Letters from horizon

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  1. Letter 1
  3.     Father, Mother.
  5.     I have arrived to the city safely. It is far from our temple, the quiet of the gardens a memory among the chaos of the streets. Metal and smoke mingle with glittering stone and open sky, and races of all kinds are scattered within the city.
  7.     I have found work here, my employer an 'Alicorn' -the winged, horned ponies from our texts- named Border. I have spoken little with him, yet i sense his intentions are well meant. He has hired me to protect him from creatures within the 'fog', a mist below the city that hides terrible danger.
  9.     My training will continue, as promised. I do not know if there are others here that wield the sword saint style, but for now i will practice the hundred strikes as taught alone. If i am to protect this new master, i will require the full strength of our temple's teachings.
  11.     Attached is a portion of the 'bits' i have earned thus far. I will earn my way and we will buy our temple back, i swear it.
  13.     Be safe.
  14.         间岛
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