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  1. FUN FACTS STORY BY CAPIZIZI - 0499 (Thanks for 71 pastebin views!) And yes i am capizizi, i put this on pastebin.
  2. Why are you writing this? Because i have so much free time and it's fun (Please do t!rep @Capizizi facts to donate!)
  4. Quick introduction to the story: Hello i am capizizi. a (U make up the age) Guy. I have recently found out humans are robots and we are the only ones exisiting. (Legit dont ask me why i found out that, It's fiction).
  5. I went on a quest to defeat the robots. Btw i was a normal person until now, Grades, Dark green eye colour, Wears a tie because it looks good (Don't you also think so?), Blah blah blah.
  7. Anyways lets start the story!
  8. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Fun fact #1, **Hacxcked clients are just visual and don't actually exist, we are all playing legit. The players in our Hypixel lobby saying: "OMG HACKER
  11. WHY WATCHDOG NOT BAN OMG /WDR (USERNAME) FLY KA AND OTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", They are actually robots all working for the client developers so they can get money. Don't fall for these scams!
  13. Fun fact #2, I just maybe realized/noticed,  "People" In the world arent actually human, Everyone you know is actually robots, non living they don't have a brain. "We" are actually
  14. Humans, We have emotions and such. WE ARE THE ONLY LIVING PEOPLE!
  16. Fun fact #3, These are serious facts now. These arent fun, we have to make a plan to destroy these robots so we can finally reproduce and have peace in our globe, OUR WORLD
  17. These robots are planning to invade us and KILL US ALL! But that won't work on us.....Or me.
  19. Serious fact #4, Day 1. I am currently writing my plan to do this. I will have to do alot of training, I hope the local gym isn't filled with robots. I will make this a diary from now on if i don't
  20. succeed to defeat the robots. I will pass this to the next person. My plan is almost done, And i am telling you it's gonna be the BEST PLAN EVER! Defintley not over- exaterating or however you spell it.
  21. Anyways i am low on ink, I will have to get more resources. I will write another fact as soon as i can.
  23. Serious fact #5, Day 2. it is friday 2/21/2020 swedish way of writing the date, i have a plan, run away from home from these robots with no feelings and get shelter and food. I will start a farm and gather up resources.
  24. My plan is completed. It will be a success. I will be heading out to run away from home tommorow to make my own shelter and defeat these robots, They have no chance against me.
  26. Serious fact #6, It is Day 3. I am fully packed. My mother is asking me where i am going, I lied "Going to a sleepover at a friends" My mom responded "Why are you talking like that" Oh gosh, i have to make a excuse.
  27. I cant let that robot mom know that i know they are robots. I came up with a excuse, "I just got better at english, Mother." "Well, i hope your getting good grades, See you!" Finally, My plan is a success.
  28. I proceed to head out to the door with food, wood, and all i need to survive this summer.
  30. Serious fact #7, I am running, Running and running.... "I need to find a good place to start building my shelter and farm." i thought to myself. I kept passing on tons upon tons of biomes until i found one i liked.
  31. "Ahahah, I like this." It was a beatiful plains biome with tons of trees near a lake. The sun was shining upon me. Nature wouldnt want this beauty to be destroyed by the robot. I started quickly Cutting down trees
  32. With the jigsaw I brought from home.
  34. Serious fact #8,(Next day) Poop poop poop, Build build build. I have finished building my house. I never realized I would get this far. It was a 1 floor house, it was quite small and it had some furniture in it like some tables and chairs,
  35. It also had a pipe coming from the lake to a small hole that i can drink out of. "How wonderful it is!" I thought. It was midnight. I went into my wooden bed to get some sleep, I was about to doze off when suddenly I get a text from mom.
  36. "I hope you're enjoying your sleepover! Also please maybe let me know when you are coming back, Don't come back late, Come early!" I ignored the text and dozed off once again...
  38. Serious fact #9, Ahh, I woke up. The sunlight was shining upon me, Even though it was Sweden and normally cold. "I must be the chosen one, I must defeat the robots!" I thought. It is Day 6, Don't flame me because i forgot to write the
  39. Days in the previous facts, I simply forgot because of all this mess going on. "Why couldn't anyone think of this hole robot thing earlier, The robots have such a head start!" I said. I went outside to start preparing my farm.
  40. I got a few oak logs from the previous trees I have cut down. "Thank you MrBeast for planting all these trees (20M) So i can defeat these robots!" I prayed. (Lmao)
  42. Serious Chapter #10 (The Farm), These should no longer be facts. They arent even similar to facts, But they are true. They should be chapters because these is a story. That's it, its a chapter. "I wonder if i will be famous when someone
  43. Finds this. They will be worshipping me for saving them and defeating the robots 1,000 Years later! or a century..or more...Anyways i should start making the farm". I chop the oak logs and start making the hoe. I make a Oak wooden bucket
  44. and start walking down to the lake. I dip the bucket in the water and when it gets full of water..
  46. Serious Chapter #11 (Actually making the farm). I start walking nearby to the wheat. I cut it off and put it in a wooden basket i made in-between-Chapters. I hoe the grass with my Wooden hoe and it is ready. "I have completed the farm.
  47. Now i need to put in the crop, Wheat." I put wheat and its finished. It is getting midnight and i go inside my home/Shelter. I jump on my wooden bed and relax. Suddenly i got a text from mom, "Where are you? I'm mad. Come home at once
  48. Otherwise im grounding you it's late!" I text her back,  "I wont fall for your tricks, Scummy robot!" And proceed to block her. I try to sleep. "Another day of hard working and another step to defeating the robots, I thought.
  49. Tommorow i must start making weapons and upgrading. I will get copper/metal/iron/stone/cobblestone.
  51. Serious Chapter #12, (Upgrades and weapons.) I wake up after a long cozy sleep. "What a beatiful Morning it is, And what a lovely day to start making weapons to start murdering those scummy ROBOTS!!" I have gotten obessed with defeating
  52. the ROBOTS!! (Lmao#2) I walk over to the Wooden pickaxe i made earlier and grab it. I walk over to a rock and start bashing it, SLAM SLAM PICK PICK DOP DOP! "Is this how you get cobblestone/stone? I'm sure it is!" I think
  53. to myself. I start uprading my tools with the stone I RECENTELY MINED. I proceed to make the sword, *Poop poop poop*, Handle done. ***Ding ding ding*** Hold done ***Bong bong bong REEE CH11 ING*** Blade is done.
  54. I put the pieces together and i have made a sword. "Tommorow...I will defeat those robots.." I whisper to myself.
  56. Serious Chapter #13, (Killing and murdering, basically  Violence.) I hold my weapon whilst I walk to the nearest town. The sun is shining upon me, "I can do this!" I arrive at the town. Already people are starting at me and i have only
  57. Stood once in this town for atleast 2.34923 seconds. I walk up to a random robot and slash him with my sword. Alot of people, Or should i say robots saw that.. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!, RUN, CALL THE COPS"
  58. They scream. I run and slash random people. I have atleast slashed 50 Robots.
  60. Serious Chapter #14, "I will never stop, Scummy Robots, You will never rule the world" I said, "IS THIS GUY NUTS!!!!!! CALL THE COPS HES DELOSIOUNAL (dont mind my spelling) Suddenly a Robot police cars comes.
  61. "Hands up, You are under arresting for murder and killing random guys. Anything you say can and will be used." "YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT ME ROBOT!" I walk up to the policeman and with my super ninja karate skills kick 1.
  62. Then kick the other 1 and slash the 3rd one with my sword." Then i look behind me to continue. I see someone with a gun pointing at me. "DONT YOU SCUM ROBOT. GO ON MY TEAM! WE CAN DEFEAT ALL THE ROBOTS TOGETHER AND YOU CAN BE THE
  63. GOOD ROBOT!" He pulls the trigger and i get shot. I am bleeding and on the ground. A bright light flashes on me" Suddenly it says, **Capizizi has died from a gunshot, GG!**
  65. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  66. End of the story, I hope you enjoyed reading this but i don't think this can entertain anyone. This is purely for fun, i wrote this because im bored! :D
  68. Q:A
  70. What happened next? i ded
  72. Did y-, No.
  74. Why is there a Q:A About this lmao?: because yes
  81. Thanks for reading! Written by @Capizizi - 0499. @Capizizi, Capizizi#0001, Capizizi on minecraft!
  84. Vladymyr Gimme some **FACTS ROLE**!
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