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  1. This piece is part of the shared #Voice project, and was written by: Forward Observer (original paste here
  3. "Warrior Class"
  5. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. I'm a former American Soldier
  8. I'm a former corporate henchman
  9. I was American Gestapo
  11. I came for them in the night
  12. I murdered those who resisted
  13. I beat and chained the weak
  15. I brought battle to their homes
  16. I manipulated their leaders
  17. I exploited their workers
  19. I made knowledge a crime
  20. I thought I'd killed off action
  22. For 8 years I existed, sole purpose, to protect The Constitution
  23. of my country.  For 8 years I failed as The Constitution was torn,
  24. tossed and torched.  I was sent abroad to purge the world of political
  25. dissident threats- robbed of my vantage point overlooking my Constitution.
  27. When I returned;
  28. I watched as my countrymen were divided and played against one
  29. another.  Workers fighting farmers, poor fighting poor.  Elite
  30. informed peons fighting over whose propaganda brand was closer
  31. to reality.  Small groups of wealthy landowners manipulating the
  32. foolish minds of their serfs, serfs who were once citizens.
  34. I'm too weak and exposed to organize for its protection,
  35. no arsenal in the world can save it now, I thought.
  37. Then in walked Anonymous, and I felt like they let me right in.  
  38. I'm too much of a conspiratist in nature to take the bait wholly.
  39. Like Winston eating up Obrien's rubbish, not for me. Far too
  40. grand and fancy to go underground now.  But oh the thought- if only.
  42. No, not for me.  But I can offer a statement, which is not illegal.
  44. I support Anonymous' actions, because through the nature of
  45. collective conscience and a devotion to unmasking the exploitation
  46. of the weak- Anonymous is safeguarding the freedoms and liberties
  47. guaranteed to me as a human, and re-iterated in my nation's
  48. founding document The U.S. Constitution.
  50. Anonymous has done far more to keep me safe than my other big
  51. brother.
  53. I'm a former American Soldier
  54. Of My nation's Warrior Class
  55. And I Support Anonymous
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