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  1. Over the past couple of months my activity on the discord server and my interaction with the people i've normally talked to in the past has dwindled. Rather than just stay in a server and not talk, I will leave the community completely. I am sure that this will make certain mods happy. I've already either given my private discord server or private phone number to certain users who I've stayed close to even though I do not talk in Forrest's server. However if anyone want's to still talk to me my dms on discord are still open. I aswell have my twitter (@kazuin_) which has open dms to practically everyone. I am not trying to get attention I just want to explain why I am leaving and to say sorry and thank you. I am very sorry for all the trouble i've caused in this server. The amount of warnings, kicks, and bans I have caused are unacceptable and I am sorry for causing so much trouble over the last 3~4 years for the moderators. I am sorry for the stupid/offensive statements I have made in the past. I wish I could tell my past self to think about what you're about to say before you say it. However, most important of all. Thank You. Thank you all for being nice to me, being good friends, and putting up with my trash personality. Thank you.
  3.                                   - riko.
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