  21. ¢нυвву вυηηү03/24/2019
  22. Whether or not she was willing for him to give her the kiss upon the top of her head, mattered little to Kurt. Fact of the matter is, she kept him alive. For how long that was going to last, is a mystery onto itself. While the place they stayed in was, what he could only imagine, Silver's paradise, given to her by brutally ending the second life of Hopkins. Hopkins, being the meticulous janitor that he was, only kept his spares in a place not even the students would know of.  Even if they would attempt to turn the school upside down. Besides, half of it was still swarmed by the undead. "There was a warning sign. I should have listened. Then again, it should have said 'Property of Troy', rather than 'TRAP'." Kurt stood himself up, but not before wincing and groaning to achieve it. "We have to clear out the other wings. Petrone and the Jock are doing too poor of a job at doing so." He heaved. "At least, a slow job, if anything." Because if he were to be honest with himself, Troy was the best weapon they possessed, all thanks to the sheer athleticism that the other male possessed.
  23. stαr03/24/2019
  24. she was unsure of whether or not the idea of Kurt kissing any area of her anatomy was acceptable or not. The 'tender moment' was unexpected, but not entirely unpleasant. A frown formed as he struggled to stand. "Gibson, sit the fuck down and rest..," words clipped with irritation, as she continued to busy herself with the clean-up from attending to his wound. "If you go out there right now, you're just going to get yourself killed," muttering over shoulder, as anything that couldn't be salvaged was put in the trash and what could be was placed in the sink. A thorough washing of hands was done, before retrieving a power bar for him to consume and a bottle of water.
  25. ¢нυвву вυηηү03/24/2019
  26. "Don't try and stop me St. Germain." he huffed once, finally fully on his feet. And while every step caused his side to sear with pain, Kurt simply bit his lower lip, and began to pretend like none of it mattered. "If we don't go out there and do something about it, you understand that we won't make any progress, right?" Almost as fast as he stood up, the male was upon his knees, palms pressed flat against the floor. Soon enough, she was offering him a power bar, and a bottle of water. A single hand was used to grab both offered treats, Kurt turning on his axis, allowing his rear to be parked upon the cold floor. "I hate this." He admitted. "I hate this shit so fucking bad."
  27. stαr03/24/2019
  28. there was a predatory feel to her eyes, like a tiger or lioness in the zoo.. separated from slashing you to ribbons by the enclosure. But there were no teachers or authority figures to protect Kurt in this barbaric world they found themselves in now. There was no guarantee that Silver wouldn't see that killing him would mean increasing the chances of her own survival. "Hey Mouth, shut the fuck up already," crouching beside him on the floor to get a better look at the bandage on his side. "No one else is here. It's  okay to relax," trying to sound less gruff than her prior tone. "If you go out there, like this.. you will die. And you'll get whatever idiot that follows you blindly killed too. How's that for progress?" resisting the urge to poke his wound and remind him via pain what a liability he'd be. "I hate it too," sighing as a glance was shot towards the heavy door that served as protection to whatever may lurk the hallway beyond.
  29. ¢нυвву вυηηү03/24/2019
  30. Kurt wanted to fix things. He wanted things to go smoothly. And it wasn't because he felt the need to live, but because he knew that there was something that could be done, and he wasn't doing it. Growing up in the High School he had been forcefully thrown into by his parents, was not the best way for him to stretch his potential. yet somehow, because of the outbreak, Kurt was given purpose. And he hated the idea of not being able to fulfill, or even do something about the purpose given to him. True that it was a narcissistic thing to think that the Outbreak happened because a  higher being wanted him to feel complete, but that's what it was.  "You don't understand. I'm not here trying to look cool." A sharp glare was offered to the other. "Things need to be done, and they have to be done fast. We've rationed the food, and we've calculated. We wait any longer, then we're going to starve. You understand that, don't you?" His brow twitched once, but his gaze followed whatever it was she was staring at. The doors. "I'm surprised this place hasn't been overrun, seeing as you're the only one maintaining it."
  31. stαr03/24/2019
  32. honey blonde head turned back in Kurt's direction, as he seemed to take offense to her advise. "Are we going to starve today? Or tomorrow? No. There is enough food in the cafeteria to sustain us for three months if we ration appropriately, three weeks for what can be scavenged from the lounges and lockers. I'm not telling you to give up Gibson. I am telling you to slow the fuck down. You're hurt and dizzy, if I let you out that door.. the next time we meet, you won't be half as cute as you are right now," delicate brows furrowed into a glare that rivaled his own. "Did you not pay attention to the lecture about the safe points in the event of a school shooter? That door can withstand an elephant. Those windows are too high up for access from the outside without a ladder, and that bathroom has an equally durable door. And if it gets real hairy? Easy escape to the vents.." gaze lowering as fingers began to pick at the frayed hole in the knee of her jeans.
  33. ¢нυвву вυηηү03/24/2019
  34. "Don't butter me up by calling me cute, St. Germain, it's not going to work." It worked. "It doesn't matter how long it will take until we starve, because we will starve. Petrone, North, Chang, and the others? They're not listening to me well enough. And I know you will." A sigh of frustration was released from parted lips, while fingers got to work on freeing the power bar from it's packaging. "The fact that you thought about this well enough, makes you even hotter than you already are to me." Mouth sunk into the treat, snapping it in half with his teeth. Kurt proceeded to chew, but his head was lowered, while elbows rested on propped up knees. "And that's saying a lot. You always were a weirdo to me." Of course, he was kidding. It was the boy's way of starting a decent conversation about anything other than the outbreak. Because at the very heart of it all, he still was the nerd, right?
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