What a Lovely Couple!

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  1. Lotta Plump and Gerald Hepburn were the most loving couple that you would ever see on Harvey street, The two would always be together doing all types of things that you would see couples typically do like sharing ice cream with each other, Holding hands, Calling each other by silly but cute nicknames, Kiss and in some cases have sex.
  3. The two were truly a power couple and it wasn't hard to see why which is why you were excited over being the one they chose to have a threesome with. You see the two lovers were both bisexual and they both wanted to have a threesome with another person. You met them in a discord server one night and after about a 2 hour discussion about the topic, They both agreed that you were the right person to have the threesome with.
  5. After agreeing with the location, Time, and Date you signed off and marked the day on your digital calendar. When the date arrived you met the couple at the motel's lobby, The two were sitting down holding hands with each other, When they spotted you they waved you down and went over to meet you, You noticed how polite they both where and how the motel manager just looked at you with a smug grin on his face.
  7. After talking for a bit you went over to the counter to pick up your room key, The manager handed you the key and said "Have fun" with a creepy grin on his face, Shaking this off you checked the tag for your room number and proceeded to head to the room.
  9. After getting into your motel room and getting settled in, You removed all of your clothes but your boxers and sat on the bed while the couple were taking their clothes off in the bathroom. You were nervous since you had never been in a threesome before and while you weren't a virgin, That still didn't make you any less nervous. You looked down at the floor with your arms resting on your legs when you heard the bathroom door opening, You raised your head up to see The two walking out of the bathroom, Fully naked save for Lotta's ribbons and Gerald's glasses.
  11. Gerald's small petite body complemented Lotta's much larger body with her pink round nipples, chubby belly, and nice somewhat hairy pussy meanwhile Gerald's nipples where a lighter shade of brown, had a firm but small body and penis size was about what you would expect from someone his age. Both of them had bright blushes on their faces as you felt yourself getting hard.
  13. They slowly walked up to you, Got down on their knees and both looked at each other with burning passion in their eyes.
  15. "I hope your ready sweetie" Lotta said to her boyfriend.
  17. "I sure am my love and by the looks of it so is our little friend here" He said as he looked down at the large bulge in your boxers.
  19. They place their hands on the sides of your legs and both started to rub them slowly up and down. Lotta lowered her eyes as she gave you a warm smile before focusing on the side of your leg, Meanwhile Gerald kept his eyes on you while he rubbed your leg. The softness of their small hands on your boxer covered legs felt amazing as you moaned lightly. With the way Lotta's rubbing felt you wouldn't be surprised if she had done this before, Meanwhile Gerald's smaller hand started to rub against your bulge, Giving you a lustful smile as he did so.
  21. "Ah I see we're doing a good job, Well I think I want to get a taste."
  23. Removing his hand for your crotch, Gerald moved up on to the bed right next to you and locked lips with you. You felt his tongue pushing against your lips so you let him in. You felt his small wet tongue push up and rub up against yours as you tried to wrap yours against his. You pushed his head toward you with your left arm while your right arm started to rub his back slowly. He let out a low moan as you did this.
  25. Lotta watched as the two of you locked lips, Now placing both of her hands on your bulge, She decided that she wanted to see your rock hard cock so she pulled down your boxers revealing your 8 inch thick cock which almost hit her in the face, Not that she would have minded by the way she was looking at it.
  27. She gripped the bottom of the shaft with one hand and slapped it on her face, She started to breathe heavily as her heart raced with excitement.
  29. She pulled it away from her face and placed it in-front of her mouth. She Breathed from her nose for a bit which you could feel on the tip of your cock. Finally she pressed her lips against it making a "chu" sound when she took them off of it just before pressing them up again just to do the same thing over and over. You loved the way her lips felt against the tip of your cock as they felt nice and warm. You were almost tempted to push her all the way down but your hands where a bit full at the moment as you were still rubbing her boyfriend's back and caressing his curly black hair.
  31. This went on for a bit before you broke your kiss with him, He looked at you for a bit before getting back down on the floor right next to his girlfriend which he noticed her kissing your large shaft and got jealous of her.
  33. "Hey! No fair I want a taste too!" He said desperately like a horny little slut.
  35. After giving it one big last wet sloppy kiss, She looked over at him and smiled "Oh don't worry sweetie pie I saved the best just for you." She said wiping the saliva from the side of her mouth.
  37. She handed your cock to him as he placed his hands near the middle of the shaft as he opened his mouth wide to try to get it all in. He slowly pushed his head downwards as you felt the warmness of his mouth wrap around your cock. He got about ΒΌ of the way down before stopping to close his mouth round it. His tongue started to lapped around it as if it was a lollipop. He started to bob his head up and down in rhythmic motion. He looked up at you before focusing his attention back on your cock. The warm tightness of the boy's mouth felt like taking a shower but the shower was only hitting your cock and was able to push around your cock with a small tight tube.
  39. Lotta started to caress her boyfriend's hair. "Wow look at him go! He must really like the way your dick tastes. Actually I kinda wanna taste too!" She said while licking her lips.
  41. Gerald popped the cock out his mouth leaving behind a trail of saliva all over your cock which started to drip down on to your ballsack which felt amazing.
  43. "Here you go sweetie, Get a good taste. It's flavor is pretty legit!" He said while handing your wet shaft over to his partner.
  45. Grabbing your wet hard cock, She stuck her tongue out and started to go down on your cock. She slowly went down getting a little deeper then her boyfriend. Your eyes rolled to back of your head as her mouth felt even better them Gerald's and that was really saying something! The warmness, the wetness, the tightness of it all felt like heaven to your cock. Lotta took notice of this and pulled your cock out of her mouth.
  47. "Hold on now we don't want you to cum just yet. Gerald follow my lead!"
  49. Lotta when down to your ballsack and placed one in her mouth and started to suck on it. Gerald caught on to what she was doing and did the same thing but with your other ball.
  51. You looked down to see the couple both sucking on your balls with both of them looking up at you as if they were looking for your approval. You gave them a warm smile and placed both hands on their heads caressing both of them like if they were dogs. Your moans of pleasure started to get louder and your breathing heavier. Your dick still wet from the blowjob that you just got and it felt like it needed something on it so you removed your hand from Lotta's head and started to jerk yourself off. Slowly at first but you slowly started to pick up the pace. The two looked at each other once more and nodded slowly nodded at each other before popping your balls out of their mouths.
  53. You took notice of this right away and stopped jerking off. Lotta got up on the bed next to you and gently pushed you down.
  55. "I think it's time we showed you the real superpower of teamwork!" She yelled while getting right on top of you. She sat down with her ass rubbing all against your still wet dick.
  57. Gerald got up too and whispered something into his girlfriend's ear.
  59. "That's actually a really good idea!" She said to him.
  61. "I know right?" Gerald yelled with his dick fully erected.
  63. They both turned to you with wide grins on their faces.
  65. "Hey do you think you can get up off the bed for a second, We have a great idea on what we can do next!" Lotta said excitedly.
  67. You blinked for a moment and complied with the couples request and got up from the bed. The two looked at each other and then looked up at you.
  69. "You're gonna love this." Lotta said rubbing her hands together
  71. The two got on the bed with Gerald climbing on top of his lovers back while she laid flat on the bed. He turned on his backside fully revealing his asshole to you. Lotta did the same showing off her asshole and pussy which you noticed was quite a bit wet.
  73. "How do you like it?" Gerald asked.
  75. "This way it'll be easier for you to fuck both of us! I hope you'll finish up inside me so that I can have your bastard child!" Lotta said that last part with a tone similar to that of a lustful temptress.
  77. "No please finish in my ass big daddy so I can become a good little fuck boy!" Gerald said in a feminine voice.
  79. You didn't know with one you should fuck and finish up in. While the idea of knocking up a girl you just met online a few days ago while her boyfriend watches was extremely hot to you. You didn't want to raise her child and you admittedly thought that she wasn't thinking straight and would regret that decision for the rest of her life. Plus you have to meet her parents and that would be awkward as hell.
  81. You thought that cumming inside a young hipster balls deep would be fun and you wouldn't have to worry about getting him pregnant but you thought of something else that you wanted to do.
  83. With your dick fully erect you got on to the bed, Spread the boy's ass apart and start to lick the outside of it just before plunging your tongue deep inside his tight little asshole, Making sure to get every inch of it wet.
  85. "Hmmmm your large tongue feels so good against my tight asshole, Oh I it love so much!" He moaned out loud.
  87. "Hey don't leave me out!" Lotta yelled out.
  89. Moving from under her boyfriend, She got behind you and placed her hands between your ass cheeks and spread them apart revealing your asshole but you didn't pay her any mind as you were too busy rimming her boyfriend with your nose rubbing against his balls which made his light moans turn into loud moans.
  91. "If you can do it then i'm sure I can do it just as well if not better than you!" Lotta said sticking out her tongue.
  93. You felt it rub against the outside of your asshole. You never had been rimmed before but you already decided that you enjoyed it quite a bit. Lotta swirled her tongue around like as if she was licking a giant lollipop that you would buy from the candy store. The only sounds that could be heard from the room was light slicking sounds and the loud moans coming from Gerald's mouth. This went on for a while before Lotta stuck her tongue deep in your asshole, You had also never been anally penetrated before so the experience felt strange and foreign but never the less you enjoyed it all the same. Sliding her tongue in and out of your asshole while you did the same with Gerald, Rimming someone while being rimmed yourself felt great and you wondered to yourself "If this is what a tongue feels like in you asshole, What would a dick feel like?" A question for another time.
  95. Lotta pulled her tongue completely out of your asshole and gave it one big wet kiss, She raised her head up.
  97. "Gerald sweetie I think it's time."
  99. Gerald nodded and pushed you away from his anus and suddenly you where flipped on your back, You looked up to see Lotta who was standing above you with her hair all messy and had a lustful look in her eyes. She got down on her knees and turned her backside towards you and started to rub her fat white ass against your cock.
  101. "I need dick NOW!"
  103. She rubbed her ass cheeks against your rock hard dick as you felt the pre-cum starting to leak out. She got up and moved herself over to your cock and started rub to her young adolescent pussy on your rock hard dick which started to drive you crazy. Finally you put both of your arms on her thick hips and slammed her down right on top of it.
  105. The pleasure was unimaginable the warmness, The tightness, The wetness, The overall feeling was just amazing. Lotta moaned loudly and for good reason as you felt your dick push against her insides. Lotta's face was covered in tears, sweat, and saliva pouring down the side of her mouth. With your arms still on her thick hips which felt great BTW you picked up the girl and slammed her back down, Your dick getting major pleasure every-time you did it.
  107. "UHMMMMM YES OH GOD YES THIS IS EVEN BETTER THEN WHAT I IMAGINED!" She yelled out with her tongue sticking out slightly and her eyes rolling up to her head.
  109. Gerald was on the side of you jerking off furiously, His glasses starting to fall off.
  111. "Uh yeah that looks so good, Oh lotta sweetie I wish I could pleasure you that well."
  113. You turned your head towards the boy and motioned him over to you. He placed his small but hard cock in front of your face. You popped it into your mouth and started to suck on it. You lapped it around a bit as you looked up to see his expression of joy and pleasure all across his face.
  115. "Mhhhh fuck!" He moaned out.
  117. You were focused on the cock in your mouth and the girl you where slamming up and down on your lap. You started to feel yourself coming soon so you quickly popped Gerald's cock out of your mouth and pulled Lotta off your dick. Pulling the girl off might have been the hardest thing you ever had to do but you did it for a good reason.
  119. She and her boyfriend looked at each other before turning to you with confused looks on there faces. You just winked at them and started to jerk off while loudly moaning. The couple quickly realized what you were doing and both got on their knees. They closed their eyes and opened their mouths wide.
  121. You stood as you continued to stroke your cock speeding up your pace until finally you cummed all over the couple's faces. Lotta had her tongue sticking out so a lot of it went down her throat while Gerald took off his glasses and licked all of the semen off of each lens. He licked his lips and looked up at you.
  123. "I gotta say your cum tastes pretty legit!" He said while giving you a thumbs up.
  125. Lotta swallowed all of the cum and then opened her mouth to show that all of it was gone. Gerald took notice of this and pulled her into a big kiss and gave some of his that he hadn't swallowed into her mouth. He broke the kiss and placed his hand to the side of her cheek.
  127. "What can I say? It was a LOTTA cum." He said while smirking, Lotta just snored at the bad joke.
  129. With your dick still rock hard you picked up Gerald and started to fuck him in the ass wildly. His legs dangled in the air as your balls slapped against his ass as you pumped your long hard cock in and out of the boy, You pulled his legs up into a full nelson position.
  131. "Ah! Oh my god! This is so legit! Fuck me harder please!"
  133. His moans where feminine and loud as you fucked him hard, With one final thrust you unloaded the rest of your cum inside of his ass. You fell back on to the bed trying to catch your breath while Gerald who was covered in sweat was trying to catch his breath while he motioned Lotta to pull him off your cock. Pulling him upward he laid himself on the floor right next to the bed and spreaded his ass open to let all of the hot thick semen pour out slowly.
  135. "Wow he came so much and in such a short amount of time too!" Lotta said while rubbing her boyfriends ass. She decided that she wanted to get a taste so she started to suck all the cum dripping out of her boyfriend's asshole. After she sucked the rest of it out, She started rimmed him for a bit before stopping, she licked her lips and looked over her boyfriend who rolled on to his back and looked over at her with a smile.
  137. "I really enjoyed this, We should do this again but with a woman next time." He said still trying to catch his breath.
  139. "Yeah that would be pretty legit" She said getting back at her boyfriend for the horrible pun he made earlier.
  141. She turned over to you.
  143. "That is if you wouldn't mind doing this again sometime?"
  145. You nodded, Gerald got up off the ground and went over to hug Lotta in a warm embrace. This gave you a warm feeling inside. You were glad that you were able to share this experience with them and wouldn't mind doing again some time in the future, Who knows? Maybe you'll even invite some of your friends next time.
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